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Safety comes first: 4 reasons to invest with a global broker

15 February 2024

Searching for viable supplementary sources of income, more and more people turn to the investment options that offer low entry costs and potential immediate gains, such as Forex and contracts for differences (CFD). However, to make a successful start on this journey, you will first have to choose a reliable financial platform. Here, we list four compelling arguments for choosing a globally recognized financial broker as a necessary stepping stone on your path to success.

Savings accounts and deposits are not enough

With dropping financial savings and rising costs of basic goods, many households currently face a challenging economic environment. In 2023, traditional saving options such as fixed and recurring deposits proved insufficient to outmatch the yearly inflation rate. This situation mostly affected the financial stability of those with lower to medium income, who spend a large part of their earnings on necessities. Tough economic conditions call for more energetic approaches to wealth management. In recent years, more and more people turn to investing as a proactive way to outpace inflation. One of the reasons for this is the growing popularity of digital financial services such as Octa, a time-proven financial platform with a wide scope of tradable assets and investment options, including Forex. Unlike many other investment choices, Forex offers reasonably fast returns, which is especially relevant to those investors who have neither a large starting capital on their hands nor the time to spare.

Forex trading is a viable option to outpace the inflation

Investing in the Forex market is one of the most popular paths to gaining consistent supplementary income. It provides a dynamic investing environment with diverse opportunities for making consistent profits and doesn’t involve the burden of high entry costs. You can mitigate the risks and hone your trading skills by creating a demo account. This approach will allow you to gain hands-on experience by trading with virtual funds for as long as you like without any danger of losing your real-life investment. When you get to know the ins and outs of the Forex market and start making consistent gains on your demo account, you can dive into real-life trading and apply your theoretical knowledge to practice.

In Forex trading there is only one factor — apart from your own skills and experience — that can affect your performance: the choice of a broker.

Picking a trustworthy, globally recognized financial broker would be a perfect start to your investment journey. Below are four reasons why choosing a Forex broker with global presence is the way to go for those adopting a proactive approach to wealth management and consistent financial gains.

Advanced security capabilities

The fear of losing their funds to fraud or unscrupulous financial practices is looming over many current and prospective traders alike. There is only one way to get rid of this fear once and for good: you have to find an experienced and trustworthy broker with a holistic approach to the security of user data and clients’ funds. This way, you will be able to fully rely on your broker and make investments without a shadow of a doubt in your mind.

A globally recognised and time-proven broker since 2011, Octa uses segregated user accounts to differentiate between its working capital and its client investments. By keeping its customers' funds in segregated accounts, the broker ensures that the clients' trading capital is not used for any purpose other than to meet the trading or margin requirements. Being exposed to international security standards and practices is instrumental for brokerage businesses in providing a safe trading experience to their customers. To ensure state-of-the-art anti-fraud protection, secure and fast withdrawal of funds, and compliance with the latest cybersecurity protocols, a financial platform needs to regularly update its knowledge bases, follow the latest recommendations from international institutions, and actively research the most recent industry-specific cases. Global brokers have a much easier access to these advantages. By keeping their know-your-customer practices and user verification protocols up to date, globally recognized brokers make sure that no money laundering or other illegitimate activities take place on their platforms, which is crucial in establishing a safe zone for a large and diverse community of traders and investors. 

Superior investing experience

Imagine a famous athlete who has gained an international renown by successfully playing in some of the best leagues on the planet. Such a player would be regarded as a highly desirable asset by any team because his diverse experience is matched only by his outstanding achievements. The same is true for financial brokers: the more international experience they have, the better. By adopting best international practices and adhering to international standards, they improve user experience to drive better customer satisfaction. Globally recognised brokers have the resources and incentives to invest in developing and implementing new technology. They can scale these solutions to drive efficient international operations and customise them to meet the specific needs of users in each region. With their extensive, well-rounded experience, globally recognized financial brokers boast quite a few advantages over their competitors, including cross-platform support of their applications, continuous improvement of user experience, and establishing the highest standards in customer service.

Higher liquidity

Brokers serve as intermediaries between financial institutions and retail investors, helping the latter get into the markets even with a modest amount of funds under their belt. Brokerage houses also provide leverage, an essential tool for those traders who are pressed for time and go after immediate profits. Given that, global presence and a variety of licences held by a broker in various regions allows it to connect with more liquidity providers, which means more trades, higher liquidity, and, as a result, better quotes for individual investors. By accessing multiple regional financial markets, brokers gain the opportunity to offer more instruments to their customers by engaging with a wider variety of financial institutions. In its turn, a broader range of assets offers a more diversified investing landscape for traders, enabling them to customise their portfolios according to their long-term financial goals, opening capital, and investing style.   To sum up, the wider the geographical reach, the better terms and a wider variety of tradable assets a broker can offer to its customers.

A wider range of features

Reputable brokers use their global expertise to offer a variety of information resources to their clients, help them make smarter decisions, and improve their trading by introducing additional features to financial platforms. Geographical reach plays an important role in broker’s’ ability to provide supplementary tools and educational materials to traders, since each region serves as a testing ground and yields invaluable data. The interchanging of ideas and practices between different regions also plays the role of a catalyst to develop proprietary tools and courses. For global brokers, the process of making their clients’ trading experience smoother is a natural consequence of their wide reach and exposure to various mindsets and specific regional features. Investing in the Forex market is a solid and comprehensible way to outpace the inflation and increase personal savings despite high inflation rates. People choose their Forex broker based on many factors, including their financial goals and personal preferences. Having said that, companies with global recognition and multiregional experience have an upper hand in comparison with others. International presence allows financial brokers to step up their security practices, improve user experience, and offer their clients better trading conditions.

Octa is an international broker that has been providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers commission-free access to financial markets and various services already utilised by clients from 180 countries who have opened more than 42 million trading accounts. Free educational webinars, articles, and analytical tools they provide help clients reach their investment goals. The company is involved in a comprehensive network of charitable and humanitarian initiatives, including the improvement of educational infrastructure and short-notice relief projects supporting local communities. Octa has also won more than 60 awards since its foundation, including the  ‘Best FX Broker India 2022’ award and the ‘Most Reliable Broker Asia 2023’ award from World Finance and Global Forex Awards, respectively.


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Malaysian traders to access the dynamically evolving Octa trading ecosystem
Malaysian traders to access the dynamically evolving Octa trading ecosystem

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18 Apr 2024

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