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for previous comment from " ForexGold" who made made "22 trades, 1 lot each" and who claims MRC "charged 5000" for that. Funny, 5000/22=227 USD. 1 pip on 1 lot means 10, so for 227 USD you claims that MRC charged you 227/10=22.7 pips? You claims that spread on 1 trade with 1 lot more than 22 pips? Man, are you crazy? Are you drunk? Man, seems you just looser who can't calculate even small numbers! Nobody ever will beleive you !!!! only totally stupid and crazy person can claims that broker have average spread more than 22 pips !!! (actual spread at MRC usually 1-2 pips)

forex_guru_man   29 January, 2014  

MRC Markets consists of Crooks. They promised me a Bonus which they refused after I made the deposit plus they charged me $150 for my deposit without explaining why. I made 22 trades at 1 Lot each & they charged me $5,000 in Commissions, Spreads & Slippages. They should be out of business & I will help for that.

ForexGold   17 September, 2013  

I chose MRC Markets. I am not a very experienced trader, so I need a good support. I liked their chat very much and the bonus I got, too. )))) Guys make any question nice and clear:)

Ross   3 June, 2013  

I trade with MRC Markets cause you do not need much money to open an account. First I tested it with only a few dozens of bucks,
all went well so I deposited more and now I trade gold (you can always rely on gold, can't you). You can ask for maximum leverage - 1:500, and open a trade with only a few dollars on your account.

Robin   30 May, 2013  

When I started trading with MRC I was new to Forex and knew nothing, so I had to refer to their support desk
every now and then, and they always answered promptly and explained everything I wanted to know. They promise very tight spreads, although sometimes they increase, but it's unavoidable, and the increase was quite reasonable. Now i switched to ECN account, and have no troubles with spreads whatsoever.

Paul   16 April, 2013  

They are cool!

Forex_Lover   20 December, 2012  

Their current promotions are awesome!

FXFriend   25 November, 2012  

MRC Markets launches new promotional offer! Up to 50% to the sum deposited!!! Fantastic!

FXib   17 October, 2012  

Hey everyone! Mrc offer an exciting contest! I've received bonuses of 300 USD watching video on YouTube! Can you imagine?!

Samuel   15 October, 2012  

No problems with withdrawals!

AAAa   20 September, 2012  

Agree. They are good!

b8sq9   19 September, 2012  

Do not believe anyone! I advise you to try them by yourself. ;)

Simon   11 September, 2012  

Just save some money, open account and start trading ! it is that easy ! and don't expect huge returns from day 1, trading is a bussnies, so you have to practice and improve it day by day

Jefry   6 September, 2012  

I am a beginner. How can I start trading?

P.T.   5 September, 2012  

you can call on help line number or you just chat with the support team & give your number to them they will give you a call

Bharat   20 August, 2013

2 Happy-Happy B. Yes. I get the bonus too! They offer great promotions!

Chris   29 August, 2012  

I trade more than 2 years with mrc my previous broker was not fair. My brother also trade with mrc.

Kumart T   19 August, 2012  

Sirs, I trade with mrc and I like them too. How can a get a bonus, please help me asap.

InrFX   13 August, 2012  

Hey everyone! They are giving bonus now! I got my 40% (from 10% to 50%)! If you do not know how to start or get a bonus write them in live chat and they will guide you.

Happy-Happy B.   7 August, 2012  

Their LiveChat support team is good-natured. And to have an ability to contact with them at any time is very good. My English is not perfect but to correspondence with them I can without any problems. I have question about Visa Virtual card and Olivia has explained all the details.

Abdul   1 August, 2012  

buddy, I advice you to get rid of naive dreams to be reach starting trading 0.01 lots, it's just nto possible. Trading such tiny lots is a useless waste of time, in any way you will earn nothing, but only will spent your valuable time. So just save some more or less serious money, I advice to save at least $1000 and start trading normal lots on professional ECN account. Again, trading 0.01 lots is a useless spending of your valuable time.

Mika H.   27 July, 2012  

I 100% agree with you!

Abdul   1 August, 2012

I had a negative experience with my first broker and it took me ages to get my money from them, so when I started looking for a new Broker.
I was very careful and read a lot of forums. Turns out all the brokers have some negative reviews, so I think it does not necessarily makes them a scum.
I tried MRC Markets because a friend if mine trades with them and has no complaints. Neither do I - at least they are always there whenever I have questions, and I had no withdrawal issues this time when i wanted to transfer my profit to my bank account.

Joe   26 July, 2012  

Sam, it is true! I got bonus, too!
But, to tell you the truth 30% only. ((( It depends on the sum of the deposit.
Anyway I'm happy to get $2100 as a bonus! )))))

Kate P.   24 July, 2012  

WOW! I have funded my account and got 40% extra to the amount. Great beginning!

Sam   23 July, 2012  

They almost always offer promotions and it's so cool! I really want to use this proposal!

Guest   18 July, 2012  

I've read that MRC Markets are slow for withdrawal, but it is not their fault, bank wire is proceeded within 3 working days.
Guys from your bank transfer your funds to MRC Markets account. They are innocent. IMHO.

Lola   10 July, 2012  

MRC They allow scalping and hedging, I like it. also nice technical support.

INRTRADER   8 July, 2012  

I have an account with MRC Markets for a long time already. Quite a reliable broker.
The thing I like among other conditions is that they pay monthly interest for the money not involved in trading. A good little bonus)

GUEST   26 June, 2012  

I trade with MRC Markets, they have more then a 40 years history, so I guess they are quite reliable and trustworthy. And what is most important - my withdrawals are always performed with no delays - that says much about a broker.

Benjamin   25 June, 2012  

I trade with MRC for a couple of months, the spreads have always been quite narrow.

John   24 June, 2012  

thnx, mika, thnx dude!

RRR   11 June, 2012  

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