CM Trading Reviews and Comments 2021

The spreads are high, and increases exponentially when going in profit, so you end up slowly losing everything. Not recommended.

John   28 March, 2021  

I don't find anything wrong yet with CM. My curiosity is. It seems they protect themselves from the client comments and remarks. It seems they keep the good remarks about them and delete the bad remarks. Secondly. They don't have new reviews in recent time/years about their company.

Mr kelvin   9 February, 2021  

I have traded with CMTrading for 2.5 months now. Being taught how to trade, online tutorials and webinars have been excellent. However, when I joined and was slowly learning how to trade I alternatively invested 1,900 USD on CopyKat which did a good job with profit of USD 20,000 in 2 months. However, on 21 June 2020 I woke up to find all my money gone - i.e. investment and profit. The explanation I was given by CMT is that the person I had copied, closed all trades including those that were running at a loss. I lost all my money and my account is now running minus 7,000 USD. Still shocked!

Magoma Nyameta   14 August, 2020  

Magoma Nyameta. Hi there. Any updates on your last post?

Wendy   27 August, 2020

Hey. Did you ever get your money back?

Dylan   4 November, 2020

Did they ever try to rectify the problem or give you back the money you lost?

Freda   14 December, 2020

Because of the many things happening around trade, I need to check CM Trading. I cannot see 2019 and 2020 much reviews, except for only two. Please add them if you have any.

Khulekani Mzilankatha   23 July, 2020  

How come you don't have any new reviews at all from 2019 to 2020. That's curious, right?

Boniface Odhiambo   25 May, 2020  

i am truly impresed with the guidence i received. they were very patient with me and gave me time to learn and absorb the new market info i was introduced to. i learned that trading takes patience, there is not shortcut to make money. and with CM i received the tools and guidence that i now share with my family and teach them as well.

Sibusiso   9 January, 2018  

Would like to check first if CM trading is legit. Please good people, I need to take my chances. anyone can tell about it?

Happiness Ngcobo   18 June, 2020

Why they recommend copykat to their costumers when they here all complain is about copykat? Wake up people!

Sipho   29 July, 2017  

CMTrading is a great place to start your trading career and it will equip you with the tools needed to be a successful FX Trader!

Georgina   24 June, 2017  

I love the promotions at CM Trading, but the thing that helped me the most was their MasterCard that allows me to withdraw money wherever I am and in combination with their Android app they are perfect for a trader on the go!

Dragan   30 April, 2017  

For me CMTrading was the place where I found secure and user-friendly trading surrounding. Before going live on CMTrading, for a brief period I traded with another broker (More on this on the broker's review page) which was awful. After going live on CMTrading the combination of Signals, My knowledge, training videos and the Sirix platform was a win-win situation for me. 9.5/10

Gabby O'Sullivan   27 April, 2017  

By being certified they proved that they are not scammers and are legit. The innovation that they brought to the FX World is remarkable, their Sirix platform is a game changer, followed by fair spreads and variety of trading goods they make a great broker. Cheers, uncle Archie.

Archie   25 April, 2017  

So far my experience with CMTrading is fairly positive. They offer sweet 20% deposit bonus and have fair spreads, however when I travel to the USA I can't trade. However it only travel for short periods of time and it isn't a deal breaker, and I can still use their MasterCard. The Sirix platform is fun place to be and socialize with fellow traders. Happy trading, Bubo

Bubo   24 April, 2017  

They are regulated and legit which means that they (CMTrading ) offer stability and security, they will not scam you. However Forex is a high risk trading system and I would recommend to be careful in theand use a simple trading platform, something for which CMTrading is known for. Their Sirix platform and MT4 are simple and user friendly. Withdrawals are lightning fast and support is available in 24/5.

Dafinka   23 April, 2017  

CMTrading offers great promotions. I trade with them for 6 months now and I am thankful for all the bonuses. Other than the bonus they are pretty straight forward broker with a few tweaks like the Sirix platform.

Lily Singh   9 April, 2017  

CMTrading offers stability and security. They are regulated and legit which means that they will not scam you. However I will recommend to be careful in the Forex world and use a simple trading platform, something for which CMTrading is known for. Their Sirix platform and MT4 are simple and user friendly.

Kyle Duncan   26 March, 2017  

Trading with CMT is a great experience. I learned a lot during the past few months and I am glad for the Sirix platform. Its uniqueness and its simplicity it's what makes it great.

Chris   23 March, 2017  

Even tho CMTrading is fairly new broker in the Forex world (only 5 years working) they are at the very top of the Broker Pyramid! I've been trading with them for a few months now, and before going live I had a demo account and I was studying their training videos. This was great boost to my Forex knowledge and self-confidence. I recommend CMTrading to anyone who likes user-friendly platform and support, alongside CopyKat feature.

Marija Dimova   22 March, 2017  

I love the CopyKat gal. It is a great place to start learning the trade. Alongside with their webinars and e-book I learned a lot. Trading for a few months now and I am more than pleased!

Kyle Duncan   26 March, 2017

I highly recommend CM Trading. I've been trading for 7 months now and I am pleased. Their Sirix and MT4 platforms are simple enough, without unnecessary gaps and are very user friendly. CMTrading's Support is top notch, and it is available 24 hours a day, monday-friday! I love CMTrading's fast withdrawals, which are processed within 24 hours! After I got their Master Card it is easier than ever to withdrawal, because their MasterCard can be used WorldWide.

andonovflorijan   21 March, 2017  

As a young trader I started out with a couple of brokers before switching to CMTrading. I love their training videos which few months back helped me gain skills that help me make profit today! In addition, on a regular basis I use their Free signals which are spot-on. CMTrading's Support is top notch, and it is available 24 hours a day, monday-friday! I love CMTrading's fast withdrawals, which are processed within 24 HOURS! After I got their Master Card it is easier than ever to withdrawal, because their MasterCard can be used WorldWide

aleksandar-panev7   15 March, 2017  

I have been trading for more than 1 year and never have issue with CMTrading. I am very happy with their facility especially Copykat Platform that other brokers do not offer. It really helps since I was beginner in trading world before because it let me to observe how people trade and learn much from those. I recently joined their IB program. They emphasize transparency and giving much interesting offers. CM Trading is a real promising broker that grow fast in Forex Trading world.

nursabrinanabilah6   6 February, 2017  

For some time I have wanted to jump into learning their copykat educational materials. Of course, there are YouTube videos, eBooks and stuff like that... But, if you are like me and has lack of trading experience, you need to get something more useful. They provide mostly general information and there is no practical application of that. And again, $250 to open mini account doesn't mean you get tight spreads and low commissions.

J2Barnes   5 February, 2017  

Fair commission for IB partnership with CM Trading. I have been working with several brokers for past few years and currently staying with CM Trading. Negotiable, full transparency and helpful marketing resources are provided. Love how they work and how helpful they are.

faris.alang   29 December, 2016  

As a reply to the review, this customer has done nothing but spread lies about our company! He has threatened us, claiming proudly that he had done the same with other companies, hoping that we would cave under the threats! Please allow us to set the records straight because there is absolutely no basis to this complaint at all. We have had enough of the threats and are happy to provide proof of this to anyone. 1. He was charged no commission when he deposited (even though we are charged by our credit card processors). Not only that, he was also given a $100 bonus. 2. His withdrawal was processed without any delay, and he was never denied his profits - he withdrew both his deposit amount and the profit. 3.He agreed to our terms and conditions which clearly state that we have the right to charge a standard processing fee. Any financial transaction involves costs. CM trading has thousands of satisfied clients all around the world. When we are at fault we admit our errors. Here, there is absolutely no case to answer.

Anatasia   31 August, 2016  

As a beginner trader I would say the help that I have been receiving from CM trading is priceless. They held my hand from the beginning when I started with copykat trading.

Elang   30 August, 2016  

The support is very supportive and informative and funding my account is easy, but what I like the most: the withdrawal is processed quickly. Two thumbs up for CM Trading. Keep up the good work.

Nikokurniawan   30 August, 2016  

Five stars for CMTrading. The support is very supportive and informative and funding my account is easy, but what I like the most: the withdrawal is processed quickly. Two thumbs up for CM Trading. Keep up the good work.

Nikokurniawan   28 August, 2016  

Disappointed and I’m gonna tell you why. Its verifying of account is just awful! I am expected to send them the copy of my photo ID or passport adding a copy of a recent utility bill with my address mentioned. And that is not the end. After doing all that I must contact their customer service to make arrangements of my funding. They consider such a complicated procedure as security measures. They provide safe trading environment by keeping the funds of their traders on segregated accounts of reputable banks. Thus, my money should be separated from the broker’s funds. Then why should I send all that copies, make calls and spend my time on all that bureaucracy?

JoshF   30 June, 2016  

CM Trading does not make forex trading easier but to the contrary it confuses traders with various training videos, the recommendations in which should be ignored completely. If there are problems even with MT 4 platform meaning continuous interruptions and disconnections, you can imagine what is happening with its customer support and withdrawals. The broker does not offer any reliable payment system in addition to cards and wire transfers. They require verification when one is depositing and withdrawing. Here social trading is available, that can be regarded as an advantage but the results of other traders are performed excluding open trades, so it can’t be as helpful as they declare.

Cartman   3 June, 2016  

Good Broker, fair spreads, MT4, fast responding support, very responsive in their FaceBook page, withdrawals are fast. I recommend it specially for traders in South Africa, like me.

Tom Bayon   12 August, 2015  

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