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Exness is real a big scam. As am typing this mesage 18 may 2022 I made a withdrawal of 72$ through online bank transfer. Till date it has not reached my account. This is 9days now. Customer support keeps saying they are waiting for response from the payment operator. I wouldn't advise anybody to use Exness. They are thieves.
  18 May 2022  
Is exness a scam? I deposited $100 through bank transfer, after trading same day I withdrew profit of $100 but it was rejected based on so called security reasons and i should contact support. I chattted them and was told it s a regular account review done on all accounts it will take 1 to 3 days. 3 days fastfoward, tried withdrawing again still not paid. I spoke again to support and was told I will get a mail from financial department. Then I got a mail asking I screenshot my crypto account for deposits made and also statement of my bank account. I have sent all the documents, this is 7days now, no responds, not even an acknowledge of getting the documents. Pls watch out for update how it will end.
  11 May 2022  
This exness broker is not good, thank you for letting us know of your problem. Keep us updated on how it ended. Since a lot of people are advertising this broker.
Lungelo Agreement Mnyandu   15 May 2022
I deposited on 31 March 2022 but money still not came to my trading account.
  6 Apr 2022  
The same to me. Until now I can’t withdraw my money. first I try to withdraw 800$. 2nd time around 205$. how many times I contact Exness support. But nothing change I wait for so long. Until now they didn’t transfer to my bank account. My account in mt4 is lesser and lesser. Don’t use Exness broker. You will suffer.
Asan   19 Apr 2022
Exness is pure scam. 1st time withdraw 100$ and they say to me to wait 14 working days and after 14 working days they say that they had transfer the amount but acctually not, I also provide them my bank statments to customer servies then they provide me ARN number and they say that u have to visit your bank. Actually they not provide me my money. And the same thing also repeat with me again 2nd time I withdraw 205$ same.
  18 Mar 2022  
My account:14282401. I deposited to exness through online transfer and was debited from my bank while my dashboard was saying rejected funds, I waited thinking exness will fixed this issue but hell no all they said is I should keep on waiting for 24hrs every day I texted there customer care and I will receive a via email text on my Gmail which I didn't get any and I gave them prove of transaction I made everything I didn't. Seems this broke ripe people for their money.
  10 Mar 2022  
I had the same issue last week. They are saying they have not received the money, but will refund in 8-10 working days. They are purely playing with money.
Haseeb   26 Mar 2022
Eness is a fraud. I have been trading with them for about 3 months. They will not allow you to withdraw your money they are just scammers. They will just ask you for more and more time. Never trade with them choose other better brokers. All good reviews are probably from their own employers. Don't be fooled by them never ever trade with them, they will steal your money like they stole mine.
  8 Feb 2022  
I only managed to withdraw 2k using bank card, the remaining 3k rest in peace.
  3 Feb 2022  
Guys any one using bank card to withdraw from Exness, which bank do you use?
  17 Jan 2022  
But I use the Internet Banking option. Using The Bank Card option always has roblems when withdrawing profits. It always gets rejected.
S'phiwe   26 Jan 2022
To everyone struggling to withdraw, please try using the internet banking option. One of the support agents suggested I deposit a minimum amount then try withdrawing using Internet Banking, and it worked. I got all my money plus profits back. It seems the Bank Card option will have issues most of the time. My bank always sends me fraud warnings when I deposit to Exness using the card. Other withdrawal platforms I don't trust because they have no proper support available.
  14 Jan 2022  
Which bank do you use?
Benson   17 Jan 2022
I use FNB. I'm only able to return my deposits to the card, so I have to use Internet Banking for the profits. But first, as mentioned abouve make a small deposit with Internet Banking (maybe 3kwd), then you can withdraw your profits.
Otherwise you can use interenet banking option as your main deposit and withdrawal method going forward.
S'phiwe   26 Jan 2022
Hey S'phiwe, when you say "you made a small deposit and got all your money and profit back", did you also have the same problem with withdrawing into your card and no money came? And then after you chose the internet banking, all the momey from before came back?
Bayanda   9 Apr 2022
Bank card is not allowed for profit withdrawals on most brokers. Profit withdrawals will require internet banking, wire transfers or e wallet methods. If you use those, you won't have any problems.
Calvin   23 Apr 2022
Exness is purely a scam. I made a withdrawal of USD10 on 29 11 2021 but have refused to pay me my money. I contacted their customer support team through emails and live chat but to no avail. They told me they have sent the money into my bank card. I then contacted my bank and they told me no such transaction has taken place in my account. I got back to them but they are still saying they don't owe me. Please stay away from Exness. they are scammers.
  12 Jan 2022  
Try using internet banking option. One of the support agents suggested I deposit a minimu amount then try withdrawing using Internet Banking, and it worked. I got all my money plus profits back.
S'phiwe   14 Jan 2022
Guys, please report Exness to the Ombudsman. I'm also experiencing the same issue with withdrawing. All I got was the deposits I made, except the last one. I have sent emails and escalated and they are now ignoring me. Let's not rest until they are dealt with!
  12 Jan 2022  
Update: Guys, please try using the internet banking option instead. I figured it must be easier because you speicfy your account number and it works similar to someone depositing money to your account from their own account (it's the easiest and most direct international transfer method). I deposited 3 KWD (R155), then withdrew all the profit I made (over 100KWD/R5000) to the same source (Internet Banking), and now I got my funds after 3 days. I'm still waiting for the card refund though. They said I sould wait for 14 days. I'll see after that. One thing to note: Under "Account Name" you must put your name and surname, Otherwise it will be rejected.
S'phiwe   14 Jan 2022
Guys, 3 days ago I have made a withdrawal of profits, and its not going through. I have contacted them and they are not responding. I'm starting to have doubts about this broker!
Katlego   18 Apr 2022
I don't know much, but I never succeeded till to date to withdraw, they never let you withdraw your money. In a trade, I shifted my SL to break even for minimizing my loss, but they wiped my small account with sudden reversal.
  20 Dec 2021  
Exness is the worst financial service one could ever try. They send you a refund but you never get your profit withdrawals, they say your bank is rejecting the transaction. Mind you, one has just deposited and made refund withdrawal with the exact card. These guys are true scammers they should be legally implicated with these acts of disloyalty towards their clients.
  12 Dec 2021  
I also I made a withdrawal on 27 December 2021 but still not credited in my account, I'm tied, most of brokers i use they scam me.
Sanele Gambushe   28 Dec 2021
I also stopped using exness in 2019 when I faced the very same problem. They also told me the bank was rejecting the withdrawal until I called the bank and they said were not doing so. I gave up when I heard alot of people say they were facing the same problem. Exness is a broker I will never recommend to anyone.
Thembile Mnyandu   7 Jan 2022
Exness are scammers they terminated my account with funds, now they are refusing to restore or send my funds back. Been contacting them with no luck. Don't invest they are scammers.
  9 Dec 2021  
I deposited 45000 thousands rupees already 45 days completed but not credited my trading account, I am requesting more than 40 days, but nobody response me. It's scam.
  6 Dec 2021  
One this with this broker, they will never give you your money.
  23 Nov 2021  
I made two deposits into my trading account, the money went out of my bank account but it's not reflecting on my trading account i was told to wait for 24hrs since now nothing has happened. I have sent several emails nobody is responding, Exness is a scam.
  17 Nov 2021  
Abigail. Which country are you from?
Latkol   8 Jan 2022
I'm having this same issue, did you later received your money?
Nero   10 Mar 2022
I don't know how to trust this broker, I deposited but it never reflected in my real account. I have emailed them and they give me a query number, now 48 hours gone bit no reflect yet, it supposed to be instant.
  28 Oct 2021  
Same problem I'am facing with Exness it's been a 15 days, no proper responce from Exness.
Imran Khan   6 Nov 2021
I have been struggling to withdraw money from my account. A withdrawal would be prossed, but be returned to my trading account immediately. What is happening?
  27 Oct 2021  
Same problem with me. It's seems something is fishy here. Regulatory bodies must look into this.
Ikramullah Khan   14 Nov 2021
Exness is worst when it comes to withdrawals. I made a withdrawal with Bank Card method which states 72 hours, so since I wanted long I contacted them. They said I must wait for 1-14 days or 30 days. What kind of broker is that? 14 to 30 days just for my money to reflect? But it takes less than one hour for a deposit to reflect. Dont trust them! I will never use them again.
  26 Oct 2021  
Same problem, but did you get your money?
seba   25 Nov 2021
Did you end up getting it? And after how long?
Mj   6 Apr 2022
Worst response from live chat. I send a request for withdrawal five days back I didn't get my withdrawal. don't invest in this don't trade in this. it's a bogus companies, hundred percent you are losing your money.
  14 Oct 2021  
Is it really that bad? I am planing to open account with them please tell me should i go with them or not?
Shoaib   17 Oct 2021
Exness is scam. I'm suffering from 2 weeks and contacted many time on live chat, but they don't have authority. They provide me ARN number and told me ask to your bank about your fund we don't have your fund now we withdraw your fund. So we can't do that our reaponsibility, to provide you ARN number only. After all I think to write a letter to exness regulator. So please guys who already face issue with exness email your conern and other detail too. I am going to teach this scamer so I file the case and put the all of you detail and write to the regulators to block this fraud broker regulation. I will fight for me and for you guys, join me to shake this scammer.
  11 Oct 2021  
Choose XM. It is a good regulated broker.
Dieudonne Adoh   2 Nov 2021
Avoid Exness broker with everything you've got! The worst broker award goes to exness broker! You'll see manipulation at it's peak when you try exness. They will intentionally widen spreads in order not to hit your TP before price reverses and they also know how to jump SL and keep letting you lose till they empty your account. Very useless broker that scams its clients. Once again avoid exness broker!
  3 Oct 2021  
I made withdrawal on 16/09/2021 and no money available to date, this exness is a wolf in a sheep's skin! I was just testing waters anyway, thanks goodness I only deposited small amount but I will take them to task. Banks should be able to warn us when dealing it certified crooks like exness. I will stick with my old tried tested broker ***, honestly transparent.
  21 Sep 2021  
Is it that bad? You got your money or still facing problem? I am planing to open with exness
Shoaib   17 Oct 2021
If you are looking for broker to trade please ignore exness. This is very bad and cheap broker. You could make income in starting but they watch your account. I got server issues because of that lost 50% equity of account and then I came back to website to fund using e payment system perfectmoney which was working fine but on exness saw that requested payment system is not available we are trying to fix it and it did not came online until my account got washed.
This is not first time before I also lost 300 euros then they refunded me and now this time amount was big which is 5000 euros hence they stolen my money and not gave any compensation for it. This is my account number 19046360 any exness scam owner can check for this. I stop my trading on this scam company from now аnd I suggest not to trading anymore. I have full evidences about this fraud company if someone needs can contact me anytime.

  21 Sep 2021  
Very bad support staff. without any explaination which make more clear.

  17 Sep 2021  
So easy to deposit but to withdraw you get the run around and no help whatsoever.
  16 Sep 2021  
I have been using Exness broker for the past few months. And i can absolutely tell you this about them, they are the worst broker that you can ever come across especially when it comes to manipulating trades. Most of the time they will take you out of a trade without even hitting your stop loss especially when they know that the market will go on your side. And once you complain about the situation instead of helping you they will always come with nonsense excuses. Personally I would never ever recommend this broker to no one.
  16 Sep 2021  
My account is 25592976 I have deposit my account with 27 usd in 13 August 2021 my bank was they said receive the money but not success process, My bank statement give proof the money is send to them, not yet return. They still lie on it.
  15 Sep 2021  
Exness is a scam! You make withdrawals then they come back and debit make same amount you withdrew. They temper with your account. They are certified crooks.
  12 Sep 2021  
Thy have done the same to me. Exness is a scam.
Fredrick   14 Sep 2021
I placed a pending order. The pending order was never hit, but they put me in the trade before my stop was hit. They closed my trade in a loss.
lefa   1 Feb 2022
It's a policy of most brokers to withdraw via bank card the SAME amount you deposited. If you want to withdraw profits you will have to use an alternative method like skrill, internet banking, bank wire etc. On most brokers, bank card methods are not allowed for withdrawing profits. This is why many people have been saying the broker is a scam when it's not.
Calvin   23 Apr 2022


Exness was founded by a group of like-minded professionals in the area of finance and information technology in 2008. It soon became one of the world’s leading online forex brokers and became known for some of the industry’s best trading conditions, including the ability to trade with...

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