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Exness Reviews for 23 October 2021

Worst response from live chat. I send a request for withdrawal five days back I didn't get my withdrawal. don't invest in this don't trade in this. it's a bogus companies, hundred percent you are losing your money.
  14 Oct 2021  
Is it really that bad? I am planing to open account with them please tell me should i go with them or not?
Shoaib   17 Oct 2021
Exness is scam. I'm suffering from 2 weeks and contacted many time on live chat, but they don't have authority. They provide me ARN number and told me ask to your bank about your fund we don't have your fund now we withdraw your fund. So we can't do that our reaponsibility, to provide you ARN number only. After all I think to write a letter to exness regulator. So please guys who already face issue with exness email your conern and other detail too. I am going to teach this scamer so I file the case and put the all of you detail and write to the regulators to block this fraud broker regulation. I will fight for me and for you guys, join me to shake this scammer.
  11 Oct 2021  
Avoid Exness broker with everything you've got! The worst broker award goes to exness broker! You'll see manipulation at it's peak when you try exness. They will intentionally widen spreads in order not to hit your TP before price reverses and they also know how to jump SL and keep letting you lose till they empty your account. Very useless broker that scams its clients. Once again avoid exness broker!
  3 Oct 2021  
I made withdrawal on 16/09/2021 and no money available to date, this exness is a wolf in a sheep's skin! I was just testing waters anyway, thanks goodness I only deposited small amount but I will take them to task. Banks should be able to warn us when dealing it certified crooks like exness. I will stick with my old tried tested broker ***, honestly transparent.
  21 Sep 2021  
Is it that bad? You got your money or still facing problem? I am planing to open with exness
Shoaib   17 Oct 2021
If you are looking for broker to trade please ignore exness. This is very bad and cheap broker. You could make income in starting but they watch your account. I got server issues because of that lost 50% equity of account and then I came back to website to fund using e payment system perfectmoney which was working fine but on exness saw that requested payment system is not available we are trying to fix it and it did not came online until my account got washed.
This is not first time before I also lost 300 euros then they refunded me and now this time amount was big which is 5000 euros hence they stolen my money and not gave any compensation for it. This is my account number 19046360 any exness scam owner can check for this. I stop my trading on this scam company from now аnd I suggest not to trading anymore. I have full evidences about this fraud company if someone needs can contact me anytime.

  21 Sep 2021  
Very bad support staff. without any explaination which make more clear.

  17 Sep 2021  
So easy to deposit but to withdraw you get the run around and no help whatsoever.
  16 Sep 2021  
I have been using Exness broker for the past few months. And i can absolutely tell you this about them, they are the worst broker that you can ever come across especially when it comes to manipulating trades. Most of the time they will take you out of a trade without even hitting your stop loss especially when they know that the market will go on your side. And once you complain about the situation instead of helping you they will always come with nonsense excuses. Personally I would never ever recommend this broker to no one.
  16 Sep 2021  
My account is 25592976 I have deposit my account with 27 usd in 13 August 2021 my bank was they said receive the money but not success process, My bank statement give proof the money is send to them, not yet return. They still lie on it.
  15 Sep 2021  
Exness is a scam! You make withdrawals then they come back and debit make same amount you withdrew. They temper with your account. They are certified crooks.
  12 Sep 2021  
Thy have done the same to me. Exness is a scam.
Fredrick   14 Sep 2021
I can't believe I wanted to trade with them since they have Kwd. but after reading this reviews. Sorry I won't. I will rather open a GBP account with Xm.
  9 Sep 2021  
This broker is a scam. I withdrew my funds since July 5 and didn’t receive my money. It’s been 2 months of complain and nothing has been done about it. They give you the same response all the time, it almost feels like an automated message. Stay away from them. I wish there’s a platform I can report them to.
  3 Sep 2021  
Which method did you use to withdraw money?
Yousuf   4 Sep 2021
You can report it on the FSCA website.
Lucky   12 Sep 2021
Exness is the worst forex broker in the world. I don't understand why they intentionally frustrate their customers whenever they make withdrawals. I made withdrawals on 17 and 18 August 2021 but my account is still not credited. They know very well that the money is not credited but they are pretending. That is their usual strategy, the used this to frustrate their customers till you give up and they take your money. Please stay away, they are well trained scammers.

  25 Aug 2021  
I made a withdrawal, it doesnt not deduct from my trading account, this is the first time getting issues, I hope they not gonna steal my money, I actually thought this is the most legit broker in South Africa but I guess I was wrong.
  12 Aug 2021  
My account is 758153. I have deposit my account with 10 usd in 2nd July , my card was drawl the money, they said receive the money but not success process, will rerun it to my card , now still not receiving it . My card company give proof the money is send to them, not yet return. They still lie on it.
  26 Jul 2021  
Still not received. The pretend call me with no sound after I post here, they are thieves. Be careful everyone, you can do nothing when problem come.
guest   30 Jul 2021
Been trying to fund account via offline transfer but its not even bringing the option for the bank am to deposit in. I guess this is a stay away signal.
  22 Jul 2021  
My account is 11388125. I made a withdrawal July 8 and today July 20. nothing. support does not answer. live chat dose not answer. Never start with them or stop with them today. They are the worst broker I've ever seen.
  20 Jul 2021  
This broker is a scam! I've been waiting for my withdrawal and still nothing.
  16 Jul 2021  
did you get money?
babar waqas   7 Oct 2021
I can't withdraw money since on Wednesday at 19:00 pm. I don't know what's the problem but the amount of investment still pops up on the screen.
  15 Jul 2021  
I was about to deposit funds into my Exness account, Thanks I read the reviews, they don't seem like a good broker at all.
  13 Jul 2021  
I made a withdrawal since date 5th but hasn't reflected in my bank acct. I have made several contacts and livechats but nothing still. I have decided to blow the acct balance and switch to a different broker. So pathetic.
  12 Jul 2021  
They are a scam. If you are new just take the advice and avoid them, if you are already with them make the decision to leave for good. I had margin calls recently and I decided to deposit to sustain my trades, the deposit didn't reflect in my trading account yet deductions were made from my bank card. I tried a second time and still they took my money but it never reflected in my trading account. Long story short, I lost all my funds because my deposits didn't reflect. I contacted them and they told me it will be sent back to my bank account in 14 working days. They are pure scam because I contacted them several times in a live chat and each time, the agents said something different. As for emails they are not even responded.
  8 Jul 2021  
My account is 758153, I am the same situations with you on 2nd July 2021.and also discuss with them in a leave chat. It is a scam broker. If they don't return your money. You can do anything.
Steven   26 Jul 2021
Hi. Which number did you contact them on? These people are tempering with my bank account.
Crescentia   12 Sep 2021
I was very skeptical to start with Exness, but one of the guy requested me that it is a good platform. Deposited some 500$ funds, till now, it is not credited to my account. I have tired contacting, emailing support team, but all in vein with no response of them. Support is so pathetic, they don't even respond. I was happy to get a call from some account manager as a welcome call, but when I contacted him for this deposit issue, he never turned back. Seems I will need to forget my deposit. Be careful guys! I never expected this, but expectation is far different than reality.
  5 Jul 2021  
I wanted to deposit but looking at this review, nope.
  1 Jul 2021  
This broker is a 100% scammer, you will not receive your profits, why they are license not taken, I wonder which broker is good in South Africa. They just manipulating for new traders.
  1 Jul 2021  
I think it's the high time we get out of this broker, whenever you withdraw the money the money is redeposited into your account after enough delays. This are red flags for a fraud company.
  19 Jun 2021  
Exness is a scam, they can even alter your positions. I got enough evidence with regards to my events. I traded yesterday they modified my orders beyond my settings when the news hit my order. nothing was triggered luckily. I had screenshots of what they did. If nothing is going to be done about this I'm taking this further for real.
  8 May 2021  
I was about to do my 1st deposit tomorow but reading at these comments gave me chills. Which broker is reliable?
Ott   24 Aug 2021
Guys, high time to rearrange your your plans towards exness. I personally encountered a worse scenario with them. they are really good scammers, I regret opening an account with them even.
  8 May 2021  
I'm so worried. I have used exness before and never had withdrawal problems. But now its a whole different story. Over 7 days I made a withdrawal and nothing credited on my account. And seeing all this reviews scares me even more. Now I want to withdraw all my money.
  6 May 2021  
have you tried to contact customer support?

samuel   18 May 2021
I cannot withdraw, I use the same method of depositing, but it always goes back to the trading account, can I please have all my funds so that I can move to a more reliable broker.
  6 May 2021  


Exness was founded by a group of like-minded professionals in the area of finance and information technology in 2008. It soon became one of the world’s leading online forex brokers and became known for some of the industry’s best trading conditions, including the ability to trade with...

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