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Pedro Saiz   25 September, 2020  

Brokerage is fair, regulated and opened to the trader. I'm trading there for 2 years and I'm 100% satisfied. What I like the most, broker offers really fast execution. I was trading with other brokers as well and FxPro has the fastest order execution among all brokers are traded. I've asked FxPro support why executions are so fast and got an answer that it's cause of NDD execution. But I don't understand what is it?

Hannaham   23 September, 2020  

I respect trading - because it is a real space for experiments. After all, you can try different strategies and indicators here, and always find something new. I have been doing it here for the last years, and I can note that there are profitable spreads and you can test your knowledge with the help of original online tests.

Belan Sauer   19 September, 2020  

FxPro is a broker with a good and clear background. This broker provides tight spreads, simple and functional platform, and professional support.

David   18 September, 2020  

I recently opened an account with FxPro. A brokerage has an excellent reputation in the market, so I wanted to trade with it too. Since I don't trade often (for me it's more of a hobby), I think the trading conditions of this broker are ideal for me. On different forex forums traders write about the fact that FxPro has got excellent stats on slippages and requotes, which I think is great, as it was my big concern. From personal experience I can tell that its true. So far I'm very pleased with executions quality.

Gay Kiehn   12 September, 2020  

I would like to recommend fxpro. Very satisfied with my tradings. They have a good trading platform and awesome services.

Chris   31 August, 2020  

A top broker that has a wide variety of trading instruments, low spreads, and very fast trading execution. Very good for algorithmic tradings. Definitely, good experience!

Ant   30 August, 2020  

Fxpro is a really great broker with a good stable platform. They provide a lot of tools needed to be a successful trader. Five stars!

George   24 August, 2020  

I really enjoy their platform, it is very stable at work. Never have freezes or other problems with it. Execution is well. Very convenient and intuitive UI with the wide variety of tools. Also, I want to note that their customer service always works smoothly and there are no problems with the withdrawal of profits.

Alex   29 July, 2020  

Fxpro is not a bad company. I've made a nice profit working with them. Also, I improve my trading skills with their webinars. It's really cool and very useful!

Jeremy   15 July, 2020  

Fxpro provides a wide range of instruments, their platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Big and reliable broker.

Paul   29 June, 2020  

Personally, I satisfied with FxPro. This broker provides quite competitive conditions, also they offer a good education and mobile trading.

Sam   25 June, 2020  

I like fxpro. There are flexible trading conditions, you can choose from different platforms with different types of execution. Also, FxPro offers a very good variety of trading instruments.

Shaman   10 June, 2020  

FxPro is my broker since 2018 and that is the best broker I had the opportunity to deal with. Every time I need any help, their support is always helpful. They provide stable withdrawals and stable execution. In my opinion fxpro is good broker that really cares about their clients.

Ivan   21 May, 2020  

In my opinion, FxPro is definitely one of the most reliable brokers to trade with. I have been using this broker for several years and satisfied with them. They offer quite good service.

Jackson   7 May, 2020  

Overall I'm satisfied with fxpro services. As everywhere, there are minor shortcomings, but in general, this broker is quite old, reliable and provides good working conditions, especially because they make withdrawal easier offering a lot of payment methods. The platform is really good too. There is no strong slippages and freezes. Everything is stable and transparent.

Oliver   23 April, 2020  

Quite good brokerage. Trading conditions are quite competitive as for me. Ctrader - it a is highly innovative trading platform, with fast order execution and very convenient user interface. I'm satisfied.

Jack   14 April, 2020  

My experience with fxpro is quite good. For last time I have been trading with them. I had no problems with execution, withdrawals or any other serious problems, and sometimes I had very good profits.

JeZZ   25 March, 2020  

I would like to recommend fxpro. Reliable and convenient broker.

Falco   23 March, 2020  

A nice broker. No lag, everything is professional. I have not withdrawn yet but soon I will do it.

Proba   12 March, 2020  

On my mind one of the best brokers. I enjoy their customer service. The support team is polite and helpful. They are online 24/5. The platform is stable and do not freeze.

Gio   3 March, 2020  

I work with this broker for 5 years and would like to recommend it. The platforms and customer support are very qualitative.

Jens   26 February, 2020  

Fine broker with competitive conditions and services. They do not mess with your account when you made some profit. Withdrawals without any delays. I'm satisfied and recommend fxpro to all.

Alex   5 February, 2020  

I'm Fxpro customer since 2017. If you know what you're doing, you will earn with this broker. They do not interfere in trade, quickly withdraw profits, allow all strategies and advisers and also provide negative balance protection. I'm completely satisfied with the service.

Jeffrey   28 January, 2020  

Time-tested broker. I can say fxpro is not a scam and overall the pros far outweigh the cons. They provide quite good conditions.

Miron   23 December, 2019  

With fxpro help, I've become a trader. Their website contains a large number of useful materials and the demo account is excellent. I almost did not notice the difference when moving to the real account. My cooperation with fxpro lasts already over 2,5 years and now trading is the important source of my income.

Sidor   16 December, 2019  

Pros: Good choice of currency pairs & CFDs, professional customer support team, good range of trading accounts, fast deposit and withdrawal process. Cons: quite large depo for the newbie.

Samson   26 November, 2019  

Big and reliable broker. Deposit and withdrawal don't take too much time. The trading process is very comfortable. I have no claims for execution and customer support. Highly recommend both for novice and advanced traders.

Clint   19 November, 2019  

I like fxPro because they've been around as a main broker forever, but there are better conditions available for less money around. And as my strategy needs low costs and no restrictions I choose a broker that is smaller, but can deliver, which is Yadix Broker, they offer true STP with no restrictions on market distances, no open order limits and better spreads.

Rich   18 October, 2019  

With FxPro my incomes have doubled. They honestly fulfil all the conditions. Orders are executed rather quickly. There is no strong slippages and requotes. And they do not prohibit trade with advisors and scalping. This is very important for me.

Rus   17 October, 2019  

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FxPro has been operating since 2006. For 12 active years, it confidently became one of the world's leading Forex and CFD broker. An impressive list of more than 60 international awards is constantly being updated, and the number of loyal customers is increasing on a daily basis. According to...

Regulation: CySEC, FCA, FSB, DFSA, SCB

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