FxPro Reviews and Comments 2021

FxPro has everything you need as a trader. The trading conditions are acceptable and the spreads are fine. And the broker is reliable.

Sam   18 January, 2021  

I like to scalp with this broker. For five years of working in the financial markets, I have tried a great number of trading styles. But the thing I like most is scalping. I know that many people can't stand scalping because it puts a big psychological pressure on traders. Well, I can't deny this fact. It's really so. However, I don't see a tragedy here. Stress is a normal thing in trading. You can't totally exclude it just like you can't 100% suppress your fear because it's a natural feeling. All you need to do is to trade as frequently as possible and soon you will get used to your stress. As a result, you will not be frightened by scalping. FxPro attracted me as a good broker for scalpers. I opened a cTrader account with the broker just to enjoy tight spreads (0,37). With low spreads, it's much easier to earn when scalping. You will see it with your own eyes once you start scalping.

Benjamin Clerc   18 January, 2021  

I know about the fact that a brokerage company is not obliged to train traders. But I am very glad that FxPro is not limiting itself to standard services and provides opportunities for education and for everyone to master the market. Your reviews are a real treasure trove of information. And you can use that in your work every day.

Michel Marin   16 January, 2021  

Big and reliable broker. I like trading here. Overall I'm very pleased with their platform and attitude towards the client.

Julian   13 January, 2021  

In general I can assess the conditions of this company quite high, because on the one hand it has clas.sic features (demo, standard set of as.sets and technical tools), but on the other hand it is fully in line with modern trends (trading terminals, calculators, etc.). It seems to me that such a mix definitely makes sense, because it gives traders a chance to experiment and stay in the safest conditions possible. So I can recommend it with all my heart!

Loudvig Hansen   30 December, 2020  

Trading with them for the last several months. Everything is ok! Good transparent conditions and order execution.

Lars   27 December, 2020  

I was choosing between five brokers and finally gave my preference to FxPro. I opened a FxPro MT5 account because it's commission-free and I like this terminal. I mostly trade currency pairs and metals. For two weeks of trading with this broker I faced no negative stuff, such as frequent slippage, or attempts to cheat me on the side of the broker. It makes me want to continue.

Osvaldo Montanari   25 December, 2020  

Do you think this company is as safe as it is written on its website?

Miguel Pacheco   16 December, 2020  

you can be sure this is a pretty good and reliable broker.

Rick   18 December, 2020

Yeah, not only it's regulated, but also offers some addtional features to secure traders funds (like FXPro Wallet), so I think it's safe enough. I've been trading with it for almost 4 years and never faced any problems, so it looks like a reliable place for trading.

Claus Ziegler   18 January, 2021

I like this broker because in addition to good trading conditions it also offers excellent trading software solutions. The broker offers four trading platforms and I especially appreciate two of them. These are Metatrader 5 and cTrader. The first one would suit conservative traders who need a combination of a tried and tested layout with extended functionality such as more timeframes and the depth of the market feature. The latter is also available in cTrader but on a higher level. It's a next-gen terminal that offers a completely new, very intuitive layout and probably the biggest number of supported timeframes as well as technical indicators. I need this ultimate functionality for a more precise market analysis.

Klaus Dieter   15 December, 2020  

What will be your review of trading courses in FxPro?

Marian Merz   12 December, 2020  

Are you referring to the free courses for beginners at FxPro? I think they are of excellent quality. I've seen several sets of cards, and I'm impressed. I also like the Watch-n-Trade or Watch-n-Learn series. I don't remember the exact name. But there are one-minute videos where everything is so clear. Starting with why the exchange rate sh0ws the health of the economy. And from the point about what kind of players are on the market. In general, this FxPro section is useful and very accessible. The information is presented easily and understandably. All materials are colorful and pleasing to the eye.

Martin Fritsch   15 January, 2021

Modern brokerage companies impress me with the abundance of original services and the fact that they allow traders to implement the most daring ideas. And this company is no exception. Here, for example, I like the articles about the psychology of trading, because it is something that always worries me. And this allows me to cope with some tension. And I think you will agree with me that this is important for every market participant.

Leonid Reichert   11 December, 2020  

I'm satisfied with fxpro. This broker has many regulations, including respectable (FCA and CYSEC) and a long history of business. Conditions suit me well.

Miron   11 December, 2020  

In general, a good broker. I've been working with FxPro for almost two years, and I haven't noticed any problems. Withdrawals are fast, but sometimes there are small delays.

Zedd   2 December, 2020  

One of the most popular companies that 100% justifies its status. It all starts with info provided by the company. Check its website to understand what I'm talking about. That's the most transparent company I've ever seen. It provides info about slippages stats, requote stats and explains the execution method in details. That means that I, as a common trader, can get all this info to understand the estimated number of slippages/requotes and, as a result, I can adjust my trading strategy to maximize my profits.

Jules Fournier   30 November, 2020  

In terms of functionality and services I will leave everything without a long comment. Everything is usual. Everything works. But I liked that the company shares the internal moments, which are important for clients. The site has information on how prices are formed in the trading terminal, how the withdrawal is carried out - this is important information for clients.

Roy Jemison   27 November, 2020  

Never had any issues with the services so far. Happy to recommend FxPro. One of the most reliable brokers nowadays.

Charles   23 November, 2020  

I have a deep interest in FxPro. I joined this company just a month ago and hope to continue. Before I opened an account with the broker I studied a lot of reviews about it in the network. I opened an account with cTrader. I like this user-friendly and cutting-edge platform. I'm sure that in many regards it outperforms legendary Metatrader. Since I'm going to continue with the broker, I would like to know whether it's possible to open a joint account with a broker or not? The matter is that my wife is also interested in trading and we'd like to try family trading.

Nikodem Zawadzki   21 November, 2020  

Yeah, you can. Just create your individual account and then fill a Joint request form.

Ticko Tough   20 December, 2020

What trading platforms are available there?

Nico Juntti   13 November, 2020  

MT4, MT5, Ctrader and FxPro Trading Platform

Max   16 November, 2020

mt4/5 and cTrader + webtrader. there are too much of them. choose what you like the most.

Max Kessler   11 December, 2020

What I favor in FxPro is its platform diversity. What's more, this diversity offers interesting opportunities. For example, if you prefer cla ssical trading solutions and no commission, you can open MT4/MT5 trading accounts. You can also use their custom-made platform, named after the broker. As for me, I opened a cTrader account due to very tight spreads (0.37 pips) and a cutting-edge terminal, which is more intuitive than Metatraders.

Karl-Wilhelm Lohmann   6 November, 2020  

Is Dom a really crucial feature in FxPro cTrader?

Jan Macurova   30 October, 2020  

All functions in the trading terminal can be useful for you, if it corresponds to your approach to work in the market and allows you to stick to the strategy. And cTrader in this sense is a widely functional solution, which is highly appreciated by many traders.

Peter Sunde   6 November, 2020

Every person has certain wishes in the market. And I found a company that helped me to believe in myself. Here I learned how to conduct technical analysis in the market, mastered the calculations to determine the size of an order and control my capital.

Harry Kirchner   30 October, 2020  

I'm trading with FxPro for 2 months now, that's my first brokerage so sorry if I would sound a little creepy, I just want to get first-hand info. In short words, I'm satisfied with brokerage and execution speed is also quite fast but I (I'm using MT4), but I recently found info that cTrader offers even faster execution. Is that true? And what's the difference between MT4 and cTrader at all?

Otto Hafner   27 October, 2020  

There is a difference between MT4 and cTrader. In FxPro, spreads in the cTrader are tighter than in MT4. But there is no commission in MT4, and in the cTrader it is. The commission isn't high, but it exists. By the way, there are slightly fewer assets in cTrader. If I'm not mistaken, there are no stocks and futures. So consider this point if your strategy contains trading on the stock market.

Jim van Luyssel   16 November, 2020

I always wanted to work for a company that will support traders and provide not only access to the market, but also some tools and analytics for more accurate work. And this company in this sense met my expectations, because here I can really work on technical and fundamental analysis, there are calculators for making settlements, here you can find new information about the strategies that interest you, etc. In other words, you always have the opportunity to get new knowledge and practice.

Xavier Favreau   19 October, 2020  

I tried FxPro after going through a few other companies. I find the registration, verification, deposit/withdrawal processes and order execution are very smooth and user-friendly. The website is excellent. And the mobile app is great too.

Carlos   14 October, 2020  

After reviewing a lot of posts about fxpro on many review websites and forums, I have come to the conclusion that there are a lot of undeserved slander and fictitious horror stories. It's outrageous as competitors are dirty behaving by paying negative reviews. From my practice, I can say that this is a pretty good and reliable brokerage company.

Aaron   4 October, 2020  

I have to say that fxpro developed a great mobile app for trading. It includes all the necessary tools. Clients can manage their accounts the same way they would in the desktop version.

Tash   3 October, 2020  

Hi! I have seen different data on the number of FxPro trading platforms on different resources. Some write that there are 2, some that there are 3. I don't really know what number to believe. Maybe someone has more accurate data on this issue? I would be very grateful.

Pridel   30 September, 2020  

Hi! There is actually 3 that I know of, which are Meta4 and 5 then the cTrader platforms. All under FxPro.

Quiziotic   14 October, 2020

Oh, perhaps I will make you happy! There are whole 4 platforms for trading in FxPro. Moreover, the MT4 platform is represented in two account types: with instant execution and market execution. What platforms does FxPro offer? As I have already said, it is MT4 and MT5, cTrader, and the FxPro Edge proprietary platform.

Thibaud Morel   21 October, 2020

There are the most detailed calculators here. It's possible to calculate any single detail in FxPro. Such as average spread in each platform, commission, swap long and short, pip value. It's so important for successful trading.

Pedro Saiz   25 September, 2020  

Brokerage is fair, regulated and opened to the trader. I'm trading there for 2 years and I'm 100% satisfied. What I like the most, broker offers really fast execution. I was trading with other brokers as well and FxPro has the fastest order execution among all brokers are traded. I've asked FxPro support why executions are so fast and got an answer that it's cause of NDD execution. But I don't understand what is it?

Hannaham   23 September, 2020  

NDD is undoubtedly one of the most effective technologies ever implemented in the brokerage industry. It drastically speeds up order execution. FxPro is one of the brokers using this technology. So, when talking about FxPro, it's not about a dealing desk. Instead, this broker has direct access to top-tier liquidity providers. So, FxPro has a possibility to instantly choose the most competitive ask and bid quotes. Since everything is arranged with liquidity providers with no hassle, traders execute their traders at light speed.

Glock   19 October, 2020

I respect trading - because it is a real space for experiments. After all, you can try different strategies and indicators here, and always find something new. I have been doing it here for the last years, and I can note that there are profitable spreads and you can test your knowledge with the help of original online tests.

Belan Sauer   19 September, 2020  

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FxPro has been operating since 2006. For 15 active years, it confidently became one of the world's leading Forex and CFD broker. An impressive list of more than 80 international awards is constantly being updated, and the number of loyal customers is increasing on a daily basis. FxPro is...

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