Exness Reviews and Comments 2020

I made a deposit into excess and I've been trying to withdraw for days, they keep rejecting? not happy one bit.

Emilia Kalu   12 August, 2020  

I have opened clasic pro account id 8890936 with initial deposit $2000 with single transaction. In case of amount deposition in account, there's no-restrictions or no-limit. but for amount withdrawal they restricted to $200 maximum and most of the times they totally blocks the withdrawal and gives very lame excuses without any time bound. I experienced non-execution t/p by wide enlarging the spread (they never allowed to take profit by telling false reasons illiquidity and spread etc) I sent a Withdrawal request on 22nd july. and they said as "done it" but not credited to my account. After multiple live chatting and complaints as not receipt. sarcastically they come up by mail after 15 days on 5th August by saying "you gave wrong account details and we transferred to it. our duty is over, it's your mistake. we can't able to do anything in this case". i wondered, pleaded for reversal and paying back to me. with continuous follow up there's no response. when I requested to let me know to the which account they paid. I found it as there's no such account exists in that bank. This is very ridiculous and pathetic. it will reveals how they downgraded and bluff their traders. It's a usual practice that from which account the amount is getting deposited, to the same account they should transfer back the amount. My account num is *****644708 and cleverly they said they transferred to *****544708. When I directly enquired in the bank they revealed it as the account number *****544708 doesn't exist and which is a false account number.

Ravindra   12 August, 2020  

Dear Ravindra, the minimum and maximum amount you are allowed to deposit/withdraw depends also on the payment system you use. You may check the amount on our website. If a withdrawal is rejected, the reason is also visible in your personal area, in the withdrawal tab. In your case, as mentioned, you've entered the wrong account details during your withdrawal. As advised via email, we kindly request a letter from your bank in order to help you further. We look forward to hearing from you.

Exness   13 August, 2020

Its been 3 weeks now and my withdrawal keeps on being rejected. The live chat people do not help whatsoever, the solutions they give have never worked and now they are blaming my bank for the rejected withdrawals, but when i go to my bank they tell me that they haven't rejected any incoming transactions nor did they reciece any transaction. This is a bad broker, whatever happens never deposit your money you will never get it back.

Ronewa   11 August, 2020  

Hi Ronewa, we understand you had issues with your withdrawal and we regret that. Please note that we always help our clients to withdraw, kindly chat with us and follow the steps/solutions we recommend to withdraw. Thank you.

Exness   13 August, 2020

I have been trying to withdraw for quite some time and exness keeps depositing the money back to my account. I have emailed, tried to reach out to support team and life chats but still none of them gets back to me. I sent my account details via email and still just another dead end. Exness will really piss you off and will demotivate you from trading. As brokers they are genuinely not doing the best job because they failed to manually process the withdrawal from their side. Am so disappointed in them am ready to find a better broker than this.

Zee   6 August, 2020  

Hi Zee, we're sorry to hear and we'd like to help you with your withdrawal. Please send your account details via email, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Exness   7 August, 2020

Glad, I was able to read reviews would have been blaming myself. Same thing with FBS. they are good in manipulating. was just gonna try exness with 10k usd. thanks for this reviews.

Yayo   4 August, 2020  

Exness doesn't wanna pay me my money. I made profit but I'm withdrawing and it's depositing it back to my trading account.

Munyai TB   28 July, 2020  

Dear Munyai, we regret the inconvenience and we'd be happy to see what happened with your withdrawal. Please contact our customer support via live chat on exness.com, our team will help you to resolve it quickly.

Exness   29 July, 2020

Seriously I was thinking of depositing around 1000 euros on exness but with all these negative reviews I am seeing, I'm really scared of doing that. I was told exness is a reliable broker. This is just bad.

Godfrey   22 July, 2020  

Dear Godfrey, we do understand your point. Please be informed that Exness is honest when it comes to finance, pricing, and execution, and we focus on building lasting relationships with clients and partners. For these reasons, we are always ready to help you if an issue occurs. We also kindly suggest that you visit our website exness.com and read our financial reports, regulators and licenses. You can chat with us if you would like to know more. Furthermore, you will be able to open a demo account to test our services.

Exness   24 July, 2020

My account is still pending verification. I uploaded my ID (which has been verified), but when I tried to upload my proof of residence I got a notice saying (my upload is being reviewed) even when I haven't uploaded anything at all. I tried reaching out to them and they never responded.

Prince   20 July, 2020  

Hello Prince, we highly regret the inconvenience and we'd like to help you with your document verification. Please contact us via live chat on our website to check it quickly. Thanks.

Exness   20 July, 2020

This broker claims to allow deposit or withdrawal via mpesa but I can't seem to find the mpesa option anywhere. also how do I contact you through the live chats I've been having trouble to reach you.

Virginia   19 July, 2020  

Hi Virginia, thank you for your review. We offer Mpesa as payment system in Kenya, please go to your personal area and click on the deposit tab. Should you require more information, kindly contact us via live chat on our website.

Exness   20 July, 2020

I've been with exness for a few months an on my side exness is one of the best regulated brokers I know.

Christopher   18 July, 2020  

I deposited money into my MT4 account and it hasn't reflected in my account, yet they claim to offer instant deposits. Also, they barely reply to their emails; they have poor customer service. I have sent them about three emails about 5 days ago which they haven't responded to. Their live chat doesn't even work.

Manuel   14 July, 2020  

Hello, dear Manuel. We are sorry to hear that you faced difficulties while making a deposit. Kindly contact us via live chat or phone call to help you quickly, we're available 24/7 to resolve your issue. Please find our contacts on our website.

Exness   15 July, 2020

Exness should fix their issues. I sent my capital to exness but this is about 5 weeks, all they keep saying my money isn't reflected. I have opened cases for this but still yet no solution until now. Is this a scam?

Jahaga   11 July, 2020  

Hello Jahaga, usually in 24-48 hours we check your case if you have provided all the documents requested. Could you please contact us via live chat on our website in order to help you further? We'd be happy to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Exness   13 July, 2020

Stay far from Exness, they are bunch of crooks. You do not want to give your money away to this croocks, I have been trying to withdraw my money for over 2 weeks now everyday I get a new rookie who doesn't even know what they doing. They escalating my query daily but no solution. There are better brokers out there. I just thought I should give them a chance but now I regret my decision.

Mpho   8 July, 2020  

Hi Mpho, usually it takes 24-48 hours to check your issue if your case has been escalated. We kindly ask you to provide your account details in order to help you quickly. Kindly contacts us via live chat on our website or via email.

Exness   13 July, 2020

This broker is a scam, these guys they over manipulate your trades. I've been trading the same currency pairs on different brokers at the same time I initially entered on exness then entered on another broker few minutes after I've entered on exness but my profits on another broker were running at 4 dollar while exness were still at 0.12 mind you these brokers offers same leverage.

Mpho   7 July, 2020  

Dear Mpho, we are sorry that you have had this experience. Please be informed that different brokers have different liquidity suppliers, therefore prices are different from broker to broker. We never manipulate our clients' orders, we can never do that because we are regularly audited by one of the biggest and the most authentic accounting companies, Deloitte. Furthermore, you can visit our website exness.com-> Tick History to check for the slightest of market movements in the past. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Exness   9 July, 2020

There's a problem I want to highlight. on April 7, 2020 exness emailed about changing the stop level for eur/usd pair from 1.2 to 2.2 in case of market instability and also written in the email that they change again to the previous one after the market is stable it's been three months the market is stable now but exness didn't change the stop level to the previous one I think it's just a pretty lie. Note: I'm using exness cent account.

Adeen   2 July, 2020  

Dear Adeen, thank you for your feedback. The market is still unstable, and the Stop Level value is still the same as per our email. However, we are constantly watching the market and discuss the current situation, so we'll turn it back once it is possible.

Exness   10 July, 2020

Exness lower the leverage during news events. I used to like this broker but now I'm changing.

Jay   1 July, 2020  

Hello Jay, when high impact news is released, it can cause significant market volatility and price gaps. As we all know, using high leverage in a highly volatile market is risky as sudden market movements can result in the loss of capital. That's why we cap leverage at 1:200 during news releases and all newly opened positions on instruments impacted by a release will be subject to increased margin requirements.

Exness   2 July, 2020

Hello all, here every person is sharing such experience, thus it's pleasant to read this webpage, and I used to visit this web site all the time.

Leigh   6 July, 2020

Too many negative comments. better stay away from this broker.

Meldy   28 June, 2020  

I deposited money in to exness account last week even now it never appear on my mt4 account, I reported to them, they said they'll send my money back in 3 days, but it 10 days now. and they also closed the case I opened without giving my money back, now I opened the new one and no one is responding.

Lindani   26 June, 2020  

Hello, dear Lindani. We're sorry about your experience with us. Please be aware that we never close our cases without an investigation. Kindly contact us to check your case and help you. Thank you and have a nice day.

Exness   30 June, 2020

Anyone who wants to use Exness will be really disappointed. I have accepted that I have lost my profits, that's it this broker is straight scam. never recommend this to anyone.

Saire juma   18 June, 2020  

Hello Saire, unfortunately we don't understand well your issue. Please provide more details of your issue. Kindly contact us on our website to help you out. Thank you

Exness   18 June, 2020

Hey there, I don't wanna lie but exness is one of the best brokers for me but they should fix their withdrawal system because it's difficult to withdraw your profits because they always reject my withdrawals they want me to withdraw the initial deposit

Lonwabo   8 June, 2020  

Dear Lonwabo, please be informed that when you deposit using the bank card, the first withdrawal must be equal to the initial deposited amount. This is known as the bank card refund. Upon completing the refund of all deposits made by bank card within 90-days, you may proceed to withdraw your profits. If you have any questions, please contact us on our website

Exness   9 June, 2020

I'm disappointed, stoploss hit but never reached simply because my phone went off. With plus500 it didn't reach. I'm out, the worst!

Cas   8 June, 2020  

I transferred 50k INT through online transfer on 31st May, still its not credited to my trading account. There is no proper response from the customer support. They say we are working and nothing works.

Sathya   2 June, 2020  

Dear Sathya, we are sorry for the experience you had to face. We will check the transaction and help you at our best. Please note that it can take 24-48 hours to investigate the case (from the moment you contacted us). Kindly wait for our email or contact us at exness. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!

Exness   3 June, 2020

Same here. I'm fed up, I deposited into my trading account, it's 3 weeks now, it hasn't reflect yet. It's pretty large money. Pls Exness do something. Have mailed you several times.

Joseph   10 July, 2020

I have withdrawn my profits yet they are still not reflecting from Monday 18 May. The funds are still sitting on my portal.

guest   26 May, 2020  

Hello, we're sorry to hear that you have experienced inconveniences while working with us. Can you please send us your account details to us so that we can check your withdrawal and help you. We look forward to hearing from you

Exness   27 May, 2020

Spreads are bad. Withdrawal system is working like a Casino. For example you deposit 10.000USD. You lost 100USD. You want to take your money back. You cannot take your money back for 90 days. They blocked your 9900USD. They want you to stay and loose your money on purpose. This is why I terminated my account. Just stay away from them. They give 1:2000 leverage but spreads are too bad.

Murat Duz   26 May, 2020  

Dear Murat Duz, please note that you can withdraw your funds following the rules that you find on our website and on the Client agreement. In the case you explained, you may deposit 100 USD and withdraw 10.000 USD without waiting for 90 days. Kindly be informed that spread value depends on market volatility, it can be wider during economic news releases or when there's low liquidity in the market. You can find the average spread on our website. Please contact us on exness.com if you have any questions. Have a great day ahead!

Exness   27 May, 2020

I never earned a single coin with this broker. I only spent and lost my money. it seems like a scam.

Christopher jun Langoyan   22 May, 2020  

Dear Christopher jun Langoyan, Exness has been founded in 2008 and we have 12 years of experience serving clients and providing a secure environment for online traders. Please be informed that profit or loss in the Forex market depends on the market conditions and your trading strategy. For more information about Forex trading, you can contact us.

Exness   25 May, 2020

I nearly made deposit to start trading but all these negative reviews are scary. I don't want to loose my money at this period in history.

Augusta   18 May, 2020  

Thanks for the reviews, I'm not interested any more.

Joe   16 May, 2020  

Too many complaints about these broker, I'm staring to doubt it, should I trust it and continue with them?

Teddy   15 May, 2020  

Don't do it. you will never get your withdrawal.

josh   11 June, 2020

The worst broker in the world. They have been reversing my bank card withdrawals for almost a week and I cant withdraw my profits. When I contact their support team they keep on telling me to send my details and they never get back to me. Run away from exness defore they scam you your profits. My account number is 10838121.

Sakhile   5 May, 2020  

Hello, dear Sakhile. We apologize for your experience with us and for the difficulties you experienced while making a withdrawal. Kindly provide your secret word, and we will check your withdrawal. Please, note that we always withdraw clients' funds, and if the withdrawals are not successful, there should be a reason. We look forward to your reply.

Exness   7 May, 2020

Helpful customer support and like their zero account. Thanks exness

Vie   21 April, 2020  

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