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The usual scammer, and you still need to look for such! With a large deposit at high yields, they cancel transactions, they don’t need your cent accounts and small depots, but try trading 10 lots there, they will cancel the transaction citing failures, naturally there is nothing to cover the losses, so don’t go here with normal amounts! Good reviews are written either by their employees or by those who have a deposit of less than $1,000. On the news the slippage is wild! Increase your deposit and see the inside of this rotten scammer!
  6 Jul 2023  
In general, Axiance suits me as a primary broker. Although MT4/MT5 is getting a bit boring for me, so if they add some other platform, I'll probably be one of the first to try it out. Regarding analysis they have done well job. They have News Room where you'll find information on what's going on in the world markets. Overall I'm ok with the broker
  29 Apr 2022  
How to use news in the Metatrader 4 platform from Axiance?
  28 Apr 2022  
This is top spot for trading and making money because you will find your own style. There are three types of acounts each suitable for particular trading style so just think twice what y need and take it cause world is your s and we make profits here we learn and we get.
  21 Apr 2022  
In short, in June I opened my trading account with the company axiance for $2,000, I started with more simple trading, opened a couple of deals on Swiss franc and oil for a month. in a month I have withdrawn $120 from each deal and then I wanted to withdraw the money. I withdrew everything after pas*sing the verification without any problems in 3 hours. Now I applied for withdrawal of half of my deposit and I am waiting for the withdrawal. So do not listen to those who say that the company is bad - if these people have lost their money, it was only because of their mistakes. I glad to trade with axiance.
  9 Apr 2022  
I have never been so picky to brokers, as I understand that it's impossible to be perfect. If you want to be an ideal broker, you won't earn money. That's why it's not difficult to find any drawbacks for any platform. Actually, it depends not only on the broker but also on the trader. Traders are individuals with their views. Regarding Axiance, I can claim the website is user-friendly. The same I might tell about the support team. While the verification annoyed me, I hate this process.
  4 Apr 2022  
If you are going to use them, make sure you are using their platform and their platform only. Don’t take any of their advice. I wanted to start trading crypto and I came across Axiance (formerly known as Everfx). In no time their started calling me and asking to top up my account always. I ended up losing Usd 80’000 with those guys. There were days where they just didn’t even care about calling despite horrible market conditions. They invented stories that a microwave in their office burned and the entire place burned down. Anyway, again my advice to all of you of you intend opening an account, make sure you are able to trade on your own and don’t let yourself intimidated by those guys. The only thing they want is more top up to your account so that they can make more make money. Once your account is dried, you are on your own. I learned the hard way.
  29 Mar 2022  
Axiance offers great trading conditions for its traders, really. Now I can keep the major part of my profits to myself instead of giving them back to the broker in the form of spreads and commissions.
  24 Mar 2022  
I can state that the broker has everything a trader needs for running a successful trading career. By the way, I can't understand is there any faq section on the website? I have noticed only the ability to contact customer support.
  17 Mar 2022  
Indeed they have. Just google axiance faq. Depending on the topic - it's actually all intelligently organised - take some time and study it - it won't be superfluous.
Lion Heinrich   18 Apr 2022
That’s an average broker for me. I see nothing special here. However, for me, the lack of uniqueness isn’t smth negative. On the contrary, it’s smth I call predictable and for me this is a positive thing. I just opened a trading account here with the most affordable trading deposit and trade currencies on it. I don’t exactly remember how this account is called but it doesn’t matter. For me the main thing is that everything flows as I expect. I mean typical things I observe here. I open trades, closes them and withdraw earnings from time to time. I hope it all will be as it’s now. Over time I plan to gradually increase my depo to trade more assets.
  10 Mar 2022  
Just check axiance regulators to be sure broker worth attention. Financial Services Authority (FSA). Financial Services Commission (FSC). CYSEC (EU). I trade here and have no questions to broker.
  7 Mar 2022  
I trade on a Standard account here. I came here to trade cryptos and crypto as*sets. I didn’t take time to test the broker bcz I had a lucky opportunity to save time on it. My brother already trades with it, so I joined it too. I can’t say anything in specific. I perceive it as a typical broker but in a good sense. I mean I don’t expect negative surprises from it.
  21 Feb 2022  
Excellent technical support on almost any questions that interest the client and it does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. The second one is fast withdrawal and the best thing is that the company offers many different ways of deposit and withdrawal. You can start to trade with small capital and this is of course very important for beginners in trading. In my opinion, this company is one of the best in the foreign exchange market. I chose Axiance first of all because of the safety and reputation of this broker. I also read reviews on the Internet and made sure that this company can be trusted. Low commissions and easy access to advices and solutions of different questions are among its strong points. The broker has three account types, on the standard account you can start trading with 100 euros and you can use signals from Trading Central regardless of the type of trading account. The spreads here are very small, depending on the type of account they are 0.8-1.2 pips, and they can also be zero for the VIP account. In addition, the broker offers two of the most popular trading platforms, MT4 and MT5. I chose the fifth version, it has more features.
  17 Feb 2022  
Can I withdraw money to my e-wallet here?
  4 Feb 2022  
Of course, there are plenty of such ones, for example, skrill or neteller. Moreover, there are no fees for depositing money.
Hans Axelsson   9 Mar 2022
Axiance is a broker that combines excellent opportunities for both trading and learning. I came here to trade when I was still new to this kind of trading. The first thing I liked was the availability of MT4 and MT5 programs for trading, the possibility to watch market news with the help of trading television, a lot of educational materials. BTW, you can start trading here with a small amount of money, only $100 when you open a Standard account. In this case, for all account types, even for the Standard, the trading signals from Trading Central are available.At the moment I am already trading on the account of Premium type with 5000 dollars minimum deposit. Of course, here spread is much lower, 0.8 points, but as for order execution speed, it is great everywhere, even on the Standard account. Axiance is a reliable broker, the main thing is that withdrawal of money has never been delayed for the whole time of trading. There is a large educational section for beginners. Large s_election of trading tools and technical indicators. Technical support is competent.
  29 Jan 2022  
I always use e-wallets for online shopping and I wonder whether Axiance allows treaders to use ewallets for deposits and withdrawals and are there any fees or commissions for it?
  21 Jan 2022  
Yes, you can be safe. There are a large number of different e-wallets. Axiance has no deposit or withdrawal fees.
Osvaldo Conti   9 Feb 2022
Easy registraton, easy to start. HArd to earn $$ but oh well *** happens on the market i don't blame the broker.
  17 Jan 2022  
I recently found this broker and decided to try cooperation here. As you all know, spreads are the pain of every trader and therefore I wanted to find a company with small spreads and good opportunities. Axiance offers an account with a minimum spread of 0.8 pips. This is very very good. In addition, there is an opportunity to trade with MT5.
  11 Jan 2022  
I heard about forex for a long time and dreamed to try it. But it seemed to me that it was very difficult. Then I saw on one of the forums the statistics of a trader, who trades with Axiance broker. I was so impressed by these statistics, that I opened a trading account with this broker. The broker offers the possibility to trade on MT4 and MT5, I trade on version 5. The first time I figured out the features of trading, now I mostly trade with profits. My income from forex trading has already achieved my 1-month bill from my regular job. To mention some pros. Technical support is very responsive. The money is withdrawn. Frankly, I don't need anything extra.
  27 Dec 2021  
Axiance is a broker that provides you with a metatrader 4 and 5 trading platform to make money. The broker has three types of accounts, with a minimum deposit starting at $100. But I can tell you right away, forex provides you with real data and your goal is to make price predictions and open trades to go up or down. You can make money on it. Many people leave it with nothing and think that Forex is a scam, because they want to make fast money, but who can make fast money from scratch? To begin with, you have to at least take a training course and then start trying to trade on a demo account. Axiance provides you with great webinars for training and trading signals from Trading Central. For example, there is a webinar coming up on "How does the VWAP differ from Moving Averages?" I encourage you to attend.
  20 Dec 2021  
What strategy should a beginner choose when trading with Axiance not to lose all of his money at once?
  7 Dec 2021  
I don’t think that some brokers need special strategies. There are universal rules you need to follow no matter what broker you choose. You should ana*lyze the market correctly and never risk more than ten percent of your depo for one trade.
Frane Mlakar   8 Jan 2022
I want to leave my review about my favorite company axiance. More precisely, it is not a company, but a group of companies united under one brand. I can say at once that it is a very serious broker with a huge amount of assets for trading. Just so you understand, the broker offers more than 5000 as*sets for trade, it is an unreal huge amount. I tried to trade probably 20 assets. I already opened a premium account here, I put 5,500 euros to open it, although you can start trading with a standard account for 100 euros. I trade on mt4, the execution speed is excellent. I want to say that I came here to trade after attending the broker's webinars. Very nice teachers, I understood very quickly many important things that I would have had to spend at least three months on if I wanted to trade on my own. You can use Trading Central's trading signals, I use them just for information, but I try to watch them before opening each position.
Withdrawing money is very easy. Of course, verification is required, but the broker does not hold the money.

  27 Nov 2021  
I have been working with this broker for 1.5 years, at first I worked with a Standard account, you can open it with only $100, then I switched to a Premium account, because the spreads are lower. I chose this broker on the advice of my friends, first of all, because of the reputation of this company. I chose this broker on the advice of my friends because of its reputation. I trade on the MТ5 trading platform. I have never had any delays with withdrawals through Trustly. I have never had any problems with withdrawals. A friend wants to open an account here asked if webinars are held here?
  24 Nov 2021  
If you need some trading education, that's the right place. Here webinars are held on a regular basis and almost every day. I also really like to start with webinars, it makes me feel more prepared to market sessions. Gradually I get used to the program, to the broker, to the style of trading. You can find webinars in the Tools - Education - Webinars section. For example, soon there will be a webinar on "A Beginner's scalping strategy". Lookimg forward to it!
Mirel Florea   8 Dec 2021
The broker is reliable and I can recommend it to fellow traders and to my personal acquaintances with a clear consciousness.
  16 Nov 2021  
Axiance is a reliable and stable broker offering three types of accounts for trading. I started to trade here on a standard account with a minimum deposit of only one hundred dollars, with time I switched to a premium account with a minimum deposit of 5000 dollars. It should be mentioned that spreads on standard account are also quite low, starting from 1.2 pips, while on premium account they are 0.8 pips. Also, for all account types, the use of trading signals from Trading Central is provided, it helps to open buy and sell positions correctly. The technical support team here is excellent and helpful with any questions you may have.
  12 Nov 2021  
Many friends told me that it is possible to make money on this trading platform. I am of course still a beginner, but I already know and understand a lot, if any questions arise, the 24/5 online support is always helpful. I made my first withdrawal last week. Everything went fast. I am very happy that I decided to get to know Forex. I hope this will become my main occupation and bring a good income.
  28 Oct 2021  
Yes, of course, you can make good money with Axiance. I have been doing it successfully for two years myself. It's a multi-asset trading platform offering to trade on Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 as well as VPS hosting services. Free hosting allows me to successfully use algorithmic trading and earn big money. Hosting provides high-speed and uninterrupted trading 5 days a week. There is also an opportunity to get trading signals from Trading Central. Money is withdrawn quickly and without problems. 5+ broker.
Teodors Vasiljevs   28 Dec 2021
Axiance is a multi-asset brokerage firm offering Forex and CFD investment services and adhering to ethical trading standards. Axiance has a good, modern website, although there is one disadvantage - the absence of any other languages except for English. It is obvious that the broker provides its services all over the world. As for the trading accounts, there are only three of them. The minimum deposit amount is only 100 euros. The broker, so far, has never failed, the withdrawal of funds during the week is made literally within an hour to electronic payment systems. From the trading platforms there is Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5, it is a big advantage. The broker's website has a lot of training materials, for example there are webinars that you can attend for free. It is possible to get trading signals from Trading Central. So far I am very happy with the broker and I'm not going to switch anywhere.
  21 Oct 2021  
Hi all. I don't know what to do, maybe someone will tell me? I have been trading in Axiance for about 3-4 months now, but I have never withdrawn money from it. I do not really needed it, the amount of money on my deposit kept growing and growing, and of course earnings from every deal were getting higher because of that. I have not withdraw money from my account, so I do not know if I should. I have already deposited a couple thousand dollars. Withdraw the money or continue to accumulate?
  17 Oct 2021  
It all depends on the goals you persue and the level of trust that you've got in regard of the brokerage. If you have even minor doubts about broker's reliability, I'd suggest doing the test withdrawal at least once just in case. Axiance is CySEC regulated, therefore there shouldn't be any troubles, yet, you know, better safe than sorry. After the test withdrawal is done, see what you aim at - growing the capital to reinvest in trading like you did so far, or make a living with trading. If lattter is the case, you should determine your average earnign in % and accumulate a capital that will allow making enough $ for living giving the suggested % of return on account.
Miika Paananen   3 Nov 2021
Axiance is a very convenient platform for Forex trading. Especially for beginning traders. You can open a demo account. Although it is better to invest a small amount and really feel what trading at the exchange. It cannot be compared with demo account, because such factor as psychology comes into play. In general, Forex is interesting! It's like a filter that will identify all your weaknesses. For example: impatient, easily losing my temper, gambling, always want to win back, etc. A trader at Axiance broker is provided with a large number of tools for trading. The site has daily reviews of the European market, American market. In addition to the main terminals, there is a mobile trading app. In general I would recommend to begin trading on this platform.
  9 Oct 2021  
I opened an account with Axiance this week and the connection speed in the terminal is great, I have not placed many positions yet but I have opened and closed them in a second. I have already heard that Axiance is a good company, but as they say, "trust but verify". I have not heard that they are good companies but they say "trust but verify". I try to be guided by this principle. I try to be guided by this principle. I deposited a hundred dollars, and if things go well with Axiance, I will invest more. Are there probably people here with a deposit of ten thousand or more?
  28 Sep 2021  

Axiance is a multi-asset brokerage firm offering CFD investment services and dedicated to ethical trading practices. Our mission: setting the standard in responsible investing for retail and institutional clients. As a broker with sustainability and CSR at its heart and soul, we aim to stand...

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