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The Skilled Trader – Forex Expert Advisor

The Skilled Trader is a bulletproof automated trading system that dynamically adjusts to market conditions through instant, free updates performed by an experienced trader. The Skilled Trader's main features are no scalping, no broker sensitivities, low account risk, auto updating software, trades gold and more, start with as little as $100, works with EURUSD, GBPUSD on M15 timeframe.

It’s been developed to utilize and maximize the 3 secrets of successful Forex trading that we will discuss in a moment. These 3 secrets that actually work to allow you to beat the Forex market without being sabotaged by your broker.

Is it really possible to double or even triple your trading account every few months with ridiculously low risk?

  • no scalping, no broker sensitivities
  • low account risk
  • auto updating software
  • trades gold and more
  • start with as little as $100

The 3 secrets are about following the “big money” and applying intelligent risk to build a nice upward account growth that is not impacted by slippage and spreads. This creates profits you can actually count on.

The THREE Secrets

Follow the BIG money - The big money, as in the banks, massive funds, and countries, cannot just go in and out of a currency trades within seconds.  They have too much money; it’s not possible to fill those trades. So these big money guys have to buy or sell a currency and hold on to them for a reasonable time, because of liquidity issues.  If they close out too fast it could cause them to lose money.

This means their best strategy and course of action is to create trends and trade into the trends.  Wait long enough, cash out, and then usually it triggers a reversal of the trend – or at least a pullback.

If it’s not a reversal and just a pullback, then you must close out your trade and get back in the trade at the correct direction. Instead of trying to time this yourself, which would require you to stare at the screen for hours on end and be on high alert…

The Skilled Trader can do this for you automatically.  It follows trades with the trend, and will close trades on trend changes and pullbacks. It will then re-assess and act dynamically based on the situation and handle it accordingly.  It essentially rides the trends for you and works around pullbacks and trend reversals. Here’s a basic concept of how The Skilled Trader is reading the chart.

Manage the Risk – When we say manage the risk we aren’t talking about a simple concept of choosing a lot size or bet size that is reasonable. It’s about trade frequency, risk to reward of trades, and awareness of market changes.

  • It means controlling the number of trades you have open at a time determines your risk.
  • It means that trades that close with small and limited losses, but generally win bigger than those losses, statistically places odds of profiting in your favor.
  • It means being aware when a sudden change occurs in the market, then adjusting and adapting to that change in order to remain profitable.

The Skilled Trader takes into account all these risk factors and automatically manages them for you.  Nothing for you to worry about, nothing to figure, nothing to change.

Adapt to Market – The key to staying profitable is having a natural ability to identify when markets are changing.  Markets tend to move in cycles usually trending or sideways. These changes happen because of relevant news in the world that changes the cycle.  Cycles tend to last for lengthy periods of time, then change.  This is why many systems work for a while and then stop.

This can easily be catered to if a system identifies and adapts to these changes with internal adjustments that consider changes in the range of the market and direction. A lot of people get stuck in one cycle and end up over committing and lose their whole account, when it seemed like they would never fail. The Skilled Trader’s use of managing risk and its ability to detect and adapt to these market changes, make it a powerful force of low risk profit…

  • All 3 Of These Secrets Are Built Into The Skilled Trader System
  • All 3 of these secrets that we just discussed are built into The Skilled Trader and automatically done for you.

That means not only is the trading fully automated where it opens, manages, and closes trades for you, but it also trades with the big money, manages risk well, and adapts to the market.

ALL automatically done for you

These secrets and strategies sound simple, but no one ever follows them. You’ve probably heard the saying “Buy low, Sell high” – if not it refers to the stock market where you sell stocks when they are high, then buy them when they are low.

It sounds logical and simple to do, but most people end up buying higher and selling low.  This is because of human emotion: fear, not sticking to a solid strategy, and not having the right information.

Instead, with The Skilled Trader…

  • It takes out all the emotion and makes all the decisions for you.
  • Eliminates your stress and concern because it’s managing your risk intelligently and still growing your account balance.
  • It doesn’t require you to be tech savvy or a trader, it’s literally beginner friendly.
  • Does everything automatically for you, it’s completely set and forget.
The Skilled Trader EA Rating 7.3
Yield per annum 153%
Max drawdown per annum 19.74%
Developer LeapFX
Created, year 2018
Price $247
Class middle term
Type trend
Lot size not less than 10000 units per 0.1 of a standard lot
Deposit $5000
Leverage 100
Timeframes M15
Strategies own strategy
Indicators in-built Indicators
Recommended brokers Vantage, AMarkets, FP Markets
Trading tool/currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD
Automatic account type
Multiple usage
Mini deposits
Max risk limitation
Several one-way series
Auto start lot
Fixed stop loss
Fixed takeprofit
Automatic lapse expansions

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