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I have been here for a long time. The systems are at a good level. Usually, the broker that will be invested will be chosen from a safe, stable and supportive broker. So i chose here Because it can take me profitable and safe.

panna   21 October, 2020  

Nordfx india is totally scam running by *** from Vaishali, he have sharing with company in client losses so he always do manipulation though slippage or spread increasing on news time, please traders stay away from Nordfx India, you never make money through them.

Akash   17 March, 2020  

Either you are a Fired Employee of NordFx Indian office or you are working for a Competitor Company. NordFx is a Reputed and Reliable Broker existing in Market since 2008 almost 12 Plus years and I am working with them since 2010. So stop spreading Rumors

Smita   20 March, 2020

This broker is a Scam. I have opened an account with this broker.made some partial deposits of $300, Traded and losed my All Capital. after that again i Deposited $631 dated 3rd january 2020 and traded made some profit and losed half of the money and took withdrawal.again i Deposited that half money with some other amount total $390 dated 19 january 2020. I traded and made alot if profits .my account reached to $1008-$ that day my trade of XAUUSD sell order id no.32691052 with 0.21 and another trade of XAUUSD sell order id no. 32690537 with 0.01 lot were hedge with the trade of XAUUSD buy order id no.32710115 with 0.22 lot.Both The sell trades Of 0.21 lot and 0.01 lot closed by me manually on Monday at 00.10 with the profits $427.14, $20.83 respectively. And the buy trade of 0.22 lot hit the t.p on monday at 00.34 with profit $96.14.But now I can see the sell trades again re-opened by your brokerage and that 0.21 lot sell trade Hits Stopout and took me to Loss of $521.43 and another sell trade of 0.01 lot is running on mt4 at loss of $24.07. I could not understand why you brokerage (Nordfx) did this with my my total Deposits exceeding $1174.93 and my total profits become $169.10. therefore, kindly it is requested that compensate me My All investment that i losed with these trades. so that i can carry on my continuous trading with your Nice brokerage.
It is humbbly request to payback either my initial Deposits or the whole deposited amount with profits. I shall be waiting for a prompt and sincere response. Regards, Abdul Rasheed. Mt4 no.1323049

Abdul Rasheed   29 January, 2020  

Dear Customer,
Your mentioned orders were closed using the non-market quote 1536.4, while the market price at 00:10 27.01.2020 was 1585.7.

The settlement of the disputable situation can be made by Nord FX by reinstatement of mistakenly closed position (9.6b of Attachment 03 - Trading Regulations for MetaTrader ). Order #32691052 was finally closed at price 1581.57, and the current price for order #32690537 is aprox. 1578.8.

Both prices are BETTER for client than the actual market price at the time of closing those orders using non-market quote.

Reinstatement of positions were used instead of price adjustment as more profitable action for the client.

If you do not agree with that statement, you could request to adjust the closing price to market (9.8.16 of Attachment 03).

You are able to request withdrawal of your balance at any time.

Your request to cancel all trades or cancel all negative trades is declined.
NordFX is not responsible for the appearance of non-market quotes. This unpleasant phenomenon happens extremely rarely, that is why it is specified in Attachment 03. Your case happened at the time of opening of the markets on the night of Sunday to Monday 27.01.2020. You can check real quotes for the indicated date at any other websites.

Good luck with your work in the financial markets.

NordFX   2 July, 2020

NordFX - a non-paying kitchen! I opened an account, and started trading. At first everything went well. Fast execution, minimum slippage. I registered an partner link, began to advertise this broker. By my partner link registered trader.
I received an partner commission and traded using commissions. But at some moment they just closed the account without warning. Then they sent a letter: We inform you that for violation of the terms of the partnership agreement, which prohibits affiliates persons to participate in the affiliate program and receive a commission from trading, especially bonus funds, we are forced to cancel the affiliate commission and terminate the partnership agreement. Deposit funds were returned back to your card. The repayment period is 3-7 business banking days. To my requests to explain what was the matter that I violated - no answers from the broker. As a result, I was not given all the profits I earned. give me my money back!

marina   3 April, 2019  

Good broker until you try to withdraw your profits. They closed my accound and stole my profits, ca 1600USD after trying to withdraw. They have sent me a email that my account got closed becouse of agreement violation. I did not violate the agreement but its made so that there is room for interpretation. so if you make money they will be always able to stole it.

Victor Schenker   2 November, 2018  

I traded with this broker from 2009 to 2015. Then, due to certain circumstances, I stopped trading. But for the whole period there were no problems: withdrawal of money is always fast, support is adequate and always helped. Since September I have continued to work with this broker, because they have introduced a crypto currency. For the current 2.5 months my opinion about the company has not changed - earnings are still displayed without problems.

Dmitriy   24 November, 2017  

Whatever you think or comment about NordFX, it's still same shit as it was before. No matter what services or new features are added, this broker charge more and offer less in terms of quality service. I've closed my account this month! The last time i went to my admin panel I got warning from my web browser about viruses. The question is - are you sere that your submitted personal information is secured? I don't think so because started to get enormous amount of junk emails from broker partners. Seems like they sell your info to third parties for additional income! And you still say that NordFX has a good reputation?

Honey_Man   5 June, 2017  

Looks like the competitors of NordFX are paying you - Honey_Man. I think it is a dirty lie that they sell info. First of all it is not legal and if you have proves you should apply. Secondly, there is no logic in it as according to your words they sell their clients to other partners. It doesn't make any sense.

Ira   6 September, 2017

I have over 5 years of professional forex trading and consider Nord FX one of the best brokers who provide their services. I have an impression that its founders were Forex traders in the past, they perfectly know how you can win the heart of a trader and investor. I won their contest several times, and withdraw prizes as promised. In my opinion, there are even more ways to deposit and withdraw money than necessary. Frankly, I never heard of some of the payment systems, and I saw them in the list of the broker for the first time.

Phan   30 March, 2017  

There are things I like trading with NordFX during 24 hours a day sometimes: very fast execution; low spreads; direct access within ECN. I opened the MT-ECN account half a year ago and deposited $ 1.000. The result is not even: profit and loss - both happen… but in general trading is fair and convenient here. The platform MT4 allows automated trading without emotions. I get prices directly from ECN Currenex and no corrections or additions occur to them. So I’ve got access to the best quotes. I can mention the high quality of fast order processing due to ECN. The only thing I would change is the commissions, which I have to pay depending on my turnover.

Mic010   23 June, 2016  

Have been trading about a couple of months already here I am glad to declare that it is good. The order execution is really under 0.5 seconds just as they promise and there are really low spreads starting from 0 pips. I trade on a real account but before used its demo so that I could test various strategies. Well, I can say that the website is very convenient and it provides a lot of training video and other useful materials. It’s good broker for beginners as I think. Besides, here there are a wide range of withdrawal and deposit options.

Elaine Q   7 June, 2016  

nordfx is very bad company, his withdraw is very slow and poor and so many times server problem

santosh kumar   29 January, 2015  

I think NORDFX this is real broker, they give good services and small spreads (fixed 2 pips on eurusd), i use only this pair for trading, so it is enough for me. Last withdrawal $323, no problem, just sent all documents for identification. Like their instant execution, recommend to all, my friends use it, and no one tell the bad word about NordFX.

tamtam   10 June, 2013  

i have almost 1 month experience with this broker, excellent service and well customer support, very ploite. fast withdrawal and deposit, one should have this broker, because i withdraw $100 and they paid me the same in my axis bank account on time. also medium range spread. eurusd 2 and gbpusd 3. good deal. go guy go. happy trading.

Ashish rathod   31 May, 2013  

I used this broker for ZuluTrade only (automated trading). And I would not recommend it at all. The market is closed when others already started trading, and the spread was not so goof (high commistion for Zulu). This was not big deal, however I decided to leave Zulu and wanted to disconnect NordFX from ZUlu. And that is the problem. I cannot manage that for about three months now. Comunication with NordFX support is super SLOW and totally incompetent! You even cannot folow in conversation to the support - like reply to reply, it always starts at point zero, and when they doesn't know what they are doing, and lead nowhere.

pamtrader   25 May, 2013  

I am using this company for 6 month , like their execution time - everything is working like good watch;) Nordfx platform can work with Zulu - it is great oportunity for making money.

Symon   22 May, 2013  

LIke this company for their good support, they can solve any problem you have, good broker for every day working

Steve   1 May, 2013  

I have read many good things about this broker and their spreads are really great!!!! I would recommend this broker to my friends!!! They got an excellent support and their charts are pretty awesome!!!! Has a fast settings up an account and fast deposits :)

Frontiers Forex   10 October, 2012  

I have lost more that $800 now, I really need to solve my deposit issue with them!

Forex Samantha   25 July, 2012  

One of the worst broker! They said I violated the contract and they still haven't paid me!!!!

Sofie   23 July, 2012  

They have good conditions for scalping and their platform is working very well, everything was fast and good for me.

Gina   18 July, 2012  

I am confused about investing with this broker but I did invest with them and they gave me full satisfaction of their services and support.

Chris   4 July, 2012  

this company is very helpful ti their client.....High Leverage Forex Brokers

Liz   24 June, 2012  

NordFX is a broker I can count on, for me it is securable and reliable broker.

Matthew   5 June, 2012  

Hello to all lovers of forex. I am a client of the broker. About two years that I'm working with this team. View all comments excellent job with this broker. Wonder of friends I know that this is a good broker. Iran

mahdimahdavi   15 November, 2011  

i read reviews on other sites. one site has pages and pages of 5* all reviews, the funny part about it is that eventhough the reviewer is from China, theire comand of English language is superb (must be the the google translate lol ).... one site that rates them has ton of negative to say about them ..... I don't have personal experiance with them, but I would not trust them...

Peter   1 November, 2011  

Good Experience with Nordfx .... Highly Recomended

Brejesh khanna   31 August, 2011  

for biggner practice a/c available and give free 8$ at welcome a/c opening

Joy   31 August, 2011  

i like this company for fast deposit & withdrwal. I am an expert trader I am very satisfied with their services. I Am working thsi company last 6 month. I am impressed with their overall support and technical support by arvind.

ravinder kumar   20 August, 2011  

dear commentators please give your contact numbers or ID

madhu dommaraju   28 October, 2011

I like this company for good promotions and perfect trading conditions, they have good fixed spreads, working with them for 1 year, no problems, tried to withdraw more then 5 K $ - no problems too, good instant execution! I can't compare it with fx open and fx company - Nord has higher level,highly recommend you!

Ketut   4 August, 2011  

no problem in nord fx for dipositing and withdrawing

welcom   5 July, 2011  

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NordFX Information

NordFX is one of the leading broker companies providing services on international online currency markets. The company was established in 2008, the head office is located in Port Louis, Mauritius. NordFX is regulated by CySEC, VFSC (Vanuatu) and SEBI (India). NordFX offers 33 currency...

Regulation: CySEC, VFSC (Vanuatu), SEBI (India)

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