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FXOpen Information and Review FXOpen
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Regulation FCA, ASIC, The Financial Commission
Trading software MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, WebTrader
Headquartered 80 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5BJ, United Kingdom

At the heart of FXOpen UK's offerings are its ECN or STP accounts, which operate under the globally acknowledged ECN model. This model serves as a gateway for traders, ushering them into the vast realm of the Interbank market. Here, a myriad of liquidity providers—ranging from renowned banks, reputable funds, to individual traders - act as the counterparty to your trade. A salient feature of FXOpen UK is its hands-off approach; there's no interference, no intervening dealing desk, and a complete absence of requotes. The beauty of ECN accounts lies in its versatility, catering to a plethora of trading styles, thanks to its prompt execution and deep-seated liquidity.

For those who thrive on scalping, high-frequency maneuvers, or the marvel of automated trading, the ECN model's Market Execution is a boon. This implies that while orders find their fulfillment in the interbank market, the executed price might vary from the initial requested price.

The egalitarian ethos of the ECN ensures that every participant stands on an equal pedestal, irrespective of their capital prowess. The fluid dynamics of the ECN permits everyone to wear dual hats—as liquidity providers and beneficiaries. This dual role ensures that every transaction is governed by fairness, transparency, and unwavering integrity. Bolstered by groundbreaking technology, FXOpen ECN amalgamates liquidity from diverse FOREX market players, enabling clients to execute substantial volume orders seamlessly and efficiently.

Top Reasons to Chart Your Trading Journey with FXOpen UK:

  • Trust and Assurance: As an entity governed by the FCA in the UK, FXOpen UK champions client security. All client assets are meticulously segregated in UK bank accounts, with a safety net of up to £85,000 under the aegis of the FSCS.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Embodying the true spirit of ECN/STP brokerage, FXOpen UK operates without any hidden motives, ensuring a harmonious trading environment.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Relish low-cost trading experiences with razor-thin spreads from 0.0 pips and commission starting at a mere $1.50 per lot.
  • Execution Prowess: Experience instantaneous trade execution, courtesy of an extensive network of liquidity providers.
  • Diverse Trading Strategies: From high-frequency trading, expert advisors (EA's) to scalping, every trading style finds a home at FXOpen UK.
  • Expansive Market Reach: Explore over 600 markets ranging from global FX, Indices, to CFDs on their user-friendly trading platforms.
  • All-Encompassing Trading Accounts: Join the league of global traders with FXOpen UK, a trailblazer in offering enticing trading conditions, impeccable order execution, and avant-garde technological solutions.

Your Trusted ECN Broker: Dive into the vast expanse of financial instruments, from forex, indices, shares, to commodities and cryptocurrencies. Experience competitive spreads, low commissions, and the safety net of negative balance protection. With round-the-clock trading across 50+ FX markets, FXOpen UK stands out as your quintessential ECN broker.

Safety, Security, and Assurance with FXOpen UK:

  • Regulated Credentials: Nestled in London, FXOpen UK is stringently regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • Impenetrable Security: FXOpen UK places paramount importance on client security, with assets being segregated and housed at esteemed banks like Barclays Bank Plc and Lloyds Bank Plc.
  • Unwavering Protection: Regardless of your nationality, FXOpen UK ensures every retail client's funds are shielded up to £85,000 under the FSCS umbrella.

Our Distinctive Edge:

  • In-depth liquidity coupled with spreads from 0.0 pips.
  • Competitive low commissions.
  • Cutting-edge ECN technology.
  • Versatile trading platforms: MT4, MT5, or TickTrader.
  • Accessible entry with low minimum deposits.
  • Leverage magnified up to 1:500 (for adept clients).
  • A plethora of swift and dependable payment gateways.
  • Stay updated with the latest market news, expert analyses, and a comprehensive Forex calendar.

Distinguishing Features of Trading with FXOpen: A Closer Look

Competitive Costing Structure:

  • Optimal Spreads & Commissions: Experience unparalleled trading with remarkably low spreads starting from 0.0 pips, complemented by nominal commissions, ensuring cost-effective trading for all our clients.
  • Amplified Liquidity: Dive into the world of trading with profound liquidity, making market entries and exits smoother and more efficient.
  • State-of-the-Art ECN Infrastructure: Forefront ECN Technology: Our advanced ECN technology paves the way for efficient, real-time pricing and order execution, ensuring traders get the best conditions at any given time.
  • Unrestricted Trading Accessibility: Universal Trading Platforms: Choose from an array of platforms, including the MT4, MT5, TickTrader, and TradingView, giving you the flexibility to trade anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Financial Flexibility:

  • Accessible Entry Point: Begin your trading journey with a minimal deposit, as low as £300, $300, or €300, making market access achievable for all types of investors.
  • Enhanced Leverage Options: Offering leverages up to an impressive 1:500, especially curated for our professional clientele, to magnify potential returns.

Diverse Payment Ecosystem

  • Broad Payment Solutions: Benefit from an extensive assortment of swift, secure, and dependable payment options, tailored to suit varied financial preferences.
  • Our Core Business Strategy: All trading accounts under the FXOpen umbrella adhere strictly to the ECN or STP models. These models act as bridges, connecting traders directly to the Interbank market, where they engage with prominent liquidity providers—be it established banks, prominent funds, or individual traders. What sets FXOpen apart is its non-interventionist approach. We pride ourselves on the absence of a dealing desk, ensuring that traders never face requotes.

The suitability of ECN accounts is undeniable, encompassing a wide range of trading styles, all thanks to its rapid execution speed and in-depth liquidity provisions. This model becomes indispensable for traders specializing in scalping, high-frequency trading, or those leveraging automated trading systems. Adhering to the principle of Market Execution, FXOpen guarantees that while orders are fulfilled in the Interbank market, the final execution price may exhibit minor deviations from the initially requested price.

The Essence of True ECN

At FXOpen, we champion the democratic spirit of trading. Every member associated with our ECN stands on an equal footing, regardless of their capital size or trading experience. The ECN ecosystem allows every participant to play dual roles, both as liquidity contributors and beneficiaries. This dual-capacity ensures that every transaction is anchored in principles of fairness, transparency, and utmost integrity.

Our distinctive business approach, harmonized with the innovative technology driving FXOpen's ECN, aggregates liquidity from a diverse set of participants in the forex market. This strategic alignment enables FXOpen clients to effortlessly and swiftly execute sizable volume orders, all while enjoying a constricted spread in a buoyant liquidity landscape.

The Essence of Trading Platforms

Embarking on a financial trading journey necessitates the selection of an apt platform—one that complements your trading style, strategy, and financial goals. At FXOpen, we understand the nuances of trading and are committed to furnishing traders with platforms that stand out, not just for their sophistication but also for their user-centric features and technical prowess. We've meticulously designed our offerings to cater to a diverse range of trading preferences, whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice taking their first steps.

Decoding the Best Platform for You: A Comparative Insight

Navigating the world of trading platforms can be daunting. That's why we've streamlined the process, offering an array of platforms each with its own unique strengths:

  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4): A titan in the trading world, MT4's reputation is built on its user-friendly interface, a plethora of features, and its compatibility with automated trading strategies. It's predominantly recognized for forex trading but seamlessly integrates other asset classes.
  • MetaTrader 5 (MT5): MT5 extends the functionalities of its predecessor, positioning itself as a versatile multi-asset platform. Whether you're keen on trading forex, commodities, stocks, indices, bonds, or delving into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, MT5 ensures you're well-equipped.
  • TickTrader: A testament to FXOpen's dedication to innovation, TickTrader is our bespoke, state-of-the-art trading platform. Conceived by our in-house experts, it promises unmatched execution speed, an expansive feature set, and capabilities tailored for both novices and professionals.
  • TradingView: An amalgamation of advanced charting tools and a vibrant trading community, TradingView transcends being just a platform. Its compatibility across devices—desktops, browsers, iOS, and Android—ensures you're connected, informed, and ready to trade, wherever you are.

Our latest collaboration integrates the charting prowess of TradingView with the technological backbone of TickTrader, elevating your trading experience. Delve into our comparison table to discern which platform resonates with your trading aspirations and style, ensuring you always wield the helm of your financial voyage.

Why Choose FXOpen's Platforms?

  • Power and Precision: Each platform boasts features that empower traders to execute strategies with finesse.
  • Security First: We prioritize the safeguarding of your financial data, ensuring a secure trading environment across platforms.
  • Accessibility Redefined: Embrace the freedom to trade from any corner of the globe, thanks to our platforms' compatibility across multiple devices.

Remember, in the realm of trading, the right platform can be a game-changer. Let FXOpen guide you in making that pivotal choice.

The Pinnacle of Virtual Environments: Virtual Private Server (VPS)

In the vast digital landscape, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) stands out as a beacon of power and reliability. Think of it as a cutting-edge virtual computer that eclipses the capabilities of a traditional home PC. Especially in the world of Forex trading, where consistency and uninterrupted operations are paramount, a VPS offers an environment tailored for traders. This digital sanctuary ensures their strategies flourish continuously without any hiccups.

VPS Specifications:

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 40 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Operating System: Windows OS 2012

Why FXOpen’s VPS Elevates Your Trading Experience:

  • Universal Accessibility: Seamlessly access your MT4 platform, no matter where your travels take you, using any computer.
  • Consistent 24/7 Trading: Sleep easy knowing your trading algorithms persistently operate—unaffected by computer shutdowns, power outages, or internet disruptions.
  • Lightning-fast Latency: Experience the speed of light with our low latency, ensuring rapid order execution—vital for high-frequency traders.
  • Fortified Security: Shield yourself with enhanced security features, keeping viruses and cyber threats at bay—far more resilient than typical home PCs.
  • Complimentary for FXOpen UK’s Elite Clients: VPS is on the house for those trading more than 100 lots (10,000,000 notional) monthly. However, falling short attracts a $30 fee.

Kickstart Your VPS Journey:

  • Ascertain your trading volumes hit the stipulated benchmark.
  • Familiarize and concur with the terms and conditions outlined below.
  • Fill out the dedicated VPS application form.
  • Upon verification, you'll be greeted with a detailed email, ushering you into the VPS world.

VPS Hosting Terms

Upon launching your eWallet with FXOpen UK and ensuring its verification and funding, you are eligible to request our premium VPS. Should you decide to halt the VPS hosting, shoot a request to support@fxopen.co.uk before the current month's 28th day. Your service will cease from the subsequent month's start. Remember, three months of inactivity on your trading account might automatically terminate your VPS hosting service.

It's essential to understand that our VPS services are facilitated by an external entity. Consequently, FXOpen UK and associates are not liable for any inaccuracies, errors, or complications stemming from VPS usage. Any damages, losses, or repercussions from utilizing the VPS services lie solely on the user, absolving FXOpen UK and its partners of any accountability.

Given that the service is third-party, it's paramount for you to scrutinize their VPS hosting terms. Grasp the inherent risks and conditions before embarking on this journey. For a comprehensive view, FXOpen UK can provide these terms upon request. The terms detailed here are an intrinsic part of the broader agreement with FXOpen UK. It’s worth noting that these can undergo changes solely at FXOpen UK's discretion. FXOpen UK maintains the prerogative to refuse or terminate the VPS hosting service, especially in scenarios of fraudulent undertakings or breaches of conditions. This decision lies unequivocally with FXOpen UK, without necessitating any explanation. Before embarking, ensure you've thoroughly perused these terms and the VPS service provider's conditions. Clicking 'ACCEPT' signifies your adherence and agreement to the stipulated guidelines.

Delve into the World of FIX API Trading

Elevate your trading experience with the seamless integration of FIX 4.4 API, a revolutionary gateway to open, vibrant, and efficient trading. When you tether directly to FXOpen's ECN, you're immersing yourself in a world of unparalleled speed and execution. This nexus promises not just speed but also the lowest commissions, making your trading endeavors all the more profitable.

Whether you're exploring the realms of forex, indices, commodities, shares, or even the volatile landscape of cryptocurrency CFDs, FIX Protocol is your go-to advanced trading tool. However, it is essential to possess sound API knowledge to fully harness its potential.

For those elite traders with account balances soaring above $25,000, FIX API trading becomes a tangible reality. And if you identify as a Professional Client, you can leverage your trades up to a maximum of 1:100.

Diverse Markets Await Your Mastery:

  • Forex: Dive into the global currency exchange. With FXOpen by your side, an ECN broker, you can engage in over 50 FX markets, enjoying the rush from Sunday night straight through to Friday's close. Our extensive network with significant banks and liquidity providers ensures you're always getting the best prices, punctuated by spreads as low as 0.0 pips.
  • Indices: Venture into global indices. Trade without the burden of commissions, benefiting from tight spreads and contract sizes tailored to fit traders of all stripes.
  • Commodities: Delve into the crucial energy and metals markets. With spreads that don't stretch your pockets and the trust of an FCA-regulated ECN broker, you're ensured swift executions and profound liquidity.
  • Shares: America, the land of industry giants like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google, beckons. By affiliating with FXOpen, you're not just opening a trading account; you're unlocking the potential to trade CFDs of these mammoth corporations and many more.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Embrace the future of finance without the strings of ownership. With FXOpen, you can trade in over 40 cryptocurrency CFD markets around the clock, always assured of narrow spreads and vast liquidity.

With FXOpen, the world of trading is not just about transactions; it's about experiencing the pulse of the global economy, being at the forefront of market shifts, and maximizing every opportunity that comes your way.

The World of Forex Trading with FXOpen

Venture into the dynamic realm of Forex trading with FXOpen, a trusted authority that allows you to tap into over 50 forex markets, ensuring seamless transactions 24/7 from Sunday evening to Friday night. Embarking on the forex trading journey, you'll delve into the essence of foreign exchange, often referred to as FX trading. At its core, this process is the art of converting one currency into another. With the globe as its playground, this market witnesses individuals, institutions, and giants of the banking world maneuvering trillions of dollars daily. For the seasoned traders, it's not just about transactions, but a riveting arena where their prowess, acumen, and resilience are put to the test.

The FXOpen Advantage in Forex Trading

  • Unified Trading Experience: Enjoy the versatility of one platform where you can navigate through commodities, indices, forex, shares, and cryptocurrency CFDs with ease.
  • Trust in Authenticity: Embrace trading with a genuine ECN broker that has already won the confidence of over a million traders worldwide.
  • Tailored Trading Environment: Modify the platform to align with your distinct trading styles and strategies, putting you at the helm of your trading voyage.
  • Automated Trading: Access an array of scripts and expert advisors or design bespoke indicators and scripts, mirroring your unique trading strategies.
  • Universal Access: Whether you're on your desktop, mobile or prefer a web-based approach, the FXOpen suite adapts to your preferred mode, ensuring uninterrupted trading.
  • Analytical Excellence: Harness the power of over 50 built-in tools for technical analysis, a comprehensive history center, strategy testers, and real-time news to sharpen your trading acumen.

Delving into Index Trading with FXOpen

When you trade indices, you're speculating on the collective performance of multiple stocks rather than an individual entity. This offers a liquid market and extended trading durations. These indices, many with rich histories, represent significant sectors or economies on the global stage. An index encapsulates the cumulative performance of a group of stocks from a specific exchange, offering traders a panoramic view of the market, which might remain elusive when focusing on individual company shares. Through index CFDs, you speculate on index performances without holding the physical asset, enabling broader market access without juggling multiple positions.

Tracing its lineage to times predating contemporary financial markets, commodity trading revolves around trading assets pegged to the value of tangible commodities, primarily metals and energy. This is a realm of tantalizing risks and rewards, demanding specialized knowledge.

Deciphering Commodity Trading Methods

Traders often leverage futures exchanges, forging agreements to transact assets at pre-agreed prices at future dates. Come expiration, the buyer fulfills the agreed price. Market fluctuations in the interim determine profits or losses. Another avenue is investing in commodity-linked businesses. Here, traders gamble not just on commodity values, but also company performances. Multiple factors influence commodity prices, from global events to company health.

Categories within the Commodity Market

  • Metals: Dive into trading precious metals like gold, silver, copper, and platinum, valued both for their utility and investment potential.
  • Agriculture: Revisit the roots of trading with staples like corn, sugar, and wheat.
  • Energy: Navigate the volatile terrain of energy commodities like crude oil and natural gas, influenced by global politics, technological advancements, and more.
  • Livestock: Delve into trading livestock, a sector sensitive to economic shifts, climatic events, health outbreaks, and changing consumer preferences.

Risks and Rewards in Commodity Trading

Every market has its challenges, and commodities are no exception. Prior research and analysis are paramount. The commodity landscape demands not only keen acumen but also a willingness to face potentially high risks for equally high rewards. Empower yourself to buy or sell CFDs of globally renowned companies, all through FXOpen's intuitive platform. Whether you're nestled at home or on the move, the world of share trading is at your fingertips. Sign up now and transform the way you trade.

Embarking on the stock market journey through CFDs has become the preferred method for savvy traders seeking dynamic interaction with equity markets.

At FXOpen, our cutting-edge stock trading platform unlocks doors to many prestigious listed corporations. Offering a plethora of stocks, it's time to immerse yourself in share trading, hone your skills, and craft an impressive portfolio.

Benefits of Trading Share CFDs at FXOpen:

  • Leverage Your Trades: Enjoy the advantage of trading share CFDs with an impressive leverage of up to 1:5.
  • Versatility at Its Best: Beyond stocks, FXOpen introduces you to a multifaceted world, from forex and commodities to indices and cryptocurrency* CFDs, all under one integrated platform.
  • Trade with Assurance: As an esteemed broker, we proudly operate under the stringent regulations of the UK's Financial Conduct Authority. Rest easy knowing your funds are secured up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
  • Direct Chart-Based Trades: Elevate your trading experience with a plethora of manual equity trading methods. Execute market, limit, or stop orders, complemented by advanced features like trailing stops and instant trade functionalities.
  • Step into Automated Trading: Tailor your journey by utilizing pre-established scripts and expert advisors or fashion your distinct scripts, all centered around your exclusive trading blueprint.
  • Empower Your Decisions: Equipped with over 50 innovative indicators and tools, our platform furnishes comprehensive technical insights, historical data, strategy evaluations, and timely news updates.

Delving Deeper into Share Trading

Purchasing shares online grants you a stake in a chosen company, symbolizing a fraction of its ownership. For traders, this represents a dual opportunity – reaping profits from the company's progress and the broader economic landscape. With FXOpen, indulge in derivative-based trading, speculating on prospective share values without ever owning the actual stock. This unique approach lets you maximize profits from stock value fluctuations while leveraging your trades with minimal capital.

Experience ETF Trading with FXOpen: Discover the exciting universe of ETF trading, and access a broad spectrum of markets and sectors through CFDs.

Premier ETF Trading with FXOpen: Dive into ETF trading, which enables you to speculate on the performance of a collective of shares rather than isolated assets. ETFs, known for instant trade capabilities, offer an economical route to acquire diversified insights into specific sectors or regions.

Advantages of Trading ETFs at FXOpen:

  • Leveraged ETF Trades: Engage in ETF CFD trading with an attractive leverage of up to 1:5.
  • Regulated Trading Environment: As a UK-based entity, ensure the utmost protection of your funds up to £85,000, safeguarded by the FSCS.
  • Tailored Trading Interface: Navigate through a suite of over 1,200 advanced tools and a user-friendly interface, adaptable to your trading inclinations.
  • Expansive ETF Trading Alternatives: Harness the power of various order types, complete with detailed settings to enhance your trading strategy.
  • Swift Trade Execution: Stay ahead in fast-paced markets with one/double-click trading functionalities.
  • Level 2 Pricing Insights: Delve into deeper market insights with up to 50 levels and visualize your limit orders within the order book.

ETFs Unraveled

 An ETF is essentially a collection of assets, such as stocks, commodities, or currencies, curated around a specific theme or index. They seamlessly merge the vast diversification of mutual funds with the agility of stock trading. Commencing in 1993 with the SPDR S&P 500 ETF to track the S&P 500 Index, today, the ETF landscape has grown immensely, with FXOpen's TickTrader offering access to a diverse range of 33 ETFs.

An ETF is birthed by a fund provider who possesses an assortment of underlying assets. This fund shadows its performance, selling ETF shares to eager investors. This model ensures that while you own a share of the ETF, you don’t possess the individual assets within. With FXOpen's ETF trading, your exposure to an ETF is channeled through a CFD, ensuring you never directly own the ETF.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): A Comprehensive Overview of Advantages and Challenges

The financial landscape offers a plethora of investment vehicles, and among them, ETF trading has garnered significant attention and popularity. ETFs, while presenting multiple opportunities, are not without their challenges. Here's a more in-depth look into the pros and cons of ETF trading.

Advantages of ETF Trading:

  • Diverse Exposure: An ETF offers the unique advantage of diversifying exposure across various stocks, industries, and sectors, all through a single investment avenue.
  • Risk Management: Investing in an assortment of assets via an ETF can mitigate the volatility associated with individual assets.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The majority of ETFs are passively managed, translating to reduced operational costs for investors compared to other investment tools.
  • Liquidity: ETFs, particularly when traded on sophisticated platforms like TickTrader, allow for seamless buying and selling throughout trading hours.

Challenges of ETF Trading:

  • Market Volatility: Investing in ETFs doesn't make one immune to market risks. The underlying index or assets of an ETF can depreciate, further amplified when trading with leverage, such as the 1.5 leverage offered by FXOpen.
  • Elevated Costs of Active Management: ETFs that are actively managed necessitate more extensive research and monitoring, leading to higher expense ratios.
  • Trading Volume Variability: The ease of trading an ETF is heavily influenced by its trading volume. ETFs with lower trading volumes may be less liquid.
  • Limited Control: Investors don't have direct control over individual holdings within an ETF or decisions related to rebalancing.

Steps to Successful ETF CFD Trading with FXOpen:

  • Account Setup: Kickstart your ETF trading journey by registering for an FXOpen account. A user-friendly online form and identity verification make the process seamless.
  • ETF Research: Dive into comprehensive research using TickTrader’s advanced tools. Assess variables like expense ratios, historical performance, trading volume, and more.
  • Executing Trades: ETF trading mirrors stock trading in many ways. Decide on the quantity, and opt for the appropriate order type – be it market, limit, or stop.
  • Strategy Refinement: Periodically review ETF performance to ensure alignment with your broader portfolio objectives and trading strategy.

Cryptocurrency Trading Deep Dive

The world of cryptocurrencies offers a dynamic alternative to traditional trading. With FXOpen, you're positioned at the forefront of this financial evolution.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency CFD Trading with FXOpen:

  • Optimal Leverage: FXOpen allows for cryptocurrency CFD trading with a leverage of up to 1:2.
  • Versatility: Beyond cryptocurrencies, FXOpen’s robust platform caters to diverse trading needs, including forex, indices, commodities, and shares.
  • Unparalleled Security: FXOpen, being fully authorized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, ensures your investments are safeguarded.
  • Innovative Trading Tools: From placing varied order types to automated trading scripts, FXOpen offers state-of-the-art functionalities.
  • Empowered Decision Making: A suite of over 50 built-in indicators and tools ensures you're always making informed trading decisions.

Understanding Cryptocurrency Trading

While traditional trading has been dominated by forex markets, the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin presents lucrative opportunities. Cryptocurrency CFD trading allows investors to speculate on price shifts without holding the digital asset. Cryptocurrency CFD trading is similar to forex trading, where pairs dictate the trading dynamics. For instance, one might trade Bitcoin (BTC) against the Dollar (USD). As the cryptocurrency market remains highly volatile, trading CFDs allows investors to capitalize on price movements, both rises, and falls. An essential aspect to remember is that while trading CFDs provides exposure to cryptocurrency markets, it doesn't entail ownership of the underlying digital assets.

FXOpen Trading Information 2024

WWW https://www.fxopen.co.uk/
Address 80 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5BJ, United Kingdom
Headquarters 80 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5BJ, United Kingdom
Free phone +44 (0) 203 519 1224
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Trust management
Expert advisors
Free education
Bonuses, Promotions
Mobile trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type variable
Pip spread on majors 0.01-5
Maximum Leverage 500
STP, $ 300
ECN, $ 300
Standard account, $ 300
Popular payment methods Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, SEPA Transfer, China Union Pay, Neteller, Scrill, Perfect Money
Account currencies USD, AUD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, RUB, SGD, Gold, Bitcoin (mBTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash
Available assets Metals, Oil, Gas, Indexes, CFDs, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies
Languages English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Indonesia, Malay, Russian, Ukranian, French, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Thai, Chinese
Platforms MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, WebTrader
Broker type Broker, ECN, STP
Regulation FCA, ASIC, FC
Foundation 2003
Bitcoin Forex Brokers

FXOpen Traders' Reviews

Approximately half a decade ago, I embarked on my trading journey with FXOpen. Like many beginners, I started off by exploring the world of currency pairs, gradually immersing myself in the ebb and flow of the foreign exchange market. However, as the financial landscape evolved, so did my trading interests. I soon transitioned into trading cryptocurrencies, primarily because FXOpen presented the most competitive and conducive conditions for it. Given the shifting dynamics of the global economy and the increasing adoption of digital currencies, I firmly believe that delving into cryptocurrencies through FXOpen offers an enhanced layer of security. While scalping might not be the primary strategy I'd advocate for on this platform, I've found that FXOpen caters perfectly to medium-term trading objectives. To give you a tangible sense of its potential, just last month, I realized a profit of about $300. One of the standout features of FXOpen, which I think will particularly appeal to those who are new to the trading world, is its user-friendly interface. The platform's design and functionalities are intuitive, making the learning curve relatively smoother for novices. In essence, if you're considering diving into the world of trading, FXOpen provides a blend of reliability, optimal conditions, and ease of use, making it a commendable choice.
  31 Oct 2023  

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Venturing into the world of Forex trading can be a daunting experience, especially for a newcomer like me. However, finding the right broker can make a significant difference, and in my opinion, FXOpen fits that bill seamlessly. What stands out immediately about FXOpen is their vibrant array of contests. Not only do they keep the trading environment engaging, but they also offer traders, both seasoned and novices, ample opportunities to test their skills and strategies against others. It's a brilliant way to foster a competitive yet supportive community. A pivotal concern for many traders is transparency in financial transactions. With FXOpen, I've found that all transactions are laid out lucidly, devoid of any hidden charges or murky fee structures. In an industry where clarity is paramount, such transparency speaks volumes about the company's dedication to its clients. While it's true that occasional slippages occur, it's important to note that these slippages are a two-way street. They can swing either negatively or positively, indicating that FXOpen isn't manipulating the trades to its advantage. This unbiased nature solidifies my trust in them, reinforcing the notion of their commitment to fair play. My personal trading strategy leans towards the medium term. Not only have I found it to be the most comfortable timeframe for my trading style, but it also tends to yield consistent profitability. The support infrastructure provided by FXOpen complements this approach beautifully. Lastly, a special shoutout to the Traders Union for their instrumental role in spread compensation. The rebate they offer provides a fantastic avenue for traders like me to offset some of the trading commissions. In an industry where every penny counts, such initiatives are invaluable. In summary, as I navigate the vast ocean of Forex trading, having a reliable partner like FXOpen, coupled with the support from entities like the Traders Union, ensures that my journey is both enjoyable and rewarding.
  18 Oct 2023  

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One of the undeniable keystones for effective trading is a stable trading platform. To that end, FXOpen’s terminal has consistently stood out as a paragon of reliability. During volatile market conditions when every second counts, their platform remains unwavering, ensuring that my trading experience is seamless and uninterrupted. In the dynamic world of Forex, the precision of order execution can be the difference between profit and loss. With FXOpen, I've observed that orders are executed with a precision that is nothing short of commendable. This meticulous attention to detail underscores their commitment to providing top-tier service. My trading journey with FXOpen spans over three enriching years, and in that time, I've witnessed firsthand their dedication to evolving and adapting to the market's demands. A testament to this is my recent transition to an ECN account. The seamless process and the subsequent benefits I've reaped from this switch further accentuate the broker's client-centric approach. In terms of overall performance, I hold FXOpen in high regard. Their professional conduct and robust trading environment have made my journey with them largely positive. It is, however, worth noting that they do not offer an automatic withdrawal system for earnings. While some might perceive this as a drawback, I view it as a minor hiccup in an otherwise splendid service. The efficiency and security with which they handle withdrawals make the wait inconsequential. In the grand tapestry of Forex brokers, FXOpen has etched its place as a dependable and proficient entity. Their unwavering commitment to quality service, even in the face of minor shortcomings, ensures that traders, both seasoned and new, have a comfortable and productive trading experience.
  3 Oct 2023  

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I have been searching for a normal broker for a month according to several criteria. I've chosen FXOpen. Now it makes sense to keep funds in the account with several brokers. And not even in the bank, it is worth noting. Registered and replenished the deposit quickly. Well, then I decided to trade a little. I didn’t have to figure it out from scratch, the platform works fine. When choosing, I was guided by the ability to withdraw without a commission, I tried it, a couple of times I actually withdrew without a commission. The broker does not create difficulties with trading. It's up to you to decide which way to go. Beginners who trade here expect that the FXOpen broker will help in trading, and they seem to be really normal employees, but this is also an element of risk.
  19 Jun 2023  

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Far More than just an XM Trading Account - Client Benefits

All clients receive free and unlimited access to personal account managers, forex market research, daily forex webinars, video tutorials, forex trading signals, daily technical analysis, daily market outlook and 24/5 live customer support in over 30 languages.

I have been satisfied with the broker for six months now. I mainly trade currencies on the platform, but I also recently bought gold to diversify my portfolio. In a couple of months of trading, I withdrew more than 2k dollars of income, which I managed to earn on gold. The withdrawal of funds takes place without pitfalls, within 4 days I received my money. As for gold, now it fluctuates a lot in price.
  16 May 2023  

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FxOpen is a very strange office - they reject clients already at the registration stage. The first step is identification. The second step is address confirmation. The third step is a selfie through a video camera. If you have a desktop without a camera and no smartphone, you will not pass verification. In FxOpen, they simply declare documents invalid. Here is what they wrote to me: "... You need to indicate your full address in the text of the letter and attach a more recent identity card and a photo with it. Your rights were issued more than 15 years ago. We do not accept the national passport of the old sample of Ukraine, but you can upload a photo of an international passport or national ID card." This means that I have to risk my life (I'm 66, I'm at risk, any exit to the street can be fatal) either "lose" the license and retake for new ones, or refuse a valid paper passport and get an ID card, or get (I not required) passport. All three options require both repeated exits from the house with the risk of contracting COVID, and quite decent expenses. And all this I have to do just to be given the great honor of being allowed to trade with this broker. Looks like he's covered in honey. It is strange that the reviews of other brokers say otherwise. Or maybe something happened that I did not notice - two hundred brokerage houses were closed, only FxOpen remained?
  23 Mar 2021  

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I like to do my trading with the FxOpen Broker as the ECN spreads in this broker are very low and my trading is also giving me more profits now. It is always better to wait for the news before doing your trading so that you can get more profits.
  31 May 2020  

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why my withdraw is not process for last 2 days?
Mujiois   24 Feb 2022
I had an interest in trading a few years ago, but I could not dare to start in reality with real capital for a very long time, doubting that I would succeed. But then the interest won, and I decided to try it. I chose this company on the feedback forum. Now I am at the testing stage, because I constantly have new questions and difficulties. So far, the profit margins are small, but I think that everything is ahead. If there are any recommendations for a newcomer, I will be glad to hear.
  27 Apr 2020  

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Their mobile app is very user-friendly and I can trade anywhere with it. It's better than other brokers' app. No technical issue so far.
  22 Apr 2020  

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I'm a beginner with Forex trading and need support to operate all the time. So, for me, their chat online is very useful. It is slow sometimes, but at the end of the day I have some level of support for my operations. It is easy.
  21 Apr 2020  

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I have no experience in trading, but I have learned the basics and just recently I made a withdrawal and it came through to my bank account. Learn forex it's not easy but once you get to know the basics of trading I don't see why you should fail.
  20 Apr 2020  

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With FXOpen I finally understood what distinguishes the normal brokerage from a cheater. Now I understand that constant slippages on every stop loss is not normal. Now I know that slippages can really happen but only when the markets get wild, not on every trade. I also finally understood that regulations really matter. I think that FCA and other authorities really keep their eye on what broker is doing. I can't explain otherwise the fact that I always suspected my other broker in quotes manipulations and I've never had similar suspicions about FXOpen. Highly recommend the company!
  24 Mar 2020  

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I am trading with FXOpen for the last 4 years and am very happy with the broker. I recommend FXOpen to all novice traders because Forex trading is not easy, but this company has made it easy for me, something I really appreciate.
  17 Mar 2020  

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I don't think there can be a good broker with no regulator's supervision. Brokerage services bring lots of money to thier owners so there is no single reason why part of these money can't be spent to obtain all the necessary licenses and pay all the fees. I chose FXOpen because from the very beginning they've chosen to do a legitimate business complying with all the rules and regulatioons in evry country they do business at. I am completely sure that such honesty is 100% necessary for a reliable partner to have. Why would anyone think broker will avoid regulator and government but be honest with its clinet. Its rediculous. Surely they won't. My strategy woked for me. I'm completely satisfied with trading conditions at FXOpen and totally recommend every forex and CFD trader trying it.
  12 Mar 2020  

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The Top Forex Expert Advisors 2024: Performance, Strategy, and Reliability Review

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I have been trading with this company since March 2019. Already six times made small withdrawals. I like the terms of trade. Several times I contacted technical support for advice. The guys quickly told everything and answered questions. I like that broker has MT4 and MT5 platforms. There are no reasons to change the company. I will trade here further.
  12 Mar 2020  

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Company has many regulations to provide security for traders from all around the world. That doesn't affect your trading, you just have more security, so why not?
  10 Mar 2020  

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I also don't know why they so love regulations, I simply don't like regulators, as they work not for trader, but for themselves. However, regulations build up an image of broker and prove that broker is 100% reliable. Each national jurisdiction requires broker to have national regulation in case if brokerage wants to work there. As I know, FXOpen has 3 regulations - FCA, ASIC, The Financial Commission. I rechecked everything. I just went to the FXOpen website and it was info about all regulations with proofs, I intently checked everything and yes, all regulations are 100% real and can be found in the official sources.
  4 Feb 2020  

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Glad to hear executions are fine here. I've faced significant losses before due to slippage and transferring to the other brokerage I don't wanna face this experience ever again. See, impatience is not the only way to drain the deposit. If FXOpen has got fast executions, I'm ready to try as the company's history really builds up some trust!
  6 Jan 2020  

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The matter is that each country and it's government has own set of rules and requirements for brokers to perform thier operations on the territory of such a country. For this reason brokers often have to register with numerous regulators if they wanna go international but still comply with each country's individual requiremnts. So FCA is for working in the Great Britain, ASIC in Australia, Financial Commission is for European countries, etc. This is rather easy to see if the licenses are real. Simply check with the official regulator's lists. They can be easily found on regulators websites.
  10 Dec 2019  

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Thanks to all contributors on this forum for real comments on fxopen. It has played a crucial role in my decision to open account in FXopen. For 2 months of demo and 3 months of real trading I can make you sure that all said about this company is true. Many thanks to all of you.
  29 Mar 2017  

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