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Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Exchange Rates Table

We provide Free Real-time Hong Kong Dollar, HKD Forex Rates for Today (18 September 2021) for more than 50 major world currency pairs.

Currencies HKD in 1 HKD
American Dollar (USD) Exchange RatesAmerican Dollar (USD) 7.7822 0.1285 USD
Euro (EUR) Exchange RatesEuro (EUR) 9.1253 0.1096 EUR
British Pound (GBP) Exchange RatesBritish Pound (GBP) 10.6931 0.0935 GBP
Canadian Dollar (CAD) Exchange RatesCanadian Dollar (CAD) 6.0951 0.1641 CAD
Chinese Yuan (CNY) Exchange RatesChinese Yuan (CNY) 1.2036 0.8308 CNY
Swiss Franc (CHF) Exchange RatesSwiss Franc (CHF) 8.3493 0.1198 CHF
Japanese Yen (JPY) Exchange RatesJapanese Yen (JPY) 0.0708 14.1312 JPY
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Exchange RatesNew Zealand Dollar (NZD) 5.4801 0.1826 NZD
Australian Dollar (AUD) Exchange RatesAustralian Dollar (AUD) 5.6545 0.1768 AUD
Russian Ruble (RUB) Exchange RatesRussian Ruble (RUB) 0.1068 9.3642 RUB
Argentine Peso (ARS) Exchange RatesArgentine Peso (ARS) 0.0792 12.6285 ARS
Bahamian Dollar (BSD) Exchange RatesBahamian Dollar (BSD) 7.7782 0.1286 BSD
Bahraini Dinar (BHD) Exchange RatesBahraini Dinar (BHD) 20.653 0.0484 BHD
Belarusian Ruble (BYR) Exchange RatesBelarusian Ruble (BYR) 0.0004 2518.3658 BYR
Belize Dollar (BZD) Exchange RatesBelize Dollar (BZD) 3.8588 0.2591 BZD
Brazilian Real (BRL) Exchange RatesBrazilian Real (BRL) 1.4715 0.6796 BRL
Chilean Peso (CLP) Exchange RatesChilean Peso (CLP) 0.0099 100.8002 CLP
Croatian Kuna (HRK) Exchange RatesCroatian Kuna (HRK) 1.2149 0.8231 HRK
Cuban Peso (CUP) Exchange RatesCuban Peso (CUP) 0.2937 3.4049 CUP
Czech Koruna (CZK) Exchange RatesCzech Koruna (CZK) 0.3595 2.7819 CZK
Danish Krone (DKK) Exchange RatesDanish Krone (DKK) 1.2273 0.8148 DKK
Dominican Peso (DOP) Exchange RatesDominican Peso (DOP) 0.1372 7.2892 DOP
Egyptian Pound (EGP) Exchange RatesEgyptian Pound (EGP) 0.4952 2.0194 EGP
Gibraltar Pound (GIP) Exchange RatesGibraltar Pound (GIP) 10.7724 0.0928 GIP
Indian Rupee (INR) Exchange RatesIndian Rupee (INR) 0.1056 9.4689 INR
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) Exchange RatesIndonesian Rupiah (IDR) 0.0005 1832.67 IDR
Iranian Rial (IRR) Exchange RatesIranian Rial (IRR) 0.0002 5420.9108 IRR
Israeli New Shekel (ILS) Exchange RatesIsraeli New Shekel (ILS) 2.4251 0.4124 ILS
Jordanian Dinar (JOD) Exchange RatesJordanian Dinar (JOD) 10.9766 0.0911 JOD
Korean Won (KRW) Exchange RatesKorean Won (KRW) 0.0066 151.8755 KRW
Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) Exchange RatesKuwaiti Dinar (KWD) 25.8608 0.0387 KWD
Lithuanian Litas (LTL) Exchange RatesLithuanian Litas (LTL) 2.6358 0.3794 LTL
Mexican Peso (MXN) Exchange RatesMexican Peso (MXN) 0.3887 2.5725 MXN
Norwegian Krone (NOK) Exchange RatesNorwegian Krone (NOK) 0.8934 1.1193 NOK
Pakistan Rupee (PKR) Exchange RatesPakistan Rupee (PKR) 0.0463 21.5993 PKR
Philippine Peso (PHP) Exchange RatesPhilippine Peso (PHP) 0.1555 6.4315 PHP
Polish Zloty (PLN) Exchange RatesPolish Zloty (PLN) 1.9874 0.5032 PLN
Qatari Rial (QAR) Exchange RatesQatari Rial (QAR) 2.1375 0.4678 QAR
Saudi Riyal (SAR) Exchange RatesSaudi Riyal (SAR) 2.0755 0.4818 SAR
Singapore Dollar (SGD) Exchange RatesSingapore Dollar (SGD) 5.773 0.1732 SGD
Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR) Exchange RatesSri Lanka Rupee (LKR) 0.039 25.6481 LKR
Swedish Krona (SEK) Exchange RatesSwedish Krona (SEK) 0.8963 1.1157 SEK
Taiwan Dollar (TWD) Exchange RatesTaiwan Dollar (TWD) 0.28 3.5716 TWD
Tunisian Dinar (TND) Exchange RatesTunisian Dinar (TND) 2.7791 0.3598 TND
Turkish Lira (TRY) Exchange RatesTurkish Lira (TRY) 0.9002 1.1109 TRY
Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH) Exchange RatesUkraine Hryvnia (UAH) 0.2917 3.4287 UAH
United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) Exchange RatesUnited Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) 2.1189 0.4719 AED
Vietnamese Dong (VND) Exchange RatesVietnamese Dong (VND) 0.0003 2925.8656 VND

Top Cryptocurrencies

# Cryptocurrency 7 days
1 BTC Information Bitcoin 6.18%
2 ETH Information Ethereum 4.16%
3 ADA Information Cardano -12.23%
4 BNB Information Binance Coin 0.45%
5 USDT Information Tether -0.09%
6 XRP Information XRP -1.23%
7 SOL Information Solana -10.73%
8 DOT Information Polkadot 10.34%
9 DOGE Information Dogecoin -0.8%
10 USDC Information USD Coin -0.09%
11 AVAX Information Avalanche 19.97%
12 UNI Information Uniswap 3.78%
13 LUNA Information Terra -10.08%
14 LINK Information Chainlink 4.97%
15 BUSD Information Binance USD -0.09%
16 LTC Information Litecoin -1.29%
17 BCH Information Bitcoin Cash -1.83%
18 ALGO Information Algorand 1.27%
19 WBTC Information Wrapped Bitcoin 5.88%
20 ICP Information Internet Computer 0.36%
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4 FXCC Information & Reviews FXCC 90%
5 Markets.com Information & Reviews Markets.com 89%
6 FxPro Information & Reviews FxPro 88%
7 OctaFX Information & Reviews OctaFX 86%
8 HotForex Information & Reviews HotForex 85%
9 XM Information & Reviews XM 80%
10 FXCM Information & Reviews FXCM 79%
11 Vantage FX Information & Reviews Vantage FX 78%
12 Moneta Markets Information & Reviews Moneta Markets 77%
13 AvaTrade Information & Reviews AvaTrade 76%
14 LegacyFX Information & Reviews LegacyFX 75%
15 NordFX Information & Reviews NordFX 73%
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