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FBS Reviews for 3 August 2021

Can we withdraw the level up bonus to the real account after complete the 40 days of trading?

sivaprasad   31 Jul 2021  
To withdraw your profit from Level up bonus account, you need to fulfill the promotion conditions. There should be 20 active trading days; an active trading day is a day when an order was opened or closed. You can miss no more than 5 trading days in general. Also you should have at least 5 lots traded. In case you are facing any difficulty or have any questions, please, feel free to email us to support@fbs.com to clarify your query. Also you can contact us in chat right in the app.
FBS (Official)   2 August 2021
I've been interested in learning trading from the very beginning until now. It enhances the technique and knowledge of trading. I found the quick start bonus that allows me to learn while practicing trading. Thank you FBS for having such a good promotion.
Mewz   28 Jul 2021  
Thank you for your positive comment! We are happy to get better every day for our customers. If you have any questions or you need any guidance, you can contact us by email support@fbs.com
FBS (Official)   30 July 2021
I can not withdraw my money. Keep getting rejected and an email saying I have to accept a withdraw of $65 from my account.
Sean   23 Jul 2021  
Thank you for contacting us! To withdraw your profit you need enter the code, which was sent to you. This is simple and important point according to the safety regulations of the company. If you have any claim or other questions, please, forward it to support@fbs.com so we could investigate your issue and help you!
FBS (Official)   30 July 2021
I made a withdrawal request a week ago and till now I haven't recieved the money pls help.
Ben   21 Jul 2021  
Sorry to hear that you had a withdrawal issue. If after a week you haven't received the funds, please, send us your bank statement from the date FBS accepted the withdrawal until the current day; we will forward it to the payment processor for further investigation. Our official support email is (support@fbs.com). We are waiting an email from you!
FBS (Official)   23 July 2021
Hi, I want to deposit my account with paytm but their agent name is from India. I am really afraid that they will scam me. Please can you help me.
Malsawm   18 Jul 2021  
Thank you for contacting us! Bank accounts in which we receive fund are those of partners of FBS. All payment systems available in your personal area are reliable because they can be added to payment option only after we've verified their status carefully. If you have any issue or need more info, please contact us via support@fbs.com.
FBS (Official)   22 July 2021
It's been 5 day i made a deposit and still not reflecting.
Faith   14 Jul 2021  
Dear client! Your profit and loss depends on your strategy and Market situation.Trading requires sufficient theoretical and practical training. Withdrawal process and time mostly depends on payment system you choose.After being accepted by FBS, it's further processed by the payment system. Please, contact us via chat for payment confirmation.
FBS (Official)   16 July 2021
l have make payment already but still cannot trade. What could be the challenge?
Daniel S   13 Jul 2021  
Thank you for contacting us! Being a reliable broker, we would love to solve your issue as soon as possible. Please, send us an official claim with all the necessary information about your issues (Your account number, Date and time of the dispute situation, Claim Description). Claims are sent to our e-mail address support@fbs.com.
FBS (Official)   15 July 2021
FBS' Dream Come True is a great promotion to fulfill people's needs. I suggest you to participate so that your dream could be come true!
Mae Dunn   12 Jul 2021  
Thank you! We are happy that you like our contest, but this promotion has already finished. Please don't hesitate to contact us in case if you need any guidance or you want to share your ideas with us!
FBS (Official)   13 July 2021
l have made a payment but up till now l can't take order. The order menu is still blank. Somebody help.
Daniel S   13 Jul 2021
To our regret, you didn't leave any account details so we could check it. Please make sure that you logged in to Meta Trader with your Trading Password in correct server . Please contact us via livechat in case you still have difficulty to open order .We will be glad to assist you .
FBS (Official)   16 Jul 2021
I deposited a total of $132 on my account on FBS and I am using 1:50 leverage. I couldn't understand why in my Metatrader4, it only shows that I only have $5055 wherein 132x50 (leverage) is ought to be 6600. Am I missing something here?
Aomine Daiki   9 Jul 2021  
Thanks for your comment ! To our regret, you didn’t leave here any account details and we couldn't check it and provide a proper answer.Please note that you can see your balance as in your deposit amount only.Leverage will affect on your trading though balance not shown in multiplying by your leverage.Please contact us via livechat for more infos.
FBS (Official)   14 July 2021
FBS commission on stocks is too much, I've just bought amazon with 0.25 lot and hit a stoploss but the sad part I was charged commission of $400 dollars. I can't understand FBS can you specify on issue of stock commission. I was robbed daylight just opening one oder of Amazon at 0.25 lot, boom I'm billed off $400.
Zenzo Sibanda   7 Jul 2021  
Thank you for your feedback! The stock commission is calculated as 0.7% from the current stock price (bid or ask) multiplied by the number of stocks you want to trade, but we will forward your feedback to our department. If you have any claim, please make sure you email us to support@fbs.com with account details. We will be happy to help!
FBS (Official)   9 July 2021
The Debit Master Card Depositing Method isn't available for South Africans? Scammers will hit us hard without this option. Please update.
Lesedi   6 Jul 2021  
Thanks for contacting us! You can make deposit with MasterCard by using Walleto payment . Also we provide with several local banks for clients from South Africa . In case you have any difficulty or questions , please don't hesitate to contact us via livechat or email support@fbs.com .
FBS (Official)   8 July 2021
My worst fears were to be unable to withdraw my money, now I am not only able to withdraw my profit, but also fastly and safety, thank you.
Lina   28 Jun 2021  
Thank you for your feedback! Please don't hesitate to contact us in case if you need any guidance or you want to share your ideas with us!
FBS (Official)   29 June 2021
Please how do you withdraw?
Yakubu Abdullahi   23 Jul 2021
Hello! Kindly be informed that, the client can withdraw funds from his/her account only to those payment systems which have been used for the deposit. If you have faced challenges with your withdrawal, we kindly ask you to contact our Support Team on Live Chat - We will be glad to assist you in this regard. Thank you in advance!
FBS (Official)   2 Aug 2021
My friend 1st time using this thing, he made profit and the next day his profit has been withdraw and his balance left 0. When he asked the customer service, answer he got is because he owned 2 account. Logically any company will send a notice before proceed to deduct / withdraw the profit. But yeah might be he dont read the terms. By the way its a good lesson and experience for him.
Don Paco   20 Jun 2021  
We are really sorry to hear that your friend is not satisfied with the experience with FBS. Please, be informed that FBS is a regulated broker - there’s no place for any unethical practices from FBS side. FBS is not interested in canceling accounts for no reason: first, we respect our clients, second - it could have damaged our reputation. We would love to take look on the situation, but unfortunately you didn’t leave here any account details. Please, contact us via support@fbs.com .
FBS (Official)   28 June 2021
I made an initial $10 investment by copy trading a certain trader named "Farmville" using FBS Copy Trade on June 10, 2021. Eventually, I made several increase on the amount of trade which totaled $170 by June 15, 2021. Farmville went on a SELL against GBPUSD & GOLD. This means that should the amount of said currencies go down, the profitable my. investment will become. I waited patiently and closely monitoring the movement of my investment for almost 16 hours. June 16, before I went to bed, my investment is doing -$55 to -$95 . Four and half hours later when I woke up, FBS Copy Trade closed my account for the reason "Trader is out funds". So I checked the forex market and I found out that the value of GBPUSD and GOLD went down by a lot. I should have earned at least 50% of the total amount of my investment or more. I talked to one of their agents about through quick chat and they told me they dont handle such issues so they gave me an email address where I can file my complaint. When I emailed them, they told they are "experience delays in ticket response" and they instructed to raise my concern through quick chat (who just said they dont handle such issues. Here in the Philippines, $170 is half month's salary of an average worker. I am really disappointed with FBS Copy Trade. I emailed them again demanding for an explanation of why my account was terminated despite of the fact that It was supposed to earn but they have not responded as of this writing. I know FBS is monitoring these reviews and I hope someone from fbs can prove this otherwise. Thank you.
Dennis   17 Jun 2021  
To our regret, you didn't provide any account details to check your claim more pointedly.
But that is correct, our agents in the chat do not solve such cases. For any case like that, you need to send your request to support@fbs.com.
If you sent the request already, we can guarantee that it will be answered soon. However, some cases require a bit more time.
In case you have additional questions, you can always contact us via live chat or email support@fbs.com
FBS (Official)   28 June 2021
I have a good experience with FBS. I watched live streaming of tour 1 where FBS gives the luxury prize to their winners The competition of FBS 12 Years got me excited. Despite a lot of people participating But I want to win and get rewarded.
Hamid   17 Jun 2021  
Good luck! Please don't hesitate to contact us in case if you need any guidance or you want to share your ideas with us!
FBS (Official)   28 June 2021
The Quick Start bonus allowed me to learn how to trade with mobile devices at FBS Trader. I made a profit a little over $ 30, but the fantastic thing in my opinion was the tremendous learning I obtained due to the dynamics. If you dare to do so, I recommend opening a Micro account to transfer the profits and operate, due to the advantages of the deposit.
Vladimir Rojas   14 Jun 2021  
Thank you for your trust! We hope this app will bring you profit! Please don't hesitate to contact us in case you need any guidance or you want to share your ideas with us.
FBS (Official)   28 June 2021
Please approve my withrawal approval. It is taking too long.
ifeanyichukwu osita   12 Jun 2021  
Please, note that withdrawal process and time mostly depends on the payment system you choose, but all withdrawals are processed manually for security reasons. After being accepted by FBS, it's further processed by the payment system. If withdrawal takes more than average, please, contact us via support@fbs.com!
FBS (Official)   28 June 2021
This FBS broker is indeed the best, especially with copytrade, it is very helpful for me who is just starting out investing in forex trading. Of course I feel very satisfied to join the best broker like this FBS broker broker.
Samsul   10 Jun 2021  
Thanks a lot! We appreciate your feedback and we will continue to do our best.
FBS (Official)   28 June 2021
One of the good brokers so far with them for 2 months, since the offer honestly deposited so easily and withdrawal easily they have many ways to deposit and withdrawal and the have a supportive employees so stop complaining, go directly to support and ask them simply.
Pheonix Abzakh   1 Jun 2021  
Thank you for your feedback. Our customers opinion is very important to us since we are trying to get better every day!
FBS (Official)   28 June 2021
on the level-up bonus, after making about 50% profit, am I permitted to increase my lot size?
Daniel Igoche   30 May 2021  
To withdraw your profit from Level up bonus account, you need to fulfill the promotion conditions. There should be 20 active trading days; an active trading day is a day when an order was opened or closed. You can miss no more than 5 trading days in general. Also you should have at least 5 lots traded.
The conditions of the bonus should be fulfilled within 40 days from the moment of registration and passing the test. If you face any difficulty, please contact us via support@fbs.com!
FBS (Official)   28 June 2021
Hi, I hope you can help me with this matter, last night my real account has $115, without closing any orders or having any transactions I checked my account then found that it became $111.43, I have no idea what happened. I hope you can help me with this. I love this broker and I am looking forward to trade for long term. Thanks!
Mike   25 May 2021  
I am a newcomer to forex trading so I am not good at trading anymore, I feel very lucky to find FBS Copytrade apps where I can trade by just imitating other traders in the apps to make a profit.
Nizam   25 May 2021  
Evening, I'm a new trader and still looking for a broker. I've got only $300 to invest and I've been doing some demos to level up my skills of trading. I'm From South Africa I don't know if FBS is the best broker for me or not, I've been reading the reviews and I've been in so many skems in my life but I strongly believe in anyone who will reply my review will lead me to the right direction.
2lani   4 May 2021  
FBS is a real broker, you can use it very reliable.
Seun   5 May 2021
If you want a profit that your demo produce, might as well invest a money same with the demo which is $10000. Trust me your $300 would fade away in an instant. reason is the lower the capital the lower the margin and room for you potential profit. They will eat your money as fast as they can.
Aby   11 May 2021
I want to join FBS. I'am new in this thing and too much worried and have one querry - can I use my visa debit card for transactions or not?
muhammed ibrahim   29 Apr 2021  
FBS is a good brooker, however on the level up bonus, maybe you can reduce the required traded lots, its realy hard to fullfill in 40days for the biginers, look we can only open a max. of 5 possition and each possition can only trade a 0.01 lots, look averything we profit for 40 days we can't be able to get if we dont reach the requirement, and all the profit will goes to your company. please consider to reduce the traded lots thank you.
jayson   26 Apr 2021  
FBS is a good broker. Fast deposits.Responsive customer services, however lately they scrapped the visa card as a method of deposit. I don't know for how long but its the most accessible especially to beginners like me. Hope they will fix it sooner. Meanwhile im looking for another broker with the same quality services as FBS with Visa Cards but Im failing to get one. Good luck in my searches
Sihle   25 Apr 2021  
Wanna ask anyone tried FBS. is it good to deal with them? Am afraid cause I read alot of comments not recommend this company and they have alot of problems specially with withdrawal operations. I dont know if these comments are true base or not. Please anyone try it to give me a honestly advise. I tried the demo account and it was great. But now I wanna a real advice from clients who try it with real money.
Nebras   1 Apr 2021  
Thanks for your comment! First of all, FBS is a legitimate broker regulated by International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). We understand your concerns, but FBS never holds back clients’ funds, and a client can always withdraw deposited funds and profit. Our demo accounts work the same as the reals. Please be kindly noted that trading is a risk that sometimes leads to negative comments. But those who get profit rarely write about it. For more information, please contact us via live chat or messengers. We will be happy to assist.
FBS (Official)   5 April 2021
FBS holds up your profits, according to its customer service chat named Queenie u can only withdraw the initial investment and not the profit and now the problem is how can u withdraw again the profit? that's a big question.
Alucard   29 Jul 2021
Dear Client, In case you withdraw to Card, only deposit amount will be available to withdraw to Card. Please try to withdraw deposit amount first to the same payment in deposit, the amount over the initial deposit (profit) can be withdrawn to other payment system. Please write with details of your account to support@fbs.com, we want to help you.
FBS (Official)   2 Aug 2021
I have quitted mt5 since I traded with FBS Trader. It is a really good app for trading and easy to learn more about new features of transactions.
Nick   27 Mar 2021  
honestly I don't know what happened but my orders closed automatically and I lost a lot of profit. I was soo mad. I think I will change to a different broker.
Eva Sauls   25 Mar 2021  
We are sorry to hear that you faced such a situation. Unfortunately, you didn't leave any details so we could check. It seems like your orders were closed by Stop Out level (if your margin level falls below 20%, the system closes losing positions automatically to protect your funds). Please, contact us via support@fbs.com so we could take a look closer at your situation.
FBS (Official)   5 April 2021
They also did this to me. I had a Sell position on Tesla without any TP or SL and then they closed my position the next day at market open while I should have been at least 400% in profit but they closed my position at loss. Just as simple as so they robbed my money and there is no way to prove that you did not set a TP other than recording a video of your mobile screen. This way you can prevent them from scamming you.
Bahram   1 May 2021
FBS have many promotion and bonus. And also have specil promotion with cashback offers, you can only find this service in FBS. Cashback even for loss order. This is others opportunities to increase your earnings in FBS.
Nur_K   19 Mar 2021  

FBS is a reliable Forex broker trusted by millions of traders around the world. The company has been in business since 2009 and now is present in over 190 countries. FBS  is regulated be IFSC, CySEC. Besides currency pairs FBS offers trading Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, BRN, DAX30...

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