Askobid Reviews and Comments 2021

Don't ever touch Askobid. You will never your money back, but I am working hard to close them down and I think I have found a way.

Elisabeth Monteil   30 March, 2021  

Askobid is a big scam. I deposit 500 euros and they practicality stole my money by using Anydesk and getting control of my trades. They actually stole my money under my nose. They left me with 311,98 euros and they don't want to give it back to me. They invoq all the lies you can imagine, delays, manipulation and everything and they actually say it is your fault because you signed in on their platform, which is true , but when you ask for withdrawal all your founds and close your account, then it's their fault not yours anymore. Still struggling to get my money back. Don't trust a word they. Don't be become their client. They only want money, more and more free money to steal from you.

Andrea   12 January, 2021  

It's a scam, be carefull, don't invest in their platform.

Catalin   8 January, 2021  

Askobid, simply a scam. Investor a little at which time you are told your are locked within contact. The only way to retrieve you money is trade to a percentage of 100%. On a computer game that is programmed to rob you by preserving and therefore hitting the 100% bonus is then requested to be squared up. These people are obtuse untrue and therefore scum. A warning for all: Do not invest, do not follow any instructions, do not download anydesk or telegram. The tools of there elicit trade.

Duncan   26 December, 2020  

Askobid is a big scam, don't fall into their trap.

Tom   23 December, 2020  

Recently I fell for this scam without reading reviews online. I immediately asked for a redraw of funds and it was not easy. After back and forth E-mails and phone calls from very rude Askobid agents, I was finally reimbursed the 250$.

Nil   5 December, 2020  

so you did get the money back? I'm struggling with that and would mean a lot if you could help me get mine back.

Rene   12 February, 2021

Did you get the money back? could you please help me I still got $270 in the platform.

Rene P.   15 February, 2021

I don't believe any good reviews left here are genuine. Does anyone else?

Winston Pugley   17 October, 2020  

Hey guys. How we can punish this company and all the who working there and are stealing money from us brave peolpe without being touched by any kind of law? I'm sock sick seeing u and myself loosing money to them. Somebody got an Idea how to make a huge strike against them?

Nils   14 October, 2020  

I also did not read the reviews and sent the required deposit of EUR 250. When an account manager called me and asked me to increase my deposit to 5000. to get a better profit and to recommend Askobid to my friends I realized what is going on and I did not start trading and immediately filed a withdrawal request. Since July 7 I am trying to get my deposit back, sent all the forms. I still get calls from different account managers who very aggressively want me to start trading or e-mails from Askobid banking requesting information which I sent more then once - to verify my account and withdrawal request. I am living in Austria an I reported the case to police but they told me there will be little chance to get my money back. So, stay away from Askobid.

Helmut J   17 September, 2020  

I decided to trade with this account with very little research as I was a beginner and excited. I initially deposited 250 euros and then a new manager stepped in to "guide" me and convinsed me to deposit more money into the account. Which was a horrible mistake. I spent all the money I had gathered, and had almost nothing left! Then I asked them to withdraw the money and even filled in the withdrawal request form however they said that I had a contract and that it needed to be closed first, so by closing it they started doing trades to get rid off all my equity. I was so confused and before I could even say anything. my account reached a negative equatiy which I didn't think was possible. Now the legal team have contacted me saying that I owe the bank money as they have reached to an agreement! I have nothing left with nothing to do. I decided to get a lawyer for now to ensure if i am being scammed or if they really kicked me over. Any advice or knowledge do you have that could help?

shakar omar   13 August, 2020  

I was told, if I invested 1000 I'd get back 2000 the next night into my bank account. that never happened. they lost the whole lot, so I phoned my bank and disputed it and my bank refunded me back my money. it's a scam, beware.

Lindsey Taylor   3 August, 2020  

Hello. Have you experienced them causing negative equity on your account? if so what happened?

shakar omar   13 August, 2020

scam avoid! if you have money in your trading account then the banks can help you, it's your money. once it's gone, it's gone.

Paul   24 July, 2020  

I am waiting for my refunds, they are telling me, somebody will call from their office, it's been a week, It never happened till now. I suspect their activities. I will recommend these are big looters! Be careful!

guest   21 July, 2020  

Working with Askobid is waste of time and money. You will not earn any money with them. If you start working with them, they give you bonus money on your account. But they won't tell you that they are just fixtional numbers, you can not withdraw them at all!! So if you decide to withdraw from your account some amount of money, it can be only what you put in. So in the end you just waste your time with them, and lose money!

NoName   17 July, 2020  

Unfortunately I didn't read the reviews and just beginning the arduous task of getting my deposit back. Like many others, I realised at the time I was speaking to the agent but had already made the payment. I told him I did not wish to proceed, he told me I could have a refund, but that would be dealt with by the support team. Things have gone down hill since. I am referring them to the Action Fraud Team. Probably won't ever see my money again as my card issuing bank won't honour a charge back this type of investment is treated at gambling. Beware!

TF   1 July, 2020  

Be carful don't give any money as you never get it back big scam and professional. I'm feel so foolish not to discover this scam. I lost $250. Couldn't withdraw my deposit.

N&n   12 June, 2020  

Its a big scam, I invested 250 Euros and asked for withdrawal after reading the reviews. As soon as I asked for withdrawal, the company stopped responding and in the end I lodged a dispute with my bank (as I paid via credit card) and these scammers returned my funds. Hope you all get your funds back. I would also recommend to report the matter to CySEC (I reported the matter to them). They will take your money and won't reply to your emails or messages.

Raj Bahri   11 June, 2020  

Hello N&n, I have been a victim of this scam, did you managed to claim your money back or is there a way to claim the money back? I'am desperate need of help.

Y&T   23 June, 2020

It's a big scam. I am still waiting for my refund that they promised I would receive in 3 working days. Do not fall for this. I like others wish I had read more reviews beforehand.

Emma   3 June, 2020  

Hello Emma, could you please give me more information how to cancel the account. I invest 250 pounds.

Cheila Rocha   8 June, 2020

Yes glad I read this before investing. Thought I'd do a little research before adding my credit card details. I added my name and address along with my mobile number. Whilst reading the awful reviews I received a call from askobid asking do I want to continue with making an investment. When I said I'd not like to invest she asked why. I explained if the reviews that I'd been reading. She tried to say there not true. I said but for that reason I feel uneasy investing any money today. She replied whatever and put the phone down. Proper rude. So I think I made the correct choice.

Robby   31 May, 2020  

Did you close your account? If yes, then how?

Gaby   18 July, 2020

Wish I had looked into this company more carefully. invested $250 then decided to cancel within hours still trying to retrieve my money a month later. I've sent all relevant documents and they a manager will contact me at time that's ok for me then an hour later and only let ring once or twice then hang up sent numerous emails but they seem to have forgotten me. I think in nothing short of theft.

W Johnson   26 May, 2020  

Absolute disgrace. Stay away from Askobid! paid my 250 euro's (paid in British pounds) and a the following day I was told I need to put it between 2500 - 10000 euros which was not stated to me before I paid the 250, Leo *** was who I spoke with today and he was extremely rude, kept talking over me and wouldn't listen to anything I said, when I tried to explain to him what the gentleman that I previously spoke to told me he said that he was an agency and I should not have listened to him and said that what would I do if someone said to jump off a bridge! he was very unprofessional and rude, when I asked him to refund me my 250 euro he started raising his voice even more and swearing at me down the phone and then cut the call off, so i done an online chat and explained what happened and there was no apology given and i was told she would need to talk to her manager who would need to approve the return! not good enough, they have stolen my money. everyone please stay clear they are scammers!

Tracy   25 May, 2020  

Hi Tracy. I fell for it too this morning. Don't feel ashamed. These type of people take advantage of people's trust and not knowing. We all have learned from this. The big lesson to take away from this is to research companies. I hope you get your money back.

shaun   30 May, 2020

Stay away from Askobid! Plain and simple, they are scammers. Deposited $340 into my account, was then told I needed to pay for a VIP account to actually begin trading. Alarm bells rung so immediately requested to withdraw my funds, it has now been 20 days and guess what no money returned! I contact them via email and live everyday and every time get told "A manager will call you today to process" and yep you guessed it no phone call. Currently going through a dispute process with my bank and will hopefully get my money back but not hopeful, to be honest I am feel more ashamed that i've allowed these scammers to get me.

Matt   23 May, 2020  

All went well until I tried to withdraw my money. Dead silence. I have been trying for 2 and a half months now to get in contact with my account manager who needs to approve the withdrawal, but have not a heard a single word. Every time I reach out to the help desk they tell me my acxount manager will contact me, to no avail.

Caro Anderson   20 May, 2020  

I paid refundable deposit and luckily changed my mind on the following day after reading reviews. I was silly to deposit without reading review. So I even haven't tryed to trade, although 3different people called me to change my mind. I filled all documents that day, support Askobid helped me with PC signature. I had to repeat the request 3 times and resend documents. At the end it took 30 days to proceed the payment, 5 phone calls, 23 emails (I really pushed). I am glad for loosing only 20$ by transfer. Do not give up!

Lucy   28 April, 2020  

They fail to tell you you can not start with 250 its 1000 you can not withdraw without permission avoid at all costs.

Joanne   27 April, 2020  

Was told to deposit 250 and do auto trading this is not the case they tell you its 250 then tell u no its a thousand I lost 250 due to no help I would stay clear of this company u less you are willing to loose.

Joanne   27 April, 2020  

Paid 250 euro and never could trade becouse they freeze my account and after several time asking me to send same document they said there is no document and ask ing me to do it again they are layers and steelling people money.

Babak   11 February, 2020  

the same thing is happening right now about these documents not verified

Sphe   7 March, 2020

They have my money and playing 1 day to give it back to me. strangely they ask same document for several times and than tey say or they don't have it or they wil contact you later what never happend.

Babak   11 February, 2020  

Do not trust them. They took all my money. They know how to sweet talk you into giving them more and more.

Marko   13 July, 2020

Yes, it takes longer than usual to process all documents. We should understand that it's not about slow process. It's all about careful and proper approach to proof identity of each new customer required by regulatory body. After your account is opened, you get bonuses 15% of your deposit size. You get access to multifunctional online platform. Mobile app is also available if you love to trade from your smartphone. Let me explain one thing, askorbid offers level of services above the average. I'm satisfied with that and don't wanna jump from this broker to another one just because somebody can't gather all required papers to open account. In addition, company invested a lot of money in order to present its academy for traders. This is like an educational center for all levels of experience. Very informative.

NovemberRain86   1 August, 2016  

forex-ratings review claim they is ASIC regulated (Australia)....this is incorrect....they are from Cyprus....not nearly the same.

Not Aussie   7 July, 2010  

In response to the above comment, Askobid does in fact hold an ASIC license (no. 343628) through it's parent company, Webgine Australia PTY Ltd. Please visit to the following link to view our ASIC profile:

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions regarding this or any other issue.
The Askobid Team

Askobid   20 July, 2010

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Askobid is a promising new European broker offering Forex, Stock indices and Commodities via their proprietary platform as well as the renowned MetaTrader4. Askobid seems to be targeting a wide range of trader types with their one-stop-shop solution; a proprietary platform suited to the needs of...

Regulation: Askobid is licensed and regulated by CySEC, ASIC and MiFID, meaning that they operate within strict guidelines with regards to documentation and account funding; this point should not be underestimated in today�s market, where many brokers operate outside the boundaries of regulatory bodies and offer little assurance to their clients.

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