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Mega Trader FX Review and Information 2024

Mega Trader FX Information and Review Mega Trader FX
Voting Rating Mega Trader FX does not participate in the Forex Rating
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Status Closed
Regulation CySEC
Trading software Meta Trader 4
Headquartered 12 Richard & Verengaria St, Araouzos Castle Court, 3rd Floor, 3042 Limassol, Cyprus

Mega Trader FX offers an online Forex trading service through the award winning MetaTrader 4 platform. With supportive trading conditions, combined with the Mega Trader FX service excellence, traders can maximize their profit on the forex market. Mega Trader FX clients can trade micro, standard, and executive forex accounts, with tight spreads and best execution policies. Scalping, hedging and expert advsiors are supported. Swap-free islamic accounts are also provided upon request.

Mega Trader FX customers enjoy the financial services of a respectable and regulated broker.  We insist on the highest standards so that our customers can be sure that they are trading through reliable and professional liquidity providers under strict official regulations.  Our Forex broker is subject to rigorous compliance terms which dictate how they handle client funds, secure financial transactions and mandate peridical financial reporting under national and international law.

Mega Trader FX brokerage services are provided by Trading Point of Financial Instruments Limited, an investment firm regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under License Number 120/10.  Trading Point of Financial Instruments Limited is operating under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and authorized to operate in all European countries and in most other Jusrisdictions worldwide on a cross-border basis.

Mega Trader FX provides 24/5 professional online support. Our Account Service Managers are ready to answer all of the questions you may have about our company and the services we provide. Please go through our Frequently Asked Questions before you contact our support team, as many of the most common responses to questions dealing with different aspects of Company work can be found there. If, after reading this, you still have questions, please use any of the listed methods to contact us.

MTFX Advantage

  • Best Execution Policy. No Re-Quotes, Mega Trader FX takes all necessary steps to obtain the best possible results for our clients when executing their trading orders. All orders are executed automatically without any dealer intervention.
  • No Commission & No Hidden Fees. Mega Trader FX does not charge any commissions or other hidden fees on your trades.
  • Low Spreads. Spreads as low as 1 pip in all major Currencies.
  • Fractional Pricing. 5 decimal points (3 for pairs where JPY is the counter currency) on currency pairs for tighter spreads and more accurate quoting.
  • Hedging Capability. Clients can open positions in the same instrument in opposite directions, without the positions offsetting and without using additional margin. Clients have complete control over whether they close or hedge their positions to reduce risk.
  • Flexible Leverage. Mega Trader FX offers you leverage up to 1:500 for maximum flexibility in your forex trading.
  • Integrated Live News Feed and Market Analysis. Streaming real time market news and market commentary
  • Multiple Account Types. Micro, Standard and Executive account types are offered to suit your level of forex trading. No minimum deposit for Micro accounts.
  • Over 70 tradable currency pairs and precious metals. Trade more than 70 currency instruments and CFD’s including Gold, Oil and stock indices from a single trading account.
  • Safety of Funds. Client funds are maintained in client accounts with European Banks. This means that client money is held separately from company funds and cannot be used by Mega Trader FX except for client dealing purposes.
  • No negative Balances – Limited Risk. With Mega Trader FX your risk is only limited to the funds you have deposited. Our unique, automatic margin liquidation policy eliminates concerns about debit balances by guaranteeing that you will never owe more than what you have in your account.
  • European Union Based. No capital gains tax on foreign exchange profits.
  • Free Unlimited Forex Demo Accounts. Open a Free $100,000 Demo Account for a risk-free forex trading experience with Mega Trader FX .
  • Interest Free/Swap Free Islamic Accounts. No additional charges, No service fees.
  • Phone Dealing. 24 hour online trading and phone dealing from Sunday to Friday.
  • Personalized Customer Service. Mega Trader FX offers 24 hour technical and dealing support through online Live Chat, Telephone and e-mail. Each client receives personal attention from an Account Manager.  The dealing room services are also offered to you by our professional dealers.
  • One-to-one Live Training. Your personal Account Manager will guide you in your first trading steps to help you get acquainted with our trading platforms and answer all your questions.
  • Multiple Deposit Options – Fast Withdrawals. Credit cards, PayPal and Bank wire. You can start trading, regardless of banking work days or hours. You can deposit or withdraw profits anytime day or night.

Mega Trader FX Trading Information 2024

WWW https://www.megatraderforex.com/
Address 12 Richard & Verengaria St, Araouzos Castle Court, 3rd Floor, 3042 Limassol, Cyprus
Headquarters 12 Richard & Verengaria St, Araouzos Castle Court, 3rd Floor, 3042 Limassol, Cyprus
Free phone +357 25029900
24 hour support
Partnership programs
Free education
1st deposit bonus
Mobile trading
24/5 trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 5
Minimum position size 0.01
Spread Type Variable
Pip spread on majors 1-3
Maximum Leverage 500
Standard account, $ 100
Mini account, $ 1
Popular payment methods Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Moneybookers, Neteller
Account currencies EUR, USD
Available assets Forex, Gold, Shares, Indices, Futures, Commodities
Languages English
Platforms Meta Trader 4
Broker type Broker
Regulation CySEC
Foundation 2000

Mega Trader FX Traders' Reviews

Good day to all! I lost $600 with Mega Trader FX broker because of the spread. During the release of news, it increases to 20pp. this was 1 month ago. And today, calmly, without news at 00-05 terminal time, the spread increased to 30pp. And 600 dollars was blown away by the wind. There was no news, as they explained to me in technical support in the first case. I traded the euroaud pair. Be careful. Money is taken away. I had read about them before, but I didn't believe until I lost $600 myself.
  12 Jun 2023  

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This Megafx is a fraudulent scamming platform. Stay away! They asked me to deposit 3500 then want you to pay another 2000 for reflecting fees into your bank account. After waiting for withdrawals, then some account manager contacts you with an exhorbitant profit over 100k and ask that you pay another 15k to have deposits into your personal account. All the time changing accounts to deposit into. Banks advised to report, case for fraud and investigatation, accounts will be frozen, and hopefully funds reversals. Trying to help struggling people apparently! Stay far away!
  10 May 2023  

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I think I also got scam. They ask me to deposit $40 and in return it will be around $500. And now my account is 100% completed and I am asking for my withdrawal. Richard is asking me for another $200 for a company currency exchange fee for me to get my widrawal. What you guys think?
  20 Jan 2023  

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Definitely a scam. I used my saved cryptocurrency’s to deposit and join via the website as instructed by their agent Keisha (obvious clickbait I found). After the initial transactions my account on the site showed significant amount available for withdrawal. I wanted my initial sign-up fee of 200$ and keep the rest in the account for future uses. But I couldn’t get it or anything else I asked for. What I got was solicited for more funds up to and including 3000 to withdraw what they said I had available for me. Never saw a dime of any of it. They wouldn't even refund what I had sent them minus the initial fee to join.
  17 Apr 2022  

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The Impact of EAs on Forex Trading: A Double-Edged Sword

By enabling continuous, algorithm-based trading, EAs contribute to the efficiency of the Forex market. They can instantly react to market movements and news events, providing liquidity and stabilizing currency prices through their high-volume trading activities.

Name of my trader is Stephanie, I deposited $1000.00, she got to $10,000 and told me I had to withdraw the whole thing, but pay her 30% commission up front to get my money, I did it, she said I will get my money in 2 hours. A day later she comes back saying I have to pay taxes, I did, another $2000.00, and again I was going to get my money on two hours, a day later she is telling me to pay $300,00 for a wire transfer. I have not done so, I smell a scam. I have tried to contact the company to no avail.

  4 Oct 2020  

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Did they ask you for your bank user name so that they can connect it to your account too?
Hope   4 Jul 2021
Why didn’t I find these reviews this morning. I started out with $500 and my account balance went up to 17600. Then was told I need to upgrade my account for $2900. Did that now. They want $1650 for my pin to withdraw my funds.
Monica   28 Oct 2021
I deposited $2,300 in to a megafxtrader account 4 weeks ago, and my trader worked on it for 1 week, and got the amount up to $9,855, and said sense it's my first time that I have to withdrawal all of it. and she told me I could pay her 20% after I received my money. well I went through the process to withdrawal the $9,855 and about 3 days later I get an email from megafxtrader, saying I have to pay the 20% trader commission up front, so I did I paid $2,000 and then a day later they told me I had to pay an 18.6% tax on the full withdrawal. So I did I paid $1,850 which now that's $6,150 I have invested into this process to get the $9,855. a difference of $3,705 and I was also told that rite after I paid these I would get my withdrawal immediately and this was all taken care of 2 weeks ago. and I still am sitting here with no withdrawal and I can't get the trader to contact me but like every 3 days or so and the administrators won't communicate and tell me anything for. those of you that praised megafxtrader please help me figure out who to contact to get this resolved.
  23 Sep 2020  

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What was the name of your trader? I am near in the same situation.
Louis Thibert   25 Sep 2020
It's the same with me but I started with $500 and saw a bigger picture and wound up depositing a total of $4000. tried to withdraw money and was told the same thing, that I had to pay the 20% commission out of pocket. I still haven't done it and now after reading your input, don't have faith that I'd get my money back. Anyone else having these same issues? Has anyone been able to get their money at all?? I was not told that this is the way it would work.
guest   26 Sep 2020
The same thing happens to me. Did u get your money though? Or some other information what to do?
Jeetin   14 Feb 2021
I am in the same situation. My only difference is that I told them if I need to pay all those amounts upfront including taxes and transfer. They can keep the money. My investment was $2600 + $3500 for Signal and in 7 days my profit was $51000.00 then I receive an email that I need to pay $12,100 upfront to get the profits. I don't feel countable to wiring that money, if this is really right why they don't take all the expenses, taxes, and wires from the profit. Make sense. Also, we can reinvest and continue working with the company. This is more like a pyramid scam. Is my thought.
Luz   22 Jul 2021
I think this a dirty company. I lost $6200 and I told Brandi (broker) why I have to pay $12,100 just to have my profits. Now they want me to give $2000 and they can help me to get some money back. What's wrong with this picture? Are we nuts and desperately? It is true that they were promising very great profits but at what cost. I asked for my investment money back ($2600) and keep the $3500 signal software for themselves as well the profit. I learned my lesson. I do not give one more penny.
Luz   23 Jul 2021
Just after I opened an account in Megatradefx, I found out that it is blacklisted by Financial Conduct Authority and I decided to close my account. Another reason was it has 100% negative review. And then my so called account manager tells me to deposit 3 times my original deposit to get my refund. He said it's a company policy and if I didn't do it I won't get my refund. I did a gamble and deposited and then he disappeared. After a while, this *** calls me back and says to deposit more money. Although my deposit is in Megatradefx live account, I can't withdraw. I'm 200% sure now this company is a fraud.
  15 Apr 2019  

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You'll lose all your bonuses if you can't trade. Broker offers everything for trading. I have profitable strategy by using simple MA crossing. Most of the time my positions are closed by TP. Profits factor is 1.76 and even this simple strategy works well with Mega Trader. It's a good broker not only for getting bonuses but for real trading conditions too!
  5 Sep 2016  

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Don't believe this company and what they say. Broker has to provide liquidity and execution is supposed to be fast. But there is no liquidity providers probably. It takes too long to find an opposite side for my orders. In most cases I don't get that price, that I want to execute my order. It's not a big deal if you trade with market maker, but if you choose company because it offers deep liquidity and finally get much worse prices than any market maker does...Just commercial and nothing else…
  1 Sep 2016  

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I make more money on bonuses from deposits than by trading forex through the broker. 20% on first and 10% on each next deposit. Just trade required volumes, try not to make losses and you will make money. Of course, I don't recommend this way of trading. But if you earn not knowing how to trade, you will make much more as a savvy trader just using bonus system of Mega Trader.
  2 Aug 2016  

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I can truly recommend MegaTrader. Low spreads, quick exsecution and no min deposit. plus some generous bonuses.
  11 Jan 2012  

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