XM Reviews and Comments 2021

XM is a big scammer, I traded their R347 bonus and made R500 profit, yesterday I tried to withdraw it and today I just got an email telling me I have violated some rules.

Mpho   2 April, 2021  

I used XM. they have $5000 belonging to me, when I try to withdrawal they email yearling me I havn't meet the requirements. That my balance needs to be $10000 before I can withdraw. has anyone ever retrieved their money?

Lisa Amers   12 April, 2021

Absolutely a fraud broker. Stop losses don't work. I had put a stop loss and it slipped 20 pips past my stop loss 20 pips and had the money taken. You cannot win as they push you out of you positions.

CW   3 March, 2021  

That is normal in forex trading. It also happens when you set tp. With experience, you would know that it's not a fault.

Chikadibia   14 March, 2021

Xm is total fraud. They take all your money during trading and crash fake stock online markets until your account balance is negative. That happened to me, I lost 10000$ in 2 minutes. after my total stock balance is zero, market again go to original position in 2 minutes. highly recommended everyone to stay away from these cheaters and make complaints again them.

Tallal Ahmed Japan   23 February, 2021  

I worked with XM since last 3 years. Never faced such problem. Yes, you may have used maximum leverage to open trades and entered at a wrong time. There are timing slots, when even experts should avoid taking trade in market. And there are timings after which if you enter, you hardly book a loss, unless really do something very hardly.

Syed Razi Uddin Ahmad   25 February, 2021

Been doing forex trade for quite some time now with this trader. Easy withdrawal and if you made a good judgement on a transaction, the profit will be up for taking immediately. Good place for intermediate to advance trader, just wish if they can improve on their graph. A bit hard to read and predict.

Zahir   4 February, 2021  

I can't trust xm anymore. I deposited money and I made so much money but when i wanted to withdraw they said I have violated the rules. I don't recommend xm anymore amd they took all my money.

Halati maxwell   29 January, 2021  

I've been trading on XM and there trades lag whenever I have made profits that are half the money I used to fund my account. The lag is for a minute or two. By the time the lag ends i would be in the red- with a blown account. I'm shutting down XM. XM trades against you.

WH   28 January, 2021  

They took money without my permission send via BTC to another account that is not belong to me. Choose very carefully your broker, I do not recommend to use XM.

Faruk   24 December, 2020  

I made a withdrawal over a week ago and i still haven't received my money in my bank account. but The deposit takes a mater of few seconds to happen. i'm very unhappy with that i can't get money back now. called the bank and they said no money has been sent to my account from XM. stay away from this broker. it will end in tears.

Thabanag   24 November, 2020  

I wish I came to this review site before I started trading with with those scammers. I was trying to withdraw R1800 today and was told i violated rules. They use people to trade for them and steal their money when we try to make withdrawals.I wanna sue them or something. Why aren't we doing anything about this we all have the same complaints.

Mo   8 January, 2021

XM for me is a genuine broker. First they offer 30$ bonus and trust me this is the best in the industry since they have a very few conditions to meet for profit withdrawls. second, They dont charge any % for all deposits and withdrawals and moreover the withdrawal are very fast as compared to other brokers. They have a very huge options for CFD tradings. Overall, I have used XM for 5 years now and I am a very happy client. I also use FxPro and HotForex sometimes, they are also better.

Sanjog   24 November, 2020  

They will offer you a free $30 no deposit bonus and the account become profitable you will received an email that you violated rules without an explanation. If you asked their chat agent you ended up talking to a robot.

Jess   23 November, 2020  

Please read the T&S properly,

Sanjog   24 November, 2020

I got the bonus traded and made $61 profits then the moment I withdrew it I got an email that said I have viloted section b of the terms and conditions of the broker.

philani   29 November, 2020

I opened a standard account with xm and the spreads for currency pairs are way too high. then I opened an ultra low account still all I see is fixed spreads but when you review their services they say they offer tight spreads.

Kevin Rakuba   12 November, 2020  

I haven't recieved my withdrawal, it's been a whole week (7 days) now. XM isn't a trustworthy broker for real. The transaction says "approved" but there is no action that has been made. they're 100% scammers.

Siphiwe   30 October, 2020  

Siphiwe, did you finally get your money? Your response is crucial because I want to fund.

Forex Gump   15 November, 2020

I withdrew my money and xm decided to terminate my account and took all the profits I made now I have nothing on my platform. Xm is a broker you no longer have to trust.

Sarah   29 October, 2020  

I withdrew 2 times, I did not receive my money even today.

sithembiso   23 October, 2020  

Try withdrawal using the "local bank transfer" option, it's works for SAn bank accounts, you won't regret it.

Pieceofmind   23 November, 2020

XM closes my trades while I'm still making profits.

Pablo   19 October, 2020  

I have deposited my money in xm. But in trading sl and tp don't work. They guide to use lots from 0.10 and above no low that. Bad broker ever.

Max   16 October, 2020  

Xm didnt't allow me to place more than 2 oders. stop loss doesnt work, even take profit.

Western   7 October, 2020  

Xm closes my winning trades, bad broker, don't trust them.

Rafikie   2 October, 2020  

Xm automatically closes all your winning trades, but keeps your losing trades running. Run away from Xm.

Manolis   30 September, 2020  

Have been currently a xm client for a year now. I am disappointed. with xm I have blew my account for the 10th time but with my other broker I am making profits. when I ask them what's going they say they are not incontrol of the market. I have been losing since i used xm. it looks convinient but its nonsense broker. they manupulate the market. You dont make profit with xm. Can someone please help me report this, am fed up.

Angry client   29 September, 2020  

Where are you trading Angry client? Which other broker?

Imran   29 September, 2020

Bad broker ever. I have been waiting for my account validations for over 6 days now. but my deposits took less than 5 mins to proceed and again. their support team takes more than 24 hours to reply your complaint. do not use that broker!

Bless   23 August, 2020  

Never deposit while waiting to be validated you might be declined and you will never get your deposit.

Yamkela   23 September, 2020

XM is most fraud broker I ever seen. I deposited two times but they never add that money for trading. I contact them by mail but they denied that they got payment. My bank told me that payment transfer into their account successfully. I am very upset becouse of this fraud. Don't trust XM.

Deepak Sharma   29 July, 2020  

Well then you need to ask your bank for the code numbers for investigation and send it to XM to open a investigation that will take only a few days.

Filipe Pereira   1 August, 2020

Don't trust the XM. they will never add your money in account. I deposited two times but they denied. Transactions was successful and I sent them statement more than 5 times but they stole my money.

Deepak Sharma   29 July, 2020  

I've been using xm for years but I haven't encountered any problem with my deposit nor withdrawal.

Lyn   7 September, 2020

Same here! I've been doing the same thing now from half a week. They have no intention of refunding my $500.

Sachin   21 October, 2020

XM is not a good broker at all. just yesterday I tried to withdraw my profits from the $30 credit and they rejected it. then later sends an email advising that i have violated the terms and conditions of the bonus "Participation of Intermediaries/Related Parties" in the "No Deposit Trading Bonus Scheme" is prohibited. If the registration and/or trading data of a participant in the "No Deposit Trading Bonus Scheme" corresponds with the registration and/or trading information, including but not limited to the IP address, of another participant in the "No Deposit Trading Bonus Scheme", XM reserves the right to regard this matching as a reason for immediate disqualification. now why is this not mentioned while I'm busy trading? I have asked for proof of violation and nothing. I've never had a bad experience with brokers before. XM takes the cup.

Hloni   21 July, 2020  

Same thing happened with. I asked them attach proof of the violation that occurred. Cause I've never any information with anyone, how can they proof I did that. They should give proof of how they concluded I shared any kind of information. They keep sending me an automated email saying: Dear Valued Client, We thank you for choosing XM as your trusted broker. Regarding your concern, please have in mind that you received an email from us explaining the status of your account, and we kindly ask you to check that email and to have it in mind for further information. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Wishing you a great day and successful trading! This is all they've got say. None of my questions are answered. They are scammers of life this one. Do not trust this broker at all

Miss P   14 October, 2020

Many bad reviews are from ignorant lazy people. I've been with xm for 1.5 years and I prefer it. I withdraw into my bank in 2 days with no issues. I do what i want in my style and no issues. The only thing i dont like is that here in Indonesia a lot of forex websites are banned even if well regulated. Even with vpn sometimes takes a few tries to open website, makes you think the broker went down. XM is involved and legit. Be informed and stop whining.

Jo   16 July, 2020  

Don't think because you haven't experienced problems yet with xm and now other people's complaints are not legit. Stupid!

Baruch   7 October, 2020

People from different countries are treated in different ways there. May be that's why many are facing these problems.

Sachin   21 October, 2020

So how do i get my money from this broker. I placed a withdrawal request twice and deposited again just to prove I'm not a robot, yet its been 5 days now and no new notifications. My money was deducted and yet hasn't arrived in my wallet.

Tycoonb79   29 January, 2021

I don't know if this broker is a scam, I almost had open account in XM, but after reading lot reviews, a lot people complain about, actual this broker seem kinda popular and genuine trustwith, have a very good webpage and all, it seems 100% legit! if lot people feels scam by this broker, how comes it still legaly and operating after 10 year of existence, kinda strange in my opinion, but I still got my doubts and after reading lot complains about it, and decide not open an account in this broker!

Adrias   7 July, 2020  

I'm thinking of opening an account. XM should respond to all complaints and be transparent.

Gilbert   3 October, 2020

To those who claim to be happy with XM, why aren't you sharing your methods of withdrawing funds from trading accounts to bank accounts without having issues, which is the most mentioned issue here.

Disappointed trader   22 June, 2020  

The problem is not from the broker or the bank who didn't accept the withdrawal, but I Talk with them and I got it most of time they don't accept ot just like that from first time.

Ayman   3 November, 2020

Thanks for all the honest reviews, I was about to open an acct in XM, until I read all these bad reviews, I would suggest to report these to the Regulatory Authorities.

Guest   14 June, 2020  

I was recently scammed by XM. I am a first time Real Account Trader and XM was recommended if you want to start off risk free. Ive done my due dilligence but XM was 50/50. I tried withdrawing to my Skrill Account but i had complications with Skrill so i had to cancel. I tried to withdraw again and all my money was gone. I get an email saying things i literally dont understand. Dear Valued Client, We are contacting you with reference to your account(s) no. 57048994,4875388 (Your Account(s)) at XM Global Limited. The trading patterns in your Account(s) raise serious concerns regarding the credit bonuses we have granted to your Account(s), since these were used for cash-back arbitrage activities. Pursuant to the Terms and Conditions applicable to our credit bonuses, the following activities are qualified as follows: Any form of arbitrage trading. Bonuses claimed by multiple Accounts that were registered from the same IP address. Various practices of bonus manipulation. Breach of any points included in our bonus Terms and Conditions. Any fraudulent activities, disputes or situations that our Management considers as fraudulent. Accordingly, we regret to inform you that, in accordance with the terms and conditions, we have decided, with immediate effect to, (i) close your Account(s) with Trading Point, (ii) to nullify all trades carried out in your Account(s) with Trading Point, and (iii) to cancel any and all profits or losses garnered in your Account(s) with Trading Point. Please note that, in accordance with the terms and conditions, our decisions are final and binding on all participants and that, other than the notification set forth herein, there will be no further correspondence on this matter.

Collins Echefu   10 June, 2020  

when you make profit they will send you emails you won't even understand telling you that your trading raise some concern and they are closing your account and you won't even get your profit only initial money. I will not recommend this broker to anyone.

Guest   24 June, 2020

Thanks for the people giving comments based on their experience. I am looking for some honest broker, and its difficult to find one. Mostly I see all the brokers are cheating someway or another, eiher in spreads, or in charging, or in withdrawals and reluctant to give you back your hard earned money. Can any one suggest good honest broker here plz. Appreciate it.

Imran   29 September, 2020

Xm is one of the best brokers i know. i've been using them since 2015 and i'm a profitable trader. all brokers have stories but xm ena de less drama. i love you xm you made me who i am today.

linda   27 May, 2020  

I'm so disappointed on xm. I requested a withdrawal on 24/09/2020, it's been 2weeks I still have not received the money.

Sibu   7 October, 2020

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