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If you look at FXCC from another side, you might think they are too conservative. This is not the case, they are client-oriented and I really like their approach.
  26 May 2022  
Many people say invest in yourself. I follow this idea and now I have excellent investresults. At FXCC I trade gold and silver. My favorite trading platform is Metatrader 4. With MT4 me and my collegues can reach more goals using multi terminal option. Multi account manager gives more scenarios for trading with multiple accounts. More options - more profits. I like the way how broker help us to reach new goals. That is nice!
  24 May 2022  
I have developed a positive attitude towards the FXCC for several reasons. They chose MT4 as the main terminal - I have been familiar with it for a long time, so that was a plus for me. In addition, I liked that they have no sufficient trading restrictions - comfortable, as I like.
  14 May 2022  
I didn't regret a second that I made an account in FXCC. There are a couple of things I'd like to mention. Really low, sometimes even 0, spreads. Usually 0 spreads go along with commission on every order you place, but FXCC has 0 commission fee. ECNSTP processing. It's not that obvious as spreads, because you cannot see it. However it is a big thing. It means that the broker is on the trader's side, and the more you trade the better it is for the broker. The other features are quite standard for the majority of broker companies. So for now, I will continue to trade here.
  9 May 2022  
Experienced broker; tight, competitive spreads; wide range of withdrawal and deposit. For me it’s more than enough to day trade successfully.
  6 May 2022  
Is the leverage adjustable or it is fixed on currency pairs? What instruments does the broker have to protect the client's deposit?
  5 May 2022  
You can trade all over the world with a broker. I have been working with them since November 2020 and have earned over $2,000. Got them out with no problems. I bought myself a computer and 20-inch monitor and I still trade with it. I have no complaints, on the contrary, I have only positive feedback, except for order execution, sometimes they are slow to execute in case of news releases, but otherwise, I really enjoy trading with them. BTW, it's not the broker fault - my pals have the same issues with other brokers during this specific moments. FXCC is nice broker overall.
  2 May 2022  
FXCC talks a lot about market news, which can be usefull in trading. I'm ok with that. thanks to broker.
  29 Apr 2022  
Whatever your level of trading experience or demands I think fxcc is right place to be. One type of account fits with majority of trading needs. New traders will be glad to see no minimum deposit, no trading commission and 100% first deposit bonus. For experienced traders leverages size, spreads and amount of trading instruments with advanced tools for trading platform will be interesting. vps is a feature that can change your trading itself. Read about it.
  29 Apr 2022  
I've already recognized that the biggest plus of FXCC is the low level of spreads. Can somebody explain how to use average effective spreads tool in my trading?
  28 Apr 2022  
You're right. the broker has comparatively low spreads. As for the average effective spreads tool, then you should operate a drop-down menu mainly to select the certain instruments, which you'd like to watch for. Y-axis - spread, X-axis - the time. The line drawing shows you spreads available at the specific time. Due to this tool you can analyze the periods of high volatility on the particular instruments.
Masheg   21 May 2022
FXCC is a flexible place for traders and investors with very large list of deposit and withdrawal methods. Trading conditions are basic and will acceptable for many people. I'm fine with FXCC!
  26 Apr 2022  
For me its universal trading platform that will be flexible for all traders. It's even suitable for Muslims to trade here with swap free account. With just 100$ minimum deposit, you can start to trade quickly on basic market instruments like forex, metals, indices, and energies. By using the metatrader 4 platform, you can use extra options like multi terminal or multi account manager for better trades. Its very simple in use and user friendly.
  25 Apr 2022  
I liked the service. The broker is outstanding. Yes, with experienced specialists you can trade at a higher level than you can. They are always there to help, and I liked it a lot. By the way, I advise you to pay attention to the blog of the fxcc broker. I can say that the blog regularly updates articles, discusses aspects of technical and mathematical analysis, and describes the principles of working with different trading assets.
  19 Apr 2022  
Kind of pleasant broker with all needed trading conditins. I friend of mine invite me here so I trade here for about 2 years. I trade using metatrader 4 platform - classic. Spreads here are floating from 0.0 pips and you don't pay for trading commissions. I use negative balance protection, because sometimes i use big leverage sizes and it is fits my strategy and risk management. There are many trading instruments so you can trade non stop.
  13 Apr 2022  
FXCC gave new hope to become disciplined trader and it's working. i used learning content to improve my skills and not to make mistakes.
  9 Apr 2022  
Idk actually why I chose this broker couple of weeks ago, but these days I understand that it wasn't impulsive desidion. Here I found everything I needed for a successful trading career. For example, forex calculator which helps me daily to calculate potential profits and analyse the graphics. Do anyone use it also? Share you hints.
  6 Apr 2022  
I have been trading with major FX pairs for a couple of months. I can not say that I spend a lot of time and effort on my training. I joined fxcc with real acc right away. I had a couple of controversial questions (concerning the withdrawal of the account). tech support explained where I was wrong. A+ goes to support team. My profit: I have invested $ 1000 so far and got $154 profits. I am not chasing millions. I am earning money with patience and fxcc provides me all I need.
  3 Apr 2022  
No brokers actually would suit all traders, as the demands are different, thus it's quite cool that i can choose. fxcc has tight spreads and single account for all need, i hate when brokers try to confuse you with a lot of data and options. Btw, anyone knows about fees on withdrawing money? Any hidden fees?
  3 Apr 2022  
If you withdraw to a banking card (visa or mastercard) it's free. E-wallets have fixed withdrawal interest. Bank wire withdrawal fee depends on the particular bank. No hidden fees, as far as I can see, everything pretty transparent.
Boris Kolar   18 May 2022
FXCC provides many-many assets, no delays, money out goes smoothly.
  28 Mar 2022  
I started Forex trading with FXCC. At first I put $100 on my account and did some srtupid trades and eventually lost it. Deposited another $300 and raised the $300-350-500 in two days. I chose broker carefully, it was obvious that this was a solid firm. I hope in two or three months of trading I will get steady profits. Righ now the balance raising and droping from day to day.
  27 Mar 2022  
It often happens with beginners - more or less frequent. You just have to go through it. I like company, platform work smoothly and it never takes too long to pay out profits. no restrictions in trading. a trader does not need more to be sure in broker.
Dalgoz   30 Apr 2022
FXCC has high leverage 1:500. It's pretty suitable for me and my ambitions and intentions on the market. Guess that only leverage trading could help me earn some money.
  17 Mar 2022  
A lot depends on your deposit. If it's small: 100, 500 or 1000 USD, you need leverage to trade and earn money.
Logan Leblanc   23 Mar 2022
The broker that I can trust. And it's not even the experience of a couple of months of trading, it's the experience of trading for several years. I've been working with this broker, and the trading conditions are getting better.
  16 Mar 2022  
FXCC great trait is conditions for Canada traders. I found out about it due to their website. Also they have Multi Terminal and Multi Account Manager for MT4. It allows to manage several account simultaneously. However, I can't understand how to withdraw money here, are there any commissions?
  14 Mar 2022  
Look, I advise you to try to withdraw money on the card. Visa or MasterCard, it doesn't matter. It will be about 24 hours, sometimes a little more. And no commission. If you use other withdrawal methods: services have different commissions of 2-3%.
Kayden Li   19 Apr 2022
I tried fxcc and looks pretty decent to me. It doesn't charge too much for trading, so that I can keep my profits to myself and it is wonderful. I wonder are there an commissions for withdrawaing funds to my visa bank card?
  11 Mar 2022  
I got nothing to complain about here. The broker executes its duties well as it should be. When it all flows normally it feels like nothing happens and that’s what I call a healthy atmosphere. Some folks may even find it boring because it’s like living in a grave but for me this seeming "boredom" is a sign that the broker does its job well. I also like when the broker doesn’t try to bother with “exclusive” offers. All I expect from it is to let me trade and withdraw money. It does it.
  10 Mar 2022  
FXCC is a fine fx broker in my opinion. Trading conditions are fine and the broker's fees don't eat up all the profits from trading. I can trade all the currency pairs that I am interested in using a comfortable leverage of 1:500.
  8 Mar 2022  
That’s a typical broker, but I don’t see a downside here. In this case, “typical” means predictable and perhaps it could be interpreted as reliable. A licensed broker with tight spreads. I’m sure that if you have some trading experience you saw many such brokers. At least I don’t see crucial pitfalls here and the broker can be a reliable partner on the condition you know how to analyze the market. As for downsides, I don’t like that it provides Mts only.
  7 Mar 2022  
This may not be new information, but you can get up to $2,000 in bonuses here. I have a small account opened here. My trading strategy is not that active. But I heard from the management at the firm where I work, they are going to open Corporate Forex Trading Accounts, there is such an opportunity here. As for their ECN XL trading account, the conditions are really good, the orders are triggered instantly, the spreads are very low and the support is not bad.
The only thing I miss is the variety of trading platforms, but that is not so important.

  23 Feb 2022  
I have a good impression of trading with FXCC. I know that maybe 3 months is not a long time but during this time I withdrew my money 4 times already. Not once was it more than 24 hours. It's important to me as I can't always plan ahead when I need the money. Trading goes smooth so far.
  18 Feb 2022  
This broker is not a scam for me because I successfully tested it. I can say it makes sense to test it because it offers a zero minimum depo so in the worst case you will not lose big money during the test. So, it will not be a painful experience for you. For example, I risked about one hundred bucks to test this broker but you can deposit even a smaller amount for this purpose. When a broker has a $500 minimum deposit, it makes your test riskier.
  14 Feb 2022  


Founded in 2010, FXCC is one of the leading STP/ECN brokers, specialising in Forex and CFDs, delivering institutional level of service and cost-effective trading opportunities to retail clients who wish to trade across a wide range of products. Regulated by CySEC, FXCC provides clients with access...

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