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I've been trading with Errante for a while now, and I must say that my overall experience has been quite positive. There are several advantages to trading with Errante that have really stood out to me. First and foremost, the fact that Errante is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) provides me with a great deal of confidence. Regulation ensures that the broker adheres to strict financial and operational standards, which is crucial when it comes to the safety of my funds. Speaking of safety, Errante offers protection for client deposits through the Investors Compensation Fund's insurance program and compensation fund. This additional layer of security gives me peace of mind knowing that my investments are safeguarded. One of the things that initially drew me to Errante was the low minimum deposit requirement of just $50/€50. It allowed me to start trading without a significant initial investment, which is perfect for those who are new to trading or have limited capital. Errante also offers a good choice of currency pairs for trading. The variety allows me to diversify my portfolio and take advantage of various market opportunities. The dynamic leverage they offer is another plus, as it provides me with flexibility in managing my positions. The wide range of trading accounts is a feature I appreciate. It allows me to select an account type that aligns with my trading style and preferences. Additionally, Errante adapts its trading conditions to meet local financial regulatory requirements, which shows their commitment to compliance and transparency. Now, let's talk about the disadvantages of Errante. One drawback is that the Errante CopyTrade service is available only for non-EU nationals. While this may not affect everyone, it limits the options for those who are interested in social trading within the EU. Another downside is the absence of cent accounts, which can be useful for traders looking to start with smaller positions and lower risk. It would be great to see Errante consider offering this account type in the future. Lastly, traders from the EU cannot deposit or trade cryptocurrencies through Errante. Cryptocurrency trading has gained popularity, and it's unfortunate that this option is not available to EU traders on the platform. Errante is an international broker with a solid regulatory framework and a range of advantages that make it a viable choice for traders. While there are some limitations, such as the restrictions on the Errante CopyTrade service and the absence of cent accounts for all traders, the overall trading experience has been positive for me. I appreciate their commitment to safety, variety of account types, and adaptability to regulatory requirements. It's a broker that I will continue to trade with, and I look forward to seeing how they evolve in the future.
  18 Jan 2024  

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I used Errante's services while residing in Sweden, and I must say that my experience with this broker had its share of pros and cons. While it may not have left me thrilled, it certainly had its merits and drawbacks that are worth noting. One of the notable drawbacks I encountered with Errante was the presence of high spreads. These wider spreads can often eat into your potential profits, making it a less favorable option for traders who are particularly sensitive to transaction costs. Additionally, a significant limitation for me was the absence of cryptocurrency trading options. It was disappointing to learn about this restriction only after I had already opened an account. This confusion arose from Errante having two separate websites – one designed for EU citizens and another catering to traders from other regions. Unfortunately, I did not pay close attention to this distinction during the account setup process, which led to an unpleasant surprise later on. During my brief time trading currency pairs through Errante, I also noticed the presence of high commissions. These fees further impacted my overall earnings, making it challenging to achieve substantial gains within a short period. However, one undeniable strength of Errante is its reliability. The broker has established a reputation for trustworthiness, which can be a top priority for many traders. If you prioritize the safety and security of your investments above all else, Errante might be a suitable choice. Errante has its share of advantages and disadvantages. While the presence of high spreads, limited cryptocurrency options, and substantial commissions may deter some traders, the broker's reliability and commitment to security can be highly appealing to those who prioritize these aspects. Ultimately, the choice of whether to trade with Errante will depend on your individual preferences and priorities as a trader.
  17 Jan 2024  

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I have been trading with Errante for approximately a year now, and my experience with this CySEC-regulated broker has largely been positive. Errante offers a platform for trading major and exotic currency pairs using the MT5 platform, which aligns perfectly with my trading preferences. One of the standout features of Errante is its regulatory compliance under CySEC. This aspect holds great importance to me as a trader, and I prioritize the security and trustworthiness of the broker over other considerations. Knowing that Errante operates within the framework of robust regulations gives me peace of mind. While Errante has many merits, it's essential to acknowledge some of its drawbacks. One notable downside is the relatively higher commissions compared to other European brokers. However, as someone who focuses primarily on trading rather than seeking investment income through Forex, I find Errante's offerings to be well-suited to my needs. Like any brokerage company, Errante is not without its minor flaws. For instance, there are fees associated with withdrawals. Nonetheless, I've discovered that these fees can be mitigated significantly by opting for e-wallets as the preferred payment method, as opposed to bank transfers. In summary, my experience with Errante has been largely favorable. The broker's CySEC regulation, the availability of major and exotic currency pairs on the MT5 platform, and its alignment with my trading goals make it a suitable choice for my trading activities. While higher commissions and withdrawal fees are minor concerns, they do not overshadow the benefits of trading with a regulated and reliable broker like Errante.
  3 Jan 2024  

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I find Errante to be an excellent choice for tailoring trading conditions to my specific preferences. It's important to note that trading with a CySEC-licensed company like Errante does come with certain limitations, but these restrictions align well with my trading priorities. Personally, I'm not actively engaged in cryptocurrency trading, and I prefer to keep my leverage at or below 1:10. Additionally, I opt for bank wire transfers when making deposits and withdrawals. Given these preferences, the limitations imposed by Errante do not impact my trading activities significantly. When I set out to find a licensed Forex broker, my key criteria included access to a wide variety of currency pairs and the availability of accounts without commission per lot. In this regard, Errante has proven to be an excellent fit for my trading needs. I've been trading with Errante for approximately four months now, and during this period, I have encountered no major issues or complaints. The broker's ability to accommodate my trading requirements and provide a range of currency pairs without commission per lot has contributed to a positive trading experience thus far. In summary, Errante offers the flexibility to select trading conditions that align with individual preferences. While some restrictions may apply for those seeking specific features, such as cryptocurrency trading or higher leverage, Errante caters well to traders like me who prioritize a CySEC license, a broad range of currency pairs, and accounts without commission per lot. My overall experience with Errante over the past four months has been positive, and I continue to trade with confidence through this broker.
  27 Dec 2023  

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Errante is a multi-award-winning online broker that stands out for its unwavering commitment to providing top-tier services and establishing enduring and trustworthy relationships with its clients. Our team comprises industry experts with decades of invaluable experience. At the core of our...

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