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I was almost, almost investing with them, but going through the so much negative reviews about them, I withdrew. Thank you all for this information.
  20 Dec 2022  
Worst experience in life ever! They are scammers. I really wanted this but the so called manager defrauded me after giving me high hopes and pressuring me to deposit more money even when I wanted to grow slowly. After reaching lots of money, he told me not to close open trades at loss. The trades were stagnated and closed down one by one without any response how much I tried to consult. I don't advice anybody to fall into the hands of CM trading like me.
  26 Aug 2022  
CM Tranding and their So called Trading College partners are a big scam. They have a network op IB partners profiting of your trades. Trough their trading Signals and "online" coaching they entice you to take trades, bleeding your account dry and stuffing their pockets.
  28 Jun 2022  
Please run from CM Trading, Never invest in that company, I don't want what happen to me to happen to my enemy, I lost my hard earned 15000usd, they will lure you to bring in more money, open Big lots sizes with you, tell you not to put a stop loss while trading, at the end of the day you will loss all your money.
  2 Mar 2022  
I think cmtrading as at 2017-2019 was doing good. But something happened to the structure that has made it weak and vulnerable. I think you guys with this experience with the company should come out live and air your points.
Ephraim   11 May 2022
I lost 65000 usd, and I want to report the matter to commercial crime unit of SAPS, problem is I don’t have their account number, because we made payments using card details. Anyone who has their account number, banks are difficult to give it.
  1 Mar 2022  
I lost 15000usd also. The company is a scam.
JAMES DUBAND   2 Mar 2022
I lost 15000usd also. The company is a scam.
James Duband   7 Mar 2022
I was about investing but for your reviews especially the difficulty/delay in withdrawal.
  18 Feb 2022  
I deposited $100 because I was having doubt about them considering the calls they make to lure you, when I tried to withdraw they kept requesting for unnecessary documents and kept frustrating me, I think we should report cm trading is a fraud lets unite retrieve our money and shut them down, please anyone with suggestions is welcome.
  17 Feb 2022  
Was really interested and about to invest but your views and warning made me thick otherwise. Thank you for sharing.
Apollo   7 Oct 2022
As mentioned by another person, they pressure you to enter high risk large lot sizes so as to make sure you loose everything. Lodge a complaint they ignore you, not recommended.
  17 Feb 2022  
I promised to deposit 250 dollars on 31 May 2022 which was encouraged to me as a good start. Now that I did read all your reviews, I shall no longer risk my hard earned money to this scam. Thank you guys for opening our eyes, wish you luck on claiming back your lost funds.
Motubatse wa Pele   25 May 2022
I was just about to invest with them but the constan calls made me think otherwise. Thanks guys.
  15 Feb 2022  
Same as mine, they kept on calling and I was beginning to suspect they were fraudsters.
Deborah   21 Nov 2022
I invested 250$ with then then started trading. Lost money via copy trading. Deposited 250$ again and made a loss. When I was at around 20$. I traded until I reached 300$. I tried to make withdrawal of 100USD but the withdraw buttons were grayed out. I could not withdraw.
  30 Jan 2022  
It's a scam. Glad you didn't invest more.
Nancy   2 Feb 2022
About are week now I didn't receive my withdrawal money.
  31 Dec 2021  
I'd contact the regulatory body. They have a complaints policy with the details. I'd email their complaints people and concurrently write to the regulator. There's something very wrong with this broker.
Alex   15 Jan 2022
CMTrading is a scam. Anyone trading with this company be aware you will loose all your money and do not say you were never warned. I initially lost USD 20,000 while using copykat and started trading manually and have just lost USD 98,500.00 - gone all of it! The company persuades you to take a bonus to enable you earn more. Then the instructors make sure you make a profit initially and then pressurize you to deposit more money each time to gain more. When you gain more, the company increases charges on spreads and swaps (overnight trades) and then the instructors literally push you to buy bigger lot sizes and when the trades go against you your account gets blown up and they take your money. Run away very fast from CM Trading if you value your money. I have learnt the hard way losing my hard earned money.
  9 Dec 2021  
You are right. This is what they did to me also. They scam me $90k dollars.
Williams   16 Dec 2021
My experience was much the same; trading with CM Trading is basically gambling and the system is set up so that they profit from your trades whatever happens to your money. Essentially, the markets are very volatile and even with the website, Trading Central, you only have a small chance of success. I was pressured to deposit 10,000 dollars when things were going well near to the start - if I didn't I was told my account was "at risk". I deposited more money to benefit from a wider range of instruments, but less than the 10,000, but the account started to decline. I eventually pulled out with 30% of my money and at that point they tried to persuade me to leave it to trade more to try to get a better balance! It is also very stressful because you need to monitor those trades 24/7, so if you have a job or other commitments you can't make it work. This was compounded by the fact that in my case the account manager was unreliable - missing meetings and advising what turned out to be huge loss-making trades. They really are just interested in your deposits and making money from your trades: you will be stuck with the loss. Please don't engage these people, or probably any other trader.
Andrew   29 Dec 2021
My experience is exactly like that of Peter Wambui. When my account was doing well, was tricked into depositing more money into the account, with the promise of more returns. As we speak now, I have lost all my money; more than $60,000. When I tried to ask them to refund me my money; I was given an arrogant attitude. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to another person, please run away from CM Trading and their fake bonuses.
  14 Oct 2021  
I already deposited my 30k to trade with them, how do I withdraw. Please help before I loose it coz right now, none of the so called experts has called me.
Stella   10 Jan 2022
Terrible. I also wanted to invest through cm trading, I won't , thanks.
  24 Sep 2021  
My dear friends, run from this company and don't look back again. I deposited some cash, the money showed good increase as soon as the increase was doubled, account manager kept calling me telling me how good this thing is based on the profits I was getting he told me if 273 dollars can reach to 800 dollars in 3 months, what if i had like 10,000 dollars. I noted mischief and I didn't deposit though I promised to. What followed is endless black mail calls that I need to deposit a minimum of 1000 dollars because my account is at risk of loosing everything. As we speak I have lost everything. Please avoid CM Trading, it's a pyramid disguised as a forex company.
  12 Aug 2021  
Was very close to investing with them. Thanks for this vital info.
Segun   18 Sep 2021
@Peter, who was your account manager? Male/female? Local or foreigner? I'm talking to Spanish female who is Account Manager, promising me good & solid technical training. Did you trade personally or only deposit funds while CMT traded on your behalf?
Jasper   12 Jan 2022
I lost all my investnent of $500 in 3 weeks. I was pressured with daily phone calls to invest more. Thank heavens I did not. Be aware and avoid those scammers.
Lutz Dietterle   17 Mar 2023
Wow. Thanks for this review. I was just at the point of investing. Someone actually just called me now from the company.
Nonso   26 Apr 2023
is this platform legit for trading?
  5 Aug 2021  
No, it is a big time scam. No matter how much you invest, you will never be allowed to withdraw your money and the company makes sure you lose everything.
Janet Moraa   9 Dec 2021
Hi @Emmy & @Janet, I have asked CMT for documentation confirming they are registered with SA CIPRO; while waiting the Account Manager mailed me a link where to access their certification, as well as some Youtube material.
Jasper   12 Jan 2022
I would never ever again recommend CM trading. They are not transparent. Get the account manager to put you under pressure to transfer your funds. Give you bad advise to stay in a losing trade and don't reveal the high cost of withdrawals. Do not go there.
  12 Jul 2021  
Thanks, I was step from filling the declaration of address and depositing funds. Appreciate the heads up!
steve   24 Jul 2021
I was this close to investing with them. Thanks for the information.
Nuel   29 Jul 2021
I'm very disappointed with CMTrading. to me it is not legit because nothing coming out when it's time for withdrawal after 3 days. lot's of dramatic.
  18 Jun 2021  
The account manager has been playing some cards so that you will end up losing everything, your account will be wiped out without any reason. I don't like them, not recommended.
  16 Jun 2021  
The spreads are high, and increases exponentially when going in profit, so you end up slowly losing everything. Not recommended.
  28 Mar 2021  
I don't find anything wrong yet with CM. My curiosity is. It seems they protect themselves from the client comments and remarks. It seems they keep the good remarks about them and delete the bad remarks. Secondly. They don't have new reviews in recent time/years about their company.
  9 Feb 2021  
Hi @MrKelvin; are you still with CMT?
Jasper   12 Jan 2022
I have traded with CMTrading for 2.5 months now. Being taught how to trade, online tutorials and webinars have been excellent. However, when I joined and was slowly learning how to trade I alternatively invested 1,900 USD on CopyKat which did a good job with profit of USD 20,000 in 2 months. However, on 21 June 2020 I woke up to find all my money gone - i.e. investment and profit. The explanation I was given by CMT is that the person I had copied, closed all trades including those that were running at a loss. I lost all my money and my account is now running minus 7,000 USD. Still shocked!
  14 Aug 2020  
Magoma Nyameta. Hi there. Any updates on your last post?
Wendy   27 Aug 2020
Hey. Did you ever get your money back?
Dylan   4 Nov 2020
Did they ever try to rectify the problem or give you back the money you lost?
Freda   14 Dec 2020
Hi @Magoma; are you still trading? And involved with CMT?
Jasper   12 Jan 2022
Thank you all for this review, indeed you all are life savers. Never will I invest in such a scam. Thank you guys for your comments.
Kingsley   12 Oct 2022
Because of the many things happening around trade, I need to check CM Trading. I cannot see 2019 and 2020 much reviews, except for only two. Please add them if you have any.
  23 Jul 2020  
How come you don't have any new reviews at all from 2019 to 2020. That's curious, right?
  25 May 2020  
i am truly impresed with the guidence i received. they were very patient with me and gave me time to learn and absorb the new market info i was introduced to. i learned that trading takes patience, there is not shortcut to make money. and with CM i received the tools and guidence that i now share with my family and teach them as well.
  9 Jan 2018  
Would like to check first if CM trading is legit. Please good people, I need to take my chances. anyone can tell about it?
Happiness Ngcobo   18 Jun 2020
Why they recommend copykat to their costumers when they here all complain is about copykat? Wake up people!
  29 Jul 2017  
CMTrading is a great place to start your trading career and it will equip you with the tools needed to be a successful FX Trader!
  24 Jun 2017  
I love the promotions at CM Trading, but the thing that helped me the most was their MasterCard that allows me to withdraw money wherever I am and in combination with their Android app they are perfect for a trader on the go!
  30 Apr 2017  
How many times have you withdraw on cm trading?
Joshua   17 Sep 2022
For me CMTrading was the place where I found secure and user-friendly trading surrounding. Before going live on CMTrading, for a brief period I traded with another broker (More on this on the broker's review page) which was awful. After going live on CMTrading the combination of Signals, My knowledge, training videos and the Sirix platform was a win-win situation for me. 9.5/10
  27 Apr 2017  
By being certified they proved that they are not scammers and are legit. The innovation that they brought to the FX World is remarkable, their Sirix platform is a game changer, followed by fair spreads and variety of trading goods they make a great broker. Cheers, uncle Archie.
  25 Apr 2017  
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Established in 2012, CM Trading is growing quickly in the online forex trading market, and for good reasons. CM Trading offers traders a safe and secure online "home" for their trading. Traders at cm trading broker have an array of resources to help them make a successful start in the...

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