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IC Markets have agents working for them now to bring new customers in and trade on their behalf, these are paid agents by IC due to higher than unusual spread and pay commissions to accumulate funds and ultimately scoop parts of profits when this company faults. To call it a ponzi scheme maybe too far but as a former employee in Sydney I have personally witnessed gross procedures of funds in accounts that are manipulated. I would never work at such a company again, and the Australian government should do more to protect peoples money. The bottom line is they are not as regulated as people think.
  26 Feb 2023  
IC Market is so bad when it comes to withdrawal. I made a depost using paypal and visa card. Soon after lot of withdrawal from Paypal, my paypal was disqualified. I can not used my visa card for withdrawal because the bank cancelled my visa card. I used then my bank account for withdrawal but then IC Market just ignored my request. Please stay away from this broker. These broker will try their best to freeze your money by using various delaying tactics and reason.
  8 Feb 2023  
IC Markets have to be the lousiest fx company of all of them and charge the highest fees, they rob you blind.
  2 Jan 2023  
Avoid this Broker. From experience if you are succeeding they will definately use some dirty tactics to blow your account. Like the excuse of AML to freeze your withdrawals, prevent deposits even though your bank is OK, excessive spread manipulation, trading against you, screen freeze, price slippage, not putting your trades through to market and much more. You can also check with the UK FCA they are cancelling being regulated by them. I don't trust them. A lot of unregulated behaviour. Hopefully this review will save your hard earned money.
  3 Oct 2022  
Hi everyone. Please stay away from IC Markets, this broker is not regulated, inspite of what you may see on their website. On August 5, 2022 I sent a wire transfer in the amount of US$400 to IC Markets. It was my first time funding my account and my bank confirmed that the funds did go through. Today is 6 days since the wire transfer and IC Markets accounts team keeps telling me that they have not received my funds. I have checked with my bank again just to re-confirm that the funds went to IC Markets. I sent IC Markets a copy of the wire transaction and they keep saying that they have not received the funds. I am very angry that scammers like IC Markets are allowed to rip people off like this and the authorities do nothing about it. Based on all the stories here, I know that I have lost my money. They are scammers. Please go to another broker such as TD Ameritrade or another regulated broker. We should go to the media to expose them.
  12 Aug 2022  
Stay away from IC Markets. They are a bunch of thugs stealing your money and giving you false information. They have lots of people talking on emails as well as whatsapps. You request a withdraw but every day there is some new sort of fee as they can block your account.
  20 Jul 2022  
I agree with you From Briel, I have having such a raw deal with the scamming ICmarkets Africa Traders Irsak *** and George ***, they have another extra claim every day, only promising pay outs which never happens. George *** instructed me to deposit an amount into a certain Capitec Bank account, but let me know the next day it was the incorrect bank details, and that I had to repay it, they could not refund it or utilise it. This absolute scamming has been going on for more than 3 months now, with absolutely NO success. At 23h00 last night I received a telephone call from a highly intoxicated Irsak ***, I eventually cut his call! The now request me to pay another R500, whilst they are still in possession of the money they have taken by supplying incorrect information! I think ICmarkets and their traders stink, scammers of old people.
Eugene Shamley   4 Aug 2022
My money still stuck in IC Markets and yes they have moved all accounts to the the Seychelles to get around FCA regulations, what a scam company. By now we all know the monthly gains are pigeon crap. The daily swaps money on the bottom of the daily reports that are emailed out daily from IC Markets. Well that money is shared out with the fund that brought us in to IC Markets, so win or lose trades, they still get their commission on again any trade win or losing. It's a win/win situation for them and to top it off they are unregulated now and cannot get the money out. Only matter of time now before they go under, I just hope I can get my money out in time.
  3 Jun 2022  
My account is also get blocked in IC markets.
Anum Majeed   25 Jun 2022
I also encountered fake quotes and they refused to pay.
Dollar   20 Jul 2022
Should I worry about my money? I put in a withdrawal since 28th April, but I am yet to receive the fund into my bank acc. Have anyone experienced this with IcMarkets? Customer service said 2 to 14 business days. I think is so long.

  11 May 2022  
I have an account with IC markets for 4 years and recently we were all moved to IC seychelles as they could not offer 1:500 for ac holders in Australia which is FCA approved. My deposit was held up sent through banking channel for the past week or so I cant trade and its a significant amount. All the time I chatted with them we are reviewing your documents and all documents are supplied already approved and just delaying deliberately for no valid reason. Please guys start looking at other brokers now since IC is not upto the same standard anymore they were maintaining previously. Their service is so bad and delaying for no reasons. They have my money and they accept they have it and wire transfer was correct but delaying the deposit into my account and not letting me trade.

  25 Apr 2022  
If you are looking to set up a account with these guys, please be aware, the are not FCA approved and are offshore in the Seychelles. Although they show Australia and federally insured not true. we have taken our money out, We threatened to report them on social media to get our money after trying for quite while. Do your own research, the commission swops are some of the highest around and are usually shared everyday with the person or persons who brought you to IC Markets. They have a terrible customer service and frankly not safe. Beware what you are getting in to before you sign up.
  18 Apr 2022  
So which broker is good? Because there are lot of negative reviews on many brokers.
Josiah   10 Jul 2022
I have been struggling to withdraw my money since 20feb, and support said they can't locate my funds.
  25 Mar 2022  
I have been so frustrated with the account opening process at IC Markets and their customer service is purely the worst I have encountered in my life. I gave up on it. Looking for better options.
  24 Mar 2022  
Be warned of their "standard account review process". Everything fine as long as it runs well; but once you get in touch with their "standard account review process"; be warned: they can just 'block' your withdrawal/transfer options without any prior notification. From that moment on, they "hostage" your money as long as you don't meet their needs. Even if you upload the requested documents neatly, there is a good chance that they will not understand the document and ask you for additional information. That's how it went with me. I'm still "waiting" for a week now.
  22 Mar 2022  
Same issues with me. Their standard review for me as an account holder with them (now seychelles previously Austarlian ) is downright disgusting.

Truly frustrated   25 Apr 2022
Tell me about it. I am also in the same boat. It seems like they are trying to just hold our money for no reason. I would advise everyone to look at other brokers. I am myself in the same boat. Too many slipppages, SL not being hit as I put causing me immense losses. They blame it on market conditions but they froze the platform even and did not let anyone close trades too. It just froze. Checked so many brokers and Tradingview no one was frozen their platform was simply frozen. Ever since its in Seychelles something is happening.
Truly frustrated   25 Apr 2022
Did you finally get your money?
KC   7 May 2022
Hi, I am in the same boat. Did you get your money out?
Masum   18 May 2022
I am facing the same issue, they are not approving my documents and not even returning my deposited amount.
Salman   31 Aug 2022
If you think of registering then do not. If you already have ICMarkets account registered, request for it to be closed because they are very manipulative and they "steal" clients funds through slippage. Be careful.
  16 Mar 2022  
Long story short, leave ICMarkets while you still can. The customer support of this broker is manipulative into proving you are wrong even when they are the ones wrong.
  16 Mar 2022  
Money in my account stuck, cannot draw out, they are making excuses that this a problem with my bank. IC Markets have now gone offshore and the money is held offshore now in Seychelles, and Belize. If you are trading alone or worse if somebody is trading for you I advise you to try to pull your money out before it's too late. I almost guarantee you they will not have their own money in IC Markets as its too risky and not FCA approved, instead they get a kick back for bringing customers to their door...do your own research like we have, this company is the bottom of the pile of FX brokers. Try getting your money out and see what happens, stay clear of this one as its only a matter of time before the money is swallowed up. I can't even get a call back now.
  24 Feb 2022  
I am icmarkets customer. I had a very bad experience with them. I took WTI and was losing money and I was holding but suddenly 6 pm WTI stop moving at 86.85. I asked ic markets they told me it’s expired and I cannot hold. I was stunned because it was my life saving money. I feel pain in my chest and in my head. Icmarket told me it’s expired 19 of January. It should stop at 10pm Uk time instead of 6pm on 19th of January. 10pm market closed at 86.55. Icmarkets send me statement which showed my all position automatic closed at 86.96. I was surprised because WTI stop at 86.85. Market closed at 86.55 then where 86.96 come from. I complained but they did nothing. Natural gas they have 33 pound 1 day buying swap and 48 pounds 1 day swap. They are not honest brokerage house. Many time I feel they are doing not right. Don't do trading with them. Please find right broker. Note: Be careful, before I opened my account with icmarkets, I asked where they are lookated and they told me they are located in Australia. They are Australian company and my account opened in Australia. Now I have problem with them and now they told me they opened my account in Eden Plaza, Office 209, Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles. The things look not right. Be careful traders when you open your account with Icmarkets. Unbelievable.
  17 Feb 2022  
They did the same with us one time in Gold too froze our mt4 accounts and simply let the slippage through going right through sl and didn't allow us all to trade at weekly support where we knew there was a strong buy. Found out my friends had same issues with their mt4s and mt5 was working fine like other brokers. Please take away your money and run.
Truly frustrated   25 Apr 2022
IC Market is the worst broker on the face of this planet. whatever is written here is absolute truth. They are bunch of crocks running the show behind the screen. They manipulate everything to make sure the client losses the money. They also refuse or come up with thousand of excuses to not transfer the outstanding balance. I used IC Markets and another broker with live accounts and took the same positions at the same time and same lots and guess what? I lost on IC markets every time and made over 30 pips on the other account. They should be prosecuted.
  9 Feb 2022  
Would not let you withdraw profit, will make lots of excuses.
  19 Jan 2022  
Bad broker! It's my first time to experience with broker manipulating the price! I executed my sell 0.72525 and the moment it enter, straight enter sell at the bottom 0.72374 (my whole account turn red, margin level in negative) which the spread for AUDUSD was 0. Finally it went down and I want to close Breakeven, I was close in +1/2pips, but the result is -8pips with loss!! What is this? If they are not manipulating then why the heck my sell market order will enter 10-20pips away from the level i executed? This is terrible! don't use IC Markets!
  15 Jan 2022  
The worst broker! I been trying to get my money back for over 6 months. They keep refusing. I uploaded All the info they asked and still refusing. They don’t want to return you money because they make money from keeping out money. I will never ever ever use them again! I’m going to social media to complain.
  11 Jan 2022  
All this sounds very familiar, we was with Alpari before they went bust a few years ago and again like IC markets they seemed big and legitimate, in fact they was on the stock market. They sponsored West Ham Football team shirts in the UK. We lost our money also, £55,000, these stories sound very familiar. When the stop holds break, you are going for a miserable downward trip. They also had terrible customer service towards the end before they swallowed our money. My younger cousin was asking me about getting in to IC Markets as they are trading for ***, I am so happy I came across this page and after reading all the problems there is with this company, this has probably saved him a bunch of money, also major stress and grief.
  8 Jan 2022  
Here we go and still absolutely no calls back from IC markets, I am really getting tired of this whole thing. They are purposely delaying returning my money so they can earn interest from me, I have given them all the information they need. Why is this happening to so many people out there? I am just worried this place will go belly up the same as ACFX back in 2016 and if that happens I must be the worst pickers of forex companies because I lost $65,000 back then. The trouble is these guys seem so legitimate, if I get my money out I am done. IC Markets just about are the worst broker out there. There has to be safer options.
  4 Jan 2022  
Best believe it, ICMarkets is a very bad broker. From spreads and stop loss manipulation to speed of the terminal, all bad. I'd say they are owning the broker for private gain under the expense of us the clients. I just closed my ICMarkets account because I have been making losses ever since I opened the accounts for over 15 months. I always believed that it has been my problem when I made losses until I joined other brokers and started producing profit with the very same strategy I have been using with ICMarkets. Believe me or not, ICMarkets is a bad broker and if you want trade with them to see for yourself then do so but I have to guarantee you that you will lose all of your money.
  28 Dec 2021  
They manipulate the trades, let's say I enter on a buy. I start without SL but the moment I set my SL the trade goes directly to the SL and it stops exactly on my SL and then continue going up.
  14 Dec 2021  
About manipulation, icmarkets keeps on trading against me, but when i cross check the charts and candle movement on Tradingview its the same, so how come the chart and candle movement is the same but it takes my stop loss out at that exact place.
Asad   3 Feb 2023
Be careful with this broker, especially that regulated FSA.
  11 Dec 2021  
I am holding 20,000 usd and requested the refund but it seem IC markets are just making excuses and not returning the fund. Any advise what to do in order to get the money back from them?
  1 Dec 2021  
Forget your money. I put same amount didn't received my money yet.
Abc   8 Dec 2021
What’s the reason they say on email? Did you use someone else’s card to deposit? Like a card not registered under your own name?
Cs   10 Dec 2021
What’s the reason they say on email? Did you use someone else’s card to deposit? Like a card not registered under your own name?
Cs   10 Dec 2021
The liquidity is insane! I still have money and it's enough to hold my margin, but they closed all my open trades!
  16 Nov 2021  
They are confirmed scams. Manipulate the trades and close off when you are winning. Also with old withdrawals.
Seth   1 Dec 2021
Hi, I was with IC markets, till I got ill with Covid, so decided to withdraw my money at 7 pm. it was in my bank the following morning at 9 am that was 4 weeks ago was. Thinking of loading my account but feel anxious after reading all these comments of traders with withdrawals stuck.
  12 Nov 2021  
This is crazy, IC Markets must be the most unprofessional brokerage out there. Their customer service is basically non existent. Try to ask a question or get anything done and it will tie your whole day up, what a scam ponzi. The trading for spreads are continually changing and being altered, more so than any other broker and trying to get your money out will be a nightmare now from what I am reading on here, infact its sickening to my stomach, what a scam. Their customer service is based the other side of the world and are truly clueless, also I hear you Liz *** at IC Markets is a complete fake and his results are bogus, please be warned. The sooner I get my familys money out this scam IC Markets company the better. The trouble is nobody gets back with you, Apologies for my grammar but I am so angry right now.
  7 Nov 2021  

IC Markets is one of the most renowned Forex CFD provider, offering trading solutions for active day traders and scalpers as well as traders that are new to the forex market. IC Markets offers its clients cutting edge trading platforms, low latency connectivity and superior liquidity. IC Markets...

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