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Starting out with FxPro, the customer service was a big help, especially when I had questions about setting up my account. The high leverage options are intriguing, but I'm proceeding with caution as I learn more.
  6 Dec 2023  
these guys are absolutely significant in my trading journey. it totally deserves the best rating, and I say that not based on my appreciation and how i like the services of fxpro, i am trying to be as objective as possible. they are basically offer such a broad spectrum of services, and they are commited to provide the best expereince to you as possible, firing on all cylinders.
  6 Dec 2023  
FxPro's commitment to education is unparalleled. The quality of webinars and tutorials has elevated my understanding of the markets. The real-time social trading feeds have added a collaborative dimension to my trading journey, allowing me to learn from the experiences of others. FxPro's platform is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive learning ecosystem that has been pivotal in my growth as a trader.
  6 Dec 2023  
Traders appreciate FxPro flexibility in providing tailored trading conditions, allowing them to choose parameters that align with their risk tolerance and investment goals.
  5 Dec 2023  
FxPro efficient account verification process ensures a smooth onboarding experience for new traders, reducing unnecessary delays.
  5 Dec 2023  
FxPro offers flexible leverage options, catering to various trading strategies and risk profiles, allowing traders to tailor their approach to the market.
  3 Dec 2023  
FxPro's swift and seamless deposit and withdrawal processes streamline financial management for traders, ensuring quick access to their funds.
  2 Dec 2023  
Having been a client of FxPro for over a year, I've had ample time to assess their services comprehensively. FxPro offers conditions that are not only attractive but also conducive for traders at various levels, from novices to experienced ones. One of FxPro's standout features is its robust and fast trading platform. However, to make the most out of the mobile version of this platform, a powerful smartphone is necessary due to its sophisticated functionalities. Starting as a novice, my initial phase with FxPro was mixed, marked by inevitable losses as part of the learning curve. However, I've since managed to establish a profitable trading strategy, recovering from my early setbacks. This progress is, in part, thanks to FxPro's reliable trading environment and their commitment to client success. FxPro has demonstrated a serious commitment to addressing client needs. Several issues that I disputed were resolved in my favor, showcasing their dedication to fair and client-friendly practices. The trading conditions at FxPro are favorable, with a platform that functions seamlessly. Unlike experiences with previous brokers where trading was sometimes marred by inexplicable situations, FxPro provides a stable and transparent trading environment. Based on my extended experience, I can confidently affirm that FxPro stands as a reputable and reliable broker. The combination of good trading conditions, a user-friendly platform, and a strong client-focused approach makes FxPro an excellent choice for traders seeking a dependable brokerage partner.
  1 Dec 2023  
The broker is regulated by multiple regulatory bodies, which I think is important. The trading platforms available give traders a range of alternatives to choose from, and the Fxpro trading platform quite surprised me with it's quality. It just lacks in a few features.
  22 Nov 2023  
I've been trading with FxPro for over a decade, and it's their consistent drive for excellence that keeps me loyal. From a robust platform offering CFDs across various asset classes like forex, shares, and spot metals to their commitment to top-tier liquidity without dealing desk intervention, it's clear why they've amassed over 90 international awards​​​​. Their regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions gives me confidence in their operations​​. I'm not alone in my trust; an internal survey showed 70% of FxPro traders would recommend them, which doesn't surprise me given their client-first approach​​.
  20 Nov 2023  
A pretty much contemporary broker, I like such ones. They inspire confidence in the future.
  18 Nov 2023  
The rare occurrences of slippages highlight the platform's server reliability. This gives me confidence about the precision in order execution.
  17 Nov 2023  
This broker has quite a good choice of trading account types and trading platforms. I believe that this is important for experienced traders. After all, their trading strategies require strict correspondence of trading conditions and quality of instruments. I am not an experienced trader yet, but judging by what services and opportunities this broker has, I can become a Pro. Besides, name of the company has Pro in it, so I have not bad chances. I realize that to gain experience and become a professional I need all the tools to work perfectly. Only then I will be able to concentrate on trading. And this broker is known for having such services and tools.
  15 Nov 2023  
FxPro understands the importance of choice and gives traders the freedom to choose throughout their experience. From trading accounts to trading platforms, and even some trading conditions as well.
  14 Nov 2023  
As an institutional client who requires a broker with a global reach, I've found FxPro's expansive presence across 170 countries to be crucial for my operations​​. They offer a comprehensive range of CFDs, including futures and spot indices, which are integral to my investment strategies​​. The fact that they operate under such stringent regulatory bodies like the FCA and CySEC provides an additional layer of trust to their services​​. The level of transparency and trust I've experienced with FxPro is unparalleled. Their no dealing desk intervention policy ensures that my trades are executed without any conflict of interest. It's clear why a significant number of their clients, myself included, are willing to endorse FxPro to others​​​​. Their award-winning performance is a testament to their commitment to being a leading broker in the forex and CFD markets​​.
  14 Nov 2023  
For me as an algo trader this broker is great partner. And here's why: 1. Trading conditions here are quite favorable. 2. Speed and quality of execution. Correct work of Expert Advisors that I use in trading depends on high speed and accuracy of order execution. Here broker applies modern technologies, which makes execution so good. 3. Possibility to connect VPS server. Of course, some companies provide such services. But I don't trust them. I trust broker I have been trading with for a long time. Besides, I have already checked quality of this service and made sure that everything works without fail. This combination of company's features makes my trading easier.
  14 Nov 2023  
The myriad methods available for account replenishment, especially the inclusion of e-wallets, makes the process versatile and user-centric.
  12 Nov 2023  
Fxpro is the most credible forex company I know. That’s why I am here trading on a daily basis.
  11 Nov 2023  
My experience with automated trading using EA has been stellar, and the platform's feedback system has been invaluable. The support team's role in aiding strategy development cannot be overstated.
  10 Nov 2023  
I wholeheartedly endorse collaborating with FxPro, a brokerage that has earned my trust primarily due to its stringent adherence to licensing and regulation by reputable European authorities. The oversight by serious regulatory bodies provides a crucial layer of security and transparency, assuring traders of a reliable and accountable trading environment. FxPro's utilization of the MetaTrader platform adds a layer of familiarity and efficiency for traders, as it is a widely recognized and respected tool within the trading community. In my experience, instances of slippage are infrequent, typically occurring only during pronounced market movements or in situations where liquidity is lacking. Requotes are a rare occurrence, further attesting to the broker's commitment to smooth and uninterrupted trading experiences. The process of withdrawing funds from my FxPro account to my bank account has been notably swift and accompanied by low fees, contributing to a seamless and cost-effective financial transaction. This operational efficiency significantly enhances the overall user experience and reinforces FxPro's reputation as a broker that values its clients' time and resources. FxPro distinguishes itself not only through operational efficiency but also through its comprehensive offerings. The mobile application provided by FxPro is not only user-friendly but visually appealing, catering to traders on the go. The diverse range of tariff plans caters to various trading preferences, and the wealth of analytical materials provided underscores the broker's commitment to empowering traders with informed decision-making tools. To ensure a smooth journey with FxPro, it is advisable to familiarize oneself with the tariff structures and fees in advance, a practice prudent with any brokerage. FxPro's commitment to customer support adds an additional layer of reassurance, ensuring that any queries or concerns are promptly and effectively addressed. In summary, FxPro stands out as a stellar brokerage, combining regulatory reliability, efficient operations, and a user-friendly interface. With a robust mobile application, diverse tariff plans, and extensive analytical resources, FxPro has established itself as a comprehensive solution for traders seeking a trustworthy and feature-rich trading experience.
  10 Nov 2023  
Their multilingual support system broadens their global reach and facilitates effortless communication. Such linguistic versatility is indicative of a company with a global vision.
  8 Nov 2023  
I appreciate the transparency and reliability of FxPro. I've never had any concerns about the safety of my funds.
  7 Nov 2023  
FXPro's educational resources have helped me improve my trading strategy. The webinars and guides are very informative for traders at all levels.
  3 Nov 2023  
Man, i don't do a lot of reviews when it comes to banking or brokerage services i used to utilize from time to time, bu i gots to jot down some words about fxpro. i really dig their services and its the platform i found where i get the best possible opportunitiess to make money, if the financcial markets is a track, fxpro is the fastest and most reliable car you can gets to drive on it.
  2 Nov 2023  
Navigating the vast seas of forex trading, I stumbled upon FxPro, which soon proved itself to be a beacon for professional traders like myself. From the outset, it became evident that FxPro wasn't merely another broker in the fray but a distinguished entity that epitomized professionalism and reliability. One of the most pivotal attributes for a trader is the speed and efficiency with which trades are executed. FxPro shines brilliantly in this domain, ensuring swift trade execution complemented by competitive pricing. But it's not just the speed that's commendable; it's the perfection with which they deliver their services. They've clearly put thought and innovation into their platforms, which are not only state-of-the-art but also exceptionally user-friendly. This makes trading an effortless endeavor, even for those new to the space. Consistency is another hallmark of FxPro. Whether it's in their consistently modern platforms or their reliable profit withdrawal system, they've continuously proven their dedication to their clientele. As someone who has been in the trading realm for a while, the reliability of a broker, especially concerning withdrawals, is paramount. With FxPro, not once have I faced any hitches. Their commitment to facilitating smooth withdrawals, coupled with an array of payment methods, is truly commendable. Whether it's through credit/debit cards, bank wire, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or others, FxPro ensures flexibility and convenience for its traders. Their regulatory credentials further accentuate their credibility. Holding regulations from both the FCA and CySec, FxPro stands as a paragon of regulatory compliance, which instills a great deal of confidence in traders. The platforms they offer, stable and intuitive, provide a seamless trading experience that I've found hard to match elsewhere. Moreover, their approach to transactional processes, especially withdrawals, is refreshingly efficient. The nominal fees and the myriad of payment methods available make the process smooth, and the speed at which they process withdrawals is nothing short of impressive. Funds typically reflect in my account mere hours after making a request, a testament to their commitment to client satisfaction. In summary, my journey with FxPro has been nothing short of exemplary. Their unmatched service quality, holistic trading conditions, and steadfast commitment to ensuring client success make them a force to be reckoned with in the trading world. If excellence in trading is what you seek, FxPro, time-tested and regulated, should undoubtedly be on your radar. Highly recommended for traders who prioritize efficiency, reliability, and excellence.
  1 Nov 2023  
In the world of forex trading, where broker credibility is often under the microscope, FxPro emerges as a stalwart, having cemented its reputation over the years. Being licensed by the FCA, this seasoned brokerage firm carries with it a heft of authenticity and trustworthiness that few can rival. It's not uncommon to encounter grievances and accusations against brokers, often decrying withdrawal delays and questionable services. However, it's essential to separate the chaff from the grain and recognize that, oftentimes, losses may stem from personal misjudgments rather than broker malfeasance. From my vantage point and based on years of hands-on experience, FxPro stands above such baseless criticisms. When you arm yourself with a robust trading strategy and insight, this broker provides an environment conducive to prosperous trading. My association with FxPro spans nearly two years, and I couldn't be more content with my choice. The trading conditions they offer are not just flexible but also attuned to the needs of diverse traders, be it a novice or a seasoned veteran. Every trade, every transaction has been executed seamlessly, devoid of any connection glitches or hitches. Moreover, when it comes to withdrawals, a contentious point for many traders, my experience has been unequivocally smooth. One of FxPro's distinguishing features is its expansive array of trading accounts and instruments, catering to the varied needs of the trading community. Its trade execution is prompt, and there's a noticeable absence of drag, ensuring that your trades are always in real-time. Importantly, their approach to trading strategies is refreshingly inclusive. Whether you're into scalping or rely on intricate Expert Advisors (EA's), FxPro is accommodating. In conclusion, amidst a market flooded with brokers of varying credibility, FxPro stands as a beacon of reliability and professionalism. Their comprehensive offerings, coupled with an unwavering commitment to client success, make them a top choice for discerning traders. In a world where trust is paramount, FxPro consistently delivers, making them a gold standard in the brokerage domain.
  28 Oct 2023  
Here are the highlights of the broker according to my experience. The reputation of Fxpro is almost spotless. I couldn;t find anything shady or questionable in the history of the company. It’s nice to know that my broker doesn’t do, or hasn't done anything dubious. It can definitely give the peace of mind for confident trading. Fxpro is one of the few companies that are perfectly willing to provide access to some unorthodox trading softwares. I mean cTrader and Fxpro platform. I don’t know any other broker that would have cTrader as their trading platform. And it’s quite decent platform, especially for algo traders and scalpers. Last but not least the payments are fast and easy. It’s an important feature to have for any trader out there.
  25 Oct 2023  
The multilingual customer support at FXpro is a plus for international traders. They make an effort to help in your preferred language.
  23 Oct 2023  
There is four trading platforms on the platform and I really likes it. The broker has a very good combination of the MT4, MT5, cTrader and also the fxpro direct platform, which comes in a web, pc, and mobile versions. I can almost a/ssure any trader that they will have a good trading experiences with the broker.
  21 Oct 2023  
You know that fxpro has deep liquidity just by looking at the amount of assets and spreads.
  21 Oct 2023  

For over 15 years, FxPro has been a formidable presence in the world of financial trading. Since its inception in 2006, the company has not only thrived but also emerged as one of the foremost global Forex and CFD brokers. This success story is underscored by the company's extensive collection...

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