Exness Reviews and Comments 2020

My wife opened her account and I sent money to her account.They accepted amount and then held the payment. Now they are not giving us our money. Despite of various calls and messages their response is just to make us wait for 24hrs again 24hrs and we have tired now and thinking on going to cyber crime to stop them further.

Imtiaz Ahmed   20 October, 2020  

I have already deposited $150 for a cent account and made some profit. I was planning to invest little more. But reading these comments I'm afraid to invest with this broker.

Asanga Wijeratne   19 October, 2020  

This is a great source of income. I am more delighted with the profit I get compared to my salary. No need to invest a huge amount of money. I started with their minimum deposit.

Melanie Fischer   19 October, 2020

The broker is Legit. I live in south west Africa and I made a 5$ withdrawal via a Visa card and it took about 3 days for the money to reflect. Please view your transaction history and the status of your transaction in a web browser (not in the app) to see if your transaction was approved. And before making any deposit be sure that your paper work was aproved and it your account is all set to start trading. To avoid withdrawal problems.

Jelson Quinga   18 October, 2020  

Exness can not send withdraw verification code. I try 50 time I change the number but not received. my case number is #06842018

Atta Ullah   18 October, 2020  

Dear Atta, we're sorry to hear that. We will take care of your case as soon as possible and help you to change the phone number. Kindly wait for our email, thank you.

Exness   20 October, 2020

This is my case number #06840652. Please and please help me out. I never experienced such before. I deposited yesterday on 16th of October, Thursday and it hasn't reflected on my exness trading account. Tho I made about 4 deposit that same day and it reflected but my last deposit didn't reflect. Please may I know why?

Favour   17 October, 2020  

Hi Favour, our apologies for the difficulties experienced. We will check your case and help you with your deposits. Kindly wait for our reply via email. Thank you.

Exness   20 October, 2020

I have been depositing throughout yesterday through QR payment and it has been going well but my last deposit didn't reflect on my trading account. Please may I know the reason why? this is the frist time am experiencing this.

Favour   17 October, 2020  

Extremely reliable and super broker, I am using since 7 years. Highly recommended for newbies as well as experienced traders.

Wasim   16 October, 2020  

I've been trying to withdraw my money since last month September and they say I must use the same method I used to deposit. i'vi tried talking with live support.with different consultants nothing coming. But when I was depositing I took seconds to be deducted on my bank account.

Mncedisi   16 October, 2020  

Hello, dear Mncedidi. We highly regret the inconvenience. However, we could not understand the exact problem, could you please contact our customer support team via live chat? Kindly follow the steps provided by our agents.

Exness   20 October, 2020

Why is this broker not confirming withdrawals via email? Something is wrong with this broker and good to use. If you're in position to trade with them, I advise you to stay away.

Petro   16 October, 2020  

Dear Petro, unfortunately we don't send emails to confirm withdrawals. You can check the status of your withdrawal in your personal area, please log in to your personal area and click on the withdrawal tab on the left. If you have any questions, kindly contact us via live chat.

Exness   20 October, 2020

I'm trying to trade and deposit money but it keeps saying "This option is currently unavailable" or trade disabled. I'm fed up with this nonsense honestly can't deal.

Josh   14 October, 2020  

Dear Josh, we highly regret the inconvenience. However, we could not understand the exact problem you faced. Kindly contact our customer support team via live chat on our website and clarify it. We'll be more than happy to help you. Thanks.

Exness   15 October, 2020

I would advice anybody who may be thinking to use Exness to try and think twice. I have tried to withdraw some money from my account for the last like 2 weeks but it seems that it is impossible to withdraw from them. I have written emails after emails but nobody is willing to help. They tell you to use the live chat which will just waste your time by taking you round and round. I beg anyone who may be thinking to use this broker to think twice. Once you deposit your money in your trading account that's the end of your hard earned money.

Sam   13 October, 2020  

Hello, dear Sam, we're sorry for the experience you've faced. Please, note that we always withdraw clients' funds, and if the withdrawals are not successful, there should be a reason. Please contact us again, we'll provide a detailed explanation of why your withdrawal wasn't successful. Thank you for you patience, and have a great day!

Exness   15 October, 2020

this is my account number 4845597 and my case number is 06763074 and its been more then 1 month i haven't receive my money. their chat support and email support both r pathetic , they will keep u waiting and waiting and waiting till u surrender. my case is still open and everyday i got same response your money will credit soon. I will soon compliant to FCA authority.

bawa singla   12 October, 2020  

Hello, dear Bawa. We're sorry to hear that, anyway, kindly check your email inbox. Our cases are usually investigated in 24-48 working hours, and documents are required to help you, based on your case. If you have any questions, please reply to our email.

Exness   13 October, 2020

I made 2 withdrawals and its been 2 weeks and. I haven't received my withdrawals. I want my profits.

Mpho   8 October, 2020  

Hi Mpho, we'd be happy to see what happened with your withdrawal. Please contact us via live chat, our team will check your withdrawals and help you.

Exness   12 October, 2020

Your withdrawal system is really painful. after making profits I have to make couple of request. please dont give hard time while withdraw. I understand that you may require funds in particular countries but do not make life hard.

Shihabuddin   8 October, 2020  

Dear Shihabuddin, thank you for your review. We regret the inconvenience. However, we couldn't understand the exact issue you faced during your withdrawals. Please contact us via live chat on our website to help you further.

Exness   12 October, 2020

Exness is a pure rip-off. Once you place a trade, it starts going against you, when you place an hedge it stagnates and when you decide to take the small pips you get the spread goes up. In one trade, it went from 22pips to 1500pips.

peter   8 October, 2020  

Dear Peter, Exness is honest when it comes to finance, pricing, and execution. We've earned the trust of our clients by providing high quality services and transparency. You can always check our prices in the "Tick history" section of our website. It provides you with historical data about ask and bid prices. Please note that spread value depends on market volatility, it can be wider during economic news releases or when there's low liquidity in the market. Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Exness   9 October, 2020

Exness rejected my withdrawals and I told to keep their money because there are better brokers out there than them. They are ripoffs they hate consistent traders. Don't ever use Exness.

Hope   5 October, 2020  

Hello, dear Hope. We're sorry to hear that and we'd like to help you. Please contact us via live chat on our website. Thank you.

Exness   8 October, 2020

I withdrew money from exness. they said use the same method you used deposit, the money has not yet reflected. its true these trade against you.

Edson Manyumbu   3 October, 2020  

Dear Edson, kindly check if your withdrawal has been accepted. You can log in to your personal area, and click on the withdrawal tab on the left. Please note that the processing time depends on the payment system you used, you may go to our website and check it. Kindly contact us via live chat if you need further help. Thank you

Exness   8 October, 2020

If you wanna enjoy trading forex without worrying about anything please and I say please don't trade with exness fo goodness sake. These people are market markers they have their ways of making money from you. You can't get away with lots of profits from this broker. They freeze accounts, regect withdrawals and even trade against you.

Tasleem Teslow   1 October, 2020  

Dear Tasleem, we'd be happy to see what happened with your account. If your withdrawals have been rejected, there's a reason and you can check it in your personal area. With regard to our prices, we're transparent and all the prices are visible on our website. Please contact us via live chat, we'd like to help you.

Exness   5 October, 2020

Exness refused my withdrawals many times. My money is stuck. I deposited with bitcoin and am trying to withdraw with bitcoin. After its been pending one full day it was refunded to my account and I am trying to withdraw again. It keeps saying something is wrong. I chatted support. They said to clear cache which I've done many times with my laptop. Yet same story. I regret ever using this broker honestly. Till how am unable to withdraw my money.

Udeme Umo   1 October, 2020  

Good day Udeme! Thank you for your feedback, we regret the inconvenience. About your technical issue, you can contact us again via live chat and provide the network logs. It will help us to understand your issue. We look forward to hearing from you.

Exness   5 October, 2020

Exnes making us suffer, why is your support team not responding to our text, the proof of resident is being rejected several times what is all this.

Bornface   30 September, 2020  

Hi Bornface, our customer support is available 24/7 via live chat on exness.com. Please contact us in order to check why your document has been rejected. Thank you.

Exness   5 October, 2020

find another broker, u will regret ever going for exness when its time to withdraw. believe me I know.

Wandi   6 October, 2020

I was trying to review all the comments. it seems like the broker not reliable for me to trade with them.

job   29 September, 2020  

Exness is simply not trustworthy. How on earth can it take them less than a minute to get funded by a trader but only to find out you have to wait more than 2 days to withdraw your money. I mean your money. Exness is actual a B Broker they trade against their clients it's disgusting. If you're still trading with them don't expect anything will be fine.

Tasleem Teslow   22 September, 2020  

Hello, dear Tasleem. The deposit/withdrawal processing time depends on the payment method you use. Please visit exness.com and contact our customer support via live chat if you have any questions. Exness is a B book broker, kindly be informed that B book brokers do not make their profits from clients losing money on the markets. The main profit comes from the spread

Exness   23 September, 2020

Exness verification process is extremely backward - they are not clear on what is required and send email after email reminding you to upload documents- when you respond to the email with the documents they dont process them- you still have to do it through the application. Complete waste of time and unprofessional, over 10 emails back and forth, and the most basic thing is still not resolved. Worst platform to date and I have not even started trading on it yet. After reading the reviews below I am wondering if it's worth my time to continue using the platform.

guest   21 September, 2020  

Dear client, you are able to read the documents requested before you upload the document in your personal area (we don't verify documents via email). We kindly suggest that you contact our customer support via live chat on exness.com to resolve your issue quickly. Thank you.

Exness   23 September, 2020

I'm an affiliate partner of Exness and it's already been more than 3 weeks since my client made her First time Deposit and already traded the required lot. Until now they haven't release my commission. I don't know why does it took them so long to resolve this issue. I keep on making a follow up with their contact person and they did not give me a clear answer. I'm totally disappointed regarding this issue.

Marjorie D   16 September, 2020  

Hello, dear Marjorie. I am sorry to hear that you have experienced inconveniences while working with us. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, kindly wait for our reply or contact us back via email. We're always ready to help you, our apologies if there has been a delay

Exness   18 September, 2020

You see I did not reply "Withdrawals are quick and services are trustworthy. I am highly satisfied with the broker's services." This part of your scam!

Adeola R   15 September, 2020  

If Exness manipulates trades and moves different from other brokers these does not concern me what concern me is my deposits. I did not open MT4 or 5 to trade with it. Release my withdrawal, what does $25 means to you so if I deposit $10,000 into you will manipulate it and convert it to your own! To avoid clients who will ask for their funds you closed the live chat, telegram etc and blocked email via support@exness.com

Adeola R   15 September, 2020  

Dear Exness Support/ Finacial Department, My name is Mr. Adeola Ready, holder of Exness Standard Account Number: 438229. I made deposit of $25 with Bank Card (Mastercard) and then made withdrawal of $20 on 11th September 2020 up till now I have not receive it in my Bank Card (Mastercard) and I tried to withdraw the balance ($4.87) but the system did not process it. It gave report, that it will take 90 days before it can be withdraw. Where is the instant withdrawal! Please release my funds, I am in need of them urgently. Thanks

Adeola R   15 September, 2020  

Hello, dear Adeola. It's not clear if you made a refund or profit withdrawal. In case you made a refund you will receive it in 3-5 business days, for a profit withdrawal the processing time is 1 min-7 business days. Please visit exness.com to check the processing time for each payment method. Instant withdrawals are available for certain electronic payment system. Kindly contact us via live chat to check your account and the error you're receiving. Thank you

Exness   15 September, 2020

I have the exact same problem. they made me wait 90 days only to tell me i still have to refund from my othet account before i can withdraw.

Wandi   5 October, 2020

Exness manipulates trades and moves different from other brokers, candle sticks are not the same as other regulated brokers.

Ntokozo   14 September, 2020  

Dear Ntokozo, please be informed that different brokers have different liquidity suppliers, therefore prices can be different among brokers. We never manipulate our clients' orders. We can never do that because we are regularly audited by one of the biggest and the most authentic accounting companies, Deloitte. Furthermore, you can visit our website exness.com-> Tick History to check for the slightest of market movements in the past. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Exness   15 September, 2020

Honestly, I find nothing but negative comments on exness and them trying to cover these same opinions. Not even one positive review. There has to be something wrong with this broker. Regulated or not. I have a friend who uses exness and is always complaining about withdrawals. It seems that exness is always having some problem which is a problem itself. Haven't used this broker but I already reccommend that no one uses it.

Sinovuyo   11 September, 2020  

This is the worst broker of them all, it takes 90 days to make a withdrawal, if you don't want trouble don't join this broker at all.

Fran   10 September, 2020  

Good day, Fran. The processing time depends on the payment system you use. However, none of the withdrawal methods offered takes 90 days. Please check the processing time at exness.com or contact us via live chat for more information. Thank you

Exness   11 September, 2020

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