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FxPro Reviews for 28 October 2021

cTrader was the main motivation for me to join this brokerage company. I read a lot of articles about this platform, in particular, its depth of the market feature. Besides this, I was very interested in cBots - algorithmic trading that differs from what I saw in Metatrader. Besides this, the cTrader account offers good spreads.
  26 Oct 2021  
I was skeptical at the beginning of my trading, but now I´m sure that this broker isn’t a scam. I had slippages only a few times. In general, execution is really good and fair. I always have a good profit and withdraw it without any problems. Imho, fxpro is a trustworthy company with good conditions and high security.
  25 Oct 2021  
Question to those who work with FxPro broker. Is Forex trading your main job or additional income?
  23 Oct 2021  
One of the most reliable broker which offers a good choice of trading platforms to its traders. One of the key features is multiple regulation. There are four organisations which control its activity and this is really trustworthy. More than that, the trading community is really loyal to this brokerage which means that there are lots of traders worldwide who use the services of it and feel fine. What is more, I really appreciate the fact that I can choose the trading platform which I like the most. The choice is really nice and I can choose from mt platforms, ctrader or their custom one. As I got used to mt4, I have chosen this platform for my trading and I was really satisfied. I didn't have to waste the time getting accustumed to the new platform. Basically I hardly felt any difference in my trading process after switching.
  17 Oct 2021  
I started with FXPro almost 3 years, never experience any issues. Easy deposit and withdraw process.
  16 Oct 2021  
I have been thinking to open a VIP account with FxPro broker for a long time and finally I was able to do it. Now I am very satisfied, as I use the services of a personal manager.
  15 Oct 2021  
Time tested and reliable company. I have been working with them for a long, and use several types of accounts here. All conditions are transparent and they withdraw witout issues and delays. I would like to recommend FxPro. They are really good.
  12 Oct 2021  
Can I withdraw money to e-wallets?
  12 Oct 2021  
Yes, you can use PayPal, Neteller or Skrill.
Mark   12 Oct 2021
When I first started trading with the FxPro broker, I had confusion when choosing a trading platform. You see, then I was a beginner. I opened a demo account with FxPro and was offered a choice: MT4, MT5 or the cTrader platform. I absolutely did not understand what was happening. I thought there was one and only one trading software. As a result, I realized that there is a lot of this and that I need to choose. I agree that it's cool when you have a choice among 3 popular Forex trading platforms, but I didn't understand anything at the time. I chose the trading platform that was different. As you already understood, this is the trading platform cTrader. Now I have nothing to regret. Trading is sometimes difficult, but the main thing is that there is an opportunity to make money!
  11 Oct 2021  
The vast variety of trading platforms can't disappoint people, I have a belief that if there is a choice, then it's very good, because, in my opinion, choice is something that sometimes is missing in trading activity. Hence, some brokers offe various trading platforms in order to make trading activity more diversified.
  8 Oct 2021  
Does Fxpro support ctrader platform?
  7 Oct 2021  
I believe that it's very important for traders to have a broker which often fulfill its work quite fast, because traders don't like to wait as a rule, and that is the main mistake of them. This broker is pretty good, because there is and NDD executions of orders, it means that ther are no delays at all. Moreover, I would note low spreads and in addition, they're also flowing, which make trading activity more variable as I think. By the way, anyone knows is there any opportunity to withdraw money in cryptocurrency or not?
  4 Oct 2021  
I joined a broker for the first time following a recommendation of a person I’m familiar with. Earlier I was used to choosing brokers based on various reviews I read online. This time I thought that following the recommendation would be much better and it worked. I chose a cTrader account and not only because tight spreads. Yeah, I mostly scalp, but I’m also concerned about my security. I read that cTrader is the most protected platform and excludes the possibility of trading on my behalf. The broker doesn’t cheat, but I prefer to be on the safe side.
  4 Oct 2021  
I'm trading with FxPro recently, I registered in summer 20, and now I've already started withdrawing money with the increased deposit. I do not feel any problems yet, although the sums are not so big (I trade conservatively). I have had a couple of delays, but they were caused by the bank, because they suspected some suspicious transactions. To be honest, for currencies the spread is not very small, while for other instruments (commodities, stocks, indices) it is ok. I don't have any question about order execution, everything came great and I have not noticed slippages, only some on strong news.
  29 Sep 2021  
This broker is one of my favorites. I joined fxpro half a year ago, and so far all goes well. They provide decent spreads and relatively good service. They also have many good platforms including metatrader and ctrader. Fast deposit and withdrawal through the online payment and visa/mastercard.
  27 Sep 2021  
I started trading Forex because I think it is a great option to make more money. I chose the broker FxPro because my friends who have been trading for a long time advised me. I trust my friends' opinions because they are experienced brokers. I liked the trading platform right away. I trade with MT5. I chose this software when I opened my FxPro demo account. At first I read about this trading platform, and therefore I myself became convinced of the convenience and functionality of MT5. In fact, at first I was afraid that nothing would work out, but I just had to start doing something. Now I am trading on a live account and I am thinking about trying another trading platform. What do you think ? Does it make sense to change the trading software and which is better to choose MT4 or cTrader?
  27 Sep 2021  
What’s the most optimal trading account for a beginner?
  25 Sep 2021  
What I really like about instruments which are offered by particular brokers is an educational content. In my opinion, traders really deserve to be awarded with such instruments, because it's pretty convenient to have an educational content and use it whenever you want. This broker also offers educaitional content and it helps traders to gain experience, skills and knowledge twice faster, because they can trade and watch or read something useful about trading activity. Of course, it can distract a bit, nevertheless if you will approach to this wisely you will save your time and earn money.
  20 Sep 2021  
You're quite right, educational content is one of the most important things, especially for beginners as they should gain some knowledge about trading. It's quite convenient when a broker offers such an opportunity.
Gabor Katona   19 Oct 2021
You don't need to change your trading habits if you decide to choose fxpro as your new broker. I really like the fact that there are all the popular trading platforms available for the traders who work with this broker.
  19 Sep 2021  
How many currency pairs can I trade on the cTrader platform FxPro?
  17 Sep 2021  
If we talk about currency pairs used when trading on the trading platform ctrader, then as trading instruments are used here 69 currency pairs and metals. This is as far as I remember, but maybe something has already changed. If you are interested in any particular currency pair, you can check this information on the broker's website or contact technical support.
Shashank Amin   6 Oct 2021
I opened a cTrader account here. That’s the first broker that gave me an opportunity to trade on cTrader. I didn’t hear about it before. At first, I intended to open a Metatrader 4 account because I was interested in the possibility to trade with fixed spreads. Such spreads are available for majors only on that account, but nevertheless it’s an interesting offer. However, later I read a lot of materials about scalping and it made me forget about fixed spreads. It turned out that a cTrader account is good for scalping because it comes with tight spreads. The execution on the account met my expectations. The platform also pleasantly surprised with convenience and functionality.
  16 Sep 2021  
I know it is a very good and proven broker that provides a large number of trading assets and a very large selection of trading platforms. Can anyone tell me why there are so many platforms and what are the differences between them?
  15 Sep 2021  
I want to say that there is not much difference here. For example, MT5 differs from MT4 in that there is market depth and more a_nalysis indicators. The cTrader trading platform is similar to MT5, and it is also possible to create a pending order on weekends. I don't know if there is a similar function in Metatrader.
Iqbal Toor   3 Oct 2021
Probably one of the few brokers, which are under normal regulation and at the same time allow to trade all possible indices of the countries, which are currently represented on the stock market. Usually an average forex broker has only a few indices of the top countries, but FxPro has dozens of indices, and the indices of developing countries are also presented. It's bad that they don't want to make narrower spreads, even on Market account, where they should be bank spreads. In general for the time being I am trading their indices and I am not going to change them because there are not many alternatives among the Forex brokers.
  13 Sep 2021  
That's the first broker that gave me an opportunity to trade with fixed spreads. I learned about them online several years ago but dared to try them only this year. It’s probably because most brokers allow to trade with floating spreads only. One needs to take some time to find brokers with fixed spreads. Fortunately, I found this. The whole advantage of fixed spreads showed itself once I tried to trade on news with FxPro. I was pleasantly surprised to see moderate drawdowns when entering the market. It wasn't typical to what I got used to when trading with floating spreads. Fixed spreads relieve stress and that’s the main advantage for me. I should note that with this broker fixed spreads are available on MT4 account for major currency pairs only. Nevertheless, it's good gift for me because I mostly trade majors.
  11 Sep 2021  
Great broker. Very solid and reliable. I have no cent accounts, it's not so easy to start with a big deposit if you are a beginner. But there is a good demo account. They have a lot of educational material here as well. I have no complaints about the quality of service and maintenance, everything is of the highest level. My friend traded with this broker many years ago, he had an opportunity to open a cent account. He still works with this broker.
  7 Sep 2021  
There are pros and cons everywhere. But FxPro definitely tries to provide comfortable conditions - different trading platforms, tight spreads and quality analytics.
  3 Sep 2021  
I trade in fxpro for the last 2 years. Everything is ok. No problems with the connection and execution. The orders open and close without large slippages. Withdrawals are in 1-2 days. To my mind, FxPro is one of the most reliable brokers on the market.

  2 Sep 2021  
Fxpro looks like a reliable company. I have short experience here, but I’m very pleased with the trading environment provided by the company. All aspects are on a high level and professionally realized.
  2 Sep 2021  
To my mind, every broker must have to provide its traders with various educational content mainly because it stimulates traders to pay ettntion to this broker and form a positive impression about it. Of course, some brokers don't care about educational content, nevertheless I'm really glad to see that the vast amount of brokers do care about it. In addition, this broker offers the big variety of trading platforms which traders can choose for their taste. It seems to me very convenient because it's kinda difficult to guess which platform is in demand more than others.
  29 Aug 2021  
This broker is highly respected among the traders. Why? Because it was established long ago and still works very well without any negative stories. It is very important to have a reliable broker on the market because you'd better work with the decent brokerages instead of working with those with suspicious reputation. More often than not, traders worry about their brokers' credibility, and this stress really affects the trading results very much. However, if your broker is reliable, you automatically get rid of this psychological problem. I noticed that Fxpro has a very rich choice of trading platforms. I wonder, how do traders choose the platforms? Are there any criteria for this?
  28 Aug 2021  
For example, I didn't have to choose a trading platform because I was completely sure of what I needed. For one of my tactics, the cTrader trading platform is completely suitable. It has a huge number of advantages, especially I like the fact that it is possible to open and close a large number of orders with the same name, orders do not need to be in a queue. Also the history of all operations is recorded in the terminal, it is very convenient to track your actions. Metatrader 4 is also a very good platform. Metatrader 5 did not work out for me.
Among Winarno   9 Sep 2021


FxPro has been operating since 2006. For 15 active years, it confidently became one of the world's leading Forex and CFD broker. An impressive list of more than 85 international awards is constantly being updated, and the number of loyal customers is increasing on a daily basis. FxPro is...

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