Crown Forex Reviews and Comments 2021

Hopefully, one more scam was suspended by Swiss regulator. Not surprised and very appreciate for that. I think many traders remember how disappointing it was, even if it closed in 2009. It took few month to get money back from trading account. I am not from those who write comments on regular bases, but this broker worth it. You are lucky guy if you still trade because for me it was disaster. Will never trade forex again!

RonaID82   28 July, 2016  

I thought Crown was bust? Who is still trading and voting for them?? 4th ranked on this site!

Weird!   29 July, 2009  

Switzerland, land of chocolate, coo coo clocks and scam more! It must be crazy season there, whilst Crown Forex have had the last nail thrust in their coffin, ACM is well on their way to getting their bank license, ah! the winds of change are neigh!

Ides of March!   1 April, 2009  

Another scam artist bites the dust! 23 March, 2009 - R.I.P Crown Forex.

Dust to Dust.   1 April, 2009  

Why you ever open with Crown? They is losers who is going down with your money. I was lucky to move out to a acm when crown give me problem to take money out. my new broker which treats clients with respect and gives full transparency pays me when I asked for it no problem. I hope FINMA makes possible you get your money, good luck.

Bonus   24 March, 2009  

I think there OK if you have a small account , but if you are a professional trader with big money this is not the place your looking for, they would have a problem covering U,but never the less , it's a good place to start for new traders,winners or loosers.

Pipo   23 August, 2008  

in india the forex trading is fully banned and the crown forex owner are trading by their india office so they r working illegal and to scam with people and collect the money from those have not knowing about indian rules regarding forex.

sunny   7 January, 2008  


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Aleksander   1 July, 2007  

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Jacinta   27 June, 2007  

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Karl   25 June, 2007  

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Appollinaris   15 June, 2007  

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Louise   23 May, 2007  

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Charlotte   16 May, 2007  

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sartist   4 May, 2007  

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Alex   23 April, 2007  

crown has slow execution, they do the trades manually, but they will tell you up front! so not wise to trade at news times! traders take note and don't moan about executions. Always have honored there stops, again at news times they widen the stops, so a trader has to act accordingly. Spreads have been constant.
Many a station has had price feed hic ups, they are no different, it can be the cause of there source feed.
All the brokers are moving to make it harder to trade at the news. Best recommendation is to use a different strategy.

steve b   17 April, 2007  

A broker that modifies the prices before a news announcement is a market maker covering himself just like FXCM. If It was STP or ECN the spread widening would be during the news announcement and last maybe one minute or 2 max. Its an easy way to spot a bucketshop market maker broker... 1 pip spread is their fake promise to get you in. take care.

bucketshop   12 March, 2007  

Vse promolchat nikto ne skazhet

Arlum Bachelor   10 March, 2007  

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Claims in the bankruptcy of CROWN FOREX SA, in liquidation, are currently being handled and under review by the liquidators. Due to the number of claims and further questions of - or communications with - claimants, this process is taking a lot of time and may last a few more months. The Broker...


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