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As an ardent trader, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing XM’s extensive services and features, which have left me both impressed and satisfied with the platform’s commitment to providing an unparalleled trading experience. Here’s a comprehensive review from my perspective as a customer. Order Execution: XM Broker firmly stands by its guarantee of 100% order execution, with 99.35% of orders being executed almost instantaneously. As a trader, this feature is crucial as it allows me to leverage fleeting market opportunities, thereby maximizing my trading potential. The assurance of no requotes guarantees a smooth and efficient trading experience, eliminating the possibility of missed opportunities due to delays. Market Spreads: The absence of markup on the already narrow market spreads is another commendable feature. The competitive spreads ensure that I can optimize my profits, without the burden of added broker's margins over the spread, allowing me a fair and transparent trading environment. This transparent approach has significantly contributed to building my trust in XM as a reliable trading partner. Diverse Trading Instruments: With access to over 1,000 trading instruments, XM provides a comprehensive trading portfolio. I can diversify my trading strategies by investing in more than 55 currency pairs, including CFDs on cross rates, metals like palladium and platinum, and various commodities such as cocoa, cotton, and grains. The plethora of options has empowered me to create a diversified and balanced trading portfolio, mitigating risks and enhancing potential gains. No Commission on Transactions: XM’s policy of no commission for both replenishment and withdrawal of money is a significant relief. It’s extremely convenient to know that XM incurs all the commission costs of the payment systems, allowing me to manage my funds efficiently without any hidden charges or deductions. This cost-effective feature aligns with my financial strategies, enabling more precise budget management. Multilingual Support: The around-the-clock support available five days a week in over 30 languages is invaluable. The availability of assistance in my native language has facilitated seamless communication and swift resolution of queries. The support team’s promptness and proficiency have been pivotal in maintaining operational continuity, especially during critical trading moments. In conclusion, my experience with XM broker has been marked by efficiency, transparency, and diversity. The swift order execution, no markup on narrow spreads, diverse trading instruments, commission-free transactions, and robust multilingual support have collectively created a conducive trading environment. The seamless amalgamation of these features has not only enhanced my trading experience but has also solidified my trust in XM as a reliable trading partner. However, while my experience has been overwhelmingly positive, I recommend prospective traders to assess their individual trading needs, strategies, and preferences before choosing a broker, to ensure alignment with their trading goals. XM, with its customer-centric approach, and extensive features, stands out as a strong contender for those seeking a dynamic and trustworthy forex trading platform.
  25 Sep 2023  
This broker is very bad I had an account with it and it was closed without any reason. I emailed them many times no clear answer for my case. If you are not making profit or you are furious trader then you lose so xm will be good for you. Since they feel you are making regular profit they will create any reason to close your account and sending your money. Sending money to the clients who closed their account doesn’t denote to this company is good. Because actually the money of the clients stay in their hands and always betting on your lose if you lose your money don’t think that you lost them in the real market . Your money with their hands since you sent them and they were not sent for trading in the actual market . If you are gaining they will close the account. This broker is good for people who want to lose . Withdrawal and everything is good as long as you are losing . If you are gaining it is not your place we will close your account. I want to put less than one star actually. If you don’t believe me open an account and try them. Any scammer in this world has tools to show he is good , the tools of xm is fast deposit fast withdrawal but if you are gaining regularly the account will be closed if you are losing then they will be good ( xm is a good broker for people who are losing in the trade. Anybody trade with this broker and lost his money with them should know the following facts: this broker is licensed but that doesn’t mean they are not scammer. everybody lost his money with xm and was thinking that he lost his money in the actual market he is wrong because his money with xm from the beginning till he lost. the authorities are registered under them will not know that they are scammer if you don’t complain for them to check where your money went , since you are thinking you lost your money in the actual market so you will not complain but actually your money didn’t go anywhere they were with them from the beginning and they were betting on you to lose . anybody lost his money with xm before has the right to complain and to check if he lost his money actually in the market or xm took his money. I’m challenging xm to show people or to prove for people that their money is going to be traded in the actual market that’s why when you start to gain continuous profit they will close your account for any silly reason they can invent anything because they don’t want to lose they will return your money quickly before they lose more because your profit means their loss since the money is not in the market. Be careful of this company and look for their answers for the reviews here it is nothing without any clarifications or meaning just they are making copy and paste and send. The only thing we can do to be sure that the money we lost were traded in the market through complaining them for the authorities then the authorities can check if our money were traded in the market or no .
  22 Sep 2023  
XM has undoubtedly established itself as a user-friendly broker in the world of Forex trading. It's refreshing to find a broker that stands out from the crowd by prioritizing the trader's experience. Here are some notable aspects of XM that have contributed to my positive experience: Requote and Slippage-Free Trading: One of the standout features of XM is its commitment to providing a smooth trading experience. Unlike some less reputable brokers, I have not encountered any issues related to requotes or slippage when executing trades in both directions. This reliability is essential for traders who value consistency in their trading activities. MT5 with Level 2 Order Book: XM's utilization of MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a testament to its commitment to offering advanced trading tools. The inclusion of a Level 2 order book, complete with real-time prices and order volumes, is a game-changer. It signifies that XM is not simply a market maker but actively routes transactions to the foreign exchange market. This transparency is invaluable for traders who seek to make informed decisions based on real market data. Reliable Customer Service: Effective and responsive customer service is a hallmark of any reputable broker. XM excels in this aspect by partnering with reliable customer service providers who are readily available to address any queries or concerns. Knowing that there is a responsive support team to assist me provides peace of mind throughout my trading journey. Integral and Currenex Partnerships: XM's strategic partnerships with Integral and Currenex are indicative of its commitment to offering a diverse range of trading options. These partnerships open up opportunities for traders to access different markets and trading tools, catering to a wider spectrum of trading preferences. Access to Learning Resources: For traders, knowledge is power, and XM recognizes this by providing access to valuable learning resources. These resources serve as a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced traders looking to expand their knowledge and refine their trading strategies. In summary, my experience with XM has been overwhelmingly positive. It's evident that XM goes the extra mile to prioritize a seamless and transparent trading environment for its clients. From eliminating requotes and slippage to providing access to Level 2 order book data, XM stands out as a broker that values its traders' success. Additionally, its reliable customer service, strategic partnerships, and educational resources further enhance its appeal as a broker worth considering for both novice and seasoned traders alike.
  15 Sep 2023  
Having collaborated with XM for over three years, I find myself with a mix of impressions that paint a comprehensive picture of my experience. Allow me to delve into the various facets of my experience with this broker: Money Withdrawal and Compliance: A fundamental aspect of any broker-client relationship is the ease of fund withdrawal. In this regard, I have experienced no hiccups or obstacles. XM has consistently met its commitments as outlined in their offers, instilling confidence in the reliability of their financial operations. Order Execution Concerns: However, it is essential to acknowledge a notable aspect of my experience, which pertains to the execution of orders. There have been instances where the execution did not align with my expectations. This factor, although not consistently problematic, has surfaced as an area for potential improvement. For any trader, timely and precise order execution is paramount, and addressing this matter could significantly enhance the trading experience. Customer Service Dynamics: Another facet that deserves attention is the customer service provided by XM. While they offer support, the speed and responsiveness of their customer service representatives have left room for improvement. Swift and effective communication can be a critical asset in resolving issues promptly and ensuring that traders feel heard and valued. Hence, enhancing the efficiency of their customer service would likely result in a more seamless overall experience. Overall Satisfaction: Despite these nuances, my overall experience with XM has been largely positive. The broker's commitment to facilitating straightforward money withdrawals and compliance with their stated terms is commendable. It establishes trust, which is essential in the world of trading. Therefore, despite occasional concerns with order execution and customer service, I am content with the service provided by XM. In conclusion, my journey with XM has been marked by a balance of strengths and areas for improvement. While there have been occasional discrepancies in order execution and the pace of customer service, these aspects have not outweighed the broker's ability to uphold its financial commitments and facilitate seamless fund withdrawals. As I continue my trading endeavors, I do so with a sense of contentment and a hope that XM will address these nuanced concerns, further enhancing its services and solidifying its position as a trusted broker.
  11 Sep 2023  
Throughout my trading with XM, I've had the opportunity to trade across various account types, including STP and ECN. I'd like to share my observations regarding slippage, an integral aspect of trading in the dynamic world of financial markets. Slippage in Trading: Slippage, as many traders are aware, is an inherent component of the trading process. In the realm of STP and ECN accounts, I have indeed encountered instances of slippage. It's important to underscore that slippage, whether positive or negative, is an outcome of the rapid and ever-changing nature of market quotes. In the context of 5-digit quotes, where prices can alter in fractions of a second, slippage is a phenomenon that traders should be prepared to encounter. A Positive Note on XM: However, I'd like to shed light on a positive aspect of my experience with XM. In comparison to several other brokers I've engaged with, XM has demonstrated a commendable track record in managing slippage. This, of course, aligns with my own experience, and I've found that XM tends to exhibit relatively lower levels of slippage. It's essential to maintain a realistic perspective when considering slippage in trading. While it is an inherent part of the process, identifying brokers like XM that strive to minimize slippage can be advantageous for traders aiming to optimize their trading strategies. In summary, my experience with XM has been characterized by the recognition that slippage is an inescapable aspect of trading. However, my positive experience with XM lies in their efforts to manage slippage, which, in my view, has been relatively limited compared to some other brokers. As I continue my trading journey, I do so with an appreciation for the efforts of brokers like XM in mitigating the impact of slippage and providing a more favorable trading environment.
  7 Sep 2023  
I started with XM as a beginner, and their educational resources have been immensely helpful. The platform is user-friendly, and the funds withdrawal process is straightforward. It'd be great if they had more interactive customer support. XM strikes a good balance between efficient trading tools and platform stability. Their regulatory adherence is commendable, giving traders peace of mind. The only drawback is the slight delay in withdrawals during peak times. Order execution with XM is spot-on, crucial for my intraday strategies. The platform's performance is consistent. I do wish their analysis tools offered a few more customisation options for seasoned traders like me.
  18 Aug 2023  
My experience with XM has been mostly smooth. Their service quality is decent, with a very stable trading platform. I've had some minor issues, but their customer support was proactive in addressing them. The tight spreads and precise order executions are what I value most about XM. Their transparency is evident in all dealings. While their analysis tools are good, incorporating more advanced features would make it even better. XM has been my go-to broker for a while now. Their regulatory standards are reassuring, ensuring safe trading. Their platform is robust, and the analysis tools are quite comprehensive. A more interactive customer feedback session would be a cherry on top.
  18 Aug 2023  
XM's service quality is top-notch. The funds withdrawal is efficient, usually processed within a day. Their analysis tools are advanced and provide key insights for trading. However, I'd appreciate a bit more promptness in customer support response times. XM provides an admirable level of platform stability. I've rarely faced any lag even during high-volatility news events. The transparency in their commission structure gives me confidence. But, they could add more in-depth educational content. Trading tools offered by XM are user-friendly and comprehensive. I've had a positive experience with their order execution speed. The occasional delay in customer support feedback is my only concern. The platform's stability stands out for me, and the analysis tools are adept at providing market trends and insights. Regulation seems robust, which is comforting. A slight enhancement in their customer feedback mechanism would make it perfect.
  18 Aug 2023  
XM as for me is an online brokerage firm that provides services for trading various financial instruments including stocks, forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, and more. I've been using XM for a few months now and have found their platform to be user-friendly with competitive commissions. The mobile app makes trading on the go very convenient. Customer service has been responsive to any issues I've had. Overall, XM provides a solid trading experience for begin
  14 Aug 2023  
The XM mobile app offers convenience and flexibility, enabling traders to manage their accounts and execute trades on the go. XM's educational resources, including webinars and tutorials, help traders enhance their skills and stay updated with market trends. While XM's spreads are competitive, they might widen during volatile market conditions, potentially affecting short-term traders. XM's strong points include diverse assets, educational resources, responsive customer support, and an intuitive interface that fosters a smooth trading journey. The MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms provided by XM are robust and feature-rich, catering to both novice and experienced traders.
  10 Aug 2023  
XM offers a comprehensive trading experience with its range of tradeable assets, competitive spreads, robust trading platforms, and responsive customer support. Its commitment to education, reliability, and regulatory compliance positions it as a trusted broker for traders of all levels. However, traders should be aware of potential spread widening during volatile times and always exercise caution in leverage usage. XM is friendly to scalping and expert advisors, allowing traders to employ various strategies without restrictions.While leverage can amplify profits, XM educates clients about its risks, encouraging responsible use and risk management. XM provides quick execution speed, ensuring that orders are filled promptly, reducing slippage and enhancing trading accuracy. XM adheres to stringent regulatory requirements, fostering a secure trading environment and protecting client interests.
  10 Aug 2023  
Outstanding broker services. They have good performance overall. It is a good trading broker to deal with. Withdrawals are always smooth and customer service are prompt. I am just a bit worried on pricing but all worth it. If I am to choose and recommend a broker. I would always go for this one. For about six months, I get surprisingly good profits and experience great services. Smooth and easy withdrawals. I've been dealing with them for a few months and had several withdrawals and all are fast. A bit strict on verification but no long wait on my money, I get it on time.
  9 Aug 2023  
The impressive aspect of XM broker that truly caught my attention is the extensive choice of account types they provide. They have carefully crafted each account to accommodate diverse trading requirements. For those deeply engrossed in cryptocurrencies, the crypto account serves as a perfect fit. On the other hand, traders who prioritize swift order execution and engage in scalping will find the Standard and ECN accounts to be their ideal options. Opting for the Standard account not only ensures narrow spreads but also eliminates any fees linked with it making it an exceptionally cost-effective alternative. The broad spectrum of choices and adaptability offered by XM has genuinely garnered my appreciation.
  7 Aug 2023  
Outstanding customer service. For the past two weeks of using the services, I find it satisfactory. Wishing for a quick and simple withdrawal as well. Wonderful performance! Trades are simple to execute and frequently quite rewarding. Well done, brokers! I would advise you to choose this broker if you are attempting to decide which forex broker to use from the options offered online. They have speedy withdrawals, extremely accurate signals and friendly customer service.
  5 Aug 2023  
I wanted to supplement the old review, but I didn’t find it, and okay, I decided to write a new one. Well, I may repeat myself again, but XM has everything you need to trade. There was a time when I did not trade for a long time, I even got bored. Then I returned to trading. The broker did not disappoint, the account is in order, detailed analytics are available every day. The best part is that the broker does not have hidden commissions, both for replenishing the deposit and for withdrawing funds. And everything always works stably, both before and now. Keep it up. Trading with XM brings me from 500 to 700 US dollars a month. I trade on a regular basis. Happy trading everyone!
  18 Jul 2023  
Skilled forex brokers. The signals are reliable and services are good. I get decent trading profit and I am fully satisfied with the services. Brokers are skilled and professional. They are dedicated to help traders like me succeed. Accurate market forecast most of the time. Reliable trading signals and accurate market news. I can fully trust them, they're good in helping me gain profit.
  4 Jul 2023  
How do you get the signals?
Somba   2 Aug 2023
XM scammed me twice. Any day I make a huge profit, they close my account and take all my money. Without any reason. First time I thought I did something wrong, second time, I knew it’s a scam and this is how they operate. I wished didn’t trade here. They let you invest for them then close your account while trade is open, take all your money in your account and they don’t response to your emails and calls.
  21 Jun 2023  
Be cautious when trading with xm as a broker with a lot of capital 500 USD. last year I deposited 2000 USD to my xm account and started trading, one month later they send me a mail saying there was a complain to my deposit and threaten to close my account. I called them and later I was able to withdraw some of my money two days later they sent an email about terminating their services with me my account balance was 549.1usd .They told me I had to withdraw all the balance of which I did but to the worst they didn't credit the money to my mobile money provider. I emailed them telling them that I haven't received the funds and I was told to wait for one week for the money to reflect, immediately they closed my account one week later I told them that I haven't received the funds.To my surprise the told me to call my Mpesa service provider to help me get the fund. I called my mpesa provider who said that xm didn't push a pay to them. I have been trying to contact xm since then and they don't even reply my email.They scammed me 549.1 USD.
  2 Feb 2023  
Be careful of clickbait VPS promo on XM Global. Terms and condition of my request are not met, they approved my VPS request. Took my money without confirmation. Live chat was suck and not cooperative, not giving member solutions.
  3 Nov 2022  
After six years I'm using this broker not having problem at all, but now XM is manipulated the price using spread.
  22 Aug 2022  
XM Trade manipulation - when your in winning trade your gain pips is terribly low, but when your in losing trade the pips lose is gigantic.
  5 Aug 2022  
Beginner here sir. That's what I observed after two weeks. When you are at peak in winning the pips is low but when you lose the pips is more higher.
Rose   23 Aug 2022
With that 30 USD can I withdraw the profits made from it or it's just another scam?
  3 Jul 2022  
No deposit bonus they will allow you to make money for them and claim you broke a rule. This is the biggest scam company, please use reputabke brokers. This is the worst broker check reviews, don't trust them with your money they stole my profit.
  24 Jun 2022  
After collecting dollars, they had a trading session. After one coaching session, they cannot be contacted.
  13 Jun 2022  
I'm not sure how this broker is even regulated, they keep losing client’s money claiming that its missing. Withdrawal is such a huge issue already plus their spreads are so high.
  10 Jun 2022  
Withdrawal is an issue. I'm being told that my account manager will be contacting me. Yet after two weeks, that manager still dont contact me. So I stopped trading with them. I'm amazed how this broker can still be licensed.
  6 Jun 2022  
Very high spread, this affects smaller accounts like mine. Not a broker for me. Customer service also average. Hope I can withdraw to another broker soon.
  3 Jun 2022  
Crypto margin is so low yet high movement will flush your account really soon.
  27 May 2022  
I made a withdrawal of 40 USD on 16/04/022 and still now on 22/04 it didn't yet reach on me even though it was supposed to reach on me the same day as long as it was via mobile money.i communicate with the on live chat and E-mail and they tell me they are investigating on my missing money. I have used it for 1year and it's the first time with this issue. Pay attention!
  22 Apr 2022  
I had the same issue they scammed me a total of 549.1 USD. Stop trading with xm. how does withdrawal get missing I have been trading with them for 2 year.
Samuel kingori   2 Feb 2023
XM have withdrawal problem, under maintenance over one months, support not responsible, be careful.
  7 Apr 2022  

XM Group (XM) stands as a conglomerate of online brokers, meticulously regulated and dedicated to providing a plethora of trading opportunities for investors globally. The inception of Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd in 2009 marked the beginning of XM’s journey, subsequently...

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