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Exness Reviews for 23 April 2021

I've withdrawn on Saturday Till now not get money. My acc. no.5308354. no one helps, only tells wait 24 hr.
alok kumar mishra   22 Apr 2021  
I can't withdraw my profits even after 90 days of waiting. Withdrawal is successful & then bounce back immediately as a deposit.Time to change the broker.
Nickii   13 Apr 2021  
Like everyone here says. Easy to make a deposit but hell when you want to make a withdrawal. I made a deposit into the account 5 months ago. I tried making a withdrawal a few days later. That's where I realized I had to first wait for 90 days. Okay fine. I waited for that 90 days then tried making the withdrawal again but guess what. Whenever I try to make a withdrawal it says withdrawal accepted then instantly another message comes in saying that the amount I withdrawn was deposited back into the exness account. When I contact them about it they tell me I have to make another deposit first then try to make a withdrawal right after. So yeah there it is guys. In order for me to make a withdrawal I have to first make second deposit. How does that even make sense?
Ash   11 Apr 2021  
Exness are robbing people off their money and its not fair, they make you deposit without stress, but when you want to withdraw, they frustrate you. They have a way of making you loose all your money. They gave me a withdrawal limit of 58 dollars, and yet when the money came, I only got 44 dollars.
Brown   7 Apr 2021  
I am afraid of exness now the review is terrible. easy to deposit hard to withdraw, are taking people's money to heaven, even if you are a scam broker at least you should have change people always want to see new things and change, I will soon despite and trade if I can't withdraw my review will go viral.
Adams   1 Apr 2021  
Exness is a scam. you can deposit, forget about withdrawing your money. I made a withdrawal, it's been 10 days now still nothing. Please send your complains to FCA they should really investigate this broker. Cancel their licenses in south Africa.
Mj thuto   30 Mar 2021  
I applied for refund of my bank account on 22 February, 2021, but still nor cooperating Exness team and nor my fund refunded. Just making fool to people. I advice to don't waist your money and time with Exness. Search some reliable broker. Exness aim is deposite Instant and no withdraw. Keep in queu only.

Atta Ur Rehman   23 Mar 2021  
It's a scam. Don't use it. Your only allowed to withdraw the money you put in not ur profits. Don't waste ur time on these scammers!
Nzimande   22 Mar 2021  
I did not succeed in withdrawing my profit as I had no more deposits to withdraw against. What is the point of trading if I am not going to be able to withdraw my profits?
Joy   20 Mar 2021  
Now exness withdrawal is worst last 10 year I have been working but now getting withdrawal issues.
Pkm   18 Mar 2021  
this broker looks professional but it is very bad why is it easy to deposit and hard to withdrawal you only get what you deposited. they tell you you can only withdraw your profit after 3 months what the use of trading it because they want you to blow your accounts in that 3 months.
siphesihle mhlongo   7 Mar 2021  
Exness is a scam company. Their customer service does not reply timely nor they address your issues just give the usual answers. I withdraw my amount on 15 Feb 2021 but the company is not providing me any details like MT 104 code to give it to my bank for getting withdrawal.
Masood aftab   5 Mar 2021  
When I deposit and make a lot, the currency trend is something else as everything is going in my favour. But the moment trade starts everything goes against and all my funds are washed completely. I am sure the broker manipulates. Because same trade i put on my demo account. That trade is always a winning one. So why the same trade i start losing on the real account. So beware everyone. Don't waste your money here.
noor fatima   24 Feb 2021  
What really explains the immediate change of currency trend once an order is made? Today, it happened to me the moment I made an order, the currency trend immediately changed the trend! And, what's so frustrating is that, the moment my funds got finished, the trend immediately changed! I'm forced to think of manipulation to cause losses to us.
Umar   19 Feb 2021  
Dear Umer, can you think that when you buy a trade at the same time some others may be enter with sell trades and may be your expectations was wrong and some others got profit with their trades. May be.
Muhammad Ashraf   27 Feb 2021
I did a withdrawal of 500 usd and havnt recieved my funds. its been 9 days. I tried contacting live support n all but all their do is make u run around in circles. I'm thinking of opening a case with cyber crime. as I am a lawyer and know my rights.
Sameer   19 Feb 2021  
I made a withdrawal on 28 January through bank card which I had deposit before with the same debit card But I has been 20 days but still I have not received single penny in my Bank account. I have read many reviews regarding exness scam. now tell me what should I do. Trading Account number 10982732
Ali Raza   16 Feb 2021  
There's something weird here, the real funds don't match to what I see on my mt4, I've read that it's a deposit of some sort but this still doesn't add up.
Nothando   6 Feb 2021  
Bank card withdrawal has took more than 7 days now. still hasn't been credited. the broker is a scam. don't use it.
Moses Stephen   4 Feb 2021  
Me too. I've been trying to make withdrawal same thing is easy to withdraw refunds but when it comes to your profit they take you to and fro i don't know why exness doesn't make our withdrawal easy like other brokers I'm very frustrated I'm thinking of leaving this thing we can't be leaving like this we waste our time and money here.
Tebogo   30 Jan 2021  
Hi Tebogo, we regret the inconvenience and we'd love to help you. Kindly contact our customer support team via live chat on exness.com, we will check your withdrawals and investigate what happened. Thank you for your review, have a great day.
Exness   2 Feb 2021
Do not trade with this broker. I haven't been able to withdraw through mpesa from last month. when i spoke to support they told me it was an issues with the service provider. so I call ipay africa. they tell me exness has been banned for violation of government policies and possible illegal activities. And by the way any complaint or criticism on their fb page is deleted immediately.
dee   29 Jan 2021  
Dear Dee, please be informed that there are no such issues with the service provider. We kindly ask you to contact us with a written proof, in order to investigate it. Complaints and feedbacks are accepted on our Facebook page, you can also contact us via DM. Our official page is Exness with the blue tick. We look forward to hearing from you!
Exness   2 Feb 2021
They also lied to me that its an issue with the service provider. so they are just playing tricks on us.

Norman Maina   15 Feb 2021
Exness, I withdrew my money Friday using bank card, hope I'll get it in my account this weekend. And why can't I withdraw my profit. This is the second time this is happening.
Debola   23 Jan 2021  
Hi Debola, thank you for you review. Please note that a refund made with bank card takes 3 to 5 business days to reach your account, a profit withdrawal may take from 1 minute up to 7 business days. You should refund all the deposits you made with bank card, after that you will be able to withdraw also your profits. If you have other questions, kindly contact us via live chat on exness.com. Have a nice day!
Exness   26 Jan 2021
My friend who's been using this broker for about a year now told me that you can only withdraw your profits after 3 months.
Herman   2 Feb 2021
You will not get your money. I withdraw 700 usd and it's been 9 days. nothing so far. live support just takes you for a ride.
Sameer   19 Feb 2021
I initially thought that it was only me but after reading host of other replies I find that this broker should be punished by FCA for irregularities. First they claim to do instant deposits which 80% of the time work but the 20% when you need them most they dont work. I have made a deposit on Jan 12th and it has still not reached my account. mail after mail they ask me to send proofs which I do but this rubbish support does not respond properly and give standard replies. 2nd deposit was made today using neteller and that too has not reached my account. another thing i noticed with this scam broker with whom i am trading since 10 yrs is they suddenly increase the spreads to as much as they want between 10:30 pm to 12:30 am GMT everyday. FCA please audit them
Nachiket   20 Jan 2021  
Dear Nachiket, deposits with Neteller are instant. We'd like to check your deposit and help you, kindly contact our customer support team and provide your account / transaction details. With regard to spread, the value depends on market volatility and on your account type, please check the average spread on exness.com. It can be wider during economic news releases or when there's low liquidity in the market (when the market opens and closes, or night time).
Exness   22 Jan 2021
Dear Exness, Exness scammers or right broker in trading will decide based on the positive response i get and my money. I deposited from my bank card which on my name and when i tried to withdraw the deposit amount i received, but when i tried to withdraw the profit it got bounce back from withdrawal. From morning i am trying to withdraw a partial profit from my trading account to the bank card which i used to deposit funds for trading. But i am unable to transfer. Why the transaction is not happening the fund is bouncing back to the trading account. I am transferring to my own bank card account only the funds. Thrice i had a conversation with live chat following are the executives reply.
First executive reply: 1. Check with the bank that my card is 3DS enabled - Yes its enabled 2. Check with the bank regarding OCT payouts are enable - Yes it enabled 3. Check with bank will they accept profit deposits - Yes. Second Executive reply: Clear your browser cache and cookies. Third executive reply: add another payment system for deposit and then try to withdraw. so i added one more card to deposit and and withdrawn the deposited 10$ but i am unable to withdraw my profit. I have followed your deposit and withdrawal procedures and then why i am unable to withdraw. Kindly do the needful.
Jai   15 Jan 2021  
Hello, dear Jai! We're sorry for the difficulties you're facing. Exness is a professional broker, audited and regulated, we will help you. Kindly provide your trading account number and secret word to our customer support, our team will investigate your case and provide the next steps in order to make a successful withdrawal. Thank you for your cooperation, and have a great day ahead!
Exness   19 Jan 2021
It makes sad because I have been a huge supporter of exness. recently with the problem with depositing with Mpesa or Bank Card, I have no comment. Am in the verge of leaving. I mean there other responsible brokers out there too. Exness is feed up with costumers. time to move on. All I get is we are working on it! mean while time is money!
Peter   2 Jan 2021  
Hi Peter, our apologies for the issue you're facing with our payment systems. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients all over the world, and Mpesa is under maintenance to provide a better service to our clients. You may use another payment system to deposit, as also bank card for instance. Please contact our customer support team via live chat, should you require further help. Have a great day!

Exness   5 Jan 2021
I am disappointed at the servixe received from exness. I have reported an irregularity experienced on their server. Provided order numbers to their chat guh John M. Sent screenshots but yet tells me Exness will not take responsibilty. I regret trading with this broker. I was in GBPAUD trades and with every attempt to close the trades , got error messages saying "Invalid Parametres" while the trades were active. Their chat guy John M just ignorantly dismissed me and says i tried closing closed trades. How can one close a trade in thr trade history? Exness please get somebody competent to contact me and resokve my issue.
Songeziwe Mbalo   26 Dec 2020  
Dear Songeziwe, we are sorry to hear that you faced inconveniences while trading with us. Kindly contact our customer support again in order to clarify your situation. You may also send an email with the screenshots and your account details. Thank you.
Exness   4 Jan 2021
Iv had enough with this broker. I'm canceling my account. Well I have been making profits but had to cancel my deposits 1st which I did and got all my withdrawals successfully but as soon as Im on the winning side with no more deposits to cancel all of a sudden I don't get my profits (withdrawals). Same thing happened to someone I know, just after he finished withdrawing all his deposits suddenly he does not get his withdrawals. This is a scam broker. Any suggestions of a better broker?
Mduduzi   18 Dec 2020  
Hello, dear Mduduzi! We apologize for the difficulties you experienced while making a withdrawal. Kindly contact our customer support team via live chat on exness.com, we will check your withdrawal and help you. Please, note that we always withdraw clients' funds, and if the withdrawals are not successful, there should be a reason. Thank you, and have a great day ahead!
Exness   21 Dec 2020
The very same thing is happening to me I received all deposits made as my withdrawals, as for all the money I am making, it is impossible to withdraw you go through the whole withdrawal process sms even to verify, next thing the money goes back into the trading account and at that time it reflects but once u go into the trading account the money is back there, deliberately blow up ur account.
Khalo   21 Jan 2021
I was trading on my account number 19015373, for almost 3 months was doing good profit, I increased my capital to 10000usd and even more, what happened on Friday I took some trades in which I found 5+5 big lots automated came on my account which was not placed by me and that washed my 12000USD in no time, when I contacted support they say orders made by you in which long file of mt4 that was not present, secondly after 5 days. Again I invested 5000usd and was trading on gold pair when I had 5-7 orders what I saw signal to mt4 gone and same time I was on the call with my client on the conference and he got the same issue on a different state, I immediately took a screenshot of both account also of his PC over the TeamViewer and when reported to Exness they say we have no such issues it's your internet issue, that day very hardly I saved my funds. On Dec 7th due to server issues again I failed to close my orders and I made another big loss of 9000$ and on the report to exness they sent me terms and conditions. Here is the email: We have carefully reviewed the execution of the group of orders on the account 19015373. The results are as follows: We apologize for the inconvenience. Our technical team has reviewed the journal and the history of the log and there were no irregularities found in the execution or any unsuccessful attempt. The issue may have been caused by the instability of the Internet connection. It is advisable to change the type of Internet connection to improve connection quality. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Exness | Support Team. It is advisable that the client change the type of Internet connection to improve connection quality. For more information on this, please visit our website. Taking everything into consideration, the decision has been made to leave the results of the orders in question unchanged. The decision is based on clauses 1.1, 1.3, and 1.4 of 1.1 The Client is solely responsible for providing and maintaining the compatible equipment necessary to access and use the Trading Platform, which includes at least a personal computer, Internet access by any means and telephone, or another access line. Access to the Internet is an essential feature and the Client shall be solely responsible for any fees necessary in order to connect to the Internet. 1.3 The Company will not be liable to the Client should his computer system fail, damage, destroy, and/or format his records and data. Furthermore, if the Client incurs delays and any other form of data integrity problems that are a result of his hardware configuration or mismanagement, the Company shall not be liable. Over the phone calls and live chat, they told me that they are very good broker and do share up to 50 thousand USD of profit to their clients. But on the other hand, they do notice client's funds and gives issues independently to washout their funds. These scammers must be banned and licenses should be canceled for such scam work. I have attached the screenshot of my loss as well as the error and ping issues I got on my mt4. I lost 21000$ on this scam broker who stolen my money without compensation. I have successfully change the broker and now doing a profit very well. I give a message to all old clients to change your broker quickly if you are trading into scam broker exness.
Sam   11 Dec 2020  
Hello, dear Sam. We're sorry that you faced inconveniences while working with us. With regards to your first issue, when there is a successful login to a trading platform with the Client's account credentials, and a command is sent, the command will be executed. Moreover, no compensation claims arising from such execution may be satisfied. Please refer to our Client Agreement (part D, clause 1.3). A reply with more details was sent via email. Please also be informed that on the 7th of December, the trading server related to your account was working without issue as many other clients were connected to it and could successfully open, modify, and close positions. If you need more clarifications about your issues, feel free to contact us again via live chat on exness.com. Have a great day
Exness   17 Dec 2020
Interested in your new broker. can you share it with me, please?
Seth Amenyah   19 Mar 2021
Which is the new broker which you are using now? Please let me know so that I too can check it out. Thanks in advance.
Amby   11 Apr 2021
exness customer service use to be good and quick in responding to issues. for some time now their live chat is no more working and they will not respond on telegram either. now getting me scared of doing business with them. how do they resolve my issues if i can't get them.
felix   8 Dec 2020  
Hi Felix, please note that we don't have a Telegram channel. We're sorry that you didn't manage to contact us. You may try to clear cache and cookies of your internet browser, go to our website exness.com and click on 'Let's chat'. Other than live chat, you can send an email or call us. Please visit exness.com to find our contacts. Thank you
Exness   10 Dec 2020
Exness has been giving me problems when it comes to withdrawing my profits. When I seeked help through their live chats, their consultants were telling me that the withdrawal bounced in my account. What confuses me is that first they gave me back my initial deposit, which didn't bounce, but when it comes to profits they start to be smart by telling me that my withdrawal bounced. So if you thinking of using their brokerage service, I wouldn't advice you to do so. But you and only you will be the one who will take the final decision as to use their services or not.
Gift   7 Dec 2020  
Hello, dear Gift. We apologize for your experience with us and for the difficulties you experienced while making a withdrawal. Kindly contact our customer support team via live chat on exness.com to check the transactions, and follow the steps provided to make a successful withdrawal. Please, note that we always withdraw clients' funds, and if the withdrawals are not successful, there should be a reason. Have a nice day!
Exness   8 Dec 2020
Why can you only withdraw from the deposit method. I deposited via vank card but I cannot withdraw via internaet banking why is that?
Amir   7 Dec 2020  
Dear Amir, you are allowed to make a withdrawal with the same payment system you used to deposit. Please read the general rules for withdrawing funds and in our Client Agreement. Thank you.
Exness   7 Dec 2020

Exness was founded by a group of like-minded professionals in the area of finance and information technology in 2008. It soon became one of the world’s leading online forex brokers and became known for some of the industry’s best trading conditions, including the ability to trade with...

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