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Abinvesting viciously stole US$236K from me since February. After reporting them here, they contacted me in May saying they wanted to settle to return some of the amount I’ve lost to me; They made me sign a document which they were also supposed to sign, I removed all complaints and comments, I signed the document and they told me that with that they would start deposit in my account 50K USD but actually they cleared the negative balance so I have to deposit again 30K USD to recover my money as they promised. Abinvesting is the worst, it is a platform for professional thieves and scammers. This company is a fraud!! literally one of their employees scammed me in USD 35k! and he did it through recorded calls, emails and fake promises! with number calculations and all!he claimed that he can re open positions ( which are on hold with huge amount) and sell with the current market price which will make me 45k of profit, but the only way to achieve that is to deposit another 15k and make one more of the same old position, same quantity, which I did, only for it to crash and I lose all the balance I had in 45 minutes! They ask me to deposit 35K USD to open position on TESLA with a lower price then after the market opens I will make a huge profit after 5min but it was a lie as I lost the position also. I do not recommend this company. Be careful!
  3 Aug 2022  
Theives, they took my money 15k by 15k until the full amount of 200k$. Two advisors will gain your trust and ask you to inject more money to save you positions. Once they know there is no more money they dispapear. Was I really trading or it is a fake plateform? All my family savings is gone. No reply to my emails, they became ghosts. Please don't even think to put a dollar with ab Abinvesting. You will lose it immediatly.
  13 Jun 2022  
First the account manager will show you fake profits on their fake online trading portals MT4 and webtrader. Once you ask for withdrawal of the funds the company doesn't have the money to pay you out and so they will run the account down until the equity balance balance goes to zero. Then one lady Renata will call you and offer you some compensation to show that the company is generous. The compensation amount is only 10% of the equity. Never invest with ABInvesting, they are scamsters and frausdters.
  22 Mar 2022  
Are you sure? I started recently. can I continue or withdraw money back?
Prakash   7 Apr 2022
Hi Prakash, how your experience with ABinvesting going on?
Danielle NEEFF   24 Aug 2022
This company is a fraud! One of their brokers literally scammed me into depositing USD 35k claiming she can re open a position to sell it on the higher price! And the only way to get this done is to open a new position on with the same size. Where all my money was gone and I'm left with nothing! She claimed to be from the finance department and her name is Olena, if you come across thus person, be careful!
  10 Mar 2022  
Yes it's a fraud and manager recommendation is wrong prediction. Thats why I lost money also here. And widrawal not good.
Honey Rose Aure   14 Mar 2022
Please don’t waste your time and money with these people. They will advertise extra small income just by putting 200 dollars and as soon as they get a hold of you they will ask you to invest 5000. If you resist enough they will try again with 1500 and see ci out the initial 200. Scam.
  15 Feb 2022  
Abinvesting is an excellent broker that is a pleasure to work with. Although this broker appeared not so long ago, it has already established itself quite well. The spreads are great and the withdrawals are pretty quick.
  28 Dec 2021  
You are definitly working for this scam company, you should be ashamed.
Mohamed   10 Oct 2022
A broker that is worth your attention. they make it possible to trade crypto. Given the dynamics of this market and the broker's leverage, this can be extremely beneficial for a private investor.
  28 Dec 2021  
3 days ago, I read a news about Wu Shun in Facebook and how he made a lot of money with this investment scheme. I registered immediately thinking that it's probably legal. The name is ABInvesting. Without second thought, I immediately put in US$500. Soon after, someone called and asked to submit copy of my driver's license. The caller told me that someone will call me back to explain how it works. It has been 4 days now and never heard from them again. I tried to log-on, it's unaccessible. I called my bank, they actually took the amount in Euro not US$. I checked in FINRA, they're not listed. I've learned my mistakes. I hope this will give a warning to anyone who might like to try investing in ABInvesting. They are fake.
  27 Dec 2021  
An excellent broker, which, although it appeared not so long ago, has already proven itself quite well. The mobile app is great, withdrawals are fast. I am satisfied.
  21 Dec 2021  
I trade regularly with this broker and am not going to stop. There is access to crypto trading, so for those who do not have impressive capital, I recommend trading crypto. Reliable leverage allows it.
  21 Dec 2021  
For 3 months of work, there were no problems. Opening an account is quite simple, the minimum deposit is small, trading is quite simple.
  14 Dec 2021  
All services provided by ABinvesting are highly professional and convenient. The customer service quality is also great.
  14 Dec 2021  
Great broker. Everything is ok with the license, the spreads are good, the withdrawals are quite fast. I've been trading for six months, everything is fine.
  7 Dec 2021  
A good and promising broker with a proven track record and reliable spreads
  7 Dec 2021  
A good broker to look out for for newbies for several reasons. There is a reputable FSC certification. The platforms are also one of the most convenient in Forex, the Spread is suitable for active traders.
  30 Nov 2021  
Good broker. Although it appeared not so long ago, it has already proven itself quite well. The conditions are good, trading is quite simple, and there is also a cool mobile application.
  30 Nov 2021  
Not a bad broker with a proven license. For six months of trading, I had no problems. Trading is quite easy, especially thanks to a decent set of trading tools.
  23 Nov 2021  
The broker has already proven its reputation, it has all the certifications for safe trading. A huge number of tools for any trading strategy. I am satisfied with the broker.
  23 Nov 2021  
I got cheated by ABInvesting. One day I saw a advertisement about investment for Tesla on Google. I was interested and registered on ABInvesting website. Later one representative called me to make a payment of US$ 200 for registration. After that next day I had received a call from Accounts Manager (M*** R***), and he guided me about Forex trade as a beginner. Later he insisted me to invest the amount of US$ 3000 as now Dollar will rise in the market due to new policy by US govt. I didn't agree, then he told me to atleast invest US$ 1500. I couldn't invest this much amount due to my financial situation. After I saw on Metatrader4 App, that I am loosing my invested money on Forex trade. Atlast my balance amount became negative. I lost my US$ 200, which I paid to ABInvesting. But people can become fool one time, not always. Cheaters should remember that. ABInvesting is hopeless broker in the market. I personally requesting, please do not connect with them.
  16 Nov 2021  
A good broker for newbies. I like the educational center, where there are many useful materials and a convenient mobile application. Trading is quite simple, even if you don't know anything about trading at all.
  16 Nov 2021  
Not everything was smooth and flawless, I do not deny, but the willingness to accept reality smoothed out all the failures. There have been better times. I like this broker!
  9 Nov 2021  
Quite a good broker, which, although it appeared recently, has already proven itself well. The spreads are great and the leverage is also solid. In general, the impression is positive.
  9 Nov 2021  
A very convenient broker with whom you want to actively trade, since everything is accessible and understandable. Good mobile app and solid leverage.
  9 Nov 2021  
The worst experience ever I had with ABinvesting was that I lost 2200 USD due to their misguidance and false hopes. Being a beginner, I had no choice other than trusting the broker.Her name is Havvi and she deliberately made me invest 2000 USD in gold and even though I tried reaching out to her due to constant alerts of the margin level going high, she completely ignnored it and asked me to be patient saying that I wont loose a penny. The very next day I lost the 2000 I invested as the trade closed automatically. When i tried to reach her after that, she was a no show till date. All of this happened on the 4th Of November. Such pathetic experience, I lost all my savings. For making me open an account by investing they were really fast and called me almost everyday. Once after that after making me loose all my investment, they just ghosted me.
  8 Nov 2021  
I had quite an experienced with them. After having paid 500euro. I thought it was US as stated upon receipt the man told me that someone will call me back to explain how it works. It's been 4 days, no one called. I know I was scammed. I checked ABInvesting in FINRA, this is to check if the investment company is legal, they're not listed. I lost my hard earned money. It's a lesson to me. I'll never do it again.
SitiSiti Noor   27 Dec 2021
Cool broker. I am very impressed with their mobile application, in principle, I do all operations there - everything works quickly and without hindrances.
  2 Nov 2021  
ABinvesting is suitable for those who want to trade actively almost every day. Broker with reliable leverage, so you don't need to have impressive capital at the start of trading
  2 Nov 2021  
I also got my benefit. Then I added a still small amount and saw a small profit after I lost it at the beginning. Then more and more. It is necessary to think before, a cool head. I can definitely recommend ABinvesting to small investors looking to invest their savings.
  2 Nov 2021  
The experience I had with Abinvesting has been much better than I expected. Transactions and withdrawals run smoothly, and customer support responds promptly.
  26 Oct 2021  
Great new broker who is a pleasure to work with. I am pleased with the educational center, where you can find a lot of useful materials, and Abinvesting also has a very pleasant support service.
  26 Oct 2021  
It's good that the broker has certification and reliable regulation, so you don't have to worry about your funds. I was also very pleased with the trading leverage, which makes it possible to quickly increase capital.
  26 Oct 2021  

ABinvesting is a brokerage firm regulated by the Financial Services Commission Authority of Mauritius (FSC). It offers CFD options on various assets, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. Hence, the market for trading becomes vast for all traders and investors. The...

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