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TOP 10 Effective & Profitable Forex Advisors in 2020

Written by Stephane Dubois  Senior Market Analyst Stephane Dubois

Automated trading systems are an opportunity to create passive earnings in the financial markets for all users. Successful and proven strategies are integrated into the algorithm of advisers, which will make it possible to earn on the pricing of assets without delving into the subtleties of technical analysis. The potential profitability of such programs significantly exceeds the possible profit from bank deposits.

Attention! Recently, the network is increasingly encountered ads for selling trading robots based on artificial intelligence. Developers and implementers practically guarantee the target audience yield of up to 300% per month. These programs are either sold at prices ranging from 250 to 1000 USD, or the user is offered to open a trading account with a questionable broker. You should know that these ads are placed in 99% of cases by fraudsters. The algorithm of the proposed trading robots is based on the Martingale principle. There are hundreds of such advisers, and all of them are distributed absolutely free of charge on specialized forums. The real developers of these programs warn that when forming a medium-term trend, the adviser will drain the entire deposit.

Paid trading robots really exist. They are implemented through specialized online stores. The potential profitability of these programs does not exceed 10-12% per month. These are very good financial results for an advisor worth 250-500 USD.

In fact, there are enough free trading advisors in the network, which bring a similar profit. The problem is that novice traders are interested in overclocking a deposit and among thousands of trading robots based on the Martingale and the averaging method, they simply do not pay attention to truly effective automated strategies. This article focuses on such programs, and if you want to create a source of stable passive income, it is strongly recommended that you read the information presented to the end.

How to choose an adviser for trading?

When choosing a program for automatic earnings in financial markets, it is important to pay attention to the following criteria:

The following are the best trading robots that exist today that can be used on a real account even by novice traders.

Equilibrium - stable earnings on trends

The main advantage of this trading robot can be called reliability. Doubtful loss optimization methods such as martingale or averaging methods are not integrated into the trading algorithm of the program. The strategy involves short-term trading in the framework of local trends. For work, it is recommended to use periods of M15 or H1 charts for EUR/USD or GBP/USD currency pairs. It is on these time frames that Equilibrium showed the best financial result. To filter spurious signals, the robot uses standard oscillators with the correct settings.

The potential profitability of the robot is small, but stable. Monthly income does not exceed 5%, relative drawdown is not more than 3%.

Equilibrium is a free and profitable Expert Advisor, which can be downloaded from specialized forums. Installation is carried out in the root folder of the trading platform in accordance with standard instructions. When you start the program to make changes to the settings is not required.


Another trading robot, the use of which will automate successful trading with the trend. The strategy integrated into the algorithm implies trading on the corrections of the global trend. Entering the market is carried out on the signals of classical indicators. The settings are spelled out by the developers in the program code, so the trader will only need to open the chart of the currency pair (EUR/USD or GBP/USD) and set the period M15, then start the program.

The potential yield is 20% per annum with a drawdown of up to 3.5%. To increase the profit potential, simultaneous trading on 2 currency pairs is allowed, but no more.

Night Owl - the most effective night scalper

This advisor definitely deserves the attention of beginners and traders of intermediate level of proficiency. The robot works exclusively during the Asian session. Making changes to the settings is permissible only if the time in the trading platform differs from the time zone set by the basic parameters.

For trading, it is recommended to use only EUR/USD or GBP/USD currency pairs with a period of M15. The strategy of the adviser does not involve the use of indicators and is based solely on technical analysis. Transactions are opened automatically with a pronounced lateral asset pricing trend. Despite such a simple strategy, the financial results are really impressive:

potential profit is about 20% per month with a drawdown of no more than 10%. Today it is the most highly profitable trading robot, while the risks are quite moderate.

Is the 10 Point Robot Conservative Martingale Possible?

The adviser is based on the Martingale mathematical strategy, and the developer implements clever tools for filtering trading signals. The number of doublings of the order volume during losing trades is limited by the input parameters. It is possible to use any currency pair and timeframe for trading, however, it is better to give preference to EUR/USD and GBP/USD with a period of H1, because with these parameters during testing, the adviser showed the best financial result, which can be found in the report:

The potential return was almost 100% per annum with a relative drawdown of 12.1%. This is a rather impressive trading result, especially considering that the robot uses the Martingale method to optimize losses. That is why novice traders and investors should be considered to use advisors with more conservative trading strategies.


The strategy of this robot is based on trading with the trend with increased volatility within the day. Advisor is free and does not require any adjustments to the basic settings. The program integrates a unique algorithm for opening and filtering trade orders. The robot showed the best financial result when tested on the EUR/USD pair with a period of M15. Potential profit is about 60% per annum with a relative drawdown of 23%. This value is a little more than acceptable, but the level of profit fully justifies the risks.

Forex Trend Hunter

Quite an interesting trading robot, which definitely deserves the attention of novice traders. The developers have integrated the volatility indicator, which filters false signals according to the local trend. It is recommended to use this robot on the following currency pairs with a period of H1: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/JPY.

The potential profitability of an adviser is almost 20% per month, but it is important to pay attention to the relatively high level of drawdown. As can be seen from the yield curve, in some cases, the adviser can actually open several unprofitable orders within a day in a row. You just have to be ready for this.

Wall street Asia

As the name implies, the robot opens trades automatically only during the Asian trading session. The strategy of the adviser is based on the volatility indicator, which allows the robot to effectively filter false signals to enter the market. During testing, the best financial result of this adviser was demonstrated on a pair of GBP/USD with a period of M15.

The expected level of monthly profit is about 10-15%, with a drawdown of 1.21%. This is a very good financial result for automated trading strategies. It is important to pay attention to the yield curve, on which the drawdown is almost imperceptible. This gives grounds to consider the Wall Street Asia adviser to be one of the most efficient and at the same time conservative trading robots.

Generic A-TLP

The developers of this robot have automated a fairly popular strategy based on the Bollinger envelope. Trading is carried out on corrections, as evidenced by the price breakdown of the extreme line of the indicator. To obtain the best financial result when using this advisor, you must comply with a number of conditions:

The potential profitability of the robot is about 15% per month with a relative drawdown of 2.07%. Such a test result fully justifies the use of this advisor in practice. However, first it is important to make sure that the trading robot is effective through a demo account.

Wall street forex robot

This trading robot can rightly be called legendary. There were even rumors in the circle of traders that the adviser's strategy was based on the insider trading system, which is used in practice by large investment companies. Perhaps this is true, since it is one of the few advisers, monitoring of real trading by which has not shown any serious drawdown over the past 10 years.

Developers provided:

As can be seen, the relative drawdown is only 4.71%. The potential profitability is 8-12% per month.

Attention! Beginner traders who wish to ensure passive income on the pricing of financial instruments are advised to look at the submitted trading robots for a number of reasons:

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