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I highly recommend Just2trade, especially for those who are still in the process of becoming professionals in the financial markets. This broker provides an extensive educational platform, including practical training sessions conducted by their experts. The educational material on their website is not just suitable for beginners but also beneficial for traders at various levels of experience. I personally opened a real account nearly a year ago, and I continue to enhance my trading strategy by utilizing the valuable information available in the training section. Due to my limited time for active trading, I opted to connect to a manager's PAMM account. What sets Just2trade apart is its vibrant community of traders, each with their own service offerings and track records. As someone who prefers a more conservative approach to trading, I was pleased to find a manager with a strategy that aligns with my moderate risk tolerance. This flexibility in choosing a manager based on their trading style and risk level is a significant advantage of investing through Just2trade.
  21 Sep 2023  
I came across Just2Trade based on a recommendation from an online forum, and I must say, it's been quite an impressive find. Not many brokers offer such an extensive range of financial instruments, making it a standout choice for traders looking for variety in their investments. Currently, I'm utilizing a standard account on the MT4 platform with them. One of the aspects that truly stands out is the execution speed, which is notably fast. In comparison to my previous experiences with other brokers, Just2Trade's withdrawal process is not only efficient but also impressively swift. This timely and hassle-free fund withdrawal process adds to the overall positive experience. I must give special recognition to their education portal. The resources available here are incredibly valuable, offering traders like me the opportunity to enhance our knowledge and skills. It's a commendable effort on their part to empower their clients with educational tools. Additionally, the proactive approach of the managers at Just2Trade deserves praise. I received calls and emails from them on the very day I registered. This level of engagement and support is highly appreciated, as it demonstrates their commitment to providing excellent service and assistance. These guys certainly aim to set the bar high in terms of customer satisfaction and support.
  20 Sep 2023  
Having worked with several brokers over the years, my experience with Just2Trade stands out. Their regulatory framework, being overseen by the NFA, CySEC, FINRA, and the Bank of Russia, adds a significant layer of trust. Knowing they've been in operation since 1994 only adds to their credibility. As someone who prefers a diversified investment strategy, Just2Trade's offering of over 128,000 tradable instruments is impressive. From stocks to cryptos, they offer a comprehensive suite that caters to various investment appetites. Direct market access and instant execution are critical for my trading strategy. Just2Trade delivers on both fronts. Their low commissions and high liquidity ensure that I can execute trades efficiently without undue cost implications. While their trading platform is intuitive, there have been a few instances where I've needed clarification or support. Just2Trade's 24/7 customer service is commendable, with a genuinely individualized approach that I appreciate. The availability of both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms makes trading seamless. Having a web version for quick checks and a dedicated software for in-depth trading provides flexibility, essential for modern traders. One area where many brokers falter is the speed of fund withdrawal. My experience with Just2Trade has been positive in this regard, with intraday withdrawals proving particularly useful. The professional analytical assistance is a game-changer. Their high-quality research encompasses a broad spectrum of financial markets, ensuring I'm always informed before making a trading decision. Just2Trade's institutional services offer an array of cooperation opportunities. Their Open API provision, which allows integration with third-party trading programs, is a notable feature for those looking to tailor their trading experience. The tiered account structure caters to both novices and professionals. The Forex Demo Account was invaluable when I was starting, allowing me to understand market dynamics without financial risk. As I gained more experience, transitioning to their MT5 Global account was seamless. The protection measures, like the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) in the US and Cyprus' Investors Compensation Fund, are reassuring. Additionally, being an EU authorized broker, the stringent oversight ensures transparency in all their operations. In conclusion, while no broker is perfect, Just2Trade strikes a commendable balance between service quality, asset diversity, and reliability. It's been a positive experience trading with them thus far.
  6 Sep 2023  
In my trading journey, the service quality at Just2Trade has been notably exceptional. Their online portal is user-friendly and offers quick access to essential tools. Additionally, their headquarters in Limassol ensures they are at the heart of financial hubs, adding credibility to their operations. Withdrawing funds from Just2Trade is relatively seamless. Offering various popular payment methods like bank transfer, Skrill, Webmoney, and more ensures flexibility. I've particularly found the bank card option quite convenient, allowing for swift transactions. Their provision for 24-hour support indicates a commitment to client satisfaction. My interactions with their customer service, reachable at phone, have been positive with prompt feedback. Just2Trade's array of platforms, including MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and their Web Platform, offers traders options to suit their trading styles. Personally, the MetaTrader5 on iOS has been robust, with no significant glitches, ensuring my trading is uninterrupted. The variable spread type, with pip spread on majors ranging between 0.1-1, provides competitive rates. I appreciate the transparency in their fee structure, ensuring no unexpected charges. The trust I place in Just2Trade is bolstered by their extensive regulatory oversight, including CySEC, NFA, and FINRA. Additionally, being under SIPC gives an added layer of confidence in their operations. With a leverage of up to 500, order execution is swift. The STP and ECN accounts also offer flexibility in trading approaches, with a minimum deposit of $200 for ECN, ensuring accessibility to many traders. Their clear delineation of account types, the associated benefits, and even the number of digits after the dot in quotes (5 in this case) showcases transparency. It enables traders like me to make informed decisions. Just2Trade's daily analysis tools have been invaluable in my trading decisions. Furthermore, the variety of available assets, including fx, crypto, and CFDs, allows for a diversified investment strategy. While I've not personally dived deep into their partnership programs, their offerings, from the details, seem comprehensive. Also, the multilingual support, including languages like Russian, Spanish, and Malay, ensures broader accessibility. To sum it up, my experience with Just2Trade has been overall positive. The blend of robust trading platforms, diverse assets, and dedicated support makes them stand out in the crowded forex broker space.
  3 Sep 2023  
Just2Trade is a quick start on the trading market with a minimum entry threshold of $100. Verification of the account without any pitfalls.
  27 Aug 2023  
Forex at Just2Trade is a wide range of trading instruments. Quotations of positions are more profitable than competitors.Reliability of the broker is checked many times.
  25 Aug 2023  
The range of analysis tools available is commendable. Whether it's fundamental analysis or technical indicators, Just2Trade provides a comprehensive suite for traders. The stability of their platform is generally good. However, during instances of high market volatility, I've experienced slight lags. Their partnership program is attractive, with reasonable commissions for referrals. Lastly, the array of tradable assets is diverse, giving traders ample opportunities to diversify their portfolio. While no broker is perfect, Just2Trade offers a balanced package for both novice and seasoned traders. Their strengths lie in order execution, a range of trading tools, and a swift withdrawal process. However, potential traders should always conduct their research and due diligence before committing.
  21 Aug 2023  
For the most part, Just2Trade is reliable. I've been trading with them for a while, and downtimes have been rare. But like all platforms, occasional glitches do occur. Being regulated gives me peace of mind. Knowing that Just2Trade adheres to strict financial standards set by regulatory bodies ensures transparency and trustworthiness. The broker excels here. My orders have always been executed promptly, and slippage has been minimal. This quick execution is crucial in the fast-paced world of forex trading.
  20 Aug 2023  
Their customer support is a mixed bag. While they are generally responsive and courteous, I've had a few instances where I had to wait longer than expected for a resolution. Nonetheless, they are open to feedback and often act on it. I am quite impressed with the range of trading tools available. The integration of advanced charting and technical analysis tools does provide an edge for seasoned traders. Their commission structure is competitive. However, one should always be aware of the other miscellaneous fees that can add up. I suggest potential traders thoroughly go through their fee structure.
  19 Aug 2023  
During my time with Just2Trade, I found their service quality to be satisfactory. They do offer a seamless trading experience, but at times, the platform can become slightly sluggish during peak hours. Just2Trade has one of the faster withdrawal processes I've come across. While many brokers take days to process withdrawals, my requests were typically handled within 24-48 hours. This promptness is something I greatly value.
  18 Aug 2023  
Simple and easy to use the platform, trustworthy and skilled brokers, useful and practical strategies. I have been using their services for 6 months and will stay for sure. This is a good broker company and I am happy with my trading results. I am not getting good profit since I traded with them six months ago. I use my bank account to withdraw and deposit and got no trouble so far. One of the best brokers for forex. I often get positive slippage and never get a void or delayed trade when entering a market order. There are withdrawal delays, too. The services are beyond expectations. Excellent customer service, fast withdrawals, and accurate signals. Good terms, I can even place trades after trades with less fees.
  10 Aug 2023  
Just2Trade is a modern platform for exchange trading, as it has all the necessary tools for successful earning. The terminal works on any device. The closing speed of opening transactions is instantaneous, there is no slippage or blocking. Quotes for some financial instruments are average market ones. I would also like to mention the excellent customer support service. The support team is very professional and knowledgeable. After 15 months of trading at Just2Trade I haven't noticed any minuses.
  4 Aug 2023  
I am trying my hand at an IPO through the broker Just2Trade. They gave me a personal manager. The intermediary's services depend on the volume of stock purchases. So far everything is satisfactory.
  20 Jul 2023  
Excellent broker services. Majority, signals are highly accurate and timely. They also deliver up-to-date market news and a sound trading advise. I can trust this firm to handle my trades. Prior to trading, everything is explained clearly. They never fail to keep me informed of market conditions and opportunities. I get good profit, too.
  5 Jul 2023  
Although I am having trouble comprehending the platform, this broker has been patient with me. I've been taught all there is to know about the platform. I had a few trades and I get good profit out of it. Outstanding trading platform. It has so many features simplifying trade. Understanding the UI is easy. The general quality of the services is good.
  1 Jul 2023  
I continue to invest at Just2Trade. My first contract was for one year. Received the promised 35%. I think it's a good result.
  21 Jun 2023  
With Just2Trade I solved the problem of investing my accumulated funds. Since I myself do not understand much about market trading, I trusted the managers of this company. What I liked about it was that they only take commission on successful trades. The profitability of my portfolio is about 30% per annum, but the final amount will be clear at the end of the contract period. An individual investment package is the best solution to capitalize your income.
  20 Jun 2023  
Chose Just2Trade for direct access to the markets. Execution of transactions is lightning fast and with maximum liquidity.

  18 May 2023  
I am satisfied with the cooperation with Just2Trade broker. Everything is clear and well done. The MT5 trading terminal works like a clock, so there are no unpleasant surprises with freezing. Transactions work instantly.

  17 Apr 2023  
This is a modern forex broker with competent client support. Registration is simple with a minimum of documents and filling out forms. The account was opened the next day after all the data was entered. The MetaTrader terminal was downloaded to a Mac, following the detailed instructions on the site, successfully the first time). I also downloaded the app on my phone. I can say that the trading conditions are excellent. Money from the account comes quickly, without delay, but if it's a weekend, it's better to withdraw before them, of course. It is especially important for those who, like me, almost cover all their expenses with earnings from Forex. Earning pretty good here is actually real. I myself am living proof. Trading conditions loyal to clients. There is no feeling that the broker has wound up something in their favor.
  3 Apr 2023  
I am new to trading. I took my first steps uncertainly. Then I learned about Just2trade. It is easy to grow professionally here - the conditions are suitable.

  20 Mar 2023  
I can’t say anything bad about the Forex broker Just2Trade. I started working with them without really understanding trading, but with the help of a broker, I managed to reach a higher and higher quality level. I registered for a start on a demo account, practiced, and now I’m making good money and gaining momentum. There were no problems with the withdrawal, and the commissions here are not overestimated. So, I can recommend to pay attention.

  17 Mar 2023  
I had no special knowledge in trading, so I started my journey with social trading on Just2trade. The result was not long in coming.

  20 Feb 2023  
I have been cooperating with this organization for more than a year, and I will say this, trading with Just2trade is the most comfortable and profitable. Special thanks for direct access to global markets and high-speed infrastructure. This year I have made good money. At the moment, they continue to cooperate with the company.
  15 Feb 2023  
Just2Trade has great leverage and very tight spreads, which opens up great opportunities for earning. I managed to double my deposit in a couple of months.

  21 Jan 2023  
I can recommend the broker Just2Trade since I am its client myself. It offers loads of tools across its entire range of services and also gives the opportunity to trade with leverage.

  15 Jan 2023  
First of all, J2T is a regulated broker with a lot of opportunities and excellent conditions for earning money. I can’t say anything negative about the company. There are over 30,000 tools on stocks, leverage trading, and margin lending. Liquidity is high, commissions are minimal, and the attitude of the administration is excellent. It is clear that the broker values its reputation and is orientated towards long-term cooperation.

  19 Dec 2022  
I like the broker. It provides maximum support and excellent conditions for trading.
  16 Dec 2022  
Just2Trade is a trustworthy broker with whom you can make money trading. There are enough instruments, spreads are from 0 points, and payouts are seamless.
  24 Nov 2022  
Just2trade has the following: low commissions, instant transactions, high liquidity, and round-the-clock customer support.
  12 Nov 2022  

Just2Trade is an international brokerage company regulated by NFA, CySEC, FINRA and Bank of Russia. The EU authorised and regulated broker started its operation in 1994 and now offers 128.000 tradable instruments, including stocks, currencies, options, futures, CFDs, bonds,...

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