24option Reviews and Comments 2021

These people are scammers and will keep everything you deposit with them. Stay well clear.

Robert Webber   12 January, 2021  

Stay away from 24option. they use aggressive marketing tactics, give you losing trades and force you to deposit more and more money to support these losing trades. They lead you to believe they have your best interests at heart, when they are actually out to bust your account. They scammed me out of $ 80,000 in 3 months.

Anabella   21 October, 2020  

I was also scammed. they were suppose to refund me, because I cancelled my account, but they said I lost my deposit on trading, but I was told I make a profit.

margaret carolus   1 October, 2020  

My managers mrs Ramona and Mr Bruno (if that are their real names) have made me lose 6600 dollars through trickery. They demand for deposits and threaten to close your account if you don't make a deposit. I am so do with these scammers.

Jack   24 September, 2020  

A broker name Sam has been convincing me to invest in 24option so I could get money. At first my money increase, but when i mention to Sam that I want to withdraw some money in 24option, in less than an hour my money is gone. This Sam is a thief.

Mark Anthony   4 September, 2020  

I recently got interested in this company. My account manager told me I could start with 500 USD. So I did that then she wanted more and more money. So I've invested 1500 dollars total and she says I need to settle the fees before I make a withdrawal. I told her to just take it out of my monies I made. She said she can't do that. It has to be paid up front 4800 USD. I think I've gotten scammed

Susanne Gray   29 August, 2020  

Hi dear, what did you do about it? Cause they just scammed me out of R10500.

Isabella Africa   22 December, 2020

Broker was persistent in making me pump in more and more money, then when found out I'm not putting in more, led me to make a mistake in trading, false signal, and then I lost $5000 usd in one day.

Julie   25 August, 2020  

The same wth me. I lost in 3 days 500 usd

Christina Lombaardt   28 August, 2020

Avoid following the advice of the managers because they earn a commission every time you lose some money. They give you wrong advice intentionally so that you lose especially one Mrs Ramona and Mr Bruno.

Jack   24 September, 2020

This company do not accept withdrawal. They always find a way to make you lose money. Waited for them to accept withdrawal but it was in vain.

Nathan   21 August, 2020  

I was tricked into a news with how money generated easily by just investing some money and it will roll automatically. So moral of the story, money don't just come in automatically, you need to work to get returns.

Stupid   11 August, 2020  

I have been with this broker for almost a week now and I deposited R1500 expecting to get my profits after 7 days, and now I received an email from the company stating that I should pay R2000 withdrawal fee, but they never mentioned anything about withdrawal fees before I started working with them. Could it be that I got scammed too?

Costance   18 July, 2020  

Yes my dear. They never allow you to withdraw. Don't make a mistake of trading again coz all your money will be gone.

Jack   24 September, 2020

I am a SA citizen. I did trade with this company June 2020. Every time when I am expecting them to pay get email requesting money. 1st was R2500 insurance then again requested R2000 withdrawal fee now it's R10000 fee. All these amount only come up when they due to pay. Please someone advice.

Alice   6 July, 2020  

All of these things that the people are saying on the reviews are true. I also got scammed don't trade with these people. they say they going to help you. than a week after that they want you to invest in commodities and if you don't your trades will close on there own.

Allan   25 June, 2020  

I was scammed out of hard earned money by 24Option account manager. I still think this name was made up. They help you to invest money in the platform, then they ask more, and if you cannot invest more they help you to put up trades that will sink your money. Please be carefull, do not invest here.

Dawid Pretorius   22 May, 2020  

You're not the only one that got scammed with 24Option. I lost more than 700 pounds with this broker. Please do not invest and if you did be careful.

DeVilliers Rossouw   24 May, 2020

Hi I know that feeling, they don't know what they doing at times. my trade went deep in the negative. other closed by themselves.

Allan   25 June, 2020

I think this just happened to me. all my money gone.

Melinda Grobler   30 June, 2020

24option does not comply with any laws or solid regulators. They wave everywhere their license of Belize, and in fact this license and this regulator are nothing! My deposit was brazenly emptied, the quotes are not true, which means that my transactions were not really brought to the market. I have all the evidence of fraud. I am waiting for the company to respond to my claim and peacefully resolve my problem with them. Otherwise, I will apply for chargeback at least. Other actions will not be voiced. I hope that the problem will be resolved peacefully.

Tatiana   10 July, 2019  

I'm glad I was able to recover my funds, I would have had to file for bankruptcy. I was able to get a hold of these scam brokers and take back my money. I would gladly refer anyone.

Ash Jo   23 October, 2017  

I use 24option for only FX trading. 24option has the best customer service of any financial organization in Cyprus, which is the primary reason I use them for so much of my investments and is my primary online trading. I also have subscriptions set up for ongoing trading signals so these signals are automatically copied to my account, and includes additional benefits. I also like being able to make research at my convenience from my comfortable chair at home while learning recent market reviews and publications. I have also been a member of 24option forum for the past few years and enjoy all the benefits like free analytics, webinars, and eLearning courses. Overall, I think 24option is the best broker!

Baby Pips   13 January, 2017  

disgusting experience with it, my brother fell heavily in debt cause of them. I'm trying to hire a lawyers now to help him, half a year as they still refuse to retrieve his money

Adrian   16 August, 2017

It's a bullshit... what you gonna do is to lose all your money here and never get them back. They promised to give me 50% bonuses on account if i deposit my first $2000 on account. I've tried to withdraw funds after that but they don't give it to me. Moreover, I had phone calls from managers asking me to make additional deposits. They use aggressive marketing and force you to bring more money. More and more… It means they make money when you lose money. That's what it is. I will make complaint against this company. They don't deserve a dime.

freeandclose   1 July, 2016  

Intuitively simple platform. Many assets in access for trading. No problem if you never traded binary options before. Just watch webinars and take courses on trading strategies, which gave me solid background. Not enough? They also give you trading signals for free! I saw some negative reviews on this broker but don't trust them. You can trade binary options and everything you need is already on the platform, including five types of trading accounts.

Al972   15 June, 2016  

My trading with the company turned out to be completely ruinous. Either I was not ready enough to trade binary options or the broker manipulated something but I have lost the depo in less than no time.

Chris   7 March, 2016  

Spread widens frequently, Poor customer support, Wide spreads, Unstable platform. Everything is negative about this broker. I should have not deposited even a single cent here.

Milan Zmeko   15 October, 2014  

Choosing a broker on the basis of web advertising is not an easy task, as this doesn't indemnify traders from any problems after having registered with this company. It's been said a lot about ways and principles of making the right choice, for example, in regards of 24option.com, and these articles can be found in the special section of our site. Opinions of regular traders are of no less importance, as these people have already been trading with this broker of a certain period of time.

Traders write realistic comments on 24option.com, reflecting quality of the provided services as well as level of attention to the clients. Of course, these opinions cannot be taken directly as the guideline to follow, as it is not possible to meet everyone's demands at the same time, but in any case they help creating an overall company image. Consider traders' reviews about 24option.com along with other factors, and you'll be able to choose a broker meeting your personal requirements.

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