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Greetings! My unsuccessful trading account is 22378455867. I want to say that during the entire time of work there were moments when, due to my negligence, I got into unpleasant situations, but I paid for them with money and time to fix them, they lowered me twice, and not always according to my fault, but it turned out to fix everything. During all this time, I was morally and financially empty so much that I thought it would never end. And my trading account is like a punishment that pulls me into debt and only ruins my life. I am not able to lose all the resources that I spent on this and limited myself and my family in everything and the people who entrusted me with their money. Perhaps you can find a way to solve at least this problem? I myself regret what happened, but these are children. So it turned out stupid, and then I did not finish watching. But how can this leave me with nothing? I'm already trying once again to draw out the account, which did not work out very well for the fourth month with my analyst. And in the end what? Nothing ? The company generally has some kind of responsibility and guarantees or insurance against such moments. I can't lose everything. That's all I had plus other people's resources in the hope of earning. Over the past year, there was not a single normal conclusion that I would have blocked at least the interest that I had to pay. I'm not talking about my earnings! I constantly work out the cons and feed the market or someone else but not myself. You probably can not imagine how this all spoils my life. and why should I continue to live and pay off debts.? I already came out of the cons in June. I spent three months of time and resources on all this and the score was clean thanks to the good collaboration with Denis. Perhaps this is your best employee of those with whom I have worked! Normally prompt and explain and warn! For which he respect. and something again went wrong with these indices one day before the withdrawal. And so everything would be fine. This is where it all started. How to explain it? I can not too. What else to expect? What ? Nobody offered me any bonuses for this! And probably other clients too. And yet it ended again sadly. And again these indexes and again someone who did not understand someone or something else! A year of empty life. A year without money. Again a closed account and minus 260 on the balance sheet. I give you an explanation for this? I just want to understand if there is a problem, why not solve it by any means and not let it take its course or do nothing at all. Companies are not interested in such moments, only those that make a profit are important. But what about the attitude towards customers who have contributed not a small amount of money and have been in this business for almost the third year and suffer constant losses. Turns out they don't care. And allowing them to return to work is not their priority. Why, then, such a company that worries only for itself, and people who, due to various situations, ruin their lives and in some cases remain completely without money and with large debts, they are not interested at all. I want to say that there are no hopeless situations, there is simply no desire for the company to spend its resources on this. I don't think this is correct. Each client has the right to the support of the company in any situation. Helping one client usually attracts new clients. And trust and rating depends mainly on this. And then customers will not have to deal with the return of money in case of their loss for various reasons on the market.
  17 Oct 2022  
There are so many trading options. On my first three months I started off with currency pairing which went well. I now place some stock trades and I'll see how it goes. So far, I am satisfied with the services.
  3 May 2022  
I have 15839 dollars in my account. They took over my account by the end of the month. I cannot close my account. I have no open transactions. scammers.
  12 Dec 2021  
In March 2020 I started investing with Vlom - attendant Marcela ***. The strategy was very engaging. In addition to letting me win sometimes, some strange operations led to a reduction in the work margin, forcing me to invest more, including borrowing from the bank. I made withdrawals in a few months, but in March 2021, when I was induced by the broker to make short trades, my margin dropped a lot and I didn't accept to invest anymore. That's when I was cut and lost service and the possibility of withdrawals. Desperate, I made the mistake of looking for a company that claimed to be specialized in international investment recovery called ***, which proved to be reliable, but after the payment in Bitcoin, placed a balance in a fake account at an Off Shore bank that did not exists and asked for more money to release the balance. I'm reporting so that no one else falls for this and if possible, file a lawsuit against them so that we have more strength. I thought I was super competent in investments, unfortunately, I fell into a trap. Don't invest in Vlom and don't seek recovery with *** - both are scam.
  17 Aug 2021  
I have 15839 dollars in my account. They will take over my account by the end of the month. I cannot close my account. I have no open transactions. scammers.
  23 Jul 2021  
I get not only good trading advise but also excellent customer service and tools. Getting decent profit, too.
  20 Jul 2021  
Scammers! I have not been able to withdraw my deposit for a month.Tell me how to get my money back. Where to go, because they do not have a license?
  16 Jun 2021  
I have been working with this broker for a year now, everything was fine. But my deposit was blocked, there is no way to withdraw money, without legal grounds. The company is not determined to solve the problem, and I understand that they are scammers.
  16 Jun 2021  
I am happy and confident to say that I have found the perfect partner for online trading. I get good signals and great tools.
  17 May 2021  
Professional all the time. They never fail to impress me with good services and surprise me with great profit.
  6 May 2021  
This is a good broker company. Services are worth it and signals are good.
  3 May 2021  
Good customer service. Responsible and accommodating.
  28 Apr 2021  
There transparency is outstanding. I trust them high enough with my investment. They did well in what they do and works efficiently.
  20 Apr 2021  
Good broker and excellent customer service. I always had great time trading with them.
  16 Apr 2021  
Extremely helpful customer service and accurate signals. I was able to use this as a good source of income.
  14 Apr 2021  
It comes with so many useful charts and tools for online trading. Services are great and people are very professional.
  12 Apr 2021  
The best customer service so far. Withdrawal is fast and services are all very efficient.
  8 Apr 2021  
Without a doubt, this is a good broker. Services and signals are both excellent.
  5 Apr 2021  
Good trading platform. For the past few months, I never had encounter any technical issues.
  25 Mar 2021  
Easy and fast withdrawal process. I never had to face withdrawal issues.
  22 Mar 2021  
I have just joined this broker service, but at the moment, I am completely satisfied with the services.
  18 Mar 2021  
Approachable and honest broker who cares for their clients.
  15 Mar 2021  
I can fully trust this broker company. They are transparent and they take time to explain everything.
  11 Mar 2021  
Good trading partner. I felt their genuine care.
  9 Mar 2021  
Reliable in terms of signals and services. Worth my money and time.
  5 Mar 2021  
Here, I have to invest money and time but it is all worth it. I get good returns.
  2 Mar 2021  
It has been a few months since I have joined this broker service. So far, I am happy with the services.
  24 Feb 2021  
I have received my first withdrawal from this broker with no delays. I have traded for just a month but so far my first impression is great.
  22 Feb 2021  
Not much slippage even with large lot sizes. Services h ave always been efficient.
  19 Feb 2021  
Good experience for the past six months. Smooth and fast withdrawals with signals that are so amazing.
  18 Feb 2021  

Vlom is an online investment broker, established in 2019 and based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, who focuses on providing access to the tools, platforms, and related market insights that would help clients further drive their potential as a trader. Vlom is dedicated...

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