FxPro Reviews and Comments 2021

I'm currently satisfied with this broker. Fxpro never failed me. I know that they reliable and in any case, everything will be fine with my deposit because they ensure their client's funds. They provide very good conditions for profitable trading. I can confidently recommend this broker.

Hasan   19 April, 2021  

I had several brokers. Traded on different accounts with different brokers. I have been trading for a long time and I thought it was hard to surprise me. But then I saw FxPro. I was impressed. here one broker had everything I needed. All trading platforms in one place. I started working only with FxPro, it is very convenient. You see, I have different trading styles: I trade both MT4 and MT5. As you can imagine, I use MT5 for stocks. Now there are interesting movements on the market and you can make good money, and this broker provides the latest news and good analytics.

Miruna Ion   19 April, 2021  

The most FxPro advantage for me is straightforward and fast withdrawals. I like working here. Never had problems with them. These guys are really professional and reliable.

Rey   15 April, 2021  

A very well-known broker. I think if he was bad he would not be so popular. I once tried to trade with FxPro and I trade now. FxPro has a large selection of everything: there are three types of trading platforms MT 4/5 and a trader. I also really like a lot of assets. I often trade indices and currencies. Fixed spreads helped me in the beginning, but now I switched to an ECN account, it's good that FxPro allows you to choose different types of accounts!

Carlos Mateus   9 April, 2021  

I've joined fxpro about a year ago. The good point I want to mention is that FxPro provides transparent conditions without any scam bonuses. Also, they don't take any additional or hidden fees and commissions are quite reasonable. The depositing process is almost instant and withdrawals take up to 1-2 business days. For this year I haven't had any controversial situations with them. So I enjoy trading with this broker.

Ostap   4 April, 2021  

How can I reset my password for VPS?

Leonhard Maurer   30 March, 2021  

If you have forgotten your VPS password, write to the technical support mail with your IP and port number. You will be sent a new password by email. I advise you to check the details on the official FxPro website.

Arthur Lecomte   8 April, 2021

Trading with FXPro is very convenient. The broker not only has interesting and profitable trading conditions, but you can also trade safely with it. It has a regulator, so you don't have to worry that something will happen to your investment. So I don't mind all the difficulties and challenges of trading, but focus on my learning. I prefer to test all my strategies and systems on a demo account, and I advise you to do the same!

Leo Luis   22 March, 2021  

How can I start using the VPS service?

Vazha Arabidze   22 March, 2021  

The FxPro Virtual Private Server (Forex VPS) enables you to upload and run your MT4 Expert Advisors and cAlgo Robots 24 hours a day, without needing to keep your trading terminal running. Please find out how to set up and use your VPS subscription with a step-by-step user guide by FxPro. Check it on the official website.

Artes Colombo   12 April, 2021

FxPro is one of the best brokers in the market. I have been their client for 2 years now and I'm totally satisfied with this company. Quite easy withdrawal process and good execution. Orders open and close on time.

Edward   17 March, 2021  

Does it accept us accounts?

Jorge   27 March, 2021

I trade on Metatrader 5 here. At first, I intended to trade on cTrader but once I tried it on a demo account I decided to shift to Metatrader that has a cla/ssical layout I'm used to. I like the way the broker treats its customers. I don't feel cheated here.

Daniel   16 March, 2021  

This broker really gives an opportunity to earn money. Not gonna say that the conditions that they offer differ from those else - in my opinion, the same as other top brokers provide, but fxpro is really reliable. So far so good, still have no complaints, they pay everything by request. This is the most important thing for me. Speed of execution as for me is normal, trading via iPhone is also good, sometimes there are delays, but it is most likely due to the net. Overall - pleased with the broker.

Jackson   15 March, 2021  

I like to trade with this broker because it ensures good execution and allows to choose from many trading accounts. The latter is crucial for me because it enables me to allocate different accounts to certain assets. It's very convenient to use separate accounts for certain assets or a group of assets. It allows not to get lost in this rich abundance.

Alfred David   9 March, 2021  

FxPro is a well-known broker with a huge amount of credibility. The broker works perfectly, trading conditions are one of the best you can find among others, regulated brokers. Don't read bullshit about frauds and money withdrawal delays. Just think how many people complain about bad service but lost money only because of their greed and fear.

Tim   4 March, 2021  

This broker offers a good platform, flexible trading conditions, fast withdrawals and good support. Never had problems with FxPro!

Marshall   2 March, 2021  

What I like about FxPro is that the company pays a lot of attention to customer comfort. The broker has many services for this purpose. In particular, it is a convenient mobile app, a wallet for protecting the deposit from trading risks and other possibilities. I will focus more on the wallet. I have never found such a service to protect my deposit from risks before. What is the essence of the FxPro Wallet? This is a separate depository for your funds from which you can transfer money to accounts in the company. For example, you've open one account in cTrader and one in MT5. Then, you deposit $500 into the Wallet and move the required amount to the desired account without risking the entire deposit. It's really convenient.

Christian Lindholm   27 February, 2021  

I am new to trading, registered with FxPro three months ago. I like this broker. It has many platforms, even for mobile! This is surprising. I trained for a long time on a demo account, but recently I discovered a real one. I only used cTrader (for a computer) and EDGE (for a mobile). I found out that you can create automated trading with a broker using VPS Hosting. Tell me how to register it?

Romai Dare   26 February, 2021  

There are 5 steps:
1. Learning how to log into your VPS via Secure Shell (SSH) access.
2. Updating your server.
3. Creating a new user and modifying its privileges.
4. Enabling public key authentication.
5. Setting up a firewall for your VPS.

Alfred Brunel   10 March, 2021

I opened three accounts with this broker and trade on respectively three platforms: cTrader, Metatrader 4, and Metatrader 5. I use cTrader for scalping because here I can count on the tightest spreads. I hold long-term positions on Metatraders. I chose market execution for MTs. By the way, the quality of execution on three accounts is very good. I'm going to test my first withdrawal soon.

Emmanuel Bernard   25 February, 2021  

I have been using the platform from the brokerage company FxPro for over a year. I can confidently recommend the platform to everyone, both beginners and professionals. It is an excellent platform with a functional interface. Also, there are many functions and support from specialists. By the way, I recommend cTrader for beginners, a convenient scalping application. But, you need to start with a demo account so as not to waste your money.

Xavier Maurice   24 February, 2021  

What's the main benefit of your VIP account?

Augustin Maillet   23 February, 2021  

VIP account holders are offered a personal manager and get a daily market analysis.

Roland Meunier   5 March, 2021

I think that FxPro platform is suitable for starting a career as a trader. It is a practical and optimized platform for trading for beginners and professional traders. I've been using FxPro for over half a year, and I like it for a lot of features.

Vitor Damovich   21 February, 2021  

I have a positive trading experience with this company. I opened an MT4 account with market execution and trade gold, silver, major currency pairs, and crude. The broker executes my orders very fast and without requotes. As for withdrawals, I have no problems too. I receive money on my credit card on time.

Bruno Uchoa   19 February, 2021  

Just good brokerage, without any significant disadvantages. Everything there is quite typical, so I can't even highlight nothing unusual. The best thing I like here is fast withdrawals. Thats why I chose FxPro.

Austin   17 February, 2021  

I enjoy trading with this broker. By the way, that's the first broker who s*howed me cTrader. I think that this platform can replace Metatraders in the near future. I opened a cTrader account not only because I was curious about this platform. Another reason to do that was good trading conditions with this platform. To be exact, I was attracted by low spreads. It makes it good for scalping.

Marko Helovirta   30 January, 2021  

I have nothing to complain about FxPro. I've been trading with them for the past year. The platform works smoothly and stable, leverage is competitive.

Des   28 January, 2021  

I have recently signed up with your company. I appreciate your trading conditions and some exclusive trading platforms. But I have one question. I'm interested in your VPS offer. How can I start using it?

Vongrat   27 January, 2021  

Okay. Assess your options first. You can buy yourself a VIP privilege on the FxPro platform and get a virtual private Forex server provided by BeeksFX. If you want to give it a try, purchase a monthly hosting subscription and get access to automated trading 24/7.

Romain Goethals   20 February, 2021

In general I have a rather positive impression of this brokerage company because everything is thought out and calm here and it is really possible to develop and even try something unusual, if you have such a desire. Speaking of technical parameters I can mention that there are several trading platforms, each of which deserves attention and you can change them without any restrictions. There is a demo and a lot of a ssets, in addition (and most importantly) here you can freely withdraw money - without delays, restrictions and stress.

Ngan Bui   25 January, 2021  

Is there any difference in the leverage size for various jurisdictions in FxPro?

Gilbert Le Mace   25 January, 2021  

The leverage will depend on which FXPRo branch you are working with. UK residents and residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) will trade with reduced leverage. All others will be directed to the FxPro Global Markets Ltd branch of the broker and will have more leveraged options.

Anil Tank   2 March, 2021

Of course, the leverage available may differ depending on your jurisdiction and the specific instrument and trading platform you trade with. I advise you to go to the broker's official page and read more information about leverage.

Rene Hardy   29 March, 2021

FxPro has everything you need as a trader. The trading conditions are acceptable and the spreads are fine. And the broker is reliable.

Sam   18 January, 2021  

I like to scalp with this broker. For five years of working in the financial markets, I have tried a great number of trading styles. But the thing I like most is scalping. I know that many people can't stand scalping because it puts a big psychological pressure on traders. Well, I can't deny this fact. It's really so. However, I don't see a tragedy here. Stress is a normal thing in trading. You can't totally exclude it just like you can't 100% suppress your fear because it's a natural feeling. All you need to do is to trade as frequently as possible and soon you will get used to your stress. As a result, you will not be frightened by scalping. FxPro attracted me as a good broker for scalpers. I opened a cTrader account with the broker just to enjoy tight spreads (0,37). With low spreads, it's much easier to earn when scalping. You will see it with your own eyes once you start scalping.

Benjamin Clerc   18 January, 2021  

I know about the fact that a brokerage company is not obliged to train traders. But I am very glad that FxPro is not limiting itself to standard services and provides opportunities for education and for everyone to master the market. Your reviews are a real treasure trove of information. And you can use that in your work every day.

Michel Marin   16 January, 2021  

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