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RoboForex Reviews for 4 August 2021

I have been trading with many brokers. From my trading experience I can say that Roboforex is the best. In Roboforex spread is lower than most other brokers. Its bonus especially Profitshare bonos is very helpful and amazing. Withdrawal is instant. I am very proud to be a client of Roboforex and I wish ever success of Roboforex.
Mohammad Shahjalal   1 Jul 2021  
I just completed the first withdrawal of my profit today. From trader account to roboforex wallet and to my skrill wallet. They said it may take 2 working days but in fact, it takes only one day processeing and the best part is its weekend! Nice job Roboforex.
Georney Fx   23 May 2021  
I deposited. In members area. They say they not receive any payment.
GG trade   18 Apr 2021  
Hello, GG trade. Your message contains no data necessary for closer study. If you already contacted our Live Support with this issue, please specify the ticket number. Otherwise, create a ticket in your members Area and provide detailed description of the issue. Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager RF   20 Apr 2021
Dear new trader, I strongly advice you not open an account in RoboForex. Since they are using the price chart of kraken which are manupuled by them. You can see this ETHBTC pair on Ferbruary 22, 2021. Just look at the daily lowest price at kraken and any other trading platform's prices (investing etc) you abviously see the difference. They arrange the prices in order to blow out your money within seconds.This happened to me. In short do not trade with RoboForex.
guest   24 Feb 2021  
Dear guest, In case you have any complaints about order execution or trading platform operations, you can address them to the Company's Dealing department and describe your issue in a ticket. Sincerely, RoboForex.
Manager RF   26 Feb 2021
However the spreads are very low but fake shadows in multiple times made me lose a lot of money. it just doesn't worth it.
Mordus   19 Mar 2021
This roboforex is a total joke like they are always telling you to submit a claim by creating a ticket, that ticket is going to take forever before they can reply. I have been trying to change my number with no success, last time wanted a withdrawal request cancelled until now no reply.
Junior Nyapere   7 Jan 2021  
Dear Junior Nyapere, please provide more details relating to your issue to help us find out possible reasons and give a comprehensive answer. Sincerely, RoboForex.
Manager RF   11 Jan 2021
I'm using Roboforex for 3 years. This broker used to be really reliable, like internet say trusted but. For a year ago, things started to happen, Visa/Mastercard deposit and withdraw is changing all the time. I think those have changed like 4-5 times. Even more of that; now there is no option to deposit and withdraw. Think about that CFD broker with no Visa/Mastercard option? It is pretty shame that 10 years of experience and not solving Card Methods. I can't even say a word. Anyway, that is not a main part. Support is completely dead. They are really not that experienced or something. They just answer you in like 15-30 minutes later. Ticket. Again. Very unprofessional answers and services. Yet, withdrawal options were great! Prime account is superior for retail traders. I have been institutional trader (corporate) and retail too. So Roboforex is maybe the leader in the world. So here is my suggestion. This broker is definitely not scam but I can't say for real sure because of visa methods. Since visa or master heavily regulated and Roboforex is failing on Visa side requirements. For 3 years of feeling, this broker is just dying out of market. Lack of support and unprofessional feedback to clients. By the way, their withdraw system is the one you can find on internet. I mean for retailers. I remember that my card withdraw transacted in 3 seconds. In my bank account only in 3 seconds not 2 days or something. So again this broker is not scam at all. Only concern arise when they change something without notice and unprofessional feedback to clients. That is it. Hope I helped people and goodluck with trading. Always follow trend. Account number: 7801601.
Anujin Erdenetsogt   21 Dec 2020  
Dear Anujin Erdenetsogt, Thank you for your feedback. We always strive to increase the efficiency of our operations and activities and valid criticism only helps with that. To get advice on the best way to withdraw funds, please contact the Company's Payment department via a ticket from your Members Area. Sincerely, RoboForex.
Manager RF   22 Dec 2020
I have had some very odd results with this broker. I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.
Adrian   30 Nov 2020  
This broker is not good at all, I withdrew some profit, untiI now have not recieved. It's too much.
Aaron   17 Sep 2020  
Dear Aaron, Unfortunately, your comment contains no data to back up your claims, which is required for handling them. Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager RF   18 Sep 2020
Trade with 10 dollars for while and you will learn who they really are. They can't be trusted. my account number 21044099.
Saeed   30 Aug 2020  
Dear Saeed, if you have any questions or claims, submit them to the Company's Live Support via a ticket in your Members Area. Sincerely, RoboForex.
Manager RF   2 Sep 2020
Closed account suddenly without any reason! Opened account with them one year ago, was positive surprised concerning their professional behavior, no problems, started to make small profits since april - no problems with price, slippage or like that, fast withdrawls minor amounts, (between 30 and 200 EUR), never problems like "i got no money" or "they refuse withdrawal", traded on Pro and ECN accounts, deposit bonus allways without problems. Suddenly, one afternoon in August, trading was no more possible, two hedge positions were closed automatically. Next they i got an answer on my request, why trading is not possible. The answer was, they simply decided to terminate the contract without a reason, according to their client agreement: "4.15: The Company has the right to terminate this Agreement immediately provided that the Company informs theClient in writing about it." I dont know untill today, what the real reason is, why they cancelled the account. Don't open account, they may close it when you make profits!
Karl   25 Aug 2020  
Dear Karl. Unfortunately, your feedback contains no data to support your complaints, thus making it impossible for us to handle them. Please write your request to email (please specify your account number) for receiving explanations. Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager RF   26 Aug 2020
Thats the answer of the account-manager next morning after the day when the trading function was interrupted, main account 20094457: Hello! We officially notify you that the Company has decided to terminate cooperation with you in accordance with clause 4.15 of the Client Agreement: 4.15 The Company has the right to terminate this Agreement immediately provided that the Company informs the Client in writing about it. Please withdraw the remaining funds from your accounts within the next 10 days. Yours Sincerely, RoboForex Ticket Details. Ticket ID:907717, Priority:Medium, Status:Closed. Thats a very poor answer. Maybe you here have the eggs to give the real reason, but I really don't think so.

Karl   6 Oct 2020
Roboforex, it's your sincere Adegbenga Omotowoju. I am writing this as regards to what happened to my account recently about $266 was deducted from my account in name low margin level and equity and I was left with only $3 in my account my deposit was $100 my bonus was $30 and that of my profits was $136. please help.
Adegbenga   25 May 2020  
Dear Adegbenga, Please, write a ticket on this issue in your Members Area. Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager RF   27 May 2020
Very clever scammers stole all the money from my and my friends 'accounts on March 6. They have permission to operate only offshore. For deception all their offices closed in Russia, in Ukraine their activities are prohibited.All trades are imitated, they steal all your money.
Vlad   2 May 2020  
Dear Vlad. RoboForex is a regulated broker. The company has been in the market for over 10 years gaining the trust and loyalty of its customers and counterparties around the world. We remind you that, there is a high level of risk involved when trading leveraged products such as Forex/CFDs. You should not risk more than you can afford to lose, it is possible that you may lose the entire amount of your account balance. You should not trade or invest unless you fully understand the true extent of your exposure to the risk of loss. When trading or investing, you must always take into consideration the level of your experience. Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager RF   4 May 2020
My account 22072582-Pro-Standard-2. I have been trading for them for a while until they scammed my account with 4500$. How did this happen? Check: Tuesday 22/04/2020 WTI oil was trading internationally at 9:00 AM GMT at about 12$ per barrel, and that I mean futures, spot prices, averages, and everything. I had enough coverage to support oil at 7$ and shorts on tesla and S&P that will hedge against any drop. But unfortunately, Roboforex made bets against their clients and took oil to 3$ while it was trading everywhere for 15$ at the same time. Their charts are there and international prices are well known and available to everyone. After many emails to the dealing department, they said that they cannot do anything as this is an OTC price (which is something not regulated anyway) and their liquidity providers had WTI oil price at 1$. So what Roboforex did was taking their clients money taking those positions in WTI for themselves. Those people are in Belize and the don't care about your money, they bet against you and you can do nothing. If anyone is asking for details, I can provide a screen record of my whole account and all trades so you can check and make sure by yourself. Thank you
Georgio   22 Apr 2020  
Dear Georgio. Unlike for exchange-traded standardized contracts, there is no single correct price for OTC derivatives offered by various venues. It is, therefore, natural for brokers to have different flows of quotes. This happens because different brokers work with different liquidity providers, who in turn work with their own pools of banks, and other kinds of liquidity sources. You can only expect price equivalence for the very same instrument traded within a regulated market, not for an instrument and its derivative and nor for OTC. This means that the difference in our prices and prices offered by other brokers does not automatically mean that our prices are incorrect. This aspect is also openly and clearly stated in Clause 3.11 of the Client Agreement. It is especially important to keep this in mind when trading instruments such as Oil derivatives, as different brokers have different mechanisms towards the pricing of this instrument. As we discussed with you in length during the past few days, the positions you are referring to were closed correctly as the Margin level of your account reached the Stop Out level. Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager RF   24 Apr 2020
In a few days, roboforex stole money from many people 's accounts, too. From my account 33009838. It is a high qulity scam Everything looks like real real broker has a beautiful website support service copying changes in real exchange rates. Depends on what they want to do with your money. Roboforex is an international swindler but banks cannot block transactions with them on the first you agree to user conditions on the second they can block only with the instructions of Interpol. Roboforex likes to refer to a license issued in Belize she allows activities only offshore Oni can learn from legal and financial organizations.
Vlad   16 Mar 2020  
Dear Vlad. We remind you that, there is a high level of risk involved when trading leveraged products such as Forex/CFDs. You should not risk more than you can afford to lose, it is possible that you may lose the entire amount of your account balance. You should not trade or invest unless you fully understand the true extent of your exposure to the risk of loss. When trading or investing, you must always take into consideration the level of your experience. If the risks involved seem unclear to you, please apply to an external professional for an independent advice. Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager RF   18 Mar 2020
Roboforex is a scam. I had a $100 in my account n i opened a buy position seconds before the event, and as the candle went up n about to triple my account my order disappeared with my $100, the funny part is that i have been using the same format but this time i was in for more profit.
Tefo   31 Oct 2019  
Dear Tefo. Your message contains no data, which is required for a closer study. In case of any complaints against our Company's operations and activities, contact our Live Support in any way that is convenient for you (email, write a ticket in your Members Area). Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager RF   1 Nov 2019
First of all this broker has major slippage and completely disregards stoploss during high volatility news and is an overall scam, their phone number isn't even working. As I tried to withdraw my funds yesterday an error message appeared and the has been no correspondence on the matter after multiple phone calls. don't trust this broker with your money.
Okuhle   14 Oct 2019  
Dear, Okuhle. Your message contains no data, which is required for a closer study. In case of any complaints against our Company's operations and activities, contact our Live Support in any way that is convenient for you (email to ***, write a ticket in your Members Area). Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager RF   14 Oct 2019
I am trading for a long time with Roboforex. I was a happy trader. Roboforex gave me good service till today. At a sudden they disabled my VPS. I send them proof that the minimum op 3 lot has been achieved. They did not correct it fast but very slow. They bring my account in danger. No change after many chats. The only wat they send is :Could you, please, wait. I need to specify the information. It can take some time.We would recommend waiting for a reply in the ticket request you have sent, further information can be provided further there. After that nothing.

Ilone   2 Sep 2019  
Dear Ilone. Please specify your account number and we can give comments about your situation or help you. Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager RF   2 Sep 2019
Roboforex allowed me to create / order a new VPS. My VPS was closed due to a technical failure. Thanks to the good support from my account manager it worked out well.
Ilone   2 Sep 2019
I'm so angry right now! This broker just closed my trade the instant i've just my buy position at 15:29:59,on CADJPY just before news release.and on that instant they closed my trade!! I want my money!!! the event didnt even move 2 pips against me but they just closed my trade. I'm supposed to be having $1914.45 profit right now but instead im sitting on a -$529.81 for no valid reason. Roboforex I want my money!!! my account number is 5006873
Kabelo   10 May 2019  
Dear Kabelo, The source of the possible confusion is that you did not take into account the effect of wider than normal spread as well as rapid price changes that are common around the time of major news events. The server logs that we sent you confirm that position 29861960 was closed correctly as a result of a Stop Out event. If you have any other questions, we will be happy to discuss them in the ticket that you wrote to us earlier. Regards, RoboForex
RoboForex Support   16 May 2019
same thing happened to me, why do they do that? or is ti because we are using pro standard account types?
Tshepiso   12 Aug 2019
Your right there Mr they just close ur trades u don't even see a thing during news release
Almalik   23 Sep 2019
Good for scalping! I earned at the broker more than $5000 and never had any problem with funds withdrawing, it's always fast. Also, the customer support at RoboForex is excellent, very professional and polite managers. Can't complain.
TraderFX   7 Jul 2017  
I don't understand why is the information about scam often mentioned here? I'm currently using ECN pro account and never had any problem with it. I have what to compare with, for in the recent 4 years I've been trading with several brokers and RoboForex trading conditions are very well. Fast order execution is one of the main reason I chose it and how can you say that it's "not fast as it should be"?
Nicolas   30 Jun 2017  
Don't trust users who say that there are some issues in withdrawing money. I've traded for a long time here and have no complaints about any delays. It depends on how you want to withdraw funds. Wire transfer is the longest one and takes up to 3 business days. Other systems usually take around one day and less.
Daune Robinson   29 Jun 2017  
It was funny to read the beneficial feature of this broker - free withdrawal of funds twice a week. Most brokers refuse the commissions and here I should wait those two magic days to make only one withdrawal free of charge. I doubt it will help because even with fees I had problems paying out and that lasted for almost a week.
Mike   24 Jun 2016  
Dear Mike. Our company constantly improves it's services. If you face with any difficulty, please, don't hesitate to contact us and provide your trading account number. We will do our best to help you. Sincerely, RoboForex.
Manager_RF   1 Jul 2016
i am here to discuss about a broker roboforex. My roboforex Account number is 5161813. this broker is worst broker i have seen they have eaten my profit and my own investment as well i deposit 3k and i earned 6k
but now this broker is not giving me not my profit nor my deposit back. it's been few days now and i am still waiting for withdrawal. this sluggish and dishonest broker transferred my funds in someone else account and now saying that we cant do anything. even they don't have any regulation so i can claim my funds back. i have never seen this kind of bad brokerage. they have eaten my funds in front of me and now they are just giving me lame excuses.
the thing is i cant do anything i don't know where to go and have my funds back. i am writing here for other peoples .please do not conduct business with roboforex this broker is scam broker they just want deposit they won't give any withdrawal if you are making money with them.
MasoodHussain   20 Jun 2016  
Dear Masood Hussain. The funds were transferred to your account 2774725. This info can always be found in the commentary of the balance operation. Please avoid spreading false and misleading statements about the company. Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager_RF   20 Jun 2016
Overall this broker has good conditions, suitable platform and good customer support. Account openning are very quick and easy. Also has different bonuses and contests that makes trading even more interesting.
Vovk   11 Nov 2015  
I'm very satisfied with RoboForex so far. Have been trading with them for more than four years. I had to address the customer support only once three years ago to ascertain the details of partnership program. The trading conditions are very comfortable. Never had any problems with profit withdrawal.
Rick   6 Oct 2015  
Me too, I also using this broker to make money online except liteforex and Mayzus. Robo forex pretty fair.
eko_dedie   26 Oct 2015
RoboForex is a very good dealing center. I like its partnership program and the system of trades copying. I'm not yet a highly experienced trader myself, but can select trades to copy from. I try to choose from the top ones and always get some profit as a result.
kosmos_s   14 Sep 2015  
It is just a pleasure to trade the ECN accounts with RoboForex. The spread is lower on ECN, by the way. I haven't connected my account to the rebate program yet, but I'm going to. Have been trading with the broker for almost half a year so far. Today I've ordered my sixth profit withdrawal, so I'm thinking of going on trading with them for a long time.
Patrick   9 Aug 2015  
Dear Terro.

Situation was solved few days ago and money was debeted on your trading account. Problem was from payment system's side. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Sincerely, RoboForex
Manager RF   15 May 2015  
I made a deposit 7 days ago using my credit card ( which is supposed to be processed immediate),the are still not reflecting on my account. I send them emails and proof ( bank statement ) that my bank account credited with the deposit amount and roboforex name on it. The last time they responded was 6 days ago when they said they are investigating. They have not responded to any of my emails after that...
Terro   11 May 2015  
Started to work with RoboForex recently, interesting company. Good broker, like them. Very fast withdrawal!
Samir   6 Nov 2014  

RoboForex is an international registered forex broker that provides services for trading on global financial markets online. The company offers access to trading 7 asset types, including currency pairs, stocks, indices, ETFs, commodities, metals, and energies. The total number of available trading...

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