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Each individual's experience with brokers tends to be unique and deeply personal. What may be a disadvantage for one might be a highlight for another. My journey with Admirals has spanned almost four years, and throughout this period, I've consistently been met with professionalism and efficiency. Their offered conditions are not only attractive on paper but are executed commendably when compared to industry peers. In my exploration of similar trading accounts across various companies, Admirals consistently stood out, not just in their methodology, but in the trustworthiness and transparency they bring to the table. One noteworthy aspect is their precise order execution, which, in my experience, surpasses other brokers I've interacted with. Admirals has rightfully earned my respect and trust over the years.
  8 Nov 2023  
Admirals stands head and shoulders above even some of the most renowned brokers in the industry. A significant factor contributing to this distinction is their stringent regulatory compliance and strategic location, which collectively dispels any apprehensions of potential scams. From this perspective, they are arguably unparalleled in the realm of brokerage. For investors with significant capital and a desire for diversification in broker trust, Admirals presents an ideal choice. Their credibility is further bolstered by their reputable licensing and the expansive array of trading instruments they offer. It was only at Admirals that I came across such a diverse selection of CFDs on stocks and ETFs. However, no broker is without its limitations. For me, as an investor with a modest deposit, the 1:30 leverage feels somewhat restrictive. But on the brighter side, Admirals offers competitive spreads that make active trading viable and profitable. In terms of overall trading conditions, they align well with my preferences. Admirals has proven itself as a commendable broker in many aspects. Among its standout features are the comprehensive analytics, prompt and knowledgeable technical support, and an intuitive website interface. Their commitment to client satisfaction is evident in their efficient payment processing, which is devoid of typical delays. While every service has its strengths and weaknesses, Admirals has consistently demonstrated a balance that leans heavily towards the positive side.
  20 Oct 2023  
In the brokerage world, there's a prevailing mindset that places unwavering trust only in the big-name players. This is rooted in the assumption that popularity equals reliability. Consequently, these giants, aware of their dominant position, often don't strive to provide optimal trading conditions. However, it's a misconception that newer or less-known brokers equate to questionable authenticity. Case in point: Admirals. Though Admirals might not be on the tip of every trader's tongue, it offers a refreshingly competitive trading environment. The entry barrier is incredibly accessible; with a mere 1 euro, one can initiate an investment. And for those aspiring to dive deeper into active trading, a 100 euro deposit suffices. This inclusivity is commendable and certainly democratizes the trading landscape. Admirals provides a veritable smorgasbord of financial instruments. While cryptocurrencies steal the spotlight given their contemporary relevance, one shouldn't overlook their extensive offerings in funds, stocks, traditional currencies, and commodities. It's a diversified buffet catering to varied trading appetites. Their choice of platform is the classic MT, which, for many, is synonymous with reliability and familiarity. In my personal experience, Admirals isn't just another broker; it's a standout entity that brings a compelling proposition to the trading table.
  9 Oct 2023  
In my years of trading with various brokers, Admirals truly stands out in terms of quality of service. Their user interface is intuitive, and the range of instruments they offer is vast. However, like all platforms, there can be occasional lags during peak trading hours. I've always found Admirals' withdrawal process to be relatively smooth. On average, my funds get processed within 1-2 business days. Though I once faced a delay, their customer support was quick to address the issue. The customer support at Admirals is commendable. They're prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous. They could, however, benefit from extending their live chat support hours for traders in different time zones.
  22 Aug 2023  
What I appreciate most about Admirals is their commitment to transparency. Their daily investment news and analysis tools have often provided me with valuable insights, helping me make informed decisions. The stability of the trading platform at Admirals is generally robust. However, ensuring regular updates and addressing occasional glitches more proactively could further enhance the trader's experience. Admirals' partnership program is one of the best I've encountered, offering decent incentives for referrals. Additionally, their vast range of tradeable assets ensures that I can diversify my portfolio without the need for multiple brokers.
  2 Aug 2023  
MetaTrader 4 and 5 integration is a big plus for me. The additional tools like VPS and StereoTrader make the trading experience with Admirals versatile. It's evident they've invested in ensuring their traders have the best tools at their disposal. While Admirals offers competitive spreads, it would be beneficial for high-volume traders like me if they considered more flexible commission structures. But for the average trader, their fees are quite reasonable. Trading with peace of mind is crucial. Knowing that Admirals is well-regulated and has stringent security measures in place for fund protection gives me confidence. Their track record since 2001 speaks volumes about their reliability. The STP provision ensures that most of my trades are executed almost instantly. Though, during high volatility events, I've noticed a slight delay which is common across many brokers.
  1 Jul 2023  
I have been trading at Admirals with varying success for almost half a year now. The broker suits me in everything. By the way, like many others, I started with a minimum deposit, because I didn’t know how it would turn out and how the broker would show itself. But now the bill for two and a half thousand dollars speaks for itself. One of the unpleasant things was that Admirals delayed my withdrawal of funds - there was a situation with an error in the data, well, this is where the list of cons ends. Right now, the trade is still not very successful. Maybe because I try to trade in the medium term and only by stop orders, but often I don’t wait for takes or rearrange stops, close on corrections, or vice versa - I want to sit out. I know that I'm a fool myself, but it's hard to overpower myself, if it were possible to block the terminal until the TP works, it would be absolutely great.
  15 Jun 2023  
I have been trading with Admirals for a little over a year. Before that I traded on Forex. It was difficult to get used to exchange trading, but thanks to the support and personal manager, everything is slowly falling into place. I want to note the interest of the company's employees to help you understand all the intricacies of their trading platform. There are a lot of nuances and you need to scrupulously delve into them. Admirals provides a wide range of services: you can trade yourself using various trading platforms or connect auto-following. This is when transactions of another more experienced trader are repeated on your account. There are various training programs, as well as advice from financial and investment mentors. In general, those who want to start investing or trading on the stock exchange in order to increase their capital Admirals is a good company to start and for experienced investors. The main thing is to have a desire and you will definitely be helped here.
  13 Apr 2023  
I fell victim to a scam perpetrated by this broker. My position on futures for Vix was stopped out on Stop loss at prices that were never witnessed on futures or any other brokerage accounts. This was a calculated move to cause me to incur a loss with a spread of over 1000 points twice in a row. Despite reaching out to their support team on four separate occasions, I have yet to receive any response, which leads me to believe that these individuals are not trustworthy and are likely to abscond with my funds. I would advise anyone to exercise caution when dealing with them and to consider exploring other options. They are nothing more than small-time thieves who are out to take advantage of unsuspecting traders.
  11 Mar 2023  
I recently started trading with this company. At first everything went well and I withdrew small amounts earned. However, then I was lucky and I was able to make quite an impressive amount of $ 4,500 on the stock exchange. And on 11/11/22, I go to my account. And he's blocked. With all the money Then I received a letter saying that they no longer want to cooperate with me (without explaining the reasons) and are allowed to withdraw 1250 dollars, and they withdraw the rest from me as compensation. Compensation for what, of course, was not explained to me! But the icing on the cake of this situation is the following: when I wrote to them, how can I withdraw at least these 1250 dollars, when my account is blocked, in the support they answer me that they made a mistake, and I cannot withdraw a single cent, since I have already withdrawn before of this money and in the amount there turned out to be 1250 dollars! What a twist! That is, they first write an official letter, a scanned copy with a signature, where they indicate the withdrawal amount of $ 1,250, and then they explain in support that they "made a mistake" and I can’t withdraw anything! There are simply no words here. This is pure scam. Theft of money. That is, you can lose in Admiral Markets without problems and no one "compensates" for the lost money, but as a person manages to make a profit, no one will give this profit to him and the account will immediately be blocked! Beauties, do not say anything. This company has no principles at all. Do not contact them, in no case - they will not allow you to withdraw profits!
  12 Nov 2022  
No problems withdrawing funds from them. Spreads are quite bad compared to other brokers. Would recommend other brokers.
  29 Jan 2022  
I cannot withdraw at all. Stay away from them!
  28 May 2021  
It is the best broker, regulated, secure, fast withdrawal and very good trading. Admiral Markets have low spreads, best execution, better liquidity than other brokers.n 1 for scalp traders.
  15 Jul 2020  
I want to denounce the existing complicity to scam between Admiral Markets and the well-known swindler Jose Luis Cases Lozano, through a project called Reto 20k, where prizes of thousands of euros are offered just by registering and for this it is required to open a broker account at Admiral Markets. Everything was a scam, without any explanation everything was suspended and of course Jose Luis Cases Lozano with his Reto 20k project, he kept the money of the registered people and the broker Admiral Markets also scammed money with the accounts that were opened for to participate. Jose Luis Cases Lozano and Admiral Markets have to answer for fraud and misappropriation of funds, for the money we invested by those who registered and were swindled.
  7 Jul 2020  
I do not trust the company Admiral Markets due to a bad experience with one of its IBs that was known as "traderprofesional", this person kept 50% of my initial deposit for no reason and since then he has not answered my Post, I was shortly scammed.
  2 Dec 2019  
Hello everyone,

Thank you for your patience while we investigated this. The founder of http://traderprofesional.com/ and is an Admiral Markets IB.

Unfortunately, though, a person by the name of Fernando Tejedor has been claiming to be a representative of this website, and taking fraudulent deposits. While we are taking actions at our end to stop him, he may continue to claim to represent traderprofesional.com

With this in mind, if you are contacted by someone claiming to be an Admiral Markets IB associated with the Trader Profesional website, please contact Admiral Markets or Trader Profesional via our official emails support@admiralmarkets.com, or via an @traderprofesional.com email address, and they can confirm whether you are dealing with a verified representative of Trader Profesional and Admiral Markets.

Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. If you have any further questions or complaints, please contact us directly at support@admiralmarkets.com

Kind regards,
Admiral Markets
Admirals (Official)   23 March 2020
Admiral Markets' trading calulator has everything I need!
  22 Nov 2018  
The webtrader is a good addition. I didn't want to download MT4 or MT5, so this was a nice comprimise.
  22 Aug 2018  
It was really good to be able to use a demo account first before switching to a live account. It really helped me to practice and refine my skills.
  23 Jul 2018  
The demo account feature is great. I played around with it a little bit before I went on to do real trading, and it enabled me to get some practice and test out some things before I tried them in the real markets.
  29 Jun 2018  
I've been with Admiral Markets for 4 months now... So far, so good. Definitely a reliable broker.
  20 Jun 2018  
Maybe I haven't tried other brokers, but why register with anyone else if AM satisfies all my trading needs?
  16 May 2018  
Whatever I need from Admiral Markets - it's there, and I value that a lot.
  25 Apr 2018  
Two of my favourite traders - Nenad Kerkez and Chris Svorcik - do most of the webinars and articles for AM, that's why I joined them without a second thought.
  12 Apr 2018  
With Admiral Markets, I found everything I needed in a broker!
  29 Mar 2018  
Admiral Markets offers an unbeatable product range, even more so with MetaTrader Supreme Edition!
  21 Mar 2018  
Ive got problem with money withdrawal, AM is trying to find 100 reasons dont give my money back.
  2 Mar 2018  
Not a native English speaker, but was surprised to find out that they have competent customer support in different languages.
  27 Feb 2018  
I really like the fact that they also send out weekly newsletters with last week's highlights!
  15 Feb 2018  
I find AM so reliable that I'm sure that when MetaTrader 6 is introduced, Admiral Markets will be the first ones to launch it!
  25 Jan 2018  
Check out their Forex Calendar if you trade the news - the handiest thing on the Internet!
  9 Jan 2018  

Since our inception in 2001, Admirals has been at the forefront of delivering unparalleled trading and investment solutions. Our mission? To propel every individual on their unique financial journey. By merging attractive trading conditions with a state-of-the-art trading and investment framework,...

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