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Perceptrader AI – Forex Expert Advisor

How the Artificial Intelligence revolution is changing the world as we know it? If you've been keeping an eye on the latest trends, you've probably noticed that Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. From finance to healthcare, from transportation to entertainment, AI is changing the game for everyone. At every corner, there's a new AI-powered tool or platform that promises to deliver unprecedented levels of success. With record levels of investment, it's clear that the world is betting on AI as the key to unlock new frontiers

In 2022, the AI industry hit an all-time high, with the ChatGPT chatbot gaining over a million users in just five days (a feat that took Instagram and Spotify 75 and 150 days, respectively)

But despite the recent explosion in popularity, AI's roots stretch back decades. The breakthrough in deep learning in 2012 was a pivotal moment, leading many companies to invest heavily in AI research and development. Fast-forward to today, and AI has evolved, becoming widespread in a range of consumer products and services, including algorithmic trading software, with remarkable improvements in results. It's a similar adoption pattern to what we saw with mobile phones in the 2010s

Why the interest in AI-powered algorithmic trading has gone to the moon

And why it is no surprise that since AI started going viral, traders have been searching twice as more for “AI EAs” rather than “GOLD EAs” or “SCALPER EAs”. Or why the first page of the MQL5 marketplace is now dominated by Artificial Intelligence-related Expert Advisors. 
And there are countless YouTube videos on using Artificial Intelligence for Forex, stocks, and crypto trading, racking up hundreds of thousands of views in just a few weeks

How you can unlock the power of AI and become a better trader

If you want to take your trading results to the next level, you need to leverage Artificial Intelligence technology. Through machine learning, Expert Advisors are now able to go rapidly through massive amounts of market data, find correlated patterns, and apply mathematical analysis to predict where prices are heading. 

Not only that, but also EAs can operate on artificial neural networks (ANN), which allows them to rely on training data to learn and improve their accuracy over time, based on past asset prices, trading volumes, and different technical indicators, making them an extremely powerful tool for financial trading

That’s why I spent thousands of hours researching, testing, and optimizing cutting-edge AI technologies, to apply them to my proven algorithms and long-term trading strategies, creating in consequence the ultimate AI-powered Expert Advisor, that will forever change your trading results: Perceptrader AI

  • Machine Learning. Employ deep-learning techniques to detect patterns in market behaviors and use that to make accurate decisions
  • Perceptron Technology. Train a Perceptron network (binary classifier algorithm), to learn to look for high-potential trades by filtering low-potential ones
  • Neural Networks. Allow artificial neurons to learn from and process market data in a way that mimics the function of human brain cells.
  • Price Prediction Models. Study past currency rates, trading volume, and current market trends to anticipate future prices.
  • Mathematical Computing. Utilize mathematical models and algorithms to analyze market data, identify trends, and develop data-driven trading strategies.
  • Big Data. Efficiently process vast amounts of historical data to uncover hidden patterns and trends that can inform trading decisions.

What all this means for you

All these AI-related fancy words sound amazing, and while the technological advancements are real, some dishonest players are using them to take advantage of innocent traders, who do not want to be left out of the latest trend. What really matters is how they can help you achieve better trading results. With Perceptrader AI, you will be able to leverage the power of industry-leading Artificial Intelligence technology because:

  • You'll profit from the latest AI-powered trading techniques
  • You'll trade with cutting-edge deep-learning algorithms
  • You'll teach a neural network to sort data quickly and effectively
  • You'll make smart decisions based on accurate price predictions
  • You'll use powerful math and complex calculations to guide your trading
  • You'll study past market data to improve future trades.
  • And it'll all happen automatically, 24/7, without you lifting a finger

How you will leverage ChatGPT & Bard to improve your results

With Perceptrader AI you can take advantage of ChatGPT & Google's Bard, having the possibility to receive weekly market forecasts from these language models and filter trades according to them:

  • Configure your ChatGPT or Bard forecast settings in your EA parameters
  • Choose a currency pair and ask ChatGPT or Bard to give you a market forecast for the week
  • Get a market forecast and avoid placing trades with dangerous market conditions

Is this "take over the earth" Artificial Intelligence? No

In all of my years as an Expert Advisor developer, I’ve never seen so much hype for one specific type of technology, as artificial intelligence applied to trading bots is having right now

  • Yes, it is possible to empower EAs with AI technology
  • Yes, it is possible actually to use these EAs to trade Forex profitably

But, please, don't be misled

While it's true that EAs can be improved with AI technology and used for profitable Forex trading, machines with human-level intelligence, like the robots from The Matrix, don't exist yet. Be cautious when promised a 100% win-rate, AI-powered money-making machine. It's unlikely and could result in losing your investment in 90 days or less

How can you make sure this is the best AI-powered EA?

During my +13 years as an algorithmic trading developer and financial markets trader, I created several trading strategies which, based on the verified track records and hundreds of 5-star reviews, are among the most proven in the industry. Including Waka Waka, the “record-breaking EA”, which at this moment has been 62 consecutive months in profit, achieving an account gain of +6900%, becoming famous in the Expert Advisors niche.

I’ve been studying the AI-powered EAs providing the top performances for the last months, arriving to solid conclusions about their behaviors, applying principles and rules from Waka's trading logic and strategy, and mixing all that with the latest Artificial Intelligence technology advancements, in order to create Perceptrader AI

When it comes to proof, Waka Wakais undeniably unmatched

You can spend a hundreds hours searching through the Internet for any Expert Advisor that has been as many months in profit as Waka Waka, has such an account growth on a verified live accounts, and you will not be able to find anything. That's because this EA:

  • Was designed to exploit market inefficiencies
  • Uses real market mechanics to make profit
  • Optimized to achieve stable profits on the long-run
  • Do to not take my word

Here is what the experts have to say

Since Waka Waka started gaining a lot of attention in the Expert Advisor niche, many experts in the field made exhaustive reviews, analyzing the EA with as much detail as it is possible. Even though their opinions are reviews are different, they all share the same objective:

Worried about the increasingly volatile markets?

As you know, 2022 has been a really crazy year for the financial markets. We've recently seen some really unusual market movements which caused certain trading systems, particularly ones using grid on certain pairs to lose a lot of money. 
That's why Perceptrader AI was designed to not only survive the worst markets but to even make you profit from them

This is where risk management settings come into play

Perceptrader AI Expert Advisor comes with different built-in risk settings for any risk appetite. Ranging from low to significant risk, you will be able to configure your EA in a way that you always maintain control over your invested capital. Logically, the higher the risk, the higher the potential rewards. That being said, you do not need to worry about your account blowing up, ever again.

Perceptrader AI EA Rating 9.72
Yield per annum 10%
Max drawdown per annum 21.96%
Developer Valeriia Mishchenko
Created, year 2023
Price $1980
Class long-term
Type grid
Lot size not less than 1000 units per 0.1 of a standard lot
Deposit $100
Leverage 500
Timeframes M15
Strategies own strategy
Indicators own indicators
Recommended brokers FxGlory, Kiexo, LBLV
Trading tool/currency pairs EURGBP, EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY
Automatic account type
Multiple usage
Mini deposits
Max risk limitation
Several one-way series
Auto start lot
Fixed stop loss
Fixed takeprofit
Automatic lapse expansions

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