FBS Reviews and Comments 2020

The most difficut broker I have encountered so far to withdraw money, as though I am begging to withdraw my own money, to deposit it is so easy, they don't for any verification, but to withdraw, they give a lot of conditions, some of which are just nonsense.

Qawi   20 October, 2020  

I can't log in on my mt5, I have made a deposit but cannot trade.

Karabo   14 October, 2020  

Taking part in a webinar from FBS allows me to get trading lessons for free. This really helps me to get the basics of forex properly. So that I can immediately start trading well. I hope the webinars on fbs will continue to go on to help newbies like me.

Yura   12 October, 2020  

it is so easy to deposit funds but its harder to withdraw funds. I just want a simple bank wire. not all that skrill and Mettler. why is it not possible to receive funds the same way I deposit?

KG   9 October, 2020  

We make withdrawal for clients as fast and simple as possible: our Financial Dep. is working 24/5, you can see the status of your withdrawal in Transaction History. For security reasons withdrawals are processed manually by our Financial Dep. - usually it takes 10-15 min, in some cases this time may be increased. Unfortunately you can't withdraw with card, with card you can only make deposits and return them back. To withdraw profit you can use Local banks, E-wallets, Exchangers. At the moment we are trying to add as many other convenient payment systems as possible. For more questions, please, contact us in chat or via support@fbs.com.

FBS   14 October, 2020

I think i will join team with some team in FBS League open demo account and get win with team. I think we can got the reward. No have risk because we trade with Demo Account.

Mao   8 October, 2020  

I'm interested in FBS Loyalty program. It is a program that can invite new traders to trade also win prizes from accumulating points. I'm so excited.

Ang Nak   1 October, 2020  

I like FBS Copytrade App because I am copying trades. It's very simple to use. I suggest Everyone try the FBS trading app. Thanks, FBS

Saurabh Saini   25 September, 2020  

Hello. Does FBS allow withdrawals and deposits from MasterCards/Debit cards? I'm from South Africa and I use FNB bank.

Jonathan   22 September, 2020  

Hello! Sure! All available for your country payment systems you can see in your Personal Area.

FBS   1 October, 2020

For me personally. FBS is promising, all problems can be resolved quickly, with an easy deposit without requiring a long time. I am happy to joining the broker FBS

taufik   20 September, 2020  

I love their telegram channels. Its very good for information about daily trade and the market. Also I am using their apps. Compare to others fbs benefits very good for me.

Sefa Koncu   20 September, 2020  

FBS is good for a trader without experience because of the cent account. It's great that I'm able to get experience in small amounts of money. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

Kate   14 September, 2020  

with the latest promotion of FBS league from FBS I can trade with a demo account and have the opportunity to win cash prizes by just trading without fund real money, thank you fbs.

Moyeng   11 September, 2020  

Hi there. I have a FBS account. I have deposited through Neteller and unfortunately, the Neteller account is closed. I have some profit in FBS account. How can I withdraw funds. Please suggest.

Zamal Abedin   10 September, 2020  

Thank you for reaching us. To our regret, you didn't leave here any account details so we could check your situation. FBS never holds back client's funds and a client always can withdraw deposited funds and the profit that was made. Please, kindly contact us via live chat, messengers or email support@fbs.com we will be happy to help solve your situation.

FBS   11 September, 2020

What I like most about FBS Mobile Personal Area is that it seems to be specifically designed to handle all the information necessary for our daily operations in an easy and intuitive way.

Vladimir Rojas   9 September, 2020  

I'm a beginner forex trader. Now I'm getting to know how to trade mobile with FBS Trader. And it is great. It is like Metatraders, but more simple and I can trade from anywhere. I like the Metatraders for mobile and will continue to use. But this new FBS Trader is such an amazing tool I think I can have one more to try, learn and trade.

Francisco Jorge   7 September, 2020  

I tried Quick Start bonus on FBS Trader platform and it was such a good experience for practicing with a high chance to transfer money to real account. That 72 hours of trading was really exciting. Recommend for you all to try this bonus. Also, I hope FBS would have more promo like this one

Nick Dinh   6 September, 2020  

Hi, I have been practicing with my demo account for some weeks now and i also have a real account but noy funded yet. I am about to fund my real account to start trading. I hope it goes smoothly and flawless. I see some negative reviews I hope I won't have any bad experience?

Christopher Ahiome   5 September, 2020  

Thank you for contacting us. We understand you concerns: trading is a risk which sometimes leads to negative comments, but those who get profit rarely write about it. We always pay a close attention to our customers' reviews. Please be informed that there is no difference between demo account and real account. Your profit and loss depends on your skills and strategy and Market situation. In case you have any questions, please contact us via live chat or messengers, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

FBS   7 September, 2020

I just start trading with FBS for their Quick start bonus. Their application process is easy and good customer support. I like this broker so far.

Mike   2 September, 2020  

Thank you for your positive comment! We appreciate your feedback and we will continue to do our best. If you have any questions, we will be glad to help you via support@fbs.com or in online chat which you can find directly in application.

FBS   2 September, 2020

FBS Trader is my most used app cause I travel a lot and love to trade, it is convenient, I can trade anywhere that i want.

Mewz   31 August, 2020  

Thank you for your positive comment! Our customers opinion is very important to us since we are trying to get better every day! If you have any further suggestions or questions, please contact us in the live chat or via email (support@fbs.com).

FBS   2 September, 2020

Just wanna know why I can't withdraw my money? I have withdrawable amount but when I withdraw it says - No funds are available for withdrawal?

Jocelle   26 August, 2020  

Thank you for contacting us.
Please be informed that you can't withdraw profit via card.
With card you can only make deposit and return it back.
To withdraw profit you can use an E-wallet.
Please contact us via live chat or email support@fbs.com to get more information.

FBS   26 August, 2020

I like to take part in demo contests. By entering the demo contest, I feel that I can improve my trading skills well. For that, I tried to participate by participating in the fbs league contest. Even though I didn't win, I am quite satisfied to join this contest. I can see how the fbs performs and I think it is quite good.

Peter   25 August, 2020  

If i deposit $100 with my skrill, and make $5000 profits on trading, will I be able to withdraw that money and what is the maximum amount of withdrawing to Skrill.

Lad   19 August, 2020  

You can withdraw your funds, first you refund your deposit then you withdraw your profits. If you want to use Skrill you would need to first transfer your $100 back then make another transfer for your profit of $5000. We do not set any minimum or maximum amount limits, to clarify this information you need to contact Skrill support in case your account has such restrictions.

FBS   26 August, 2020

How long it will take for local bank to operate as usual for deposit and withdraw? It seems FBS conection with local bank not functioning for couple of weeks unless to use with local depositors which is so slow and untrusted.

Ade   10 August, 2020  

You can find the processing time in the same withdrawal page, it usually takes up to 1 hour to process a deposit and a withdrawal. Depending on the waiting time and how soon we receive your funds. In order for us to investigate your complaint further please clarify from which country are you typing and which bank are you using.

FBS   26 August, 2020

Have obtained profit from cent account. Tried to withdraw it failed because you require scanned copy of Deposit Card. I used Mpesa MasterCard to deposit. It is not a hard,physical card it just a system created to enable online payment with it. So Tell me FBS, how I scanned this virtual card and make withdrawal request possible.

guest   8 August, 2020  

Please be informed that according the client's agreement all deposits must return back to their original sources.
In case your card is virtual we need confirmation that the card belongs to you.
You can make a screenshot from your M-pesa account so we could see that is the same card and it belongs to you.
For more information please contact us via live chat or support@fbs.com

FBS   26 August, 2020

Hi, have been using fbs for couple of years now. Don't know why recently it rejected credit card deposit. As for malaysian banks like MBB, PBB for direct online deposit wise, it used to work out well until recently, such option is no longer available. Instead, choices for deposit is via local depositor. Problem with the local depositor is slow transaction. Used to be instant. It has been more than 90 minutes now while i am typing this comment & my deposit is still not inside my account yet.

jason   7 August, 2020  

Thank you for contacting us! To our regret, you didn't leave any account details so we could't check your situation. In case you are facing any difficulty with the deposit, please, kindly provide as many details of the issue as possible in chat or via support@fbs.com we will check your situation with the deposit instantly.

FBS   26 August, 2020

Why can't I withdraw my profits on my standard micro account. They say I can only withdraw the amount deposited.

Abisola   6 August, 2020  

Please be informed that first, all deposits must return back to their original sources, after that you can withdraw profit that you made.
To our regret, you didn't leave any account details so we couldn't check your situation.
Please contact us via live chat, we will be happy to help.

FBS   26 August, 2020

The copying app is good. The system is easy to use. I can find many profitable traders and I can trade everywhere as well.

Mewz   4 August, 2020  

Now FBS have Telegram Chanel. That so cool for follow up about news and promotion for trade.

Moss   27 July, 2020  

Where else can I trade for real without having to spend my own funds. Fortunately, FBS has a quick start promo so I can start trading as a first step to becoming a pro trader.

Zayan   22 July, 2020  

Hello, Zayan!
You can open Trade 100 Bonus account – Trade 100 Bonus has been designed to help our clients learn more about risk-management and trading with smaller amounts. And, possibility to get a real profit is the motivation. You can find on the website fbs.com. Also for Quick Start Bonus, You can learn how to use the FBS Trader application and get profit at the same time. All you need to do is to register a Quick Start Bonus account. If you have any further questions, please contact us in the live chat or via email ( support@fbs.com).

FBS   31 July, 2020

Hello, I am new at FBS and so far they few lessons i have learnt are helpful. meanwhile am finding it hard to deposit funds in my cent account since my bank has suspended online transaction until further notice. Is there any way I can use Mpesa to deposit to my account?

Okullo Robert   20 July, 2020  

Dear Okullo, Thank you for your interest!
To let you deposit and withdraw money, we've gathered lots of most popular services into one place, so you can choose between them and select those you prefer. An easy alternative option you can choose is to create a wallet and deposit money using your card through this wallet. Go to your dashboard through the site, and click "Deposit", then choose "Electronic payments". Please kindly contact our customer support via live chat or by sending an email to support@fbs.com We will be happy to help!

FBS   31 July, 2020

At times forex newbies get lost facing myriads of offers from various brokers, with only prime and positive information and prognoses bunched up on their sites. How to choose a broker that won't snatch all your hope away? Communicating with more experienced currency traders and reading reviews about forex brokers will help you gain insight into the subject and to understand how much trust this or that broker deserves.

FBS section is dedicated to the comments and reviews of the traders who either currently trade with this broker, or have had such an experience in the past, or are about to open a trading account with the broker soon.

Positive estimates about the broker do not give an absolute guarantee of successful trading with them; at the same time, negative statements do not necessarily mean that you are to remain in discontent after you become their client.

Each trader eventually has to make an individual decision, whereas other clients' reviews just help to get an overall picture. Judgments on FBS can be favorable or opposed to the company, they comprise various issues related to trading operations or customer services; only the authors of these reviews are responsible for what they write about and in which manner they do it.

It has to be clearly understood that comments and reviews reflect only the subjective opinions of their authors. However, in any case forex beginners should pay proper attention to the views and evaluations of their 'cunning fellows' and to be very careful in choosing a broker.

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