FXTM Reviews and Comments 2020

FXTM are not reliable. Have been trying to withdraw since May 2020, up till I haven't been able to withdraw my money. what's happening?

guest   5 August, 2020  

FXTM is not a reliable broker. Still waiting for my withdrawal money.

Ahmad isa   19 June, 2020  

Hello! We kindly ask you to send us your MyFXTM number and the request number to social@fxtm.com. We will be glad to investigate this case and provide you with a detailed response.

FXTM   25 June, 2020

can any one tell about the FXTM cent account. are they real? can they manipulate?

Justin saji Abraham   6 June, 2020  

Hello! We can affirm that we always act with our clients' best interests and are continually striving to provide the best possible support. The Company does not interfere with Clients' trading activity, nor does it manipulate the prices received from its Liquidity Provider. This goes against both regulation and our corporate ethics. Please find all the necessary information regarding Cent Account on our website here https://www.forextime.com/trading-accounts/cent-account

FXTM   11 June, 2020

This Broker's Spread is huge! Don't be deceived. While other Brokers charge 2 pis, 9 pips, or 12 pips on GBPNZD for instead, this Broker charges 25 pips. This has been its trend on all trading instruments. Their Spread always double or tripple of others. Yet they lobby themselves through to top 10 in the world. However, in other aspect: trading instruments, trading execution, and more, they are great!

Matthias   29 April, 2020  

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Please be reminded that spreads on all our instruments are floating and not fixed, so they may change as they reflect the market conditions. FXTM provides a variety of live account types with unique trading characteristics & different spreads, designed for traders of all experience levels and deposit size.

ForexTime   20 May, 2020

Why dusupay withdrawal option is not available after you have made deposit via it?

Vincent   5 March, 2020  

FXTM is great. Many experience withdrawal issues cause they don't understand how withdrawals are done. You are also charged 3% non trading fee if you don't trade. I love FXTM and their support is great.

Zikhona Mavuya   16 January, 2020  

FXTM so far, been so good I have enjoyed the platform as a strategy manager.

Great Vest   28 December, 2019  

Fxtm is a loyal and reliable forex broker you can trust, quick and delicate response, and when you encounter any problems they gladly help you and even give you alternative solutions to your problems, FXTM is a guaranteed broker which doesn't need misunderstandings so you have to be completely honest and straight up facts when you are the account holder and you won't have any problems with this broker ??

Moshidi Gashia   5 December, 2019  

Moshidi Gashia: did you able to withdraw your fund?

Khan   24 December, 2019

Everyone needs to test brokers out for themselves. I'm currently waiting for funds from FXTM. I made a withdrawal 17 days ago, still waiting. Also their customer support is very slow to respond. At this stage I'm sceptical if FXTM really wants you to withdraw any money. It's quite the opposite when it comes to deposits. When I was struggling with a deposit they phoned me immediately and helped me then and there on the phone and made sure the money was deposited. Let's wait and see, I will comment again once / if I get my funds withdrawn. 17 days and counting...

Johan Barlow   29 October, 2019  

Johan Barlow, did you get your money, if so, after how long? I'm having issues getting my money.

Ole   16 March, 2020

I have not been trading here very long - for about a year. Not a very long time but the impression is very positive. Several times withdrew profits. The amounts are certainly not huge but everything was paid out. They do everything very efficiently and competently. Great customer support and willingness to help. Each client has his own approach. Great company recommend.

D0na1d   19 September, 2019  

i opted for a withdrawal using my card 3 days ago, when exactly am i getting my money?

cruise   15 September, 2019  

Hi Cruise, have you been paid your withdrawal by FXTM?

Steve   11 December, 2019

Be incredibly urgent at night, be careful not to spread (30-40-50 ...)

Abdullah   10 September, 2019  

It seemed legit and user friendly in the beginning, but it seems that the FXTM system is manipulated to take trader's money as soon as the trader starts making commission. This is what happened to me: I deposited $ 69, i was trading spot gold and spot silver, they gave me good profit, as soon as i closed the positions, i dicided to check my balance, i couldn't believe what I saw, the sytem placed a position on my behalf with all my money and closed the position quickly duie to stop out. This is hard to believe but this FXTM seems to be a scam.

Frederica   3 July, 2019  

A cheating company. I deposited $20 and asked them to give back, they rejected. Then recently said every month will deduct $5 from this $20 due to no trading. And still reject to give back my money.

Yi Yu Lai   1 July, 2019  

FXTM is a cheating company. I just open account and put in $20, my friends told me that company has quite higher slippery, and also very procrastinate in dealing with the custom requirement. I then ask them to give back my money, I don't want to trade this company again. I've never trade so the money is there. Again and again, they deny by various reason. I really confirm what my friend's word, they rejected to give back my money, and bounced back my email. This is a scam company.

Alfred Lai   2 June, 2019  

Fxtm is very good ecn broker. using this broker more than one year. Deposit and withdrawal is free. very low spread. Support team is very helpful specially Mr. Alokesh Bhattyacharya.

Siddhartha Shankar   31 January, 2019  

Recently, I contacted with this broker. The support team did do very good jobs. The questions I am not sure are money issues when I check their funding methods. In the website, FXTM said it took credit card. Inside, it did not take credit card. Will it become a problem in the future or not? Which way should be best efficient to deposit and withdraw the fund? Please give us some advice. Thank in advance.

David   10 April, 2019

Hey did you just say low spread? if you place your order, they will always move to your stop Loss before market went back to your favour, which is not happening in other broker I am using. ladies and gentlemen please beware.

Ayo   23 June, 2020

Since i have been started the dealing with FXTM is the Good

Mohammad Abdullah   25 January, 2019  

I am one of the clients who got scammed right in front of my eyes. I used to trade with FXTM back in 2013, and since then they had flopped so hard to the point there is no return. First, they introduced investor scheme which in fact is a scam. Second, their spreads are ridiculous on both ECN and non ECN account. Third, their commission and withdrawal fees are one way/method to stop you from withdrawing your earnest profits fully. This broker is surely one *** up broker.

Rita   6 December, 2018  

They are scammers who flood the internet with fake reviews from people who claim to be happy with their service when they really just want you to put your money in then take every cent of it. I deposited money so i can trade with them soon as i start trading the spreads suddenly changed when i wanted to move to another broker they refused to let me withdraw my funds

Anonymous   29 November, 2018  

Guys, I feel sorry for all you people rated this broker as best. pls understand and calculate your profit in points. then u will understand the scam behind the scene.

Kishor Kumar J   30 October, 2018  

I've participated in several FXTM's weekly webinars and want to say that they are quite interesting and useful. I've gathered a lot of helpful from them.

Leo   4 October, 2018  

This is the best broker I've been with so far. Fast and easy withdrawals and deposits on accounts.

Rahul Tanuja   1 October, 2018  

I couldn't agree more. unlike hotforex's well planned scams! especially the competitions. hot forex (competitions) seem legit but are scams. FXTM is the best for me so far, their competions are open and you can check yourself as you please. no suspicious activities and the spreads are just sweet!no hick ups on the platform. I'm really loving this broker - competition wise.

Trader 101   7 August, 2018

I feel sorry for you. find out some other good ECN/STP broker. i bet you will end up blowing your account. If you still have doubt, pls check the spread level, try converting profit in points to deposit currency.

Kishor Kumar J   30 October, 2018

Join FXTM and get frustrated. They put Moneynet on their website as a bank wire deposit method. After I deposited then they remove it and put Armswissbank and then tell me moneynet is no longer available. And now i lost my money because they dont even respond to my emails. On their live chat you keep getting someone who will tell you we will check and then they are gone...the next day they ask you the questions again and again. Boring.... my acc is 61116318

mani   10 September, 2018  

Excellent company for trading! I can not say anything bad. If you have your hands in proper place, knowledge is enough. You are not a loser and you know how to trade, then this company is right for you. Well, personally, I have never had any problems, I always withdraw everything without any problems. As I was assured in the department of customer support, any problems are solved, all okay.

Peter   26 July, 2018  

I like the broker, first of all, the quality of execution of orders. Everything works quickly, without delay, without hanging. Requests are missing. I also have an account with a fixed spread. There, in general, the trade is a song, and if I do not bother that the spread is slightly larger than in other cases, I have not seen a more comfortable company. Although, to trade here, you need to invest more than with other brokers. From 2 thousand dollars, which I think is not small. But then to trade and earn much easier, because of those things about which I wrote in this review.

George   10 July, 2018  

I sincerely wish to drop this review at least to aid others especially fellow Armenia in their choice of broker, FXTM is no doubt one of the best if not the best, excellent trade execution, transparent, trust worthy and highly reliable, the keep to their word and promise. I really appreciate their the great efforts the put in rendering excellent services and i hope the maintain the high standard. I placed a withdrawal of 4100$ my account was credited as promise and am indeed really proud of FXTM. To all armenia people seeking of a reliable and trust worthy broker fxtm is your top choice and i highly recommend them to everyone.

vartan78   29 May, 2018  

FXTM is a very good site to obtain trading tools that are difficult to find elsewhere. However, you need to be sure of what you're looking for or using in trading decision process, e.g., subscribed to analytics that was correctly provided for my needs but did not applicable as expected. It's appeared to be difficult to use in particular market situations. Also, trying to get hold of customer service by phone is impossible. They do not list a phone number for these sort of services. I also found lots of negative reviews on fxtm. Don't think they are all based on real experience but in few cases broker refused to take responsibilities for price errors, which lead to stopped out my opened positions.

GregorSt   18 May, 2018  

The site of FXTM has enough information, which helps to get the basic knowledge on the trade. before opening a real account, you should try to get the maximum knowledge. If there are necessary materials on the website of your broker from, it makes your task simpler. In fact I combined theory with practice. Due to this very I acquired all skills very quickly.

wymer01   3 May, 2018  

FXTM is a reliable company which offers the best of the services to its users.My handling with this site has been absolutely smooth and comfortable. FXTM is undoubtedly excellent,trustworthy and highly reliable. The efforts they put in providing their users the best services is appreciable and i have high hopes with them that they continue to maintain their standard.This site provides sufficient knowledge of trade before having a real time experience.

Eshvi   11 January, 2018  

I have been trading well with Fxtm until one day, i logged off and when I logged in after 20 minutes two of my orders in negative were closed on behalf and I am absolutely sure cause before I logged off my balance was still the same but when I logged in my balance was less which I didn't get, still waiting for my situation to be resolved. Anyone ever experienced this with Fxtm or other brokers?

Rose   30 December, 2017  

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The FXTM brand was launched in 2011, with a unique vision to provide unparalleled trading conditions and all-encompassing educational tools for clients in the forex industry. In the course of just a few years, FXTM has firmly established itself as a global broker; basing its entire philosophy...

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