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Would not let you withdraw profit, will make lots of excuses.
  19 Jan 2022  
Bad broker! It's my first time to experience with broker manipulating the price! I executed my sell 0.72525 and the moment it enter, straight enter sell at the bottom 0.72374 (my whole account turn red, margin level in negative) which the spread for AUDUSD was 0. Finally it went down and I want to close Breakeven, I was close in +1/2pips, but the result is -8pips with loss!! What is this? If they are not manipulating then why the heck my sell market order will enter 10-20pips away from the level i executed? This is terrible! don't use IC Markets!
  15 Jan 2022  
The worst broker! I been trying to get my money back for over 6 months. They keep refusing. I uploaded All the info they asked and still refusing. They don’t want to return you money because they make money from keeping out money. I will never ever ever use them again! I’m going to social media to complain.
  11 Jan 2022  
All this sounds very familiar, we was with Alpari before they went bust a few years ago and again like IC markets they seemed big and legitimate, in fact they was on the stock market. They sponsored West Ham Football team shirts in the UK. We lost our money also, £55,000, these stories sound very familiar. When the stop holds break, you are going for a miserable downward trip. They also had terrible customer service towards the end before they swallowed our money. My younger cousin was asking me about getting in to IC Markets as they are trading for ***, I am so happy I came across this page and after reading all the problems there is with this company, this has probably saved him a bunch of money, also major stress and grief.
  8 Jan 2022  
Here we go and still absolutely no calls back from IC markets, I am really getting tired of this whole thing. They are purposely delaying returning my money so they can earn interest from me, I have given them all the information they need. Why is this happening to so many people out there? I am just worried this place will go belly up the same as ACFX back in 2016 and if that happens I must be the worst pickers of forex companies because I lost $65,000 back then. The trouble is these guys seem so legitimate, if I get my money out I am done. IC Markets just about are the worst broker out there. There has to be safer options.
  4 Jan 2022  
Best believe it, ICMarkets is a very bad broker. From spreads and stop loss manipulation to speed of the terminal, all bad. I'd say they are owning the broker for private gain under the expense of us the clients. I just closed my ICMarkets account because I have been making losses ever since I opened the accounts for over 15 months. I always believed that it has been my problem when I made losses until I joined other brokers and started producing profit with the very same strategy I have been using with ICMarkets. Believe me or not, ICMarkets is a bad broker and if you want trade with them to see for yourself then do so but I have to guarantee you that you will lose all of your money.
  28 Dec 2021  
They manipulate the trades, let's say I enter on a buy. I start without SL but the moment I set my SL the trade goes directly to the SL and it stops exactly on my SL and then continue going up.
  14 Dec 2021  
Be careful with this broker, especially that regulated FSA.
  11 Dec 2021  
I am holding 20,000 usd and requested the refund but it seem IC markets are just making excuses and not returning the fund. Any advise what to do in order to get the money back from them?
  1 Dec 2021  
Forget your money. I put same amount didn't received my money yet.
Abc   8 Dec 2021
What’s the reason they say on email? Did you use someone else’s card to deposit? Like a card not registered under your own name?
Cs   10 Dec 2021
What’s the reason they say on email? Did you use someone else’s card to deposit? Like a card not registered under your own name?
Cs   10 Dec 2021
The liquidity is insane! I still have money and it's enough to hold my margin, but they closed all my open trades!
  16 Nov 2021  
They are confirmed scams. Manipulate the trades and close off when you are winning. Also with old withdrawals.
Seth   1 Dec 2021
Hi, I was with IC markets, till I got ill with Covid, so decided to withdraw my money at 7 pm. it was in my bank the following morning at 9 am that was 4 weeks ago was. Thinking of loading my account but feel anxious after reading all these comments of traders with withdrawals stuck.
  12 Nov 2021  
This is crazy, IC Markets must be the most unprofessional brokerage out there. Their customer service is basically non existent. Try to ask a question or get anything done and it will tie your whole day up, what a scam ponzi. The trading for spreads are continually changing and being altered, more so than any other broker and trying to get your money out will be a nightmare now from what I am reading on here, infact its sickening to my stomach, what a scam. Their customer service is based the other side of the world and are truly clueless, also I hear you Liz *** at IC Markets is a complete fake and his results are bogus, please be warned. The sooner I get my familys money out this scam IC Markets company the better. The trouble is nobody gets back with you, Apologies for my grammar but I am so angry right now.
  7 Nov 2021  
Poor customer service. If you consider this broker, just look nextdoor. I can't get a mere statement of account from them, and I have to submit tax returns. I don't understand why is it so difficult for them to give me.
  24 Oct 2021  
Same thing for me. They do not provide any legal statement.
Jenny   6 Nov 2021
IC markets is the worst broker, do not trade with them. They manipulate stop losses. As soon as your account starts to grow they will give you unfavorable trading conditions. They will take you out where you are not supposed to go out. Do not use IC markets, and do not believe anything that you see on their website. Do not be taken by their licences.
  24 Oct 2021  
IC Markets are ripping off people by delivering illiquid price data from a price data provider that does not want to be named. The Liquidity itself comes from providers like CMC for instance. You can have illiquid candle shadows like on microsoft to $1. That's untradeable. There prices are all over the place and partially seem to be made up. They have scammy wicks that aren't seen on any exchanges, not even on their own liquidity providers. It's insane.
  19 Oct 2021  
This scammer is always accusing my bank. When I can't do withdraw, they accuse my bank. When I can't do deposit, they accuse my bank. They said that they can't do anything because it's my bank's fault. But my bank said it's this scammer's fault. My bank is an international bank, they wouldn't scam me. I trust my bank more than this scammer.
  18 Oct 2021  
Has anyone managed to get their money out easily? I've tried to get money out since April with no luck. I've even gone down complaints and transfer to another broker all of which IC markets have refused to do though all my paperwork are in order and they said they will process it but never follow through. I've got hundreds of thousands invested with them and it's my only money. Don't invest with them.
  13 Oct 2021  
Me too, I have been trying to withdraw my money since June and I haven't got it to this day. They always have excuses that never end. I am really at a level of not even knowing what I am going to do next. I have changed the withdrawing ways more than 5 times, it's crazy.
Gustave   23 Oct 2021
Ic Market is scam, I don't receive withdrawal from my capital via safecharge. I request on 8 September 2021. But my bank say no transaction received yet. IC market is scam.
  30 Sep 2021  
IC Markets have probably the worse reputation with all brokers or at least in the bottom three. My husband and I opened a account with them and find them so accommodating to take our money, but after multiple issues with one thing and another we tried to take our money and that's where the pain and frustration begins that goes on through their live chat. You are on there for the longest time going backwards and forwards and then they never get back with you, IC spokesman Hal Robb promises all kinds of things and never delivers its all a scam. Avoid this company they keep your money and takes the longest time to get it back.
  25 Sep 2021  
Have you managed to get your money back, it's been over 7 months for me and I've still not been able to get it out!
Aly   13 Oct 2021
At 6pm today, the spreads increased dramatically and unexpectedly. There is still a problem as I write. My funds have been withdrawn, as I have never experienced anything similar. I would also add that it stopped me out of a very favourable position. This should not happen, especially on the major Pais. Be warned.
  6 Sep 2021  
Hello, new traders. All negative comments are totally wrong. Me and my all friends work with ICMarket. We have not got any problem yet. Withdrawal are coming on time and even spreads are very low and customer support are well. These negative comments are from other brokers. Right now ICMarket is Number 1 in the Market. ICMarket have Australian license. No other brokers have this. This license is not easy to get. Scammers brokers can't get this license. That's why they make negative comments.
  14 Apr 2021  
I and my friends have funds stuck in IC Market going to two months. The support is extremely terrible and the delay in withdrawals is abysmal for a broker in 2021. Why would anyone use a month plus to make a withdrawal. If you're a trader, speak for yourself. If you work with ICMarket, double up. Be better and we'd stay but as it is, once these set of funds come in, we are moving.
Mike   22 May 2021
I have funds stuck as well in IC market and to proceed it takes forever. I sent all proves to ic market with bank statements that my money had been deducted. Ic market promise will send back my money within 3-4 weeks and now almost 4 weeks there was no good news from them. I also want to make complaint to ASIC to investigate Ic market why this forex company is not professional to handle the issues and did not give solutions always excuses that i can hear from them.
Moshe   17 Jun 2021
I made a deposit via bank transfer a week ago. Today I wanted to withdraw my profits. They rejected it because the want me to use skrill - they write withdraw has to be same way as deposit was. So, following the rules they should send me my money via bank transfer and not force me to use skrill. I sent them all the proofs that I made deposit via bank transfer, it was accepted and that my skrill account is closed a long time ago. I wonder how long it will take to have my money back. 2020 they were ok, now I have doubt.
Christoph   24 Jun 2021
To say someone experience is wrong and negative just proves how bitter ic markets really is. How much did they pay you. IC markets is the worst broker, I used to trade with them and they manipulate stop losses. But then maybe you don't have a problem with them because your account is not growing.
Gavin   24 Oct 2021
They graph long wicks to hit your stop loss.
  27 Mar 2021  
6 business days ago i made a wire transfer to ICmarkets accounts with the correct informations on the ICmarkets website, and until now they dont recognize my deposit on their accounts, (even sending them the Swift receip). My bank told me that the swift didnt had any "error" return from theire banks after 48h this means that the operation went ok, and even so, they dont know where the money is. My bank had to open an Internal Investigation request on "JP Morgan Chase" and "Royal Canadian Bank" to try to identify where the money is, because ICmarkets are not giving me the correct support on this. I already opened 2 support tickets with Account teams. And they only answered me at the first one asking me "to wait" with no timeframes. The second ticket they didnt even answer it. I called them, and they told me the same thing "we will follow this as priority status to account team" and when i ask a timeframe for this feedback, they told me "we cannot offer you a timeframe", so i guess i need to wait for somethign to happen, with no perspective from theire end on how long i need to wait. This is something very disapointing, because it make something to appear very clearly, they are a mess. I am very sure when it comes to clients money managing, you need at very minimum a SLA support system giving somethign solid to the customer to hang on, at least a timeframe. Somethign they clearly dont have. If this is not solved in couple of day, (how long it should to check your bank accounts right?) I will make a complain on all the regulatory agencies they are listed as well.
  24 Mar 2021  
Hi. Anyone trading with IC markets should be careful. They have stolen my $5040 from my MT4 account. I was hedging and they did closed my all positions and taken out all of my money. Also, they were withdrawing money from my account for no valid reasons. Whenever, I was raising my complaint they have never given any explanation for those withdrawal. Swap charges were already accumulating and that was also too high. All this problem started when they change their entity from IC markets Australia to IC markets Global Seychelles. As new entity is not regulated by any authority and they just start eating clients money for their convenience. I am taking up the matter further but in the meantime, I would like advice all of you guys, please be aware with this fraudulent broker and make a social media campaign to expose this broker. When I raised my complaints, they said they would never close my position at any circumstances. However, after checking through MT4 journal with login details, now they are saying they did closed my position which has put me in severe financial debt. They said they will do investigation and when they have come up with their investigation outcome was a total joke. Because, they have too many version & discrepancies about their own reply. I would like to request to all of you please don't fall their trap because you will loose all your hard earn money to them. Please, also do write your personal review if you trading with IC markets.
Vijay Singh   2 Jul 2021
Ic Markets caught red handed manipulating Bitcon over the weekend, even promised to refund the traders who lost money. Their excuse being they are investigating. None of the broker had that long wick that stopped out the traders, only IC markets. Samething was done with Gold in the past. The time I heard that they are acquiring licence one of those Islands, u knew they are up for Market Maker games. Later heard some unconfirmed rumours that they are broke, that was enough for me.
  16 Mar 2021  
Guys, I opened my account with ICmarkets last month and my first withdrawal is already being paid into my account, but it was not easy getting my money. so I really don't recommend this broker. You spend lot of time with the withdrawal unlike other brokers.
  11 Mar 2021  
How long you wait for withdrawal for your capital? I still don't receive my withdrawal capital since 8 September 2021.
Rhen   30 Sep 2021
ICmarkets is a scam, I have been trying to withdraw my money for months.
  3 Mar 2021  
Feeling sick reading all these comments, this company have already started sending mixed messages regarding my withdrawl. I have other friends invested in Forex through this company, and if i don't get my money, i will be advising them also to remove all there money. I will keep this page updated with how its going, in all truth.

  24 Feb 2021  
Guys, It is bad that I am just reading this review. This company is a total scam. For funding and the platform activities are good but what is the point if you cannot withdraw your money from the platform. This is my case now, I cannot withdraw my funds. Even they sent me a confirmation of transfer, when I checked and called NETELLER, they are no money coming in. days now and I am asking them to fix this. To prove that there are no technical issues, I sent 20 USD from NETELLER to the IC market and it was funded in less than 1 minute. 18.000 USD is just stuck there now. I am planning to follow legal actions, call the FCA, FSO, and even follow a legal action in the court against them in Malta for (EU) accounts. I will make my life purpose to send them out of business these scammers.
  11 Feb 2021  
I can confirm the above. 1000 excuses to not pay out funds. Complete scam.
colin   11 Mar 2021
Ic market are really scam guys, once you deposit your money you can't get it back with your profits, have been trying to withdraw my money for weeks now.
  1 Feb 2021  
This company are absolute losers. they increase spread during opening okay we know this so we cater for it however they then decreased it 30 min later then I reduce my stop incase of global events not dirty scumbag brokers then what do they do they back up the spread litterally a few minutes after by 10 points and knock out my position which I had already planned and anlalised to keep open as the gbp as going to drop which it duly did howver they stole my money. Awful. avoid these scammers!
  24 Sep 2020  


IC Markets is one of the most renowned Forex CFD provider, offering trading solutions for active day traders and scalpers as well as traders that are new to the forex market. IC Markets offers its clients cutting edge trading platforms, low latency connectivity and superior liquidity. IC Markets...

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