ProfitiX Reviews and Comments 2020

Fast and easy withdrawal process. Smooth transactions and customer supports are easy to deal with.

Sue   7 August, 2020  

Their aim is to make you lose all your money. When you decide to close account with a profit, they'll come up with T&C so they don't give you anything. Good luck getting a cent back. I invested $200k AUD and made $100K profit, I didn't get a cent back.

Sid   5 August, 2020  

Do not trust Profitix, 100% professional scammers. Not regulated. As an Australian trader, I was scammed for all my profits of $100k AUD. They are very aggressive, they force you to put in as much money as you can, they trick you by giving you little money back to trust them so you can invest more money, but when it come to wanting to take your money out, you will not see a cent. Managers are all liars! I've been working with them for a year telling me they are from Hong Kong but find out they are from a small island in the caribbean. Don't be fooled. Don't trust Profitix with fake reviews.

Hussein   5 August, 2020  

It all started with a random call telling me to invest a 100usd in some automated program. I thought that I could risk a 100usd and proceeded, later i get a call from a broker who goes by the initials BB. He border line forces me to invest more so he can prove himself, so i deposit 1500usd on the condition that he wont tell me to invest more. On the first day he makes 3 trades the first 2 being profitable and the last one being negative, two days later he tells me to hedge the position. So that's what i did and he promises he knows what he is doing, he later tells me to buy some more positions after a week and that one immediately goes south and he tells me to hedge again, so BB strategy was to sell one hedge position in a profit and immediately buy it again. So my balance was about 1900 at the time however i was down by 1400 and it was growing by like 25usd everyday because of the swap. When i approach BB about it he tells me to deposit more, and even goes as far as to tell me to borrow some money from a bank. After two months of hopeless waiting i just sold everything and left in anger. I was just glad after getting 450usd after like 20 days of waiting. Something has to be done about this company, its disgusting and not right. I have evidence for everything.

Jerhell   29 July, 2020  

Good broker company. I get my withdrawals on time. They are also prompt in attending to my trading concerns.

isza   27 July, 2020  

Is any possibility how to terminate contract with Profitix? In point 5.2 is note that the client untertakes to cover the transactional requirements (statistics) of 4000 lots on the asets CFD, commodities, Indeces, stocks and 20 lots on the UNSDX contract. Do you have some experiances how to close trading with profitix?

Mirec   21 July, 2020  

I have one word to say if you're thinking about investing with ProfitIX. Don't do it, they are an elaborate, professional scam! It all starts out when you buy into their $100 program, then follows weeks of them aggressively forcing you to add more money. They then sweeten everything by graciously allowing you to withdraw a very small portion of your alleged profits. As soon as you tell them that you've had enough or that you have no more money left to add to your account, you will wake to find your account empty. They will then call you and make some BS about how the market turned on you, and that you have to add more money to buy back your losses. Do yourself a favour and just don't do it. They will rip you off, and they do not care how they do it to. I will be more than happy to talk to anyone who has questions, anyone who wants proof that I am a real person and that I was genuinely scammed by them.

Jordan Quigg   21 July, 2020  

I have been trading with Profitix for around 8 months. Unfortunately I got caught up in all the hype and large profits on trades and when I signed an agreement to close my account the big profits stopped and trades they advised me take cost me just under USD600,000.00. I have read the comments on how quick they receive payments however these payments will only be 2% of your free margin otherwise they would not pay you. Ask them for a large chunk of your money back and see if you are still happy. My Broker is still trying to get a hold of me as he claims he can resurrect my account but I know this will involve more money. They are always asking for money and still only allow 2% of your free margin to be payed out, sounds a bit like a pyramid scheme. Beware and try and get more money out of them before you invest any further.

wayne   18 July, 2020  

On a monthly basis I am getting approximately 10-15 percent profit. I can rely on broker advise and depend on their services. Withdrawal is fast and all transactions are seamless.

Grace   17 July, 2020  

I am skeptic about forex trading at first because this is something new to me, this broker was kind enough to understand and took time to explain to me how it works. I saw potential and so I traded with them eventually I am happy with the results. This broker really did a good job in helping me learn forex and gain profit.

lany lou   14 July, 2020  

Don't believe any of these false reviews posted, these guys are scammers and you won't get any withdrawal done, they are not even a regulated broker, don't get fooled.

Scott   4 July, 2020  

Extremely good services. From the very first day I use this broker service up to this day, I am always impressed with both services and profit I get from them.

Andrea Millers   2 July, 2020  

I have been trading with them for a year now and have recommended them to my relatives and friends. All of them also have good feedback about this broker.

Greg   29 June, 2020  

I can see good and bad reviews on here and only started trading 2 weeks ago. I am a UK resident and noticed that some of the reviews are saying in $ rather than pounds, they advised they don't provide service to US residents. My brother made his withdrawal easily and would never recommend someone that was scamming so a little concerned seeing this. Let's see how it goes with the withdrawals. My advisor is a guy named Mike and we approached them. Also I've had good customer service and been answered straight away by Mike.

Sophie Davis   28 June, 2020  

Fast and easy withdrawals. Easier account verification process and faster withdrawal process. I am satisfied with my trading profit but customer service is bit slow to reply.

Sarah Ying   24 June, 2020  

They respond quickly to trading concerns. I never had any problem with any of the service nor the people I dealt with. All good for me.

Lyn Kho   22 June, 2020  

I am currently trading with Profitix and among the brokers I have dealt with, they have the best trading service. And here is where I get the most profit.

Bea Park   18 June, 2020  


Melinda Jill Boyse   22 June, 2020

I have also been the unlucky. They are just professional thieves. I can relate to all of you, because that is what happened to me. Where can I find help to get my money back.

Lyn   15 June, 2020  

Don't get scammed twice by fund recovery agents as a lot of these are also scammers. I lost a lot of money to ProfitiX. Go through your bank first and proper legal channels.

Melinda Jill Boyse   22 June, 2020

Really annoying. DB is the broker from profitx. don't fall for it.

Anonymous   4 June, 2020  

Well I'm a new customer as of today only. That's why I want to remain anonymous as I still have only around $2000aud invested. It's started off with a gold platinum of $500 American with a discount to be platinum of $200 American. Worked out just over $300 and. then I got a call congratulating me of profiting 72.80. Total 272.80. Well what did I do? Nothing. then I got asked to buy 20g worth of gold and automatically profited $600 usd. Really? How is this possible. Asking me for another deposit and turn it immediately into $5k. why do they keep asking for more money if they are proving to make money. why can't they just start of slowly with compounding on the money that's been made. It is really fishy. It feels like a scam and in the end I will probably lose it all. I'm also been waiting over an 1 hour for a call which was supposed to be in 30 mins because I didn't deposit the extra $2600 they wanted. And still waiting for my first $600 usd deposit into my account.

Anonymous   4 June, 2020  

Your feelings are correct. It's not real. I lost $59kUSD.

Melinda Jill Boyse   22 June, 2020

It started good, when i not want to pay any more they blocked my account. They do what they want, my money is gone and Benjamin *** too.

Lars   31 May, 2020  

Prompt customer service and impressive broker signals. Also, withdrawals is always fast and easy. I would give this broker service 5 stars for all their services.

Andy Gracia   29 May, 2020  

They seem to get very annoyed if you have closed out a position they had suggested. If your equity is down they bother you for more money almost like extortion. they need to be regulated and checked on.

Disgruntled   28 May, 2020  

I've been using Profitix services for over a year and it has been excellent. I am always surprise to see good profit in my trading account.

Elise Raynolds   26 May, 2020  

Commendable broker services. Customer support has always been friendly and helpful. They also reply on emails and chats promptly. Overall, a good broker service.

Alison   19 May, 2020  

I have lost my entire life savings, $400,000 AUD in less than twelve months with ProfitiIX. They only care about you, the client, when they know you have more funds to deposit. The wooing and promises, the affection and communication knows no bounds. When my broker Benjamin *** understood I was in debt to fund my account, and had no money to pay rent nor bills, like magic the emails, phone calls, offers, incentives, messages, promises, they stopped.

Andrew Ryan   13 May, 2020  

have you recovered your money?

Manuel   15 May, 2020

Andrew, that's is exactly what happened to me. The strength of their argument and demands have no bounds. They continually intimidate and threaten that your account is lost unless more money is put in. Once you have no more they desert you.

Fred   29 May, 2020

Andrew Ryan, I am in the same boat, and now the huge task of recovery. I would like to talk to you maybe we could help each other.

Joy Camp   11 July, 2020

Excellent broker, customer service, low spreads and fast withdrawals. I have been using this broker services for almost a year and I am quite satisfied with the services.

Ralph   13 May, 2020  

I have being trading with ProfitiX for around 6 weeks. They contacted me via facebook. Initial checks and searches seemed okay and genuine so I started. Was introduced to their CIO - Chief Investments Broker initial DB and deposited $500 / then 1000, again 1000 then 2000 then 4000 and profits got up to 14767 USD. As soon as I explained a withdrawal plan each month of 3000 to pay my CC, DB got really angry and explained I'm a VIP customer and that it is in my best interest to leave funds in the account and that he will ensure my profits get up to $50k within a short time. Well last week Thursday 7th May, I lost $14k from the account and now I cannot contact DB or anyone from ProfitiX. How can a person withdraw funds without my knowledge and be so irresponsible and loose such a large amount in one night? Be ware people

David Maharaj   10 May, 2020  

What I like about this broker is their transparency on all transaction and efficient services. Signals has always been profitable and withdrawals are always fast.

Hansen Stewart   6 May, 2020  

ProfitIx is a professional scammer. They trap new traders by promising certain amout of guaranteed return and trap to invest money. One guy from ProfitIx named *** called me and convenced me to invest $6000 and promised guaranteed 20% retun. He opened the loosing trade intentionally and when margin fell low he asked me to invest more and became very aggressive. When I did not invest then he stared threating me to close the account and finally he did.

guest   5 May, 2020  

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