ProfitiX Reviews and Comments 2020

It started good, when i not want to pay any more they blocked my account. They do what they want, my money is gone and Benjamin *** too.

Lars   31 May, 2020  

Prompt customer service and impressive broker signals. Also, withdrawals is always fast and easy. I would give this broker service 5 stars for all their services.

Andy Gracia   29 May, 2020  

They seem to get very annoyed if you have closed out a position they had suggested. If your equity is down they bother you for more money almost like extortion. they need to be regulated and checked on.

Disgruntled   28 May, 2020  

I've been using Profitix services for over a year and it has been excellent. I am always surprise to see good profit in my trading account.

Elise Raynolds   26 May, 2020  

Commendable broker services. Customer support has always been friendly and helpful. They also reply on emails and chats promptly. Overall, a good broker service.

Alison   19 May, 2020  

I have lost my entire life savings, $400,000 AUD in less than twelve months with ProfitiIX. They only care about you, the client, when they know you have more funds to deposit. The wooing and promises, the affection and communication knows no bounds. When my broker Benjamin *** understood I was in debt to fund my account, and had no money to pay rent nor bills, like magic the emails, phone calls, offers, incentives, messages, promises, they stopped.

Andrew Ryan   13 May, 2020  

have you recovered your money?

Manuel   15 May, 2020

Andrew, that's is exactly what happened to me. The strength of their argument and demands have no bounds. They continually intimidate and threaten that your account is lost unless more money is put in. Once you have no more they desert you.

Fred   29 May, 2020

Excellent broker, customer service, low spreads and fast withdrawals. I have been using this broker services for almost a year and I am quite satisfied with the services.

Ralph   13 May, 2020  

I have being trading with ProfitiX for around 6 weeks. They contacted me via facebook. Initial checks and searches seemed okay and genuine so I started. Was introduced to their CIO - Chief Investments Broker initial DB and deposited $500 / then 1000, again 1000 then 2000 then 4000 and profits got up to 14767 USD. As soon as I explained a withdrawal plan each month of 3000 to pay my CC, DB got really angry and explained I'm a VIP customer and that it is in my best interest to leave funds in the account and that he will ensure my profits get up to $50k within a short time. Well last week Thursday 7th May, I lost $14k from the account and now I cannot contact DB or anyone from ProfitiX. How can a person withdraw funds without my knowledge and be so irresponsible and loose such a large amount in one night? Be ware people

David Maharaj   10 May, 2020  

What I like about this broker is their transparency on all transaction and efficient services. Signals has always been profitable and withdrawals are always fast.

Hansen Stewart   6 May, 2020  

ProfitIx is a professional scammer. They trap new traders by promising certain amout of guaranteed return and trap to invest money. One guy from ProfitIx named *** called me and convenced me to invest $6000 and promised guaranteed 20% retun. He opened the loosing trade intentionally and when margin fell low he asked me to invest more and became very aggressive. When I did not invest then he stared threating me to close the account and finally he did.

guest   5 May, 2020  

Good trading platform and fast execution without the annoying glitches. Signals are always reliable and customer service has always been dependable.

Mandy West   4 May, 2020  

A big red flag they are just after your money, you will never be able to make a withdrawal, your money will disapear from your trading account, do not fall for this, emails are never answered, I am filling a charge back if my withdrawal request doesn't go through and chargeback is the way that hurts the most. Be careful, don't fall for this.

Mohamed   3 May, 2020  

I'm happily trading with Profitix for over a year now. I was able to gain good profits out of the signals. There are losses but very minimal, profit still really good.

Alessia West   28 April, 2020  

This company is a scam. please don't ever invest in them, unfortunately I got my half of my money back by bank from cash back. Please don't fall for it. Mr *** broker is a scammer, if profitix don't return my rest of my money I am going to take legal action soon for sure. don't fall for profitix not regulated company.

kevin   22 April, 2020  

Commendable broker services. Customer support has always been friendly and helpful. They also reply on emails and chats promptly. Overall, a good broker service.

Agatha   22 April, 2020  

I am pleased with the services and broker signals. I have traded for only a couple of months but I got more profit comparing to my previous brokers. Regarding services, I never had any single issue so far,all is working well.

Rod W.   20 April, 2020  

Totally disappointed. The first deposit in my account disappeared when I told them I cant afford to invest anymore as I am just a student. I stopped getting their calls so i decided to withdraw whatever amount I deposited initially but the money was not in my account. I asked my broker but he didn't explain. I emailed them multiple times but no response at all.

Chadani Rajbhandari   16 April, 2020  

Do not use this company. they do not pay out. I had 72 k in my account I asked for 10 k and was told why withdraw any money. when you are nearly at thevVIP level I have now lost the lot with them. not even a phone call or any correspondence from my broker. he has gone silent on me this loss could have been avoided but he wanted to carry on trading while the market was volatile adding trades that brought my account down to zero. I am totally disgusted with him for his no care attitude wasn't like that when they were getting cashbout of me never again.

Michael Leary   16 April, 2020  

I am also very disappointed.

Lorine Khanira   21 April, 2020

Quick and easy withdrawal, good customer service and profitable signals. These are the qualities of Profitix brokers. I am keeping the service and will surely recommend.

Alfred   16 April, 2020  

This is a very good forex broker. Their signals never fail to bring good profit on my trading account. Withdrawal is always smoothly and quickly process.

Anna Spears   13 April, 2020  

I am happy and satisfied with my profit. Services from this broker are also commendable. One thing is for sure,I am keeping their services.

Alicia Gold   8 April, 2020  

Overall satisfied with this broker services. Customer service is friendly and accommodating. Withdrawal is fast. And the rest of their services works fine.

Selena Olevarez   6 April, 2020  

Surprisingly profitable. I understand the risk in trading, also I know that if broker is good I get to earn profit but never did expect that it will be this much. I have traded in the past with several brokers but I must say Profitix is the best of all.

Sarah alberts   1 April, 2020  

Impressive customer support. whenever I called or send message, they are always prompt in answering my queries. Best of all they are very knowledgeable, no need for brokers in any trading concerns they can address concerns promptly.

Agatha Grey   30 March, 2020  

Withdrawals are smoothly processed and hits my bank account quickly. I have traded with several brokers but Profitix has the fastest and easiest withdrawal process so far.

Miguel   25 March, 2020  

I felt safe trading with this broker. Everything has been explained clearly including the possible risk and moderation of trades. They are not just good brokers but they also concern and are very friendly to clients.

David Wells   23 March, 2020  

Fast execution and accurate signals. Very impressive overall broker performance. i'm really glad to have picked Profitix as my trading broker.

Benjamin Wisley   18 March, 2020  

I am happily trading with this broker for a year now and all is good so far. Fast withdrawals, excellent customer service, reliable signals, and good trading platforms.

George   16 March, 2020  

Stay away, I lost my money because the agent advise me to enter a trade with no stop loss. He did't have the decency to call and advise to close the position. I'm new to this and told me to trust him. His name starts with a T. If this agent calls you to enter a trade with no stop loss, I suggest you hang up. Either you withdraw your money or learn to trade yourself.

JE   13 March, 2020  

I can confidently vouch for this broker based on my trading experience with them. They are expert in the field of trading and are very courteous and professional. I was able to gain profit and most importantly withdrawal is quick and smooth.

James G.   10 March, 2020  

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ProfitiX is a financial services and brokerage company providing top-quality trading conditions and services, with ultra-fast execution on the MetaTrader5 platform, fund security, and a wide-ranging choice of trading instruments. We offer high quality brokerage services that go with the...

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