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They say that it is a broker on the side of the trader. Well, I take these kind of big statements with a spoon of salt if you ask me. The main objective of any broker is to make profits as a business afterall. Can't lie, it looks like this broker offers the most affordable trading conditions and most negligible trade costs. But, it is too early to tell for me, I am just getting started.
  16 Mar 2023  
Dear Ivan Jansen,

First, we appreciate that you chose FXCC as your broker.

We have been providing suitable and affordable trading conditions to thousands of traders worldwide for years.

We are confident that you will enjoy your experience and be pleased with our conditions.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   17 March 2023
And another feat from the Fxcc broker my sell transaction exceeded the profit limit but did not close! I also recorded a video of it. It's really funny. I will never trade in this broker again and I will withdraw my money. It was really the worst trading date of mine. This broker does not have the right qualifications at all. A deal that should have been closed with a profit was closed with a loss. This is really funny and stupid.
  14 Mar 2023  
Dear Karim,

We are very sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience trading on our platform.

From what you have written, it was a slippage. As you know there is no guaranty that an order will be executed at declared price during economic data release.

Have a good day!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   16 March 2023
Are these trading conditions on the website for real? Or is it just a marketing scheme?
  6 Mar 2023  
Dear Seth Lee,

Thank you for making an inquiry. We appreciate your time.

Our website displays only information that is true about our services. All our trading conditions are indeed made to suit the needs of our clients and they are as they appear on the website.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   7 March 2023
A good broker is good when he executes your orders at your price! 8-9 out of 10 trades are closed with horrible spreads and slippages, even when the market is calm and not very volatile! For example, you have defined a 15 pip stop, but it closes with 18 to 24 pips, now think what disaster awaits your account and money at the moment of the news! There are better brokers than this one to work with, the minimum amount and number of slips per 10 trades is really less. And I do not recommend this broker at all
  27 Feb 2023  
Dear Guest,

We are sorry you have had to go through negative slippage. In financial markets as vast as Foreign Exchange, where trillions of dollars are exchanged and hundreds of millions of trades are executed daily, it can be reasonably regular that not all orders can and will be matched perfectly due to the very nature of this trading environment.

FXCC is a transparent ECN trading platform where the volatility and the quotes in the market that various liquidity providers deliver can change rapidly anytime.

All your orders are instantly filled with the best possible price available in the market, which could be the quoted price, sometimes a better one, but sometimes a slightly worse one.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   6 March 2023
Sir you say: All your orders are instantly filled with the best possible price available in the market, which could be the quoted price, sometimes a better one, but sometimes a slightly worse one. But the truth is that all transactions in your broker have this problem and it is much less in other brokers.
guest   10 Mar 2023
Top of the game surely is. Trading with brokers is realy pleasure, no complaint at all.
  27 Feb 2023  
Dear Steelman,

Thank you for the review! It means a lot to us to have feedback from our customers.

Ultimately, our primary goal is to satisfy the traders' needs in the forex market and provide the best conditions possible.
And we will continue to do everything we can to achieve this.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   2 March 2023
It tirned out this broker is a reliable one. I checked the regulation pack and it is a nice legal control, I would say. Always nice to concentrate on trading more than on money safeness.
  15 Feb 2023  
Dear Raymond,

Thank you for your review!

Our team knows how important safety is for traders. That is why we are transparent about our regulation - to help you focus on the market without any distractions about security.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   16 February 2023
How often are there slippages or requotes?
  2 Feb 2023  
Dear Austin Johnson,

Thank you for this question!

We strive to ensure that such situations do not occur in our clients' experience. To this aim, we provide the most advanced methods and tools, which allow us to achieve instant execution of orders.
You can read more about this here: https://www.fxcc.com/about

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   3 February 2023
Deposits and withdrawals are done well and quickly, the problem with this broker is that during normal hours when the market goes through its normal routine, I checked and tested the orders are not closed at the price you set and they change. This is terrible, 8 out of 10 trades face this problem. For example, you expect to lose 200 dollars, when your loss limit is activated, you see that you have lost 260 dollars.
  31 Jan 2023  
Dear Ali,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.

The situation you have been through is called slippage. It is essentially when your order gets executed with a different price than the price quoted on our trading platform. It actually can be considered an indication of the transparency and efficiency dynamics of the markets you are trading in.

Slippages can happen both positively and negatively to your quoted price.

Our platform, which operates by the dynamics of straight-through-processing is provided with quotes by various pools of liquidity providers, where prices can change instantaneously due to volatility, and your orders are executed at the best available price.

This is the reason, whereby your orders can be executed at slightly differenct prices, which sometimes can be even better than your quoted price.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   3 February 2023
No need to review this broker properly, because traders should try trading with it on their own. There is one main account, one trading platform and it's even better than bunch of platforms and accounts that require a lot of time for researching.
  31 Jan 2023  
Dear Raymond Campbell,

Thank you for your interesting feedback on our services. Our team highly appreciates the attention of our clients.

You are entirely correct. We offer only one trading platform, MetaTrader 4, and one trading account ECN XL. The account incorporates the best features that ever existed on the market; that's why we see no compelling reasons to add some more yet.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   1 February 2023
As I can understand from my trading experience and the time I have spent with FXCC, they are aspiring to provide a lot better services than other forex brokers in the industry. They clearly analyzed the downsides, handicaps and even dealbreakers from the perspective of traders to have them completely removed. They literally removed anything that can bug you out, like: Their platform just does not glitch and you get a seamless trading experience. They do not charge you any of the irritating little fees and commissions. They offer spreads that are as narrow as possible. I found these steps they have taken to be a good choice for traders to be really working. Good stuff.
  24 Jan 2023  
Dear Theodore L.,

We would like to offer our thanks for your commentary and are delighted that you are enjoying your experience at FXCC.

At FXCC, our teams of experts are working around the clock to give you a competitive advantage in the markets through narrow spreads, abscence of commissions and unnecessary fees that take away from your portfolio, so you can profit better from your trades on our award winning platform.

Happy trading!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   25 January 2023
Sometimes, using this broker feels like cheating. The broker is the most affordable broker I have used. And no hidden fees too.
  23 Jan 2023  
Dear Frank Lewis,

Thank you for your positive feedback!

We are truly a broker on your side, and we try to create the best conditions for all our clients. We are pleased to know that you are happy.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   24 January 2023
How many expert advisors can I deploy in the broker's platform?
  18 Jan 2023  
Dear Damilare Iyalla,

We cherish your attention to our company, and thanks for the question!

Since FXCC offers traders only one, MetaTrader 4 platform. Then you can set up as many Expert Advisors as you want. The only restriction would be the power capacity of your PC.
You can also get the advantage of our VPS service from the burden of your computer being online 24/7.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   18 January 2023
I guess this number is limited by the trading platform. But it's good broker allows to use it. You would better check the official website or contact the suuport service to know the particualr number.
Louis Wood   24 Jan 2023
This budget friendly platform allows me to customize my MetaTrader to broaden my horizons in terms of my capabilities. I really like the fact that I found the infrastructure for this. It's going to be good.
  13 Jan 2023  
Dear Martinho,

Thank you for choosing FXCC's services.

MetaQuotes Language4 infrastructure is designed to allow traders create their own EA and automate their trading based on their preferences and capabilities.

You can have access to Expert Advisors, Custom Indicators, Built-in Scripts User Function Database Libraries to help you develop and build your own strategies on the platforms you use to trade. You may check out the User Guide to MetaTrader 4 on our website to find out more.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   16 January 2023
This place is recommended to me through my community. I checked the reviews and the broker itself, and I feel like it actually looks like a great option to take up on forex trading with great conditions and budget-friendly. The problem is though, I have no idea about how forex works or how to trade, read charts, et cetera, but I still want to do it. I am curious about how the broker can be of help for me to at least learn enough to get me started?
  9 Jan 2023  
Dear Riley Brown,

We would like to thank you for sharing your opinion about FXCC. We completely understand your question, we are here and ready to help.

At FXCC, we try our maximum to help our traders to be better in what they do, providing them with the necessary materials and capabilities so they constantly keep growing as professionals.

We offer a good inventory of knowledge and educational materials to start learning forex trading step by step. From the mechanics of the market, how it all works, how to read charts, how to execute your trades and expect profits from your endeavors.

To start from the ground-up, we suggest you to go through here first https://www.fxcc.com/learn-forex-trading-step-step

You may always reach out to us to our customer support team to have them guide you for more.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   9 January 2023
You can learn this. Take a trading course. Open a demo account and have some practice.
Max L   29 Jan 2023
I like the education area of the broker. It is so useful for beginners of this profession.
  4 Jan 2023  
Dear Scott Collins,

Thanks a lot for the praiseful evaluation of our work! It means the world to us!

Education is a cornerstone of the formation and development of a particular trader. It not only matters for beginners; seasoned traders also utilize various educational articles. It makes them always remember the basics of trading and be grounded.

So, considering all this, we try to maintain our education area fresh and up-to-date.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   6 January 2023
Initially it was difficult for me to understand what multi-account manager meant, but after trading here for a while I realized its essence fully. I can't state that it's helpful for me, but I guess, for some traders - definitely. I tend to trade only on one account and choose primarily currency pairs for trading.
  31 Dec 2022  
Dear Peter Steyn,

It's always pleasant to receive full-fledged feedback from our active clients! Big thanks to you for devoting your time to writing this exhaustive review.

FXCC MAM is a feature that allows traders to manage multiple accounts easily. It's applicable to our provided MetaTrader 4 platform and affords traders to use several accounts simultaneously without any need to switch from one to another one.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   2 January 2023
This guys is very patient guy. I was an idiot who did not to know anything at all about trading or platform. Their support helped me so much!
  29 Dec 2022  
Dear Guest,

We are pleased to know that you have had a good experience with our platform and customer support team.

Our teams of experts are specially trained and utmost professionals to help our valued clients with any kind of questions, inquiries or problems they might possibly have.

You can resort back to us anytime you wish, should you have any further issues to deal with, or any kind of support you would need from us, and our team will be here to help you out.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   30 December 2022
Very informative website of FXCC and very transparent as far as I can see. all the information is placed directly on the site. No need to dig the information. Plus the broker's support is also very attentive. I had a short interaction and it was quite satisfying.
  27 Dec 2022  
Dear Theo Kelly,

We want to thank you for the appreciative review and wish you all the best with your trading!

FXCC always tries to make the website more comprehensive for visitors. We totally acknowledge the importance of the official website for newcomers to the forex industry.
In the end, our website is a business card of our company.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   28 December 2022
ECN/STP execution types are really different and you may even notice it if you have enough experience in trading sphere. In fact, it doesn't mean something good or bad, just a fact statement.
  26 Dec 2022  
Dear Virman R.,

Thank you for leaving feedback on our services. We are striving for the best; thus, providing excellent conditions is our primary goal!

Indeed, ECN/STP order execution type is our unique solution for trading activity. Plus, they really have some differences, but they are pretty minor. When a trader is busy with trading, he won't distinguish when the order is executed using the ECN system and when it's opened using STP. Everything is because both are characterized by quick execution.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   27 December 2022
I believe such brokers that grant the access to mobile application are out of turn. They must be chosen, as this access can help traders to earn more funds, it helps them to be flexible and mobile. What FXCC company offers on this matter? 30 technical indicators available on the platform; connecting to account from anywhere; modifying, opening and closing trades. I ain't argue that some traders don't care about this feature and consider it useless, but it's their choice.
  19 Dec 2022  
Dear Mduduzi Morris,

Our team appreciates such an honest and objective review of our services! We promise to continue working on trading conditions to lead them to excellence.

As for the mobile application for traders, then, indeed, it was developed intentionally to help the trader to be more flexible and mobile, as you mentioned. This application includes all features a desktop version of the platform does. That's why traders can enjoy the same interface and hardware.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   20 December 2022
Do I need to pay commission for each trade?
  14 Dec 2022  
Dear Che Zubair,

We are grateful for your request. It helps us to improve the quality of the services provided.

We provide a commission-free trading account. So, you do not need to pay any fees.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   15 December 2022
No, it’s a commission-free broker.
Khumalo   23 Dec 2022
One of the first and foremost things I look at when I am in pursuit of a new broker that will help me get better results in trading is the availability of good instruments and presence of great conditions. FXCC is simply doing what is necessary to take care of all that. Years of partnership for us are underway.
  14 Dec 2022  
Dear PRomero,

We appreciate your review and thank you that you are pleased with our services.

FXCC constantly and meticulously strives for excellence to keep their customers satisfied with its services and trading conditions it offers.

We wish you a smooth and profitable experience in your endeavors on financial markets.

Kind regards,
FXCC team
FXCC (Official)   14 December 2022
No doubt this broker has some of the best trading conditions. The pricing is also simply amazing.
  5 Dec 2022  
Dear Intradit,

Thank you for your positive review!

We try to create the best environment for our clients, and we are glad to see that you are pleased with our services.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   5 December 2022
I like the conditions at this broker, but as a newbie it is hard to trade in full power without sufficient knowledge about the subject. Even with the possibility to trade at demo account I still have a lot of questions in daily routine. Nevetheless, trading is not an easy way.
  2 Dec 2022  
Dear Khoa Kim,

Thank you for your review.

We understand how hard trading can be for beginners. That is why FXCC tries to offer services for traders with different backgrounds. We have an educational resource on the official website. It is available 24/7, and you are welcome to check it anytime.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   5 December 2022
Just look at the trading conditions that this broker provides to customers. Every point is above average. That's why I opened a trading account here.
  28 Nov 2022  
Dear Dhard,

Thank you for your feedback!

We are sincerely glad that you appreciated our trading conditions so much. We are proud to provide quality services and trading conditions that our clients like!

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   29 November 2022
Interesting broker, I decided to trade here for a while in order to earn some pennies for investing purposes. I understood everything quickly, no issues at all. However, still I have certain questions, for instance, how funds are secured here? What methods are used to protect clients funds?
  24 Nov 2022  
Dear Marcus Collins,

Thank you for the question!

We take various measures to keep our clients' funds as safe as possible. The most noticeable is segregated accounts for the company's capital and clients' funding.
Also, we require you to use the same payment methods you used for depositing. This way payments with our company become much more secure.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   25 November 2022
It was pretty funny to me to guess what does FXCC stand for. I ain't know why I wanted to guess this mystery, I just had lotta time. Anyway, if we speak about my experience of trading here then it's exceptionally positive experience. Sure, I had some difficulties but they were resolved cohesively with customer support team. I don't think all traders face them. It's just me and my stupidity.
  17 Nov 2022  
Dear Leo Smith,

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with us!

Our primary goal is to create client-oriented services that will help our traders excel. A responsive and informative support team is definitely a part of it.
Just know that our client support is always there to help you.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   18 November 2022
At first, I thought they were kidding me. I couldn't believe that they don't charge fees for their tight spreads. Then my friend told that there're such brokers. They provide such conditions cause can afford this. The main thing is that it's real. I made sure that's true.
  15 Nov 2022  
Dear Benjamin Kelly,

Thank you for your detailed review of our services. We strive to be better day by day.

As for commission absence, then you are entirely correct. We don't charge any commissions, even taking into account the fact that we also offer tight spreads. Our team understands that providing convenient conditions is considered to be the most essential part of trading.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   16 November 2022
Is it possible to manage more than one account for FX trading here?
  9 Nov 2022  
Dear Tremblay,

Thank you for your valuable question.

With Multi Account Manager, we offer our traders to be allowed and entitled to manage multiple trading accounts simultaneously.

To explore the advantages further and see what else you are allowed to do on Multi Account Manager for yourself, please navigate to our related section at https://www.fxcc.com/multi-account-manager.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   11 November 2022
For people like me, trading conditions are paramount in selecting a broker. The broker FXCC offers the best conditions for my trading style and I have been enjoying the broker for ten months now.
  5 Nov 2022  
Dear Drexler,

We are grateful for your attention!

Our company seeks to provide the perfect trading experience for our clients. Our ECN XL account offers affordable market terms with zero commissions and zero hidden fees.

Kind regards,
FXCC (Official)   7 November 2022

Founded in 2010, FXCC is one of the leading STP/ECN brokers, specialising in Forex and CFDs, delivering institutional level of service and cost-effective trading opportunities to retail clients who wish to trade across a wide range of products. Regulated by CySEC, FXCC provides clients with access...

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