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Olymp Trade Reviews for 17 May 2021

What can I say about a professional broker? I'm happy with it. The payout rate is good. There is always something to trade with profitable percent. I'm working with no rush, and everything is fine. Of course, to get a good profit, you need to have a good strategy, but I have one, so I'm making enough. The fact that broker is operating properly and fulfill its commitments - I wouldn't call this an advantage. This is a state of things as it should be - we are paying commission for that. I don't really like writing different reviews just came across this negative review about Olymp now and decides to express my opinion. Generally, the broker is good, and if somebody got any problems, you would better learn to trade properly first. By the way, I want to try trading with leverage in MT4 of Olymp Trade. What do you know about it? Is it useful tools? And, what is a max leverage?
Jimmy Nyberg   27 Apr 2021  
Hello, Jimmy! Thank you for expressing your opinion about the Olymp Trade broker. We are glad that you enjoy trading with us. It is crucial for us to meet our trader's expectations and fulfill every commitment. Learning is indeed the key to success, which is why we help our traders by providing access to a vast educational base, conducting informative webinars, and creating graphic video guides. The maximum leverage value for Standard and ECN accounts on the Olymp Trade MetaTrader4 is x500. It means that every $1 you invest will bring you a profit of $500 in case the trade is successful. You can choose the preferred leverage value in the personal MT4 account tab among 8 available options - from x1 to x500. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   29 Apr 2021
I'm encouraged by risk-free trades. I can say that I'm more than satisfied by this broker. It allows me to try a different approach to Forex trading. From the very beginning I would like to say that I'm not interested in its fixed-time trading offer. I like to trade Forex and here the broker has something special to offer. The first thing that pleasantly surprised me was their web platform. To my mind, it's suited for active trading throughout the day. It encourages traders to open a lot of trades. It's because here you can regulate the level of risk with great flexibility. You don't put the whole trading deposit at stake here. Instead, you invest a fixed amount in each trade. Furthermore, by choosing a multiplier value you set the desired leverage size. That's how you determine how risky your trades will be. How can you open as many trades as possible here? It's simple. Just choose the smallest amounts and multiplier values and you can open a lot of trades and hold them in the green. However, it makes sense only if you forecast the market correctly. I would like to add a couple of words about their risk-free trades. They motivate me to keep trading with this broker. So, Olymp literally gives you money to open a trade and if you lose you don't lose your own funds. I already took one such trade as a reward for participating in a tournament. I would like to become a VIP to have more risk-free trades and I'm currently working on it.
Alonso Tejada   23 Apr 2021  
Hi, Alonso! We are happy to know that you are more than satisfied with the Olymp Trade broker. It is great that the platform allows you to try different approaches to Forex trading. We are pleased that risk-free trades stimulate you to participate in our tournaments. Our events help our traders to get acknowledged with the platform and its tools. One of the ways to get risk-free trades is to upgrade your account to the Expert status. You will receive 5% of the first deposit as risk-free trades credited to your account. The total amount will be split into several risk-free trades for your convenience. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   26 Apr 2021
Hi, do we have to pay a signal and maitenance fee after our trade with an agent?
Garry Wood   7 Apr 2021  
Hello, Garry! Thank you for getting in touch with us. You will not be charged account maintenance or signal fee on the Olymp Trade platform. The only commission that the platform charges its users is the inactivity fee. If a trader has not made a single trade on a live account within 180 days and has not made any deposit or withdrawal, the company has the right to charge such account a $10 monthly fee. In case the account balance is 0, nothing will be charged. However, all bonuses will be canceled. We also wanted to pay your attention that we do not appoint agents to a trading account. Our experts can only give you advice, but all operations carried out on the platform are made by you personally from your own trading account. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We are always there to help. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   9 Apr 2021
Please can you refer me to one of your trading experts so that I could invest. Thanks.
Garry Wood   20 Apr 2021
Hello, dear! We do not allocate trading experts to the account, all the operations on the platform are conducted individually by traders. Before investing an amount we advise you to register at the platform and use a demo account to practice and test strategies. You can upgrade an account to the Expert Status and get individual training and consultations with a personal expert as one of the privileges. Feel free to ask any further questions if they appear. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   23 Apr 2021
A reliable and honest broker. I noticed how much Olymp Trade is investing in training new users, with separate respect to him. The conditions for working with a broker are transparent and reliable.
Claude Meunier   30 Mar 2021  
Hello, Claude Meunier! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Receiving such feedback is valuable to us. We are indeed doing everything in our power to provide our traders with full educational support. It is also great that you are satisfied with trading conditions and consider them transparent and reliable. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   1 Apr 2021
It is a reliable broker indeed. I have been comparing this broker with several other famous brokers but I don't see any reasons of why should I leave OT and go to other brokers. No doubt that each and every brokers has their own pros and cons but i prefer to stick with OT because I feel comfortable with their services and support.
Gordon William   6 May 2021
How much profit can a risk-free trade potentially make? In what situations can it be used to maximum benefit?
Wajdi   24 Mar 2021  
Hello, Wajdi! Thank you for your question. The profit depends on a risk-free trade amount. For example, a trader enables a $50 risk-free trade and opens a $100 position. In case of a failure, you will get back $50. And if the forecast is correct, you will get a return on a $100 investment. One of the most known examples of using risk-free trades thoughtfully is activating them as a "step" of the losses compensation system. Use these trades wisely as it allows to avoid possible risks. If you have any further questions, kindly ask. We will be happy to consult you. Best regards, Olymp Trade platform.
Olymp Trade   24 Mar 2021
This is a good advantage for OlympTrade! Risk-free trading is one of the privileges of the Expert status. The user receives 5% of his first deposit (starting from $ 2000) as a risk-free transaction credited to his account. The amount of profit will already depend on the amount of this transaction and how successfully this order is executed. I think you can use this deal in a situation where the option to earn a lot and lose a lot is equal to each other.
Kociss Parisi   8 Apr 2021
After the start of the pandemic, there were problems with earning money and I began to look for an alternative. Who advised Forex. I was skeptical about this, but decided to give it a try. Honestly, the first month I was crazy about new knowledge, names of indicators and strategies. I started trading on a demo account with Olymptrade broker. I chose it because I often saw this name on banners. The conditions are normal, but I have seen the same on the websites of other brokers. I started trading on a fixed time and it seemed very difficult to me. But they also have traditional forex. As a normal broker, they support the Metatrader trading platform as well.
Niyazi Karasu   22 Mar 2021  
Hello, Niyazi Karasu! Thank you for sharing your experience. We are happy that you have chosen Olymp Trade to start your trading career. It is wonderful that you were excited about new knowledge, we are glad to know that the educational process was pleasant for you. If you have any difficulties trading, kindly contact our support team. Our support service members are always there to help. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   23 Mar 2021
Has anybody tried to withdraw GBP from this company? can you tell me which company handles the GBP payments please.

Amina Walters   19 Mar 2021  
Hello. Has anybody had experience of trying to withdraw GBP from a recovery account placed with Olymp Trade?

Amina Walters   19 Mar 2021  
I joined Olymp Trade after the company had launched MT4. The possibility to trade there inspired me. Because trading on a platform with a fixed time of trades and fixed reward seemed to me too simplistic. And with Olymp Trade MT4, everything fell into place. By the way, the trading conditions in MT4 are very competitive. Spreads are very tight, and commissions are average on the market. And even the possible disadvantages are compensated by the increased number of as*sets. The possibility of setting any Expert Advisors here also matters a lot.
Antony Hack   18 Mar 2021  
Hello, dear Antony! Thank you for your wonderful review. We are pleased to know that the opportunity to trade on the Olymp Trade MT4 has inspired you. It is great that you enjoy provided trading conditions and appreciate the possibility to set up Expert Advisors. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   19 Mar 2021
Recently I watched a program about Forex with a friend. We were interested in the process of trading and how people make money with it. After my friend found a list of recommended companies in the browser, we chose one of the most popular - Olymp Trade. I was the first to register my real account. My friend and I decided to try all the features and noticed fixed-times trades. I had never even heard of it before. I made trades for 1 minute, and it is swift, like in Forex, where people sometimes wait for months for their stock to rise in value. Of the minor flaws, I can point out only the current commission for the transaction.
Georg   26 Feb 2021  
Georg, hello there! We are incredibly thankful for your feedback. We are happy to know that you have chosen Olymp Trade when searching for a reliable Forex broker. It is great that you have discovered a Fixed Time Trades mode and used its advantages to get the most out of the platform. Your opinion on the fee per trade is important to us, we will surely take it into consideration. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   1 Mar 2021
I'm intrigued by your web platform. I especially like the idea of using multipliers instead of leverage. I got one question. How should I correctly calculate my trade?
Luis Okumuringa   22 Feb 2021  
Hello, dear Luis! Thank you for your question. The Forex trade result consists of the difference between the opening price and the closing price. In long trading, the trader gains a profit from the price's growth. Short trading is the opposite, the profit is earned from the lowering of the price. This formula will help you with understanding how profits on the Olymp Trade platform are calculated: (Difference between the opening and closing of the trade / Current price) * Investment's volume *Multiplier - Commission = Profit. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We would be glad to help you. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   24 Feb 2021
I trade Forex assets with this broker. Their trading platform is really good. I could say thousands of words that it's very convenient and functional, but the main thing I like is that it comes with multipliers. That's leverage that can be chosen for each trade. Besides this, there's something more that distinguishes this broker from others. Trading Forex with multipliers here, you don't use the entire depo in your trade. Instead, you are expected to invest a chosen fixed amount. So, if you lose, you will lose only this amount and no more.
Seetho New   15 Feb 2021  
Hi, Seetho New! We are grateful for your extensive feedback. It is wonderful that you enjoy the Olymp Trade platform's features. We are pleased to know that you find the multiplier a distinguishable advantage of the platform. Wish you a prosperous trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   18 Feb 2021
Olymp Trade has become, for me, a company-guide to the world of Forex. I remember listening to the webinars of the VIP department with my mouth open. I remember how I traded on a demo account and immediately lost everything because of my greed. I remember how I managed to fight my emotions, learned to trade with indicators, and converted to a live account. Now my trading is stable and brings me some profit. I don't pay much attention to trading, and I don't deposit too much money into my account. But I'm happy with it anyway. It's more like a hobby, which sometimes brings a great result.
Emin Lazuardi   12 Feb 2021  
Hi, dear Emin Lazuardi! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is truly important to keep a cold mind and a high concentration level for successful trading. We also advise our traders to get full information about the instruments available on the platform and explore our vast educational base before starting to trade on a live account. We are glad that you have achieved a stable profit. Keep up the good work! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   18 Feb 2021
Is it true that reviews on the news, or on strategies are published here all the time?
Niels Franse   28 Jan 2021  
Hello, dear Niels! Thank you for your question. We indeed strive to provide the latest information in our educational section and informational resources. You can find platform news, strategy guides, regular reviews in our official blog: https://blog.olymptrade.com/. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   29 Jan 2021
Yes, Olymp Trade publishes a lot of reviews and analytics. There are reviews of the news, comments on further price movements. This is very convenient and understands to synchronize your attention, i.e. to understand if you are assessing the situation correctly and if it's worth opening trades.
Rashid Venkatesh   17 Feb 2021
I've recently signed up with Olymp Trade. I did it solely to try fixed-time trading. I have never tried anything like this, while I'm always open for new things. Previously I traded Forex only. Now I trade fixed-time as*sets and I like this specific format. I like that I can make trades very fast, even for less than a minute.
Cristian Jaso   20 Jan 2021  
Hello, Cristian! Thank you for your feedback. We are glad that you have taken your time to explore the Fixed Time Trades mode. It is great that you enjoy this trading format. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   21 Jan 2021
Olymp Trade now has everything you need for profitable trading. If before, there were mostly simple solutions for beginners, now it's not. The company has recently launched a professional MT4 terminal with an opportunity to open an ECN account and trade with zero spreads. Or you can open a Standard account and trade with low spreads and no commissions. Moreover, in MT4, you can put your own indicators, advisors, and scripts. There are cool features for traders!
Emilios   10 Jan 2021  
Hi, Emilios! Thank you for your wonderful review and positive vibes. We are glad that you have all the required instruments for profitable trading. It is important for us that our traders are fully satisfied with the variety of tools and services, which is why we have introduced the Olymp Trade MT4. The MetaTrader 4 platform has its own advantages such as the opportunity to add new indicators, use Expert Advisors, and customize the workplace. Wish you a successful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   12 Jan 2021
Olymp Trade is my first brokerage and I respect it. Company offers a lot of opportunities to learn trading for free, without any payments/fees and that's the unique case in the market. And yes, I know there are a lot of brokers to offer education, but Olymp Trade is the only one brokerage to provide really usefull education, not just trading ba/nals, like What's CFD or The introduction to trading. I think Olymp is going the right way
Aik Marzukowsky   30 Dec 2020  
Hello there, Aik Marzukowsky! Thank you for expressing your opinion of the Olymp Trade platform. It is great to know that you appreciate the vast range of opportunities and favorable trading conditions that are provided on the platform. We are happy that you consider our educational system useful and thought-out. Your supports helps us to make sure that we move in the right direction. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   4 Jan 2021
I've been trading Forex for three year. I'm used to working with several brokers because as a rule one broker can't give me everything. Respectively, several ones can satisfy my needs. However, Olympt turned out to be an exception. Its versatility struck me. It's equally good as a Forex broker and a fixed-time one. Earlier I used desktop platforms only, but with Olymp, I started trading in my browser. It's because their web platform delivers good functionality. Besides this, it's much easier to use compared to many desktop terminals, including Metatraders.
Aik Kingsly   26 Dec 2020  
Hello, Aik Kingsly! Thank you for sharing your experience. We are happy to know that we have managed to satisfy your demands concerning the trading conditions and functionality of the platform. It is also great that you find the Olymp Trade platform versatile and quality. Our priority is customer service and we are thrilled that we manage to exceed our traders' expectations! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   29 Dec 2020
It's the usual brokerage company. It made a minimal deposit - only $10 - and thus attracted many traders. It's not scary to trade with Olymp Trade, even if you're a complete novice. The company has a well thought out knowledge base. There are a lot of articles, webinars, platforms that are simple and clear to everyone. But then the company added MT4 with a deposit starting from $200. And this is a totally different audience of traders. I don't know if this step is needed. But many clients are happy, especially those who have been with Olymp Trade for a long time and want something more serious.
Andrew Smoke   23 Dec 2020  
Hello, Andrew! Thank you for your sincere feedback. We are glad that you find the Olymp Trade platform suitable for novice traders, we truly do everything that is in our power to maintain a comprehensive knowledge base, including useful articles, informative video tutorials, and illustrative webinars. The Olymp Trade MT4 has its undoubted advantages, for example, the ability to use custom indicators. We are glad that the decision to add MT4 was followed by such a positive reaction among our traders. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   25 Dec 2020
I invested in this broker to trade as a hobby, so I had no plans for my future. I chose Olymp Trade only because this broker is very popular. But now I got interested in trading and decided to try it seriously. Is there any training that can help me improve my understanding of trading?
Bipul Chhetri   18 Dec 2020  
Bipul Chhetri, hello! Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are glad that you have decided to improve your trading skills and enrich your informational base. To begin with, you can use our educational materials that are presented on the platform in the "Education" section. They will help you to get acknowledged with the platform and its trading tools. You can find useful educational articles, the latest news about the platform, and more on our official blog. We also advise you to try out the Olymp Plus application. It will guide you through the platform, help you to absorb trading basics, and learn more about trends. You can participate in regular live webinars that are hosted by experts. Or watch educational videos on the Olymp Trade Global Youtube channel to visualize the basics and view illustrative trading tutorials. We put a lot of efforts to provide vast educational opportunities, we truly believe information is power and support our traders in their goals to train and improve. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   22 Dec 2020
You can find enough educational materials on the broker's site. It would be enough if you are a novice trader. Exclusive education is available to VIPs. But if you want to save money, look for extra materials online on your own.
Andres Shields   26 Jan 2021
I am glad that I was able to work with quite a large leverage in this company, because I was always interested in it and always wanted to experiment, but I was always afraid that I would lose all the money because of it. But when I got here and saw the demo, I realized that everything was fine and that I had complete freedom here. And I tried different strategies and approaches, and finally found something suitable for my daily work.
Reny Jhoshua   30 Nov 2020  
Hi there, Reny Jhoshua! We are incredibly thankful for your feedback. It is wonderful that you have started trading on a demo account to explore the platform and its features. We are glad that you have found suitable strategies and approaches that help you to conduct your daily work successfully. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   1 Dec 2020
It should be noted that I have been working in this company for a long time, because I believe that it is possible to experiment here without any significant restrictions. Why? Because there are all conditions for it. Let's start with the unlimited demo, which contains all possible technical tools and settings of the main terminal, so you can check any of your assumptions. And secondly, there is a simplified leverage mechanism here, I didn't even think it could have such a significant impact on speed.
Mehul Seshadri   26 Nov 2020  
Hello, dear Mehul Seshadri! Thank you for sharing. We are pleased to know that you are satisfied with the favorable trading conditions. It is delightful that you have appreciated the refillable demo account and a simplified leverage mechanism. Have a productive trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   27 Nov 2020
Company has one significant advantage - education system. Well, if we take also customer service in account, then there would be 2 strong advantages. Really, education is Olymp Trade top notch feature, Olymp did well with it. You can learn with blogs or with webinars. There are also educational videos, but I don't think they're too usefull. However, if we're speaking about trading conditions, they're just okey. I don't like that there's no MT5, that's the disadvantage in my opinion. Yeah, they've introduced MT4, but that's not enough in 2020!
Cheys Brook   24 Nov 2020  
Hello there, Cheys Brook! Thank you for leaving a review. We are glad that you have decided to share the advantages of the Olymp Trade platform. It is great that you have highly appreciated our educational system as we put every effort to make it informative and thorough. We are also grateful for your feedback on the MT4 addition. Despite the fact that MetaTrader 5 is a newer version of the platform, the number of users on the MT4 platform is significantly higher. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   25 Nov 2020
I have always appreciated simple and intuitive things. Trading is no exception. I dislike complex strategies and unclear postulates. I believe that everything we call genius is simple. Once I occasionally stumbled on Olymp online, its straightforward and intuitive platform surprised me. Thus, I discovered fixed-time trading and still don't regret it.
Niels Luyten   18 Nov 2020  
Hi, dear Niels! Thank you for your positive feedback. We are happy to know that you find the Olymp Trade platform straightforward and intuitive. It is important for us that our traders have a clear understanding of the platform's functions and possible trading strategies. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   19 Nov 2020
Olymp Trade is among those companies that primarily care about customer convenience. I think that's why they keep on the market for so long and only increase their positions. There is a very handy mobile app. The interface of the platform is well thought out. I'm a programmer, and I directly enjoy how everything is optimized. Each button is in its place. You don't need to look for anything, nothing you accidentally press. And after the company launched MT4, in general, it started to trade great. The functionality has expanded a lot. I think I can put my bot in MT4. It won't be a problem for me to write it. So, I'm not going to leave Olymp Trade.
Mentoral   15 Nov 2020  
Hi there! We are delighted to receive your feedback about the platform. Indeed, the convenience of our traders is extremely important to us. It is also wonderful that you have noticed that our team has thought out the interface and optimized the platform to make it a better place for our traders. We wish you lots of success! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   16 Nov 2020
I'm trading for 3 years now, started in the 2017 and keep trading with Olymp. Frankly speaking, I had some thoughts about changing a brokerage, as I wanna try MT4, but recently Olymp introduced MT4 support, so it seems I can trade with MT4 with Olymp Trade. But I don't know is the proccess of switching difficult? And how long does it take?
Shalewa Sarah   12 Nov 2020  
Hello, Shalewa. Thank you for reaching out. Indeed, we have recently introduced the Olymp Trade MT4 platform. Now the Metatrader 4 is supported and you can access it with your existing account. To open the account it is necessary to open the MT4 section of the Olymp Trade website, log into your account, configure the settings, and download the terminal installation file. This process would not take much time as we have made it smooth and intuitive. Please, ask further questions if they emerge and use our educational instructions to create the MT4 account quickly and easily on the preferable device. Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   16 Nov 2020
There's no doubt Olymp Trade would be a nice solution for those seeking something new in trading or for freshers. It's because the broker comes up with a very intuitive and straightforward web-based terminal. You don't need to install anything on your PC to get down to trading with this broker. However, if you face fixed-time trading for the first time and you are a Forex trader, you might be a bit embarrassed dealing with expiration. By the way, if you prefer desktop terminals, Olymp offers MT4.
Thiago Valenzuela   30 Oct 2020  
Hi, dear Thiago! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are glad that you find the Olymp Trade platform a nice solution for beginning traders and traders who are seeking something new and fresh. We are also offering many specific tools and privileges to professional traders as we strive to provide the best service to traders regardless of their experience and level. It is delightful that you appreciated our intuitive and straightforward web-based terminal. Have productive trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   3 Nov 2020
I want to enter real account on my olymp trade and I am a Nigerian. hope if I want to deposit with my bank it will be working and if I want to withdraw hope all will work.
Tobi Ojekunle   30 Oct 2020  
Hello, Tobi! Thank you for reaching out. We strive to provide a superb service, we would be glad if you try it out and share your feedback with us. Also, you can always contact our support team if you have any questions or doubts. Have a successful trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   3 Nov 2020
My trading skills evolved with Olymp Trade. I came here relatively a newbie. And for a long time, I played on a demo account. I can't call it any other way. Then I started to learn more, moved to a live account, and started to earn slightly. One day, I understood that I can not realize all my knowledge on the Olymp platform. And then the company announced the launch of MT4! I'm quite satisfied.
Anil Tank   26 Oct 2020  
Hello, Anil! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are happy that your trading skills evolved with the Olymp Trade platform, we are always excited to hear that our traders grow with us. It is great that you have trained on a demo account before moving to a live one. It is also a pleasure to know that you are satisfied with the MT4 addition as you seek more knowledge and experience. Keep up the good work! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   27 Oct 2020
Personally, I like to trade with Olymp Trade. It's a regulated broker, which means you won't have any problems with it. When I only chose a brokerage, I looked at the regulator. And Olymp Trade didn't let me down in this respect. Now I have been trading with it for almost 7 months and I have no problems or complications with it. It does its work with high quality and maximum transparency. And I also really like that it has a lot of free training, which isn't limited to bana;l articles in which you don't understand anything. The broker also provides its clients with videos on YouTube (not only in English), webinars and so on. From the broker's side it's cool that it takes care of its clients educations. In this way, the broker provides its regular clients in the long term.
Barry Davis   20 Oct 2020  
Hello, dear! Thank you for your delightful feedback. We are glad that you have made sure of our reliability and transparency in practice. The independent regulator indeed serves as a guarantor of our trustworthiness and we are glad that you have mentioned it. It is also great that you use the free training we provided and find it diverse and educational. We indeed strive to maintain long-term relationships with our traders and try to do keep the service on an excellent level. Have a prosperous trading! Best regards, Olymp Trade team.
Olymp Trade   23 Oct 2020

Olymp Trade is an international IFC regulated online trading platform that has offered its services since 2014. Olymp Trade offers trading Cryptocurrencies, Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks on Olymp Trade platform with deposits starting from just as low as...

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