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My trading with Alpari has crossed the half-year mark, and I have found the waters relatively smooth sailing. During this tenure, I have been attentively monitoring for any discrepancies that could impact my trading activities, such as manipulation of quotation charts or unwarranted delays and refusals in the withdrawal process. I am pleased to report that these common issues that can plague less reputable brokers have not been part of my experience with Alpari. Their operational integrity appears sound, at least from my perspective. Additionally, I've had a few occasions to interact with Alpari's customer support. Each time, the response was not only swift but also effective, offering clear explanations and timely resolutions to the queries or challenges I faced. Their professionalism in this regard is commendable and contributes positively to the overall user experience. However, my experience has not been without its frustrations. Specifically, I find the accessibility of information on Alpari's website to be perplexingly inadequate. For a platform that serves as a crucial interface between the broker and traders, it's quite baffling to encounter difficulties in locating essential information. One would expect that a user-friendly design should include easy navigation to vital data and details that traders rely upon. Moreover, a recurring hiccup that I cannot overlook is the inconsistency in withdrawal times. Despite not having faced outright refusals, the withdrawal process has been less than efficient, often taking close to a week to complete. This is a stark contrast to the promptness of their customer service and is a considerable drawback. These delays provoke unnecessary anxiety and raise legitimate concerns about liquidity and financial management practices within the firm. In summary, my tenure with Alpari has been relatively untroubled with respect to trading operations and customer service interactions. However, improvements are critically needed in the realm of information accessibility and the expediency of financial transactions. These areas mar an otherwise satisfactory experience and present Alpari with an opportunity for refinement and enhancement of their services. If these issues were addressed, it could significantly elevate the level of trust and satisfaction among their clientele, myself included.
  13 Nov 2023  
Alpari is the stupidest and worst broker in the world. They with false advertisements and ridiculous incentive plans. They are trying to attract capital from traders. But be sure that only your money is important to them. They don't teach you, they don't increase your trading skills, and the way they deal with complaints is very disgusting. Alpari is equal to garbage.
  9 Nov 2023  
As a seasoned trader, I've always been curious about the mixed opinions surrounding Alpari. While it's a well-known name in the industry, I've observed that many experienced traders hesitate to open an account with them. Driven by a desire to form my own opinion based on firsthand experience, I ventured to register and actively engage in trading with Alpari for a period of three months. My overall sentiment towards Alpari is one of neutrality, as my time spent trading did not lead to any particularly strong feelings, either of commendation or disapproval. The trading conditions presented by Alpari are satisfactory; they didn't particularly stand out when compared to the market at large, but they were also not subpar. I've had encounters with brokers that left much to be desired, and in this regard, Alpari certainly does not fall into that lower tier. Their offering of numerous account types with accessible minimum deposits is noteworthy, as well as their incorporation of ECN (Electronic Communication Network) technology, which is not a feature universally available across all brokers' platforms. This technology fosters a degree of transparency and efficiency in trade execution that can be quite beneficial for traders. On the more critical side, it is notable that Alpari seems to cater preferentially to its VIP clientele, particularly when it comes to the compensation of commissions, which is a significant disadvantage for traders who don't hold this status. Moreover, while bonuses are indeed available, they are contingent upon making substantial deposits, which might not be feasible or appealing for every trader. In conclusion, while Alpari demonstrates certain strengths such as a variety of account types and the use of ECN, there is a palpable sense that the most advantageous offers and cost-saving measures are reserved for those with the means to commit to higher-tier account levels. It's a nuanced trading environment that could serve well for some, but might not be the best fit for others, particularly those who are unable to engage at the VIP level. My experience has been a journey of weighing the pros and cons, and while I will continue to trade with Alpari for the time being, I am also keeping an open mind towards other options that might align more closely with my expectations and trading needs.
  8 Nov 2023  
My foray into trading with Alpari was initiated somewhat whimsically two months ago, but my experiences since have dampened the initial intrigue, compelling me to consider terminating my account. The allure of trading often lies in its dynamism and the potential for constant engagement with the markets. Unfortunately, Alpari does not cater to this aspect, as it lacks the provision for 24/7 trading, a feature that I've found to be increasingly standard and expected in the digital age of finance. This limitation is mirrored in their customer support, which also does not extend to round-the-clock service, leaving traders without a lifeline outside conventional trading hours. Additionally, the fee structure at Alpari has been a source of discontent for me. The imposition of commission fees on both deposits and withdrawals feels punitive, especially when such charges are waived for those with the financial clout to achieve VIP status. It's evident that the depth of one's pockets is a determinant of the level of leniency and perks one can expect to enjoy with Alpari. While I acknowledge my overstatement regarding the necessity of having a million dollars to enjoy such privileges, the sentiment that the richness of offerings is proportionate to one's balance is hard to shake off. On a positive note, I have found some solace in the adequacy of Alpari's customer support. Despite the occasional encounter with responses that seem to skirt around the issues, more often than not, the representatives have been commendable in their efforts to assist. They strive to do their utmost, which has been a silver lining in what has otherwise been an underwhelming experience. Nevertheless, these glimpses of efficiency are not enough to tether me to Alpari, as I am drawn more to the trading environment of InstaForex, which aligns better with my expectations and trading preferences. The contrast in satisfaction between the two platforms is stark, and with a preference for the trading conditions and user experience provided by InstaForex, my decision to retract my deposit from Alpari seems to be the logical next step in my trading journey.
  4 Oct 2023  
A complete garbage. They manipulate situations, interfere in transactions, change positions. They are scammers.
  12 Jun 2023  
Poor order execution, Pro ECN account is a fiction, only on paper. Support will never get the truth, it is useless to complain. as soon as the trader starts to earn, the broker starts to interfere, large requotes, spreads, slippages appear. After a certain number of transactions according to the news strategy I developed and a good profit, the broker suddenly began to open pending orders with a slippage of 400! points, respectively, the transactions went at a loss, and this happened 4 times in a row. Claims with confirmation by screenshots did not give anything, standard unsubscribes "price gap", although it is not on the chart, and what a slippage of 400 or more points on a calm AUDUSD instrument and on an ECN account. Conclusion: while you are losing money or earning small, then Alpari executes transactions accurately. But as soon as you start earning normally, requotes begin, large spreads, open deals at the wrong time, and no pro account with access to the interbank market will help you.
  18 Feb 2023  
It seems that everything is fine and the spreads are minimal and the speed is normal, but the employees themselves will not lift a finger once again. I asked to send me a payment document to my e-mail where to deposit it by transfer - so I have to form it myself in personal account, and what should I go to the bank with a laptop and show to the cashier? Or go look for a printer connect and print? Well, at least take a step forward. Two weeks after I registered, no one called, and this is your profit.
  13 Feb 2023  
Hi, I want to sign up to Alpari international. Has anybody have problems withdrawing from there account?
  13 Jul 2022  
What happened to Alpari recently? Many emails given to them was just ignored after auto reply with tickets given.
  23 Mar 2022  
A few days ago, I was a VIP. then, unexpectedly, the Alpari company notified me that on the night of March 4-5 at 3:00 all ruble deposits would be forcibly closed - such as "force majeure". And so it happened: I managed to close short positions within the day, but those positions that were expected to be closed during the week (for example) were reset to zero, or rather minus. Lost more than half of the deposit. Nobody explains anything. The ruble account has not been closed at the same time! There, instead of 3.9 million rubles, 98 rubles remained! The rest first turned into the equivalent of 40.7 thousand dollars in 17 thousand dollars, and the next morning already in 12 thousand! No one explains anything, technical support is silent, personal managers do not know anything. Miracle Broker! I think what happened was a scam! Draw your own conclusions. I have been on the market since 2007.
  7 Mar 2022  
Recently, Alpari often start repairs, while, of course, at this time it is impossible to make a withdrawal of funds, this is such a delicate work to keep money, and when replenishing your deposit, they offer to transfer money to an electronic card. When trying to close a deal, a window constantly pops up at first, that supposedly the price has changed, but in fact this is specially done so that the client could not close the deal at a favorable price.
  11 Feb 2022  
Alpari is my third broker in four years. I started from trading, now I work more with PAMM accounts. In both cases, the company behaves with dignity. For fellow traders, I want to note really low spreads and good cashback opportunities. Of course, I would like the cashback to be just money, but with normal turnover, their bonuses become a good help for reducing commissions and other things. As for PAMM, I can say that the open rating is very important. Alpari makes it honestly. I personally checked some accounts over time, all information is saved, I did not notice a single substitution. Of course, not all accounts are profitable, but this is a question for traders. Well, the almost complete absence of technical problems pleases - my past brokers had much more of them. In general, I can recommend.
  12 Jan 2022  
I would not recommend alpari to anybody, they are not truthful with their words. Either a beginner or a professioner. To make withdrawal of your trade is a problem, they would require all sort of documents & yet withdrawal is still been delayed even when submitted. So please beware!
  5 Nov 2021  
It is the worst broker I've ever trade with .Before hitting my stoploss the broker closed my position. I don't know why broker has done that to my position, but they do not have right to do something like that with trader's positions.
  14 May 2021  
A broker closes your position when you are in deep loss due to margin call! which means you did not have enough money (equidiy) to back your trade. it is mostly at 20% of your full money all brokers do that.
guest   6 Mar 2022
My payout of $2700 is pending. The money is debited from my Alpari account but the withdrawal is not processed. I have raised a Ticket#101365892. Even after repeated followups there is no response from the Alpari team. My account Manager Vashna Hanadon doesn't reply to my emails nor the payments department is responding! I have also marked a copy of my emails to forum@alpari.com. Unfortunately, they are also not responding!
  11 May 2020  
Is your problem solved? please advise, because I'm new with them.
Ayman Attia   1 Sep 2020
Hi Vivek, is there a way to contact Alpari India? Me too stuck with them.
Sudhakaran V   30 Dec 2020
This broker is one of the best.
  25 Apr 2020  
I am in Iran. I've been working with Alpari since 2010. Really great. I advise everyone to work with alpari even in high numbers without any problems. Thank you Alpari for the good service
  8 Dec 2019  
I've been working with alpari for 10 years. Great in every way. If someone leaves, it's not a problem for Alpari
  8 Dec 2019  
I just had my first bitcoin deposit with alpari and the experience was awful, after sending bitcoin there is no track of your transaction in their dashboard, contact their customer support is useless, I'll update this, but until a valid response, stay away!
  2 Dec 2019  
what happened to the deposit? have the same problem.
bax   21 Apr 2020
Now that we are all stuck with Alpari India which is illegal, we have to find out a way to make our accounts operational, If any one has any idea comming up in their mind, please share it with me. Thank you.
  9 Oct 2019  
I have been trading with alpari since 2016. Their news page is very helpful. Their recommendations are perfect on non volatility days but not on heavy news days. We will be safe if we are out of trading during those days. They give such hint. But as for their requotes during volatality time it is horrible. We cannot close our trade as we desire because of requotes. It appears that they purposely make the server slow. So we lose all our money during such times. I lost 10000USD that way in 4years. Nut now I have learnt to make consistent profit by trading with 100USD deposit and keeping away from trading during high volatality times and US opening time. I think that each trader should study one or two pairs deeply and trade them only all the time. It is not profitable to trade all pairs. I trade only EURUSD and XAUUSD only. I made a study of them. Alpari provides good guidance for only a few pairs regularly. EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD are among them. Almost in every trading session we can get forecast about them. At least 50% of their recommendations hit the target. We can escape from loss through hedging at other times. The only bad thing about them is requotes and non execution of ordets at peak hours. I find many complaints on them about withdrawals from 2019. So I am afraid of opening a live account with them now. If anyone has any information regarding this please help me
  16 Sep 2019  
You know, I didn't think that it is so convenient to trade through a mobile phone. I once read that it was inconvenient and somehow it settled in my head. Until it came to the point that it was necessary to use this application. Alpari organized a very convenient application, there is nothing incomprehensible, everything is simple. Now you can also spend productive time on the trip.
  10 Sep 2019  
Pls inform me if you get your withdrawal successfully. I want to start my real trading with Alpari again after one year of demo trading. I lost 10000USD so far in trading. But now Alpari is closed in India and I find negative reports on them on the internet. I want know if Alpari is genuine as in the past
Sathya   16 Sep 2019
Alpari is a company that gives opportunities. I can't say that trading was my best decision in my life, but it is definitely on the list of the best. Definitely thanks to Alpari for the fact that my life has changed dramatically since I opened a trading account with Alpari. In the process of trading there are many nice additions to the work, namely trading signals from FxWirePro, and the opportunity to learn trading for free. And this is just the top of the list. Where else can you see so many free services from one broker?
  25 Jul 2019  
The myth that you need fabulous money to make money on Forex is beneficial, first of all, to the owners of PAMM accounts. They convince novice traders to invest in their investments, while profitable Forex trading is possible on their own. For this you need a reliable broker who will help you earn quickly. Among those companies that I know, Alpari is leading in all respects. Here you can get real money from the initial deposit of $ 100. Although I am of the opinion that you should not save on transactions, you will still be a plus.
  10 Jul 2019  
Alpari is not just normal, it's kind of top broker. I have been trading with this broker for many years, I get quite a substantial income. I did not become rich, but my money really works. When I started, I didn't understand anything about it at all, but no one was splitting me for money or trying to impose something difficult or unprofitable. On the contrary, the financial adviser has always helped and explained, even discouraged from something too risky. In addition, they constantly have some kind of training courses, paid, free, according to the action. In general, a serious broker
  17 Jun 2019  
Depositing of funds and withdrawal are done without delay in Alpari, which pleases me quite a lot. I even received some compensation for depositing in the amount of 50 dollars and did not understand why, but I was pleased nevertheless. The support answers on the site quickly, competently and clearly. First I deposited for PAMM accounts, but now I decided to trade on demo account myself, I want to try cent or regular. I did not try on the real one, so I can not say anything about it yet. In short, I'm waiting for some promo or bonus for opening a real trading account. Meanwhile, I'll continue to trade on a demo.
  27 May 2019  
I can't believe how terrible people have become in the world, how can a broker call me up and make me believe that I was investing into something genuine, in a couple of months I had been fleeced out of my life savings, till this day havent even been able to get fully back on my feet. Having taken my time to do some research would like to speak with other people who have been through similar experience, together without a doubt I am sure with likeminded minds we can all get our money back.
  9 May 2019  
I too lost 4000usd in this trade between 2015and 2018.but now through demo trading I am able to learn trading. I am going to start live trading again. I have always been with Alpari. But now it is closed in India. I don't want to know if I can trade with them still. Can anyone guide me in this matter?
Satyalakshmi   18 Jun 2019
Currently facing tough time with withdrawal of money from alpari.com. Have being trying since last 3 weeks unsuccessfully. Still continuing the attempt.
  18 Apr 2019  
I think still withdraw is not issue. Last week i withdraw some amount from my trading account.
prakash Gaikwad   9 May 2019
Facing issues with withdrawal. Till now have made 5 attempts.still making attempt to withdraw my balance money.
  18 Apr 2019  
Why alpari removed withdrawn option from website, we invested our hard money and they cheated with us, when alpari problem will solved.
  2 Mar 2019  

With a lineage that encompasses over twenty years, Alpari stands as a colossus in the forex market, servicing an ever-growing clientele that now surpasses two million. At Alpari International, we not only strive to maintain this legacy of premier service but aim to elevate it. We commit ourselves...

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