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It's pretty old company on the market with strong reputation. However, bad things happen and Cyprus regulator suspended ACFX license for short period of time. Absolutely agree with all traders that it's not good but broker still operates. I withdraw money easily from account. Hope they will come back with much better solutions and service quality.

Evon Hyun   16 January, 2017  

It is safe due to its membership with Atlas Group consisting of a wide range of financial and insurance institutions, which can provide the broker with innovative technologies to trade under good and protected conditions. And that is probably the only advantage. As to the rest I am disappointed. Slippage and widening of floating spreads are usual here. And it delays the withdrawal keeping silent in reply to my note sent them.

Ling   26 June, 2016  

ACFX Atlas Capital is the best. I curently trade with this broker and have no problem at all. no requotes and I have withdraw almost 100 thousand USD from this broker since early 2010.. this broker is the best. they are part of bank. All the best about them

john   14 November, 2011  

i opened a STP account with them one month ago. before i was researching to see if there are any unpleasant experiences with this broker (didn;t find any), good customer support, withdraw the earnings (quick withdrawal process). I feel the funds are safe since there is a big group behind the broker and they are very transparent.

irfan   18 October, 2011  

Hey, you mind sending me an email I would like to ask you something about this ACFX as I use this broker as well.. my email is Rizviarbab1


syed   9 November, 2011

Support is good, execution is fast, money is safe (they are part of bank). All the best about them

Alex   6 July, 2011  

yesssss my first income with this broker.... currently is a competition with nice prizes...

LondonBoy   16 June, 2011  

In a nutshell, the sudden interest shown must be put down to an in-house marketing campaign by ACFX. The same was seen with Exness, FX Company and others who came on and wrote some nice glowing reports. Notice the trend here? Almost all the brokers who do this are 1) new(ish) 2) from Cyprus, Malta or Mauritius. Dishonest? Up to you to judge, but the important point for any would be trader is this; up to what amount are client funds protected? You will find that the answer falls very short when compared to brokers who are established in FSA, NFA, BAFIN, ASIC, IIROC and FINMA regulated countries, to name but some of the more important ones. MiFID is good...but not the dog's bollocks like the above regulators.

Hollandpip   19 May, 2011  

I'm not sure if This Atas really good yet. I tried it for a few months But never get income???

star   3 June, 2011

Is it worth investing in : ACFX...pls revert

Caira   1 July, 2011

What's with the sudden interest in this never-heard-of, mediocre broker? They may be good at real estate, but apart from these suspiciously paid for good independent review of them has ever made itself noticed...hence the obviously "good" reviews posted by employees or IBs?

What?, Who?   17 May, 2011  

I won the 5 days vacation. Actually you do not win it, but once you trade a certain amount of volume you get it for free, I enjoyed my vacation in cyprus and also got a free technical an_alysis course. those guys are really serious

Realstic Trader   13 May, 2011  

I have been working with Atlas e Forex, now ACFX for over a year. So far i am very happy, commisions always on time, and my clients are very happy. Thank you ATLAS !!!!!!!!

IB INDIA   13 May, 2011  

hey is this company a good one, i wish to knw

NAINA   1 July, 2011

I "won" a 5 day vacation in Cyprus...I was forced to fly there so as to close my account as they would not do it for me whilst I was in the UK! Enjoy your free 5 days wankers!

True   12 May, 2011  

I recently open an account with them, i have to tell you they are really bad in customer service. I have a problem with my account deposit and i have a live chat with them, they let me wait till the next day for them to see. That person whom i chat with said, "its too late here will check it 2mrw". What kind of service are they providing ? At one point they even close my open trade while i was asleep and i loose they charge me for that. What is wrong with this Broker? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT to invest in this broker. They are weird!

Acfx Trader   9 May, 2011  

This is not true, there support is amazing, they listen and listen and listen. I do many deposits at night time, and they process it although it is too late. The service is amazing

Acffx trader   13 May, 2011

I trade oil with them for few months and no prob at all

Alex   14 February, 2011  

in my experience (3 months) dealing with the company was good. I have micro and normal account and all the transfers (deposit, withdrawal and internal transfers) were done on a prompt way. i recommend it worthy to try.

Mark   12 October, 2010  

Hi, Mark Did you make any income from ACFX yet? I tried a few month and did not get any????

Star   3 June, 2011

my experience:
trading conditions - 9/10
Customer support - 7/10
Payment (deposit and withdrawal) - 9/10

asia fx   19 July, 2010  

They seem to be regulated in Cyprus as is 85% of the companies on the list on this website ... Not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing. They are new indeed but they appear to have solid backing ... the parent company mentioned on their website owns one of the biggest banks in the Balkans ... Can't be that bad.

Chris.J   11 July, 2010  

you all sound like second hand car dealers...but more likely than not you work for this unknown Atlas.

To moderately experienced traders and anyone else who wishes to deal in FX...stick to the reputed companies, the brokers with track records. I do not know how solid a leg you will be given to stand on by Pakistani regulators if ever you are required to do so. Important to note that they are FSA EEA Authorised....that means that "Consumers considering or currently doing business with pas.sported EEA firms ('EEA Authorised'), may wish to ask for further information from the firm or its UK branch about its complaints and compensation arrangements. This is because the position may differ compared to a UK authorised firm."

FYI.   30 June, 2010  

try to open account with atlas, and then you will never go anywhere else, best platform, best spreads, easey cash in and out, plus every time i get A BIG BONUS FROM THEM, which i never got it before for the money i used to deposit.!!!!! Service, 24/7, always kind, last night i had a problem, they solved it in no time, and i would love to thank you for that as well ATLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG-TRADER   29 June, 2010  

I opened account with them couple of weeks ago. I had a problem opening account and some other issues, but i was very surprised how nice and welcome where the person when i called them to help me. Also about some other issues they also called me and solved it for me. I would recomend them as a wonderfull service.

NEW**TRADER   28 June, 2010  

Never heard of them, was wondering what they are doing on the list anwyays?

FX Trader   6 June, 2010  

...and anyway, the only recommendation that should be given is recommendation to "look at and consider" a broker...not recommend to open with them.

claudio   3 May, 2010  

Never heard of this people "Atlas"....have a look at all other reviews of new or obscure brokers in this website...and let this be a warning, and also be careful of all this "happy" people who join a broker with no history...they are maybe getting pay for these "wonderful, I am so happy to be here" reviews.

claudio   3 May, 2010  

I recommend this company. The execution is done on a very prompt way, and it looks that the Group behind the company is very strong and many years present in the Financial Sector. I have an account with them for last two months and did not have any problems so far.

monttrader   1 May, 2010  

Before I opened an account with AtlaseForex I was having a hard time finding a decent broker who I can be satisfied with. I've tried Ava, FxPro, CMS and others, but these guys at Atlas Capital gave me a wonderful service, best spreads, easy cash in and out and I even got a bonus!! I will definitely stay with them for a while and will certainly recommend AtlaseForex to my fellow trading buddies.

Derek   1 May, 2010  

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ACFX Information

AtlasCapital was incorporated in October 2007 and is headquartered in the centre of Limassol, Cyprus. The Company is a member of AtlasGroup, one of the most renowned business conglomerates in southeast Europe. AtlasGroup has twenty years of experience in investments and commercial banking, as well...

Regulation: Cysec

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