FBS Reviews and Comments 2021

how long take for withdrawing complete?

joel   19 January, 2021  

I'm on xau/USD trade. The spreads are very high that I burned my $300 account.

Ricardo III   18 January, 2021  

Sorry to hear that. Please be noted that trading is related to risk.We obviously have no interest in making you lose your money. Please note that the spread value depends on market volatility. It can be wider during economic news releases or when there is low liquidity in the market. You can find the average spread on our website FBS.com
May we suggest that you make use of the training videos, ebooks on the web to learn more about trading. We also provide regular webinars that can be very helpful.
Please contact us via live chat or support@fbs.com for more details.

FBS   20 January, 2021

I'm on the FBS for some time now - lost more that I gained, but that is just the way I was trading. The only part I've got a problem with right now is the debit/credit deposit/withdrawal issue. at the moment ony way to deposit from a CC is through perfect money or bitcoin - which is just not working for me. I do understand regulations and all but this issue is almost 2 months old and still no resolution for it.

Aljosa   14 January, 2021  

Unfortunately you didn't leave any details so its hard to take a look what options are available for you.
Please be informed that different countries have different options of payment systems.
At the moment we are trying to add as many other convenient payment systems as possible but of course it might take some time.
In case you would like to see some payment systems, we would highly appreciate if you send your feedback to our e-mail support@fbs.com.

FBS   20 January, 2021

I need more details on the level up program for FBS.

Sahl   9 January, 2021  

Dear Sahl, please find information on our website https://fbs.com/promo/levelupbonus. For more details you can also contact us via email support@fbs.com

FBS   14 January, 2021

I'm a trader and decided to try the level up promotion and not only are their regulations bad by forcing people to trade but FBS also manipulates price to hit your SL if you are in profit. I have screenshots on my phone of the real chart on trading view vs the chart on FBS MT5 screen. anybody who wants to use this broker should think twice. Like they say anybody who wishes to help you for no reason has hidden intentions.

Emmanuel   1 January, 2021  

I am a newbie, please give me details of FBS copy trading platform.

Muhammad   10 December, 2020  

FBS is a scam broker. I can prove it. I am watching market in Monday morning because Friday night open sell option on gold I am try to close trade but unable. I contact support and asking that gold trade not close and asking working on that some issue find fbs side. I note market crash after some my trade closing live just open ticket. you can refund it?

umer   7 December, 2020  

Dear Sir! We bring our sincere apologies for this situation. Please, kindly contact us via support@fbs.com and provide the details of your account, so we could check the situation and help you.

FBS   23 December, 2020

I am a bit confused, I really wanted to understand that if I succeed with the trade 100 account, the profit will be automatically transferred to my trading account, that's understood, but do i have to deposit again to be able to trade and withdraw my profit?

Adamu Ibrahim   7 December, 2020  

Hello, Sir!
No, no additional deposit is needed with Trade 100 bonus. All you need to do is fulfill the conditions and get 100$ profit.
You can check the full list of Terms and Conditions in your Personal Area (https://fbs.com/cabinet/promotions/trade100).

FBS   23 December, 2020

Can advise me once I trade will I be getting the money I trade with plus my profit?

Sue   2 December, 2020  

Thank you for contacting us! Yes everything that you deposit and plus your profit belong to you. You can withdraw your funds in any moment without any restrictions.

FBS   7 December, 2020

I just want to know two things: 1. How do I get my profits when trading with the $100 trading bonus. 2. I am a Namibian trader and want to find out if FBS allows Banking Deposit/Withdrawal with NedBank.

Chester   2 December, 2020  

Thank you for contacting us! For Trade $100 Bonus, if you have met all the conditions, your $100 profit will be automatically transferred to your trading account. Please, kindly make sure that you have read the promotion conditions which you can find on the bonus page in your Personal Area. Unfortunately, we don't work with NedBank, but the list of available payment systems, you can find within your personal area menu Withdrawal.

FBS   7 December, 2020

I deposited with a master card and tried withdrawing first to know how quick is that but still yet to receive since 4hours late. but my question is that if I deposited with bitcoin after my first transaction with card can I still withdraw with bitcoin? Trying to avoid expiring or blockage of my card in the future.

Adepoju Adewale   25 November, 2020  

Please be informed that withdrawal with card takes from 5 days about. We would like to draw your attention that with Bitcoin you can only make deposits, unfortunately you can't withdraw to Bitcoin. To know more information please contact us via live chat or messengers on FBS.com

FBS   1 December, 2020

I am actually having a very terrible experience with FBS. I initiated a withdrawal and I was asked to present the detail of a card that I had blocked when I lost it, whereas a new card which was issued as a replacement for the lost card which is linked to the same account from the same bank which I had used for both deposit and withdrawal was rejected. And there is no other means of making withdrawal from my account. This is quite unfortunate.

Olatubo Adebayo   24 November, 2020  

Did you finally got helped withdrawing later on?

Adepoju Adewale   25 November, 2020

So, did you later got a withdrawal?

Wilson   10 January, 2021

For me personally. FBS promises, all problems can be resolved quickly, with an easy deposit without taking a long time. And the telegram service at FBS allows me to have discussions with other traders. I am happy to join the FBS broker

Mustopa   23 November, 2020  

I have a cent account here. But I never got any profit. I lost 30k INR in 6 months. Is it possible to earn money in forex trading?

Satyalakshmi   21 November, 2020  

Sorry to hear that. We obviously have no interest in making you lose your money. You need a bit stronger theoretical bases like: learn more about money management, risk management, and try new strategies. May we suggest that you make use at the training videos, ebooks on the web: fbs.com, we also provide regular webinars that can be very helpful.

FBS   23 November, 2020

FBS is a broker that offers a chance to grow up as a professional broker. Pro Trader is a status that grants you a right to set your own commission rates. With this, you can trade and attract investors more stractigically.

Chris   16 November, 2020  

FBS CopyStar is the a interesting contest for traders. It intantion is help us to attract more copiers and win brand-new devices by Apple. Moreover, all the winners get a PRO status that allows the traders to set a commission they see fit. I think it's really interesting.

Vladistag Rojas   15 November, 2020  

FBS league provides attractive prizes for me to trade with demo accounts only without withdrawing capital for deposits, while honing my trading skills my demo account has a chance to win cash prizes.

hairul   14 November, 2020  

I opened an account with FBS more than a year ago and till now everything is going fine. The errors are mine. But, seriously, FBS is the only broker I know that offers a promo contest with real money prizes in a demo account. It is a game they named FBS League and, yes, real money in a demo account contest. Just check for yourself.

Francisco Jorge   9 November, 2020  

The FBS Copytrade application really has two great advantages: it's really comfortable if your intention is to operate with your mobile device and it is additionally a vital tool if you want to start in the world of trading without experience, by allowing you to copy the trader you like the most, with what you could even learn too. It seems to me a great bet of said platform.

Vladimir Rojas   9 November, 2020  

If I deposit $25 and make a profit of $50, will I be able to withdraw all of money from FBS, or I can only withdraw profits?

Abolokeng Pitse   8 November, 2020  

I love promos from this broker, especially Dreams Come True program. They helped a lot of people around the world fulfill the meaningful wishes.

Nick Dinh   8 November, 2020  

I think one of the greatest features of FBS is their admin app FBS Trader that allows me to trade mobile, anywhere, anytime. It is very well designed and responsive. This gives me some sense of safety while operating mobile. I like and recommend their app.

Francisco Jorge   2 November, 2020  

If I make profit from free bonus I can easily withdraw my profit without depositing any money into the account?

Elliot   28 October, 2020  

withdrawal very bad service.

jukiy   26 October, 2020  

FBS is a reliable and trusted Forex broker for me since 2009. I like their FBS Trader, not only help me manage, trade and others activities when I mobile but also they provide Quick Start bonus for use it. Quick Start bonus give us $100 to explore FBS Trade and we can learn and get free money with that promo.

Sunny   21 October, 2020  

I appreciated most of the offers given by this broker and i learned a lot during my practice. Am from Philippines, i saw some local banks listed from our country in my personal area, am ready to epen live account and deposit fund. However before doing so, my question is, is this local bank listed ready for online banking in terms of deposit and withdrawal if ever there is a profit?

Foxer   21 October, 2020  

The most difficut broker I have encountered so far to withdraw money, as though I am begging to withdraw my own money, to deposit it is so easy, they don't for any verification, but to withdraw, they give a lot of conditions, some of which are just nonsense.

Qawi   20 October, 2020  

Unfortunately you didn't leave any information about your account so we could check. Please, note that withdrawal process and time mostly depends on the payment system you choose, but all withdrawals are processed manually for security reasons. After being accepted by FBS, it's further processed by the payment system. If withdrawal takes more than average, please, contact us via live chat or messengers we will be happy to help.

FBS   23 October, 2020

@Qawi, did you get your money in the end? Because im about to deposit them the money just to get my own money. It doesn't make sense at all. Like why should we pay to get our own money?

Daniel   27 October, 2020

I can't log in on my mt5, I have made a deposit but cannot trade.

Karabo   14 October, 2020  

It seems you're entering an invalid password. Type it manually or copy-paste without any extra symbols, or try to recover it.

You can recover/access your trading password and details in your Personal Area.

1. Log in to your Personal Area: my.fbs.com
2. Click on the account number.
3. You will be able to see the "Generate new MT5 password " question http://prntscr.com/v4hpsw
4. Please, click on "Create new" next to it.

After that, the new trading password will be generated for you and all the necessary information to log in provided

FBS   23 October, 2020

Taking part in a webinar from FBS allows me to get trading lessons for free. This really helps me to get the basics of forex properly. So that I can immediately start trading well. I hope the webinars on fbs will continue to go on to help newbies like me.

Yura   12 October, 2020  

it is so easy to deposit funds but its harder to withdraw funds. I just want a simple bank wire. not all that skrill and Mettler. why is it not possible to receive funds the same way I deposit?

KG   9 October, 2020  

We make withdrawal for clients as fast and simple as possible: our Financial Dep. is working 24/5, you can see the status of your withdrawal in Transaction History. For security reasons withdrawals are processed manually by our Financial Dep. - usually it takes 10-15 min, in some cases this time may be increased. Unfortunately you can't withdraw with card, with card you can only make deposits and return them back. To withdraw profit you can use Local banks, E-wallets, Exchangers. At the moment we are trying to add as many other convenient payment systems as possible. For more questions, please, contact us in chat or via support@fbs.com.

FBS   14 October, 2020

At times forex newbies get lost facing myriads of offers from various brokers, with only prime and positive information and prognoses bunched up on their sites. How to choose a broker that won't snatch all your hope away? Communicating with more experienced currency traders and reading reviews about forex brokers will help you gain insight into the subject and to understand how much trust this or that broker deserves.

FBS section is dedicated to the comments and reviews of the traders who either currently trade with this broker, or have had such an experience in the past, or are about to open a trading account with the broker soon.

Positive estimates about the broker do not give an absolute guarantee of successful trading with them; at the same time, negative statements do not necessarily mean that you are to remain in discontent after you become their client.

Each trader eventually has to make an individual decision, whereas other clients' reviews just help to get an overall picture. Judgments on FBS can be favorable or opposed to the company, they comprise various issues related to trading operations or customer services; only the authors of these reviews are responsible for what they write about and in which manner they do it.

It has to be clearly understood that comments and reviews reflect only the subjective opinions of their authors. However, in any case forex beginners should pay proper attention to the views and evaluations of their 'cunning fellows' and to be very careful in choosing a broker.

FBS Information

FBS is a reliable Forex broker trusted by millions of traders around the world. The company has been in business since 2009 and now is present in over 190 countries. FBS  is regulated be IFSC, CySEC. Besides currency pairs FBS offers trading Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, BRN, DAX30...

Regulation: IFSC, CySEC

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