Investment Center Reviews and Comments 2021

Minimal slippage, accurate signals and fast withdrawals are just a few among some good services of this broker. Highly recommended broker.

Christine Kuefer   21 April, 2021  

Tight spreads, good trading terms overall. Good customer service too.

Sienna Ludowici   19 April, 2021  

Recommended trading brokers. Signals are profitable and services are great.

Brianna Verdon   16 April, 2021  

Good trading company. Signals and services are both good.

Katrin Moench   15 April, 2021  

I am impressed with the trading advise. Instructions are clear and effective. I gain really good profit.

Phillipp Wechsler   14 April, 2021  

Trading tools are great and signals are always reliable. Highly recommended trading partner.

Anatoly Baranov   13 April, 2021  

I can consider this as one of the best trading broker. Signals are profitable and all services are excellent.

Robert Maier   12 April, 2021  

Happy with the services and my profit. Recommended brokers.

Vincent Lematre   9 April, 2021  

Very helpful and friendly customer care. I never had any problem dealing with this broker, they are always good to me.

Caitlyn Short   8 April, 2021  

Amazed me with all of the services.I am very positive, that I will consistently get good trading results.

Dreux Cartier   7 April, 2021  

I feel their sincerity to help and dedication to make my trades successful. Highly recommended.

Lubomir Shubin   6 April, 2021  

Genuinely reliable. I have been using this broker service for quite some time and I never had any single issues encountered as I trade along.

Heike Meier   5 April, 2021  

Extremely great. Customer service are attentive, they are always available to help me.

Dirk Schultz   2 April, 2021  

A company I can fully trust. Signals and services are both reliable.

Maximilian Kapustin   31 March, 2021  

Good company. They process withdrawals on time.

Marie Schroder   30 March, 2021  

Services are awesome. I never had any problem trading with this broker company.

Sebastian Pfeiffer   29 March, 2021  

Very engaging and professional brokers. They do not just help me place good trades but also trained me on things I need to know about forex trading.

Christian Halley   26 March, 2021  

What I like about this broker company is that they are easy to deal with. Withdrawal is fast and services are all good.

Emil Kalinin   25 March, 2021  

I am getting good returns so far. Will keep this broker service.

Vanessa Durr   24 March, 2021  

Offering not only good trading instruments and services but also free educational materials. I am learning a lot from them and earning good also.

Agate Gousse   23 March, 2021  

Excellent trading services. Easy to withdraw money.

Nicolas Laprise   22 March, 2021  

Forex broker company with good people and great services.Highly recommended services for online trading.

Kevin Eberhart   17 March, 2021  

Good forex broker. The signals brings good profit and services are reliable.Customer service are friendly and helpful.

Patrick Koch   16 March, 2021  

Good trading software. It has so many useful features that makes trading easier.

Edward Izmailov   10 March, 2021  

Good customer service. Readily available to help. Helpful and friendly.

Henry McCall   8 March, 2021  

I am thankful to this broker service.They give me the support I needed. Happy to recommend.

Felix Hueber   3 March, 2021  

I have traded and made a profit from this broker. Pleasant brokers and customer service.

Patience Bouchard   23 February, 2021  

A good forex company. Fast execution, withdrawals and customer service. Fully satisfied with the services.

Florian Kunze   16 February, 2021  

Minimal slippage and good trading terms. Services are also efficient.

Bernd Durr   11 February, 2021  

They really went above and beyond in helping me earn profit in trading. They have sound market forecast and signals are accurate.

Felix Alekseeva   9 February, 2021  

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Investment Center

The investment Center offers state-of-the-art trading technology and online brokerage services to active individual traders worldwide. The company’s innovative trading and analysis platform provides one-click access to all major exchanges and market centers. In addition, the trading platform...

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