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FxPro Reviews for 4 August 2021

My experience with fxpro is quite good. For the last three years I have been trading with them, the quality of services was very high and stable, I had no problems with execution, withdrawals or any other serious problems, and sometimes I had very good profits. Last time I use Ctrader. Very user-friendly and simple interface and the execution is fast. Also they do not requote. For my opinion, it is a good brokerage company and they always improve their services. I'm satisfied with it.

Andrew   30 Jul 2021  
Hello friends. I will share my impression of my broker. Initially, I was looking for a broker with licenses, because the rule Trust But Check You Must, also applies here. FXPro is licensed not only in Cyprus but also in England. It is the toughest licensor to date. So the broker's reliability is all right. Further, the support of many trading platforms is important. If a broker can afford to pay for licenses to several companies and fully cooperates with them, this means a lot. Here FXPro is great too, because they have the opportunity to work with MT4, MT5 and cTrader. There is also its own platform. Trades are closed quickly thanks to the use of NDD. There are no commissions, the spreads are nice. The choice of trading instruments is huge. Earnings are withdrawn easily and quickly. The guys are really good fellows, they correspond to the declared level. Satisfied with working with them.

Halim Mandala   29 Jul 2021  
I have used a couple of other brokers in the past and in comparison FxPro beats them in all reasons. First of all, I must say that this broker is reliable and well regulated. They provide a good range of trading instruments and you can choose from several types of accounts and platforms of your own choice. They always improve their services and keep up with the times.

Vilat   27 Jul 2021  
I haven't been trading Forex and CFDs for very long, but I've already learned a few things. I know that in order to become a professional successful trader I need to make a lot of trading. I think that everything will be fine for me.
I love reading different FxPro reviews to learn more about this broker. This is because I know that this broker offers a lot of good services. For example, there are many trading assets. You can also choose different trading software, Metatrader 4, 5, or the cTrader platform. Now I am trading with MT4, but I am thinking about the cTrader platform. Tell me who is trading on this trading platform? how does it differ from MT4?
Felharn   25 Jul 2021  
It has nothing in common with Metatrader. It comes with a different layout. Here it's much easier to manage trades. With one click, you can double your already open trades or even reverse them if you timely notice that the market goes against you.
William Araujo   2 Aug 2021
I know that FxPro has accumulated over the years a huge amount of useful and unique material regarding work in the financial markets, currency trading, trading strategies and indicators used. Can you tell me what information is provided by the analytical department of FxPro?
Alsakhurr   21 Jul 2021  
I like their platform. Trading is carried out directly from the browser. I know a lot of people prefer standalone platforms. But it's easier for me to work in a browser, because I always have several tabs open at once: current news, several charts and separate charts for technical analysis, which I do in my free minutes. There are many timeframes, starting from a one-minute period. In addition, indicators and oscillators can be used on this platform. I use strategies with clear entry signals, so this is important to me. The platform works quickly, my orders are opened and closed by the minute. I am very pleased with the speed.
Abdul Mathur   14 Jul 2021  
This forex broker is very popular now. No wonder. Firstly, it has been working for a long time and there are many good reviews on the internet. Secondly, there is a large number of trading as/sets and trading floors. For example, there are MT4 and MT5. It is also a good advantage that algorithmic trading is possible here. FxPro is a regulated and fair broker. I was convinced of this myself!
Daniel Alves   13 Jul 2021  
Many companies have acquired the rights to provide MetaTrader platforms for their clients - and have stopped there. The FxPro team went further, independently developing a proprietary trading platform, which they then integrated into a mobile application. Have you tried it?
Kristijan Kranjchar   9 Jul 2021  
What's the most suitable trading account for scalping?
Joshua Fuchs   8 Jul 2021  
FxPro is a great choice for FX and CFD trading. The broker has a powerful reputation and a high level of regulations in many countries around the globe. The choice of trading account types and platforms is awesome. The number of solutions for algorithmic trading is large in all platforms. I also appreciate the attitude of the client support team. I'm feeling like being a part of a team of professionals.
Adam   7 Jul 2021  
This broker is really very good. I'm glad it's an NDD broker and it has market execution. It's also regulated. This information gives me confidence in the honesty of the broker. Of course, the trading conditions are also very good. You can choose the trading platform cTrader. This is very popular now. Of course you can also find MetaTrader 4 and 5. I think every trader can find something for themselves.
Aarni Vesa   5 Jul 2021  
I chose FxPro because they don't interrupt my trades and earn only on the commissions. They do not use client's money. All client's funds are segregated from the Fxpro own funds and are kept on accounts in world major banks. Also, they offer negative balance protection. It means that you cannot lose more than your total deposit. The technical component is also implemented perfectly.
Max   4 Jul 2021  
If to rate the broker, I give them 9 of 10. Very satisfied! I've never regretted that I decided to trade with them. FxPro support team is the best I ever work with! Managers are very professional and I like their approach to the clients. There are a lot of trading instruments, fast withdrawal and no problem with execution.
Mihal   3 Jul 2021  
With the right approach, you can make good money and, most importantly, no one will block and cancel your transactions. Everything that you earn by trading is all yours. Once with an advisor, I collected such an excess profit in a month (it's a pity then he merged in the end after a while), but this is not important. I put it to the conclusion and thought they would not give it back, it happened in other DCs. Of course, they checked it for a long time, although it is written that the money should be on the card in 3 days, but this time they checked about 2 weeks and all transactions went through one after another! I received my money and realized that it is better to work with proven ones, like fx about, than to pray that your profit will be withdrawn in another office.
Frederik Bauer   29 Jun 2021  
FxPro has quite attractive trading conditions, fast order executions and flexible leverage in the MT4 trading account. What benefits can I get when switching to the cTrader account type?
Tuantong   26 Jun 2021  
You will get good quote fast execution low spread, customable platform and good charts, order management's account, visible actions and lots. It's my trading platform.
Saints Micheal   25 Jul 2021
I can describe fxpro as a reliable, decent company, which provides a service that completely suits me. I am very glad to work with this company.

Ramon   26 Jun 2021  
How much money does it really take to work properly at FxPro?
Aake Hallapuro   24 Jun 2021  
Well, the minimum deposit starts at $ 100. Of course, this is only suitable for beginners and people who pre-test the platform before full-fledged work. It is difficult to say how much a trader needs in his account to open all interesting positions. For short trades, this amount may be less. For long positions, on the other hand, over time, traders come to the conclusion that it is usually possible to make money in long positions only by investing well in them. It all depends on your capabilities. This is why FXPro requires such a low minimum deposit. I think this is the correct policy. So that any trader can start gradually without serious risk to their wallet. Once you get comfortable and find your strategies, then you can expand the trading volume.
Marius Payet   21 Jul 2021
I am glad that I chose the broker FxPro. There are many advantages here, and it is especially cool that there is a cTrader trading platform. This is not everywhere now and I decided to try. In my opinion this is a miracle! Of course I agree that it is a bit like MetaTrader 5. I mean the depth of the market, the number of indicators. But all the same, it seems to me that the cTrader platform is simpler. That's not all. I love that this broker has good educational materials and you can learn how to trade. Everything is clear here and you don't need to get an education at the university. There is also a huge selection of trading instruments, among which there are many currency pairs, stocks and indices of gold and oil. Everyone can find something for themselves.
Lekytas   19 Jun 2021  
The same impression here! Executions are fast, spreads are tight, and the platform choice is large. I love being a part of the community evolving around the company. ctrader access is a distinctive pro of the broker.
Nick Khovranchich   16 Jul 2021
I switched to fxpro from another large broker - they attracted democratic commissions. In general, I did not notice the difference in the operation of the terminals, but the costs were reduced by almost a quarter. It is nice that there are practically no freezes and malfunctions, although I use the web-version of the terminal.
Ksawery Kucharski   14 Jun 2021  
I have been trading in the forex market for a long time, I have several open accounts with the fxpro company. There have already been so many different reviews written about them, most of which are positive, which still remains a mystery to me, how does it stay afloat for many years and only build momentum? Can someone tell me their secret?
Martin Robert   12 Jun 2021  
Oh, it's simple. I trade with them myself, so I know very well what I'm talking about. Firstly, the broker has many licenses from the regulatory authorities, which puts it within the framework of legality and compliance with our interests. Secondly, they cover some of the deals with orders of their own clients due to their huge client base. And only those deals that do not have a counterparty are brought to the market. Thanks to this, the system works very quickly, without delays or smth.
Michele Visentin   5 Jul 2021
Why FxPro Global Markets ltd has a higher leverage and how is it related to asset classes?
Rene Moulin   9 Jun 2021  
FxPro offers leverage to all traders regardless of the account type, with a maximum leverage of 1:500, which is a very good indicator. Leverage is received by all traders, regardless of what asset they are trading, and the leverage does not depend on the size of the traded lot. If you want to find out the exact amount of leverage for a particular asset, you can visit the broker's website and find out a preliminary list of all assets and available leverage. This will let you know in advance the result you can get. I would like to add that the company supports fairness and transparent trading, and makes efforts to avoid possible conflicts between a trader and a broker.
Bence Fazekas   5 Jul 2021
I would like to note the professionalism of the FxPro staff, because real experts in market analysts and normal technical support staff work here who are able to help you with any issue, no matter what you need. This is a real service that deserves attention. And this is valuable for customers.
Piotr Borowski   7 Jun 2021  
FxPro is quite an innovative forex broker which always improve their services. There are a lot of trading instruments for all the choices. They offer quite competitive conditions and security guarantees. Satisfied with the results of my trading here.

Michael   3 Jun 2021  
What can I say about this broker? This is probably the most titled broker I know. Voted Best Forex Provider of 2021 by Online Personal Weath Awards and Best CFD FX Provider 2021. The FxPro awards are a testament to the high quality of the products and services that the team has developed to meet the needs of today's traders. What else can you add? All clients' orders are executed without the intervention of the dealing desk. This means that this broker is characterized by ultra-fast order execution. Also, for beginners, a convenient form of training is provided using online cards and video tutorials. Also, the broker has developed enhanced measures to protect data, transactions and deposits.
Alberto Valverde   29 May 2021  
A very good and honest broker. He withdraws money quickly and has never had any problems or account blocking. Large sele*ction of trading instruments. I was trading all the time on MetaTrader 4, but decided to change something in my life. I found out that the cTrader platform has more functionality. And FxPro also has this. So I got the idea to use the cTrader trading platform now. Tell me how Metatrader 4 differs from the cTrader platform in terms of functionality?
Nugraha Pradana   28 May 2021  
I'm working with them since February - no problems so far. They have a great mobile app for Android. Very easy to use. It combines professional trading conditions with fast market execution, tight spreads and superior charting functions and technical indicators.

Leo   27 May 2021  
What's the best account for scalping?
Rudolf   22 May 2021  
I would like to share my opinion about cooperation with this broker. I joined FxPro 2 years ago. At that time I already knew about this broker. They are quite famous and reputable in Europe. Now I am really pleased with the results. I earned much more than deposited. They always provided a good quality of services. I never had any suspicions that they could be a scam broker.

Ron   20 May 2021  
I want to say that there have been a lot of positive reviews about this broker. Good regulation, low spreads, and the level of technical support have been noted many times. But I would like to separately mention Trading Central. I learned about this system recently, but already appreciated the positive aspects of using it. Yes, no prediction can be perfect. But more than once I was able to be convinced of the excellent forecasts of their analysts and this helps me to increase my profits. The company is partners with Trading Central to help the company's clients make right and informed investment decisions. The company provides clients with direct access to this product on the MT4 / MT5 platforms. I want to note that the Trading Central system provides online technical an*alysis of the Forex market, an*alyzes support and resistance levels, and gives intraday and long-term forecasts.
Radames Moretti   17 May 2021  
I wanted to find a broker with multiple trading platforms. I wanted not only MT4. I wanted MT5, it is more perfect! I also wanted to try the cTrader trading platform. A lot of good reviews about it. I chose the broker FxPro. Besides a good selection of trading platforms, the broker has excellent trading conditions in the Forex market!
Aatto Suuronen   11 May 2021  

FxPro has been operating since 2006. For 15 active years, it confidently became one of the world's leading Forex and CFD broker. An impressive list of more than 80 international awards is constantly being updated, and the number of loyal customers is increasing on a daily basis. FxPro is...

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