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IG Markets Review and Information 2023

IG Markets Information and Review IG Markets
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Regulation NFA, CFTC, ASIC, FSA
Trading software IG trading platform, MetaTrader 4
Headquartered Cannon Bridge House 25 Dowgate Hill London EC4R 2YA

Welcome aboard IG Markets, a premier online trading hub that grants you an unparalleled voyage into the vast waters of financial markets. We've crafted an ecosystem, where both the seasoned sailor and the budding mariner find the wind in their sails. Dive into the nuances of indices, forex, shares, and more, all through the intricate dance of CFDs.

IG Markets: Where Trust Meets Excellence

IG Markets: A Legacy of Mastery

Sailing since 1974, IG Markets has become the lighthouse for traders worldwide. A commitment to excellence, a vast sea of opportunities, and an unyielding focus on the trader's compass have solidified our place as a leader in the trading world. So whether you're just setting sail or have many voyages under your belt, IG Markets is where your trading journey finds its true north. Join us, and let's chart a course to uncharted financial territories together.

Set Sail with IG: Trading Highlights

Why IG is the Quintessential Trading Vessel

In the Crow's Nest: IG at a Glance

Trade Winds: Conditions at IG

How We Safeguard Your Investment

When you entrust IG with your funds as a retail client, we ensure it's safeguarded using multiple protective measures. Embark on your trading journey today. Reach out at +44 (20) 7633 5430 or email us to discuss opening your trading account. Our team is at your service 24/5.

Historical Trustworthiness

Key Safeguards

Your Funds with IG: Transparency and Trust

So, where does my money actually go? Different from conventional banks, investment entities such as IG have an obligation to distinctly separate client resources from their operational assets. This separation ensures your money is untouchable during our routine business operations and remains untouched should IG encounter financial troubles.

Our authorization by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) mandates this separation. BMA consistently ensures that firms under its supervision adhere to this principle.

How is my deposited money managed?

Your funds reside in segregated bank accounts through trustee arrangements. This framework ensures your funds remain distinctly yours, without any overlap with IG's finances. This also certifies it as client money, preventing IG or its creditors from asserting any claims or rights over it. We collaborate with renowned financial institutions, such as HSBC, distributing client funds across various banks to diversify risk. This strategy prevents us from pooling all funds in a single location.

At times, we might allocate funds in notice or term deposit accounts with terms up to 95 days. Such placements don’t interfere with your transactions or withdrawals. However, in the rare event of IG's insolvency, there might be a brief delay in accessing those specific funds.

And if IG undergoes liquidation?

Should such a situation arise, deposits with us, being held in a regulated trust, would be shielded by all legal protections typically associated with trust money. Likewise, any net unrealised profits in the running are maintained in trust, further ensuring protection for you as the rightful beneficiary.

Begin Your IG Experience

Our Commitment to Empowering Your Trading Success

Your prosperity in the trading realm aligns with our vision. Thus, from the very beginning, we are here to offer guidance, tools, and support, ensuring you confidently navigate the trading seas. Embark on your trading voyage today. Reach out at +44 (20) 7633 5430 or communicate via sales.en@ig.com to discuss initiating your trading account. Our dedicated team stands ready 24/5.

Legacy of Trust

Comprehensive Support Tailored for You

Individualized Care During the initial stages of your trading adventure with us, we ensure you're in safe hands. Our specialized team is available, providing personalized guidance to familiarize you with our diverse products.


Explore: Help and Support Centre

IG's Trading Forum: A Conglomeration of Minds Connect with the IG Community — a vibrant digital forum where our esteemed clients and staff come together.

Discover the thriving IG Community

Intuitive In-Platform Support Trading can be dynamic, and decisions need to be made swiftly. Our robust platform is designed to assist you:

Understanding IG’s Revenue Model

Our financial foundation is primarily anchored in spreads, supplemented by other specific fees. We earnestly believe in forging sustainable relationships with our traders and have therefore heavily invested in a plethora of tools and resources designed to empower your trading decisions.

IG’s Legacy and Footprint

Our Ethos and Principles

Demystifying IG's Revenue Streams Our primary revenue for leveraged products like CFD trading emerges from the spreads we introduce around the prevailing market rates. The incorporated costs for any trade are inherent in the buy (offer) and sell (bid) prices. Thus, one usually encounters a purchase price marginally above the market rate and a selling rate slightly beneath.

For instance, should the FTSE 100 hover at 6545.5 with a spread of one point, it may manifest an offer price of 6546 and a bid rate of 6545.

Additional Fees:

A detailed breakdown is available on our Charges Page.

Do We Profit from Client Losses? Absolutely not. Our ethos revolves around presenting individuals unparalleled avenues to explore global financial markets, in return for transparent transactional fees. Trading, by its nature, is challenging, and many speculative traders might experience losses. However, our revenue generation isn’t typically anchored in these losses.

Predominantly, our clientele’s positions counterbalance each other. In cases where there’s an overwhelming lean towards a single direction, we shield our risk exposure through hedging in the underlying markets.

Your Trading Arsenal

We prioritize offering a balanced blend of educational resources and personalized support:

Platform & Learning Features:

Other Noteworthy Offerings:

Why Choose IG?

Optimal Execution at IG

Crafted with precision and dedication, our execution mechanism is built upon a singular philosophy – to guarantee that your trades are executed precisely as you envision, consistently.

IG’s Legacy in Brief

Our Unwavering Pledge to Optimal Execution

As the global frontrunner in CFD provision, we deem it our duty to pioneer exemplary execution standards. Our commitment goes beyond mere words; we relentlessly pour investments into cutting-edge, swift, and intelligent execution infrastructures. Blueprint of Best Execution The accompanying diagram simplifies our order flow methodology for clarity. This flow pertains exclusively to OTC leveraged products in association with IG.

Our Pricing Paradigm

A competitive price paired with a tight spread is our promise. Through client feedback, we've gathered that optimal pricing stands paramount in the execution hierarchy. Our prices, therefore, are sourced from a variety of venues, undergoing regular scrutiny. As a leader in the CFD domain, our expansive reach ensures unparalleled liquidity, always at a premier price.

In the rapidly evolving market landscape where prices can shift within milliseconds, we've fortified our order management system to ensure it never fills at a rate inferior to your requested one. There might be instances, due to liquidity constraints, where an order might face rejection. However, such occurrences are rare; for instance, merely 0.24% of orders were rejected due to size (liquidity) during Apr-Jun 2022.

The Symmetrical Tolerance Framework

For limit and at-quote orders, we guarantee execution at your desired price (or a superior one). A predefined tolerance range is set around your specified price. If market fluctuations remain within this boundary by the time your order reaches us, it will be processed at your desired rate. However, if market dynamics steer the price beyond this boundary, one of two actions will ensue:

Such meticulous checks preserve price integrity, aligning it with the current rates available to our clientele. To illustrate, between April and June 2022, over 1,051,034 at-quote orders at IG saw price improvements. The positive slippage translated to almost £34m, equivalent to 4.2 million points.

Our trade volume and market stature facilitate us in offering consistent and profound liquidity. This robustness grants you a superior command over your trades. Especially for high-volume traders, IG ensures the likelihood of order fulfillment at the desired rate is heightened.

To evade potential order rejections, we designate a cap on the size we can automatically process. This is a precautionary measure to sidestep any execution lags, which could inadvertently affect your trading outcomes.

Elevate Your Trading Experience with IG's Premium Services

Understanding and serving your distinct requirements lies at the heart of our premium services. As an esteemed member of our premium clientele, you will embark on a tailored journey with IG, complemented by an unparalleled blend of personalized support, enriched market insights, and competitive pricing advantages. Beyond trading, a world filled with exclusive privileges is ready to unfold before you.

IG's Legacy At A Glance

Why Choose IG’s Premium Service? Experience unparalleled benefits, from superior rebates to insightful market perspectives, and a plethora of networking avenues – all tailored for the discerning trader.

Our Premium Offering Encompasses:

Distinguishing Premium From Standard Accounts So, what sets our premium services apart?

A Bespoke Universe of Perks with IG 

We hold in high regard and appreciate our invaluable clients. Our gratitude translates into an abundance of exclusive perks tailored for our premium members:

CFD Trading: A World of Opportunities Embrace the potential that lies within global market fluctuations. Choose to trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs) with the world-renowned leader in CFD trading. Curated for ambitious traders keen on leveraging both the surges and declines of the market.

Why Entrust Your CFD Trading to Us?

Vast Markets Await You

Dive deep into a universe brimming with trading opportunities, featuring:

Forex Trading The realm of foreign exchange, renowned for its dynamic nature, offers a plethora of prospects for the discerning trader. Embark on your Forex journey with our premier platforms.

Why Choose Forex Trading with IG?

Shares CFD Trading Distinguish yourself by trading CFDs on over 13,000 international shares. Experience an edge with extended trading hours.

Why Shares with IG?

Indices Trading With IG, dominate the indices market, capitalizing on over 80 global indices.

Why IG for Indices?

IG Markets Trading Information 2023

WWW https://www.ig.com/
Address Cannon Bridge House 25 Dowgate Hill London EC4R 2YA
Headquarters Cannon Bridge House 25 Dowgate Hill London EC4R 2YA
Free phone +44 (20) 7633 5430
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Expert advisors
Free education
Bonuses, Promotions
Trading by phone
Mobile trading
Copy trading
Automated trading
Daily analysis
Demo account
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 4
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Variable
Pip spread on majors 1-3
Maximum Leverage 500
STP, $
ECN, $
Standard account, $ 1
Mini account, $ 1
Popular payment methods Credit Card, Wire Transfer, ACH Transfer, Check
Account currencies
Available assets no
Languages English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, Portugese, Russian, French
Platforms IG trading platform, MetaTrader 4
Broker type Broker
Regulation NFA, CFTC, ASIC, FSA
Foundation 1995

IG Markets Reviews and Comments

IG Markets stands out as a notable and trustworthy broker in the world of financial trading. Their commitment to transparency is evident in their straightforward withdrawal process, granted you've completed the necessary verification steps. This fosters trust and ensures traders are getting a genuine experience. However, no platform is without its imperfections. There have been instances where I've observed slippage, and on a few rare occasions, the platform became unresponsive. Such technical glitches, though infrequent, can pose challenges for traders and warrant further refinement from IG's end. What truly elevates IG Markets in the brokerage sphere is its robust regulatory framework. Being overseen by European banks gives traders an added layer of confidence in the platform's integrity. This is not a feature to be overlooked, as it underscores their commitment to maintaining high standards in a volatile industry. The user experience on IG's trading platform is generally seamless. It boasts an optimized interface where orders are executed with impressive speed. This, coupled with their mostly efficient withdrawal system, makes for an overall satisfactory trading journey. Though there can be occasional hiccups in withdrawal times, it's worth noting that these are exceptions rather than the norm. In summary, while there's always room for improvement, IG Markets has undoubtedly cemented its position as a reliable broker. Based on my experiences, I am inclined to continue my trading journey with them and would recommend others to consider IG as a viable option for their trading needs.
  24 Oct 2023  
IG Markets has certainly earned my positive endorsement in the realm of trading platforms. My experience with them has been overwhelmingly favorable, and there are several key factors that stand out in this regard. Firstly, the technical support team at IG Markets deserves a commendable mention. Their approachability and professionalism were evident right from my initial interactions. Whether it was guidance on becoming a client, understanding the nuances of account opening, or the intricacies of money transfers, they were always ready to assist. What's more, they went the extra mile by providing me with invaluable training materials related to the platform. This commitment to customer education not only smoothed my onboarding process but also fortified my confidence in navigating the trading world. Secondly, the transparency in their transactions sets IG Markets apart from many of its counterparts. It's reassuring to know that there aren’t any hidden clauses or surprise fees lurking in the shadows. Their withdrawal process is particularly commendable. Despite the website indicating a longer timeframe for withdrawals, I was pleasantly surprised to receive my funds within a matter of days. While my experiences have been devoid of any issues with quote discrepancies, it's essential to acknowledge that no broker is immune to occasional hiccups. However, such occurrences have been few and far between based on my interactions and the general feedback from the trading community. One area where IG Markets seems to shine, based on my assessment, is in positional trading. Their conditions seem tailor-made for this trading style. However, it's worth mentioning that I've come across several reviews praising IG Markets for their suitability for scalping. The absence of execution delays certainly suggests that more active trading strategies could also find a home here. In conclusion, IG Markets has proven to be a reliable and user-friendly platform, catering to both newcomers and seasoned traders. Their commitment to transparency, exceptional customer support, and robust trading conditions make them a top contender in the brokerage space.
  12 Oct 2023  
IG Markets is a platform that I wholeheartedly endorse. Their reputation in the trading community is well-earned and is a testament to the quality they bring to the table. One of the standout features of IG Markets is its comprehensive offering. Their vast array of assets and tools is something that both novice and seasoned traders can appreciate. This extensive range ensures that traders have multiple avenues to explore, depending on their trading preferences and strategies. The platform's speed and efficiency are commendable. Throughout my year-long association with IG Markets, I've never encountered a situation where my trades experienced lags during the opening or closing process. This smooth operational experience instills a sense of reliability that's crucial in the fast-paced world of trading. Furthermore, the authenticity of the quotes provided by IG Markets is another feather in their cap. It's easy to cross-reference and verify their quotes, adding another layer of transparency to their operations. The emphasis IG Markets places on quality is evident in their seamless order processing and the vast range of instruments they offer. While I've come across various brokers in my trading journey, the absence of negative reviews specifically about IG Markets stands out. This speaks volumes about their commitment to delivering consistent and quality service. Having traded on their platform for a considerable duration, I can vouch for their trustworthiness. The withdrawal process has always been smooth and expedient, and on the rare occasions when I needed assistance, their technical support team has been both responsive and solution-oriented. From a trading perspective, I've explored their platform using five-minute charts and found the experience satisfactory. Admittedly, my returns haven't been exponential, but this could be attributed to my sporadic trading habits. I don't trade daily, and even on the days I do, my trading sessions seldom exceed a couple of hours. Thus, while my returns could be a reflection of my trading frequency, it's no indictment on the efficiency of IG Markets. In conclusion, IG Markets provides a robust and reliable platform for traders of all calibers. Whether you're a daily trader or someone who dabbles occasionally, the platform is equipped to cater to your needs. From my experience, I can confidently say that IG Markets is a worthy contender for anyone looking to delve into the world of trading.
  1 Oct 2023  
I've been trading with IG Markets for the past two years, and their quality of service is commendable. While I appreciate their fast execution and diverse assets, the withdrawal speed can sometimes take a tad longer than expected. However, the overall experience is satisfactory. IG Markets shines when it comes to customer support. Whenever I've had queries, their team is quick and knowledgeable. Feedback is taken seriously, and I’ve seen improvements implemented based on trader inputs. A very responsive and client-centric approach.
  23 Aug 2023  
Far More than just an XM Trading Account - Client Benefits

All clients receive free and unlimited access to personal account managers, forex market research, daily forex webinars, video tutorials, forex trading signals, daily technical analysis, daily market outlook and 24/5 live customer support in over 30 languages.

The range of trading tools IG provides is quite expansive, allowing for detailed analysis and informed decision-making. However, while their commissions and fees are transparent, they can be on the higher side for certain assets. It's a trade-off I’m willing to make for the quality of tools. One of the reasons I chose IG Markets is their stringent regulation by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. This gave me confidence in their reliability, and over the years, they’ve proved to be a trustworthy partner in my trading journey. I must commend IG on their order execution speed. In fast-moving markets, this can make all the difference. Their transparency in fee structures and spreads is also a breath of fresh air in an industry where hidden costs can be a concern. The analytical tools provided by IG are top-notch, allowing for both technical and fundamental analyses. Paired with the stability of their trading platform, it's a seamless experience. I've rarely faced any technical glitches, which speaks volumes about their infrastructure.
  9 Aug 2023  
I’ve recently joined IG's affiliate program, and the support I've received is substantial. The commission structure is competitive, and they provide resources to help promote their platform. It's a win-win for both parties. IG Markets offers a diverse range of over 18,000 markets, a factor that allows me to diversify my trading strategies. From forex to indices and shares, there's something for every kind of trader. Highly appreciated! IG Markets offers a diverse range of over 18,000 markets, a factor that allows me to diversify my trading strategies. From forex to indices and shares, there's something for every kind of trader. Highly appreciated! IG Markets offers a diverse range of over 18,000 markets, a factor that allows me to diversify my trading strategies. From forex to indices and shares, there's something for every kind of trader. Highly appreciated!
  28 Jul 2023  
A good broker service and software for forex. Been using their services for a year and I’ve got no complaints. All is working well. There are so many affordable trading instruments to choose from. Signals are effective and services are reliable. Tight spreads, too.
  6 Jul 2023  
I like IG Markets broker. I switched to it six months ago from another, also very popular broker. What sets IG Markets apart is the rates, just great rates for working with trading tools. Also, I can't say enough about the application and the web client for trading, they are very convenient. A distinctive feature: the ability to edit the placed orders, as well as the simultaneous placing of orders with take profit and stop loss, is very convenient. In general, I recommend the broker IG Markets to everyone. The broker has a choice not only among the tools for work, but you can choose a platform. I'm on MT4 for now. I decided to fill my hand on it for a start, since the support here quickly responds to requests.
  15 Jun 2023  
Their automated trading is great for the lazy or those who don't have time. There are enough brokers, enough strategies. For every taste and color as they say. I connected to a couple of brokers, I just sometimes watch how and what I repeat behind their actions. So far, everything is going in a positive direction. There are enough intelligent traders in IG Markets, there are also enough strategies to which you can connect. Strategies are both risky and not so. In general, there are plenty to choose from. And the commission that is paid to the broker does not bite.
  23 Apr 2023  
I have funded my account few years back with IG very easily. Since then I have changed my banking account. I have been trying to withdraw my funds for over a month now. I have verified my initial funds transfer and the new bank account by providing statements. I have been calling the Help Desk twice a week and sending multiple emails. As of today, IG has not released my funds. Lesson learned: don't judge a financial institution by how easy it is to transfer funds to them but by how quick they are to transfer your money back to you.
  3 Aug 2022  
IG pays for Pazien, a 3rd party record keeping cloud platform that negligently deposited my $1,000 withdrawal back onto IG but not into my IG account. Talk about scammy. No proof from IG that the $1,000 is missing of course because Pazien negligently failed to record the error. My bank statement serves as proof. My bank teller can serve as witness to IG's error however there is literally nothing I can do to get my missing $1,000 besides wasting my time and more money on a civil lawsuit. My time and energy is worth more than the $1,000 IG stole from me. So think twice before choosing this broker! I'm sticking with Oanda. Say what you'd like about their shitty cuatomer service, I've never had any issues withdrawing funds.
  16 Jun 2022  
The worst broker, end of story. If you want to make money forget this broker, if you value your money avoid this broker. First at the end of '20 when crypto started moving they stopped us from buying. Then there was the incident in early '21 when "certain" stocks were rallying and they stopped anyone from buying. Now lets get to spread-betting, when you're losing money or it's going sideways they're happy for you to trade on their platform and keep adding money, as soon as you start to become profitable they close your account and tell you they have to protect their clients wealth due to regulations. This is the case for many people, don't believe me? Try for yourself or save yourself time and go elsewhere. And don't bother trying to email them if they block you which they will if you win consistently, because it will be easier communicating with someone on Mars via pigeon post.

  2 Jun 2022  
IG froze my funds for several days. I will never use IG again. Be very careful.
  9 Nov 2021  
Don't drop money into IG, if you ever want it back! Before signing up to IG I read some reviews, noting concerns mentioned about how hard it is to get your money out of IG. Regrettably, I thought those folks were just a bit unlucky. Well, weeks and weeks later. And here I am still trying to get my money back from IG. Their business model is (more or less) to take your money. And keep onto it. It borders on criminal. They take your money (given in good faith) and in return they act in bad faith by using any and all tactics to keep your money as long as possible. So far they have: a) Blamed a mysterious intermediary who apparently manages credit card payments / refunds. The payment part is instant. The refund part doesn't happen. b) Delayed response times to emailed correspondence (normally about 24 hours). When they do respond they typically send an 'off the shelf' general response that doesn't address the actual problem. c) They do not allow email trails to develop, rather they respond on a new email to every one sent. As different operators respond, your original 'problem' has to be repeated over and over again. And it takes 24 hours on average to receive a response.d) 'Customer Service' is more in name rather than actual service. Wait times by phone are very long - that is to say around 15 minutes before the phone is even answered. Then another department needs to be contacted, but they are unresponsive. And so on and so forth. e) Days are becoming weeks and all the while IG benefits by holding onto your money, reaping the rewards of ready cash on hand, whilst the client is out of pocket and heavy on emails, phones calls and now, reviews. Next it'll be the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). Avoid IG.
  30 Mar 2021  
I have had a very similar experience. Have been trying to withdraw my funds for over a month now. Terrible.
Evgenia   3 Aug 2022
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Had some problems with their system hanging and closing out trades that didn't even have stops when I was trading the demo account. raised tickets but they wouldn't investigate beyond a cursory triage because they said the demo system was 'prone to this kind of thing happening but it's ok as the live system is specced up so that it would never happen', which is probably fair comment but it should've raised a red flag for me, I'm a systems engineer. Well 3 months into live trading and it's happened 3 times where the system hangs for almost 2 minutes and when it comes back your trades have been closed out. Once again, their investigation was cursory and suggestive of user error - Trading View and all other internet applications were up and running and there was no outage on my ISP and no other dropped packets according to wireshark. I cannot recommend using IG's platform at all, if you're going to trade with them make sure it's on MT4/5 as their bespoke platform has some fundamental serious issues in my opinion.
  29 Oct 2020  
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