LBLV Reviews and Comments 2020

I am very satisfied with LBLV, it's probably the best retail broker I've seen to date. Their withdrawals can take a while and only one account option with fixed spreads, but overall good conditions, well organized and reliable. I can even request to get my transaction history monthly report, order by order, and it really comes in handy! A lot options for charting, and I usually use LBLV for trades I am going to close the same day.

Yusef   6 August, 2020  

Hello! I have a question and 'll be really grateful if someone answers it. Does anybody know if it possible to use LBLV to trade news? The most important question if it is allowed at all, bc I know that some brokers see it as 'shadowy' trading strategy and their policies straightforward forbid it. And if it is allowed to trade news, can I do it successfully? What problems can occur during high volatility? Besides obvious, I wean. I understand that spreads can be unpredictable and I there will be slippages, but there are brokers where all these things "tame" and brokers that don't even allow to open any orders at the time. Thank you!

Alim   22 July, 2020  

Does anybody know if chasing traders in case of negative deposit balance is a thing here? I think of LBLV as a good and reliable forex broker and I want to give them a shot. But heard that some brokers will threaten you (that you'll face legal actions) if your account balance will become negative. I definitely don't want to trade with brokers that have such rules, and I wasn't able to find anything like that about LBLV, so does anybody know something about it?

Desz   7 July, 2020  

This isn't a thing. At least LBLV doesn't chase after negative balances, don't know much about other brokers, but this looks skamey. Don't trade with brokers who have this absurd rule! Really weird thing about "legal actions". I can't even imagine how this 'actions' could be done.

qwert   9 July, 2020

Yep, if broker tries to charge you for your losses, it's straight up scam. Lblv is a regulated broker, you shouldn't worry about these shadow schemes.

guest   29 July, 2020

Thanks for all your answers! You've helped me a lot. I relieved to hear that broken can't charge me with my own money. So you can say that lblv is a reliable broker? I have found some good points and some bad points with them, but it's okay, I understand that it's impossible to find a flawless broker since there aren't any. But I still have questions. Do they respect stop orders? Can I try newstrading with lblv or they aren't the vest choice for it? Thanks in advance!

Desz   4 August, 2020

I am considering trading with lblv, how much should I invest? Is 10-15% profits for month good enough? Yeah, I know the cla ssical response to this kind of questions: if you have 2 million then sure, 10% per month is great, but let's be real, saying I can invest $1000? How much can I get not risking to lose everything? I've tried reading forums dedicated to Forex, but people there either really bitter and condescending, or rookies that pretty much hyped and don't put any thoughts in their work.

Pavel   3 July, 2020  

I've got to say, 10%-15% per month is a lot. You shouldn't expect this amount of money, especially if you're an inexperienced trader yourself. You asked: How much can I get not risking to lose everything?. So, it's considered a really good, almost exceptional, result to double ones deposit over a year. So calculate it. Good luck!

Neo   23 July, 2020

But what about traders that claim that can make 300% profit in matter of days? They can't all exaggerate that much. I am not really experienced trader myself, but I'd say that 10% per month is a perfectly reasonable profit!

Valetii   12 August, 2020

I have been trading with lblv for quite a bit. First thing I like about them - there are no fees (sure you've got spreads and swaps, but like, that's all?). No weird and scam-like monthly fees or fees for using trading platform or indicators or whatever.

Max   30 June, 2020  

Greetings fellow traders! I could use some help. I have some experience in trading, so I understand how things work, but wherever I try, I always end up losing money. I really want to break this circle. I opened an account (with LBLV, because I heard a lot of good reviews about them) and this time I want to do everything right. I want to start with a decent balance, but I am still not sure about my financial goals. Should I invest the minimum amount of money or consider starting with larger balance? Just to clarify, I am asking not because I want to double my balance on daily basis, I understand, that this is impossible (or improbable?) but because I know that I can make mistakes and I want to be safe. Thank you!

Konrad   26 June, 2020  

I was thinking to open an account with LBLV a while ago. I liked the tharing conditions they offered a lot, because trading conditions include good leverage, a wide range of currencies and other trading actives, tight spreads among other things. Not to mention that LBLV is a regulated broker. Can someone help me to decide and share their stories about trading with LBLV?

Konstantin   18 June, 2020  

I have account with them for 10 month, and I am completely satisfied with my choice. I heard nice things of them and it was my main reason to open an accound, and this may sounds silly, but it works for me. LBLV has some of the lowest spreads ive seen, and their interface is easy to master and super user friendly.

Mark   31 July, 2020

I know about forex trading next to nothing so I chose my broker solely on the ratings and reviews. I registered an account last week (LBLV broker). So far so good. I don't have much to say, but I already can see that their personnel is nice and it really seems like LBLV is a well established broker.

review   15 June, 2020  

I know that scalpers are not welcomed in trader's community and that a lot of brokers set up rules against scalpers and this is why I relieved to know that lblv doesn't have lots of restrictions. I trade intraday, and my orders are mostly within 10-20 min interval and so far I've met no problems with it. Really a good broker!

Pops   10 June, 2020  

Yeah, LBLV is pretty chill, but technically you aren't scalping. If your orders last longer than 5 minutes, you can't be a scalper :) Do you want to say that you had problems with 10-20 min orders while trading elsewhere? This is odd. Are you sure that your last broker wasn't a scammer?

Selud   25 June, 2020

Actually, a decent chunk of brokers don't allow scalping, and each one of them set their own terms about it, and some brokers don't allow to close an order if it was open for less than 5 or 10 minutes. AFAIK, lblv don't have any of these restrictions.

guest   10 August, 2020

In my opinion lblv is a quite good broker. I've been trading with them for 5 months, and I'm aware that this is not so very long, but my experience in the forex industry in general is 4+ years so I am able to see signs of good brokers. So about lblv: their spreads are competitive and execution is rather decent. I opened an account at lblv to simply test their features but now I consider lblv as my main broker.

guest   1 June, 2020  

I am new to forex and 've been doing some demo trading and research for the last couple of months. Last week I registered an account with LBLV. I am still not sure what I am doing though. I used multiple brokers for my demo trading and LBLV wasn't one of them, but LBLV has mostly positive feedback and it just appeared as a good solid choice to try a live trading. I am taking baby steps and learning about risk management and how to find a safe place to put a stop loss. I don't quite understand how to calculate pips or how volumes work. But I am sure I'll figure it out eventually. Right now I only use EUR/USD, but I still think LBLV's wide range of currencies and cfd's is one of LBLV's biggest pros.

Alojzy   27 May, 2020  

I am newbie in forex trading and it's a first time I decided to go "live". I have been looking for a broker that has good customer support (both email and chat), ecn or stp and high reputation. LBLV has been on my radar for a while so I checked client reviews and decided to give LBLV a chance. And I am not disappointed, it matches my demands perfectly, technical support really helpful and nice, commissions are low and also withdrawals are free. Would be nice if LBLV had some cryptocurrencies, but this is not a big deal.

Volodymyr   14 May, 2020  

But LBLV does have cryprocurrencies. Check your metatrader. Or do you mean crypto as an option for withdrawal? Then no, there is no such option.

LKL   19 May, 2020

Ok, but there is bitcoin as a withdrawal option. Just checked lblv official website.

Mark   12 June, 2020

I've been trading with lblv for 5+ month and I am completely content with their services. I always say that general rule to choose a good broker is to check their licenses and regulation and to do a little background check like maybe read client's feedback. It's just that simple and I don't know why people always make fuss over it.

guest   30 April, 2020  

You had good experience and I'm happy for you, but not everyone is so lucky. A lot of people experienced some sort of scam from their brokers.. And you certainly can't say things like 'it's really simple to choose a broker, don't make a fuss about it, smh'. Sure, LBLV has a license and this is great! But not many of a newbie traders know that licenses are a thing and you supposed to check it prior to trading. So anyway, I wish you luck with your trading! And I did't mean to offend you, sorry if I sounded rude, but it seemed to me that you belittled other trader's problems. This is why I interfered.

Maya   6 May, 2020

I've had bad experience with forex brokers as well. I'm from Russia and there's a lot of scammers here. And my fiirst broker stole my money (about 3500 usd, it was kind of a big deal for me). And this is one of the reasons I really appreciate trading with LBLV. LBLV is a regulated broker.

Andrei   9 June, 2020

Greets everyone! I am currently in search of a new forex broker. I've read a lot about lblv and this broker seems nice at least it has good reputation. I'll appreciate if anyone could contact me and answer a few questions. Thanks!

Vrx1   20 April, 2020  

I have an account with LBLV since October and in my experience this is a decent broker. First of all, I really admire their support. They helped me a lot, especially in a first couple of months, their answers was always quick and helpful. I've started forex trading not so long ago and 've been trading only with lblv so maybe I don't see the whole picture but I consider myself lucky. I've heard a lot of stories about newbies traders who lose money and for me it seemed inevitable but - I want to believe thanks to LBLV and its managers - I've never had troubles with my account or anything. I can't actually compare lblv's trading conditions or spreads with those of other brokers I have no such experience but I can say that lblv was a good choice for me.

DEMÄ°R   18 April, 2020  

I have currently two accounts, a demo and a real one. The real one with lblv - in general I'm trading with them because their supportive customer care and good enough execution. There is not a single trader who didn't make mistakes and/or lose money at some point. And so did I, but with lblv I can be sure that my mistakes and failures are really mine and not a consequences of lblvs poor service.

Jakub   2 April, 2020  

I started trading not that long ago so maybe my opinion doesn't matter much but I really enjoy trading and I think me choosing lblv as a forex broker was a lucky guess. I read reviews about them and they were good so I started and I totally happy with them.

Karina   20 March, 2020  

Choosing a real ecn broker and not a market maker is important for me and is one of the reasons why I've chose lblv. Also I had heard a lot about anaIysts and thought I could give it a try. I've been trading with my personal manager Resul Orucov for over 3 month and I'd say never trading was so easy for me. For real I see the difference between ours levels and though this is a bit depressing I happy for the opportunity to work with such a speialist. Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language.

Kamil   5 March, 2020  

lblv is a top broker definitely! i will recommend them for newbies. i am not much experienced myself and my manager helps me with every step. not to mention great trading conditions and flawless execution of orders.

christina   3 March, 2020  

Is the spreads fine here? I've heard about LBLV having license and I totally appreciate that, but I've been trading with non-regulated forex-brokers for ages and I'm fine. So I am more concerned with trading conditions like spreads, swaps, payment.

Egik   13 March, 2020

spreads are fine. they are pretty tight but there is no rebate. if you looking for it. i have been trading with lblv for a while now and have never had any complaints about spreads or other comissions.

dmytro   18 March, 2020

What is a rebate? Sorry but I am new to Forex and don't know much. I'm satisfied with lblv so far but if I can get tighter spreads it would be nice.

MXX   25 March, 2020

Some brokers may return you part of the spread, but LBLV has no such thing. sorry. Though if a broker offers a rebate usually it means that their spreads much higher in the first place. LBLV has pretty nice trading conditions I wouldn't be upset about rebate

guest   7 April, 2020

Lblv has been around couple of years, their reputation is pretty good, they do work, they do withdraw money. I see no reasons not to trade with them. Their trading conditions not too fascinating but still decent, lblv also has acceptable spreads and really great service. I've been trading for 1.5 years and so far no complaints.

Gexr   16 February, 2020  

Great broker! I am familiar with Forex for a while but never felt like trading with a real broker on a real account. So when I got a call from LBLV and they told me that I can trade with a professional anaIyst I thought - why not? Yeah I agree that demo account may be a good start if you inexperienced trader but I was stuck there and too nervous to start a real account. And it may sound weird, but I feel that I acquired more skills during trading with the LBLV. Trading conditions & service are also good. During hogh volatility I notice the spreads widen a bit, but it's okay and I can manage it.

guest   3 February, 2020  

Maybe not the first choice for a newbie due to their minimal deposit but if you're okay with that why not? Lblv really has nice support for new traders

Yuriy   17 February, 2020

I've been trading with LBLV for 7 months, so far no complaints. And yes I am a newbie. Why do you think this broker isn't a good choice? Just bcause of their minimao deposit? But this is forex. I mean you can't get decent money if you aren't investing.

Hex   28 February, 2020

Thanks for all your comments, you helped me a lot, today I finally opened an account with the lblv company an put a $1500 in my depo. My manager has already called me and we opened the very first order and I have a good feeling about my trading career.

Alex   26 January, 2020  

I've been trading with Lblv for 7 month now. I was advised by a friend and I wasn't really thrilled and didn't have high expectations but since lblv regulated broker I wasn't concerned about safety of my money. I read their client agreement then and didn't find anything suspicious so I decided to trade with $ 1 000. Now my deposit is $ 12 000. Ofk I didn't earn all this money in 7 months but I trust Lblv enough to hold such a deposit. No one is perfect but I ve been trading with lblv for more than half a year without problems and I think that my opinion has some weight.

Simone   21 January, 2020  

I've been trading with lblv for 8 months at the moment thanks to my manager. I am a new trader and when I registered my account I did this only out of curiosity. I didn't have a plan or strategy, I didn't even know the basis and never heard about money management. I mean if it weren't for my manager I'd propably lose the entitre deposit in the very first week and leave the forex. Of now I'm trying to improve my skills, increase diversity of my portfolio and educate myself, but my first steps would ve be impossible without help. Not looking for another broker, just don't see the point.

flen2008771   14 January, 2020  

I compared LBLV with other brokers when choosing a broker and although lvlb has quite ordinary trading conditions it also provides a decent level of safety. Lblv is a regulated forex broker and this is rare in my country, so lblv was my first choice.

Timur   18 December, 2019  

I agree with you about regulation and safety and all. Don't know about trading conditions though. They seem pretty good for me. Tight spreads - check, a lot of stocks cfds currensies, all kind of trading actives - check. They also offed a bonus so what else can they do.

Gus   2 March, 2020

Gus, nobody says lblv sucks. This is a decent broker, really. Decent broker and a good choice for trading. But this is possible to find a forex broker with better trading conditions, with a wide choice of bonuses or w spreadrebate or anything.

Jskk   10 March, 2020

I wonder if there is someone with a basic account or higher. I started trading with the broker two months ago, I earned $300 and withdrew them just to be sure. And now my manager is talking about increasing my deposit. Actually, I think this is a right decision, but I'm a little worried, I have never invested in forexso much.

Khalil   5 December, 2019  

At first I had some prejudice against this broker, because it was founded not so long ago and at the same time, lblv is positioning itself as a premium broker. But I gave hte broker a chance, mainly because of the good recomendation of my good friend. And now after almost 5 months of trading, I can say that the lblv company - is a company that has surpassed my expectations. Trading conditions, as many said before me, are pretty good, but the real advantage of the lblv is the help of trade managers. I can discuss my trading strategy with the manager and I feel like an equal participant in the trading process.

Frank   2 December, 2019  

There are very few broker that are as convenient as LBLV and I appreciate it. This company is not so long in the broker industry but shsows such a good results I am impressed! Customer service is supportive and the trading signals I get from my manager help me a lot.

Traderxc   24 November, 2019  

Since my broker no longer accept wenmoney I am looking for a new one. LBLV seems like a good choice to me. Maybe those who have experienced them can share their opinion about LBLV? I am not looking for anything extraordinary, I just want to find a broker with good service to trade a couple of years not months.

Jakub   17 November, 2019  

I had doubts whether to try to trade with LBLV company at all or not to tell the truth I had neither sufficicent experience nor enough money for a decent deposit. My limit was one thousand. But I opened an account anyway. Now it seems I was too worried, and even one thousand is enough to trade with CFD's and currencies and my manager really helps and last month I managed to withdraw 170 USD so I guess it turned out well.

Eizens   3 November, 2019  

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