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IronFX Reviews for 23 April 2021

From another perspective, I recently sign up with IronFX because of some IG post that can provide a high payout from Copy Trading, and man, that was one of the worst decision I made. So viewing from IronFX, it looks to be as a good broker from other webpage but I hadn't known about the other negative reviews that was posted on other page. Summary, I managed to get back my deposit but lesser cause the copy trade made me lose a fair bit. Take note for those looking into investing with IronFX. Please, look at the comments and reviews. Though they gave me back my deposit, which i was lucky of. I would say there are still many FX brokers out there that has a more trustable view.
King   23 Mar 2021  
I deposited $250 with IronFX and that is the last I saw of my money. My emails asking for a refund have been blocked. Do not trust them.
Simon   15 Mar 2021  
This trader deposited my money into a different account to the one for me and then blocked all emails. It is definitely not a legitimate trading medium - you will lose your deposit.
Simon   15 Mar 2021  
My account manager David R*** from IronFX is a cheater and fraud. He is managing my account and trading for me. On 3rd, 4th of March I warned him not to invest still he went on investing my money and risked my money. On Friday afternoon (on 5th of March 2021) we booked profit on our trades and after that I strictly gave him instructions not to trade again and I want to withdraw profit. But in greed of making more money he invested my money without my permission and ended in huge loss. He also promised that from Monday onwards, I can withdraw my profit in a small chunk but now he is also not following his words. He went into debt multiple times in the past also and to support his weak trades he blackmailed me to deposit money time to time. Now totally 10900 euro I have deposited and I am totally bankrupted.

vipul chougule   9 Mar 2021  
they sell my information to other company once I witdraw. now everyday I got a least 10 phone call from investment company.
Partric   10 Mar 2021
Do not fund this account. you will loose your money.
Mario Armitano   3 Mar 2021  
All, a big scandal is about to blow up at the face of this company which is preventing customers to withdraw their profit, if you want to loose your money this is the one but you may want also consider charity for a better use!
Mark   21 Feb 2021  
I have deposited $15000 to Ironfx company. As soon as I deposit the money, all the money disappeared from the account. Still, no one comes back to regarding my money. Before I have deposited the money so many promises, 150% bonus etc. I have to try to call many times, sent emails. No one care to investigate or come back to me. Don't invest or caught up with this company.
Tilak   14 Dec 2020  
Hi, please stay clear from this company. I opened an account auto trading and the first day it was running trades in the red. I contacted Rebecca to tell her, she said don't panic let it settle. The next day I had lost all my money. Rebecca would not answer my messages or calls that was a month ago still waiting. Lost all. Stay clear.
Rodney Graham   16 Nov 2020  
I lost all money, someone in this company got access to my account, and has taken all my money, I have reported it many times, but no one seemed to care to investigate it. This is a fraudulent company, keep away.
Don Ghasemi   21 Nov 2020
They might have been licensed under slightly different names in the past, but the name they register new clients under now called ironfx has no license and so should be avoided.
Wisernow   25 Sep 2020  
IronFX is scam! Don't witchdraw money for many years!
Jacek   15 Jun 2020  
IronFX is a scamer from Bermudas. I was promised protection capital with a signed document. I could not lose, the protection capital must not be touched. Suddenly one day everything was gone from the account including protection capital. My emails to support could not be delivered. No one is reachable. A criminal company. I am surprised that there are no laws against them. I wrote to Cysec, who is still silent.
Maria   29 May 2020  
I saw the money in my account growing everyday. One morning it was all gone - wiped out. We should not trust these forex companies. Ir's their systems, softwares. They can do anything behind the scenes.
Looser   27 Apr 2020  
I can only warn you of this company - you can call yourself lucky if you were able to withdraw your money!
Andrea   16 Mar 2020  
The company has changed for the better since it had a crisis. Their clients' withdrawals are processed in a timely fashion
John   11 Dec 2019  
IronFX did not return my deposit for more than 4 years.

Hong-Wen Wang   18 Feb 2020
They so use less, they can't even trace money when you deposited into you account
Percy Shuping   1 Nov 2019  
Worst broker ever, they stole my money and told me it was my fault, please run away all, it's a corrupted broker, they should have been closed a long time ago. Please share the word.
Sad trader   3 Sep 2019  
They are scamers. Even after the Cyprus ombudsman ruled in my favor I'm still waiting for my money since 2015.
marcia   16 Aug 2019  
I don't know if this was lucky or not but when I ask them for withdrawal the send my money at once
Charis   13 Mar 2019  
The company Iron Fx theft me with an ammount of 50,000 Euros. Those Fraudster people scammed me with a lot of lies. I trust in them, because I want to change my future and I want to made Investments and have my own business with the profits that they promissed. All started when they contact me by phone number, my "Manager account" ( Emma Chapman) told me that the company IRON FX worked with the stock market and if I want to work with them I must invest 5000 Euros. I told to Emma all my dreams and business for my future, she conviced me to invest 5000 Euros and she promissed me to get 30% of Profits. When I want to withdrawal my profits , she told me that I must invest more money. I invested but all were lies. I was desperate , I contact a lot of people to help me to recovery my money and to get justice against that Fraudster company. The time go forward and in the year 2018 I recovery my money I work harder and with my Lawyer finally we get justice. Please if you dont want to get any problem and if you want to keep your money safe.
Charlotte Thompson   16 Feb 2019  
stay away from this terrible broker IRONFX, Clients could not withdraw their funds since 3 years.
Giorgio   3 Mar 2019
This broker holds my funds illegally for 4 years, do not believe their lies, they are scammers
Simone   8 Jan 2019  
Cheater Ironfx do not send my deposit back. Avoid it.
Viki   11 Nov 2018  
Iron fx have not payed yet. i got the decision of the Financial Ombudsman on 17 of may. It is a shame, Be careful!
Viki   23 Oct 2018  
IronFX have not payed my deposit back. although i have the deciision from the Financiale Ombudsman, according to which ironFx. have to pay my deposit back They do not answer. my mails. I got the decision on 17 of may, more than 3 months ago. Is IronFX scam? Decide it. Do not trus in Ironfx, and do not trust in Notesco. They are the same, as a guess. Be careful!
Viki   10 Sep 2018  
be careful. this broker does not pay.
Filip   15 May 2018  
I've made a comparison of two different brokers and iron FX. There is no actually a significant difference in trading conditions and order execution. All companies also provide good customer support. Further, I've made some research on forums and believe me or not IronFx is the leading one by positive comments. I think it's enough to make decision in favor of this broker.
Scalper   25 Apr 2017  
I have complained several times as to this broker. It refuses withdrawing my funds. Its support team is rude and unprofessional. They do not answer the messages I send and when I was lucky to reach them by phone, a manager said that I should wait for some time, without giving me details about the exact date and reasons and satisfaction. Now I read about IronFX over Internet and find out that they are regarded as spam. It looks like that. And thanks god, I deposited only $ 150 – not a huge amount - and still I would prefer to get it back. Can you help me? What shall I do in such a situation? Are there any institutions protecting the traders’ rights?

Mic   27 Jun 2016  
Trades changed midway without warning, the SL moved without warning causing me to lost my money. Actually the guy is very bad. At the forum, seemed to be an expert, but in actual trades is more amateur than me, when I started.
JW Zoom   1 Jun 2015  
I was looking to find a broker and one thing that attracted me to ironfx is because I saw they were very well regulated and more importantly they were regulated by FCA. When i was speaking with them I had the chance to test one of their platforms with a demo account and it was an enjoyable experience. it was a multi aset platform and I could trade shares and stocks from all around the globe. Good broker and good platform.
Jack   29 May 2015  
excellent service and offers, i was attracted by the numerous regulations they have and not disappointed
CSFX   27 May 2015  
Ironfx provided me the support and guidance i needed, everything seems ok last two months since i registered with them
Roger   27 May 2015  

IronFX is a leading recognised investment firm and international brokerage. IronFX offers tailored trading products and services to retail and institutional clients, including a wealth of trading tools, the latest trading platforms and 24/5 multilingual support. As a multi-asset brokerage, IronFX...

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