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Elland Road Capital Review and Information 2023

Elland Road Capital Information and Review Elland Road Capital
Voting Rating Elland Road Capital does not participate in the Forex Rating
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Regulation FSCA
Trading software MetaTrader4, Custom Web Trader
Headquartered Office 162, First Floor, Willow bridge Centre, Carl Cronje Dr, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa

In order to challenge industry standards and satisfy the higher expectations of traders, Elland Road Capital has blazed a new trail in the world of online trading. Elland Road’s ideals follow the mindset of each trader through each stage of their journey. Both newcomers and more experienced traders will be able to immerse themselves in global markets to manage challenges and lead the ultimate trading experience. Elland Road is the only trading company that has tested its expertise in the most promising markets. No hidden fees. No distractions. Just everything you need to progress.

A fresh trading experience for all types of traders

Elland Road is an innovative trading company with trader-centric conditions. To make this journey even more exciting Elland Road platform comes with 4 different customizable account types, depending on every trader's needs. Every customizable trading account can offer over 160 CFDs in forex, stocks, cryptocurrency futures, indices, and commodities. Traders also have the ability to choose between two trading platforms, the globally known MT4 and the highly advanced WebTrader.

At Elland Road, you can trade confidently under the most competitive market conditions allowing you to stay one step ahead of the markets.

Elland Road Capital maintains a safety standard for service delivery, that helps keep all clients safe and as a professional and trustworthy forex company, financial transactions and personal details are securely handled. Elland Road Capital PTY LTD is a South Africa Investment Firm, authorized and regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa, with FSP License Number 52127.

Elland Road innovative online trading kit

Open yourself to the new-angle trading perspectives

Elland Road Capital Trading Information 2023

WWW https://ellandroadcapital.com/
Address Office 162, First Floor, Willow bridge Centre, Carl Cronje Dr, Cape Town, 7530, South Africa
Headquarters South Africa
Free phone +27101572581
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Free education
Bonuses, Promotions
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Variable
Pip spread on majors 0.1-2
Maximum Leverage 400
STP, $ 250
ECN, $
Standard account, $ 250
Mini account, $ 250
Popular payment methods Credit/ Debit Card, APMs or Wire Transfers
Account currencies EUR, USD
Available assets Forex, Indices, Commodities, Shares, Cryptocurrency Futures
Languages English, Arabic, Deutsch, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Tagalog, Japanese, Indian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Korean, Thai, Italian
Platforms MetaTrader4, Custom Web Trader
Broker type Broker
Regulation FSCA
Foundation 2022

Elland Road Capital Reviews and Comments

Stay away from Elland Road Capital Ltd. They are scammers. Asked for more money, lost money in bad trades, ignore and don't call you back on withdrawal requests. Do not believe any word they say!
  10 Nov 2023  
Started on Oct 5th 2023 - Ended in Nov 3rd 2023. One nice guy Ismail will talk n "pressure" you to top up where he will teach you in all his ways how to maximize the credit card funds. My funds had over funded me 150% of the maximum allowed and i finished my personal savings as well. all in all was usd 13.2k They will fished you with all the profits they got from OIL & gold. but then tell You that your present deposit is too low to trade in these 2 trades. Yea, top up more n they will advise you to open up some very screwed-up trades where You will gather all the negativity. Tried to stop trading twice when i sold off everything in Negativity and requested the balance back, they will slow-talk n persuade you to top up your deposit again n trade stupidly again from the start. Finally when you have finished every dollar in your trade, they will tell you this - " I have told you to top up but what did you do? you have created all the negativity and what do you expect? i cant sit around all day for you unless you pay me usd500k or usd1kk - so that i can fully sit down beside you and coach you." Imagine Pay him usd500k - 1kk to have him "coach" you - Infact it is slaughter. Lesson learnt - Stay as far as possible away from here.
  10 Nov 2023  
Elland Road Capital Ltd very big fraud company they will trap innocent people in the World (particularly Indians) be careful. I am praying do not trap them any more from now onwards. I have lost 88,000 USD that much why pain i am writings here. Elland Road Capital peoples are so Interest on deposit amount with starting 250USD and they will go even up to 1,00,000 USD . They never withdraw any amount. they never care how much you lost also. because they do not give you it back any single USD. After lost we need to suffer lot to pay back to friends, credit cards.
  26 Oct 2023  
Too sad! They are actually ruthless.
Carol Jenkins   27 Oct 2023
Trading and investment platforms should serve as trusted avenues for individuals to grow their wealth and secure their financial future. Sadly, not all companies live up to these expectations, and I feel compelled to share my story with Elland Road Capital Ltd to potentially safeguard others from similar experiences. Upon being introduced to Elland Road Capital Ltd, like many, I was hopeful about the prospects the platform could offer. Their persuasive campaigns seemed genuine, and their promises made sense at the outset. However, as time went by, the facade started to crack. Initially, Elland Road Capital Ltd lures clients in with a seemingly low-risk proposition – a starting deposit of 250USD. Once they gain your trust, they begin urging for increased deposits, climbing as high as 100,000 USD in some cases, as I unfortunately discovered. My total losses amounted to a staggering 88,000 USD, an amount that not only represents my financial setback but also the trust I placed in the platform. One of the glaring red flags was their consistent reluctance, or rather refusal, to process any withdrawal requests. Irrespective of the amount you wish to withdraw, be it large or small, the outcome is consistently disappointing. They appear to have no intention of returning even a single dollar of your hard-earned money. The financial loss is substantial, but the emotional and psychological toll is even more profound. Having to deal with such a significant setback, especially when these funds were borrowed from friends or accumulated on credit cards, can be devastating. The burden of repaying those debts, combined with the sense of betrayal, can be overwhelming. I have come across mentions that Elland Road Capital Ltd. has a particular focus on attracting investors from specific regions, including India. While I cannot comment on the entirety of their operations, it's imperative to approach such platforms with an abundance of caution. My experience with Elland Road Capital Ltd. has been nothing short of distressing. Through sharing my story, I hope to raise awareness and potentially save others from enduring a similar fate. Always remember, in the world of trading and investment, due diligence is paramount. Ensure you research thoroughly and understand the intricacies of any platform you consider investing in.
  14 Oct 2023  
Far More than just an XM Trading Account - Client Benefits

All clients receive free and unlimited access to personal account managers, forex market research, daily forex webinars, video tutorials, forex trading signals, daily technical analysis, daily market outlook and 24/5 live customer support in over 30 languages.

I have opened an account with Elland Road Capital with USD250 in January 2023. I tried to withdraw my amount, and it was not allowed me to withdraw the amount.I have raised a service ticket saying that i am unable to withdraw on March 7th 2023 my 250 US dollars. But no one is turned up to resolve this issue. Please find the attached screenshot for your reference. its mentioned as dormant fee twice. Now they are sending the policy documents amended in June2023, saying that they will charge fee. Fees charging terms and conditions.Really totally pissed of with this company. Why hell company doing thd to rob customers and innocent peoples hardened money. Please turn back to refund all my hard earned money.

  20 Jul 2023  
Ellan road Capital is worst trading platform, do not fall in trap. I personally do not recommend ellandroadcapital. I had a bitter experience lost lot of money, please do not fall in trap with the account managers. All the charges are too expensive, swap charges particularly. No one will help you in earning here. Account managers will always call you for deposit and misguide in wrong direction to go your trade in big loss. Osaja is one of the account manager who does these kind of tricks. I don't know if they get good commission if you make a person to deposit all the times by loosing all the trades. But never trust this guy! Earning by cheating others will definitely make you suffer. Mark my words! Account manager always calls on deposits and not to help on trades, they initially show some low profits and then always call you to deposit saying you will get more profits. I was initially interested to learn trade with a deposit of 250$ and tried a few with the help of them which was good. Then account manager called me and asked me to deposit 5000$ saying Gold is running good, you will get a lot of profit. I didn't have so much money with me, finally he convinced me to deposit 1250$ which I did while he was on screen sharing. This is not something I wished for! (I had swipe out credit card with complete limit I had). After depositing he told me to kick off a trade BUY for Gold when it is 1985 point, check my trades. Is this something do you recommend when Gold is at a high price? He didnt explain me how swap charges rates and wat to do if it doesnt reach that point? This is purely and intentionally making the client to go into huge loss. I'm using a different trade broker now (Octafx), where such kinds of things never occur. Excellent service and very good support. I never knew how I got trapped into their trade broker service.
Mahender   29 Aug 2023
In principle, Elland Road Capital do a good job, but if you do not trade with a manager, then you need to be smart about trading and not take risks in vain. For the first two months I traded with a manager, after that I started trading myself, for various reasons, and yet it was easier with a manager, but if the goal is to learn how to trade on my own, then the manager will not help. Elland Road Capital is a normal company, there were no difficulties in trading, I think that I will get used to independent trading. I contacted support, they gave me a consultant, and since I had refused help before, I had to adjust. So far, I like everything. Signals work about 7 times out of 10, which, in comparison with my "poke" method, is just heaven and earth.
  11 Jul 2023  
Very disappointed, they will not allow you to withdraw the income, I got my money back but I also wanted to withdraw the income, they cancelled the withdrawal and don't want to give the money, beware and don't trust this company.
  7 Mar 2023  
I deposited 250USD, I can't get it back.
Guru   30 Jun 2023
I have faced same type of issue. Steps how I faced the number of fraudulent issues after registering to Elland road: 1. You just click the URL and curiously enter the email Id details. 2. Their person will immediately call you and insist very politely to complete your registration and they will add credit of amount $50 (This is 1st trap) to convince you. The minimum amount is 250$ to get yourself registered They will also insist to use credit card only as the other payment option will not work. 3. They will very humbly help you to enable your international transaction feature (This is 2nd trap) 4. Immediately their sales person will start calling you on Zoom meeting to start trading. He will get familiar to you and also some of your monetary related issue. 5. You will be happy to see some positive trading for 2 to 3 days.(This is 3rd trap). 6. Now sales person will insist to add some more amount. 7. You will somehow add minimum again and that is 250$.I have also added. 8. Since I had a doubt on overall withdrawal process I tried to withdraw some amount. This sales person has immediately call me to know why I am withdrawing my amount. Not sure why I did not suspicious about it, but you will need to give justification to withdraw your own amount (Why we need to justify not sure). He said that without my approval you cannot. Which should have clicked to me, but he immediately asked that since he is SPOC for me and all my issues will be addressed by him and that is the reason I need to contact only him. He asked me to share the bank account and IFSC code to deposit the money. The account details taken by him is never visible in withdrawal section and also did not see any transaction ID. 9. Sales person will leave you alone for some days so that you can do some transaction on you own if you don't add any more money which he has insisted for. 10. In my case the transaction was going in loss and hence to sustain I have to add more money.(4th Trap). 11. Since I was not taking his call almost for a week and also did not add anymore money, thinking there is some problem around overall process, but was not sure so decided not to add anymore money irrespective if it profile /loss. Vey next week, the day has arrived i.e. 25th July. A. I received the SMS for same card from which I have done the payment to ELLANROAD that about 729$ is deducted without any OTP and so on. And immediately second SMS. Lucky me since I have added the limit in the card. I got my card blocked immediately, but there was loss of 729$ which also reported dispute. B. On the same day after blocking my card I tried to withdraw some amount from Ellanroad (so initiated the process) since already was suspicious about the incident and my transaction was showing some profit. C. Shahz immediately call me during office hrs for completing one transaction, and since that day I was little disturbed with overall incidence happening,I think I did realize but till the time I can conclude he has given last blow. He insisted to complete it since will not take much time. In hurry I did not realize this person was not looking for any profit for me but wanted to get my account closed by enabling major loss. Within 5 minutes all my amount got vanished. I have added the details of my last transaction. Within 5 min it was 400+$ loss and that also closed my all other transaction too. I can share the call record logs for 25th July too. I have share all my experience step by step. Hope this can help other to decide wisely. Also somewhere I wish to get my hard earned money back. Not sure how and who can help.
Monx   7 Sep 2023
My name is Lin Haimiao. I opened an account on elland road on 2023.02.21, my personal center user name is chnt019, and my Trade account is 70134114. Brokers web through sales personnel guidance deposit the money at that time, 250 usd, after the deposit money to open a trading account, I found that trading symbol spreads is very high, XAUUSD spreads = 269, I consulted my investment experts, Your account is 400 leverage, so the spread of *4. This is the most unprofessional investment expert I have ever heard. The trade symbol spread of any broker has no relationship with the leverage of the account. Until now, nearly two weeks have and there is still no response, the online customer service is basically unable to contact, if there is contact, always reply that your withdrawal has been transferred to the relevant department, contact the support mailbox, and always the same reply as the online customer service, you will never be able to contact them in time, the online customer service waiting time is very long. I didn't reply to you until more than 2 days after contacting the support email. I sent an email around 2023.02.27, asking me to provide my skrill account so that I could get the withdrawal process. I sent it. Now close to a week, there is no reply, online customer service will not information, support mailbox did not have any reply, this is a liar, we should be careful
  5 Mar 2023  
I am a newcomer trader. My experience with Elland Road is very bad due to accessibility with their officers. They never share their officers' contact details nor they respond to email messages in time, if they respond, they will not give correct answer. They keep on changing account officers whom we can not contact over phone or email as they seldom respond to it. Due to their callous attitude I incurred a huge loss.
  23 Jan 2023  
Sounds exactly like binary options scam. Don’t fall for it!
Ruth   7 Feb 2023
They understand how to deliver solutions. When I need anything, I receive the correct response quickly!

  14 Dec 2022  
Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for choosing Elland Road Capital as your trusted broker! You may reach out to us at any time for any assistance.

Elland Road Capital
Elland Road Capital (Official)   15 December 2022
I was searching long time for a side hustle. slowly slowly and with elland's team help, I managed to have the best one here.
  10 Dec 2022  
Dear Neyem,

We appreciate you taking the time to give us a positive review. Your great experience with Elland Road Capital makes us very happy! Our top priority is keeping clients satisfied, and your review validates the effort we put in every day. We're excited to keep providing you with the online trading experience you deserve!

Elland Road Capital
Elland Road Capital (Official)   13 December 2022
Call them anytime and any preffered language, they help me in native, and are always available! and on top of it, the platform works perfectly.

  9 Dec 2022  
Dear Deny,

Thank you for choosing Elland Road Capital as your trusted broker! You may reach out to us at any time for any assistance.

Elland Road Capital
Elland Road Capital (Official)   13 December 2022
I cannot thank you enough, you helped me get out many bad situations I was in, with your support I am able to stand for myself in regards to trading!
  3 Dec 2022  
Dear Ritu,

We are pleased to hear this! Thank you kindly for sharing your experience with Elland Road Capital.

Elland Road Capital
Elland Road Capital (Official)   5 December 2022
Honest opinion: they need to update some things that i already recommended to their support, as soon as they update they will be the best brokerage!
  1 Dec 2022  
Dear Aabid,

We thank you for your review and wish you lots of trading success!

Elland Road Capital
Elland Road Capital (Official)   1 December 2022
XM - Industry Leading Global Investment Firm - Big. Fair. Human.

Servicing more than 3.5 Mill clients from more than 190 countries in more than 30 languages. Over 2.5 Billion trades executed with no requotes or rejections. Access to 1000+ instruments from 6 asset classes, 16 full feature trading platforms, 4 trading account types, 25+ secure payment methods and 24/5 personal customer service.

Call them anytime and any preffered language, they help me in native, and are always available! and on top of it, the platform works perfectly.

  30 Nov 2022  
Dear Cristian,

Thank you for your great words and rating for Elland Road Capital and the team.
If you ever need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime.

Elland Road Capital
Elland Road Capital (Official)   1 December 2022
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