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Online Cryptocurrency Trading: Features and Advantages

The year 2008 marked the birth of the crypto market. It was in August when the domain bitcoin.org was registered and the description (White Paper) of the cryptocurrency was published. The author of this publication, entitled "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System," was Satoshi Nakamoto. The same year, 2008, witnessed another significant event - the brokerage firm NordFX emerged in the financial services market.

NordFX in the Crypto Industry

Over the years, NordFX has not only firmly established itself but has also become one of the leaders in the online trading industry. It's worth mentioning that over 1,800,000 accounts have been opened by clients from nearly 190 countries worldwide with the company. NordFX has been honored with over 70 prestigious professional titles and awards, among which nine are for its accomplishments in the crypto industry.

The company holds titles such as 'Best Crypto Broker', 'Best Crypto Broker Asia', 'Most Trusted CryptoCurrency Broker', and 'Best Crypto Trading Platform' as per IAFT, Forex Ratings, Global Brands, Fxdailyinfo, Academy Masterforex-V, International Business Magazine, among others. 

Invest or Trade?

The future prospects of the crypto market as a whole have long become the number one question for the entire digital community. There is no doubt that blockchain technologies will continue to exist and develop. However, opinions greatly diverge when it comes to the potential value of specific coins.

In such a situation, there are two paths: either act as an investor and wait for the price of your coins to rise, or actively trade them – earning both on their purchase and sale, depending on the current situation. This can involve short-term speculations lasting from a few minutes to a few hours, as well as mid-term and long-term trading. It's important to note that with NordFX, you can sell cryptocurrency even without owning it. There's no need to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum to then sell it. Simply hit the sell button, and if the coin's value drops, you will receive a corresponding profit.

Trading can take place 24/7/365 without weekends or holidays. Deposits can be opened in USD, BTC, and ETH. For executing transactions, NordFX offers the most popular platform in the world - MetaTrader-4, which has an intuitive, comfortable interface and is equipped with numerous tools and indicators for graphical and technical analysis. Fans of fundamental analysis can draw necessary information from news and analytical reviews, which are regularly published on the broker's website and social networks.

Minimal commission and the order execution speed of just 0.5 seconds allow for profiting even from the most short-term price fluctuations. Lastly, an important factor is the possibility of margin trading. For example, to open a deal with a volume of 1 bitcoin, you only need $150, only $15 for a transaction in 1 Ethereum, and $0.02 for a trade of 1 Ripple. This means that traders can trade cryptocurrency volumes that are tens or even hundreds of times exceeding their own funds, significantly increasing potential profits (although this also increases trading risks, so special attention should be given to money management).

Crypto Trading Instruments

The wide range of cryptocurrency pairs offered by NordFX gives traders the opportunity to find the most advantageous trading opportunities at any given moment. In these pairs, the US dollar serves as the quoted currency, with the following cryptocurrencies acting as base currencies:

Detailed information about the trading conditions for each of these cryptocurrencies can be obtained in the Trading Accounts section on the official NordFX website.


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