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I deposited USD1700 at first and was going on well with litle benefit come up, however when I withdraw the benefit in my account say withdraw initiated, however cash no credited to my bank account. I communicate with support. Told them I am moving the country residence what will be the procedure to move my money from UAE bank to the country I will move in, they advised me to deposit first from next country bank account and withdraw current cash, which I don't have that much. Since that they called once and ask what was my decision, I told them I will move next months. And since that moment my trade continue in significant negative and I lost my money. So ETFinance is just a scammer, which is just taking our money freely.
  11 Nov 2021  
I was curious about ETfinance and I decided to speak to one of them and see if it’s something I would like to do. I informed the lady Adela that I’m not ready and if I’ll proceed then I’ll reach her on my own as I have her details. 2 months later today the so called manager calls me from Saudi back to back 3-4 times and wen I finally answered he behaves so rudely and tells me things tats so unnecessary. I told him it’s my weekend I’m resting so let me cut it short I’m not interested righrt now and you can cancel my name off your list and he says “I feel sorry for you tat u will rest today and go back to workfor another week for 200$ instead of talking to me, I feel sorry for your life”. I may not be interested in the product but I’ll not let this go easy. I’m going to make sure each platform knows that something is fishy about these guys coz the way they arepushing this on people. I’m in sales too n this isn’t the way you talk to people.
  29 Oct 2021  
ETFinance is a good choice for online forex trading. I'm pleased to deal with a regulated company.
  29 Jul 2021  
ETFinance is good at providing competitive conditions, also they offer a good education and convenient mobile trading.
  28 Jul 2021  
I have been working with Etfinance for a year and a half and I am satisfied with everything. There is a great mobile app, cool trading platforms, and pretty decent conditions.
  26 Jul 2021  
Really convenient platform, friendly staff, lots of educational materials, reasonable spreads and leverage, fast withdrawals, I'm really happy with my experience with this company.
  26 Jul 2021  
I like ETFinance trading conditions. Everything is simple and clear here. I also like that broker can offer me wide choice of trading instruments.
  23 Jul 2021  
It took me quite some time to figure out how to trade properly but recently I've been making lots of successful trades. Educational content on the website really helped me with that.
  23 Jul 2021  
ETFinance is the platform I prefer among many others on the market. There are reasonable spreads, sure-handed support team and wide choice of tools.
  22 Jul 2021  
I enjoy working with this broker. For a year and a half, I have established successful cooperation and learned how to make money regularly. I really like that the support service regularly comes to the rescue, as well as the fact that Etfinance has a verified license.
  16 Jul 2021  
I like the opportunity to trade a variety of financial instruments, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. The company also provides good leverage for them.
  9 Jul 2021  
When i started trading on this platform they where already rushing me to deposit money and trying to convince me to deposit more money then I wanted to. At this point i should have been alarmed. When my account was all set up they brought me in contact with my account manager as they call it. This account manager was calling me like 100 times a day, when i told him i was at work and did not have the time to call this much he told me "You should stop working and start trading with more money". At this point i was a little bit annoyed by this account manager, because he told me what I should do all the time and acted like there was not any risk to trading. The company then set me up with another account manager, someone who speaks my native language. He offered me several things that were to good to be true like having to pay less spread and less swap costs. At the time I thought like oke they want to compensate me for the bad behaviour of one of their account managers and I accepted the offer. After a while I discovered that they did not keep their word, but I made some profits trading on their platform, so i was oke with it. One day I closed my position on palladium. There was a profit of $440, that is why i closed the position. After the closing the position I noticed a decreased balance value. It turned out that my position was closed with a loss of $360. I contacted the company and they told me that they were going to investigate te case. The investigation took 4 weeks just to tell me they did not notice anything out of the ordinary. This was not the worst part. Normaly when your free margin is in danger you receive a text message saying your margin has dropped below 75%. Later that day I opened the app to see if i should close one of my positions. To my surprise I saw that a large part of my positions were closed automaticaly by the system and my balance value has dropped with around 70%, unfortunately I never received a tekst message and my account manager never warned me as well. After this i spoke with my account manager about this situation and the only thing he told me was that the noticed that the price of palladium never dropped under the price i bought it for (the company's management denied this). He also told me that he was not able to do anything about it and that I should put in more money to save the rest of my positions. I told him that the system was failing and I did not trust any more of my money with the company and also that I wanted a response from the company first. After this I heard nothing from them for a while. I decided to send them an email, because they told it would only take 5-7 business days. They replied to my email by saying we are calling you today at this time, not asking if I was available at that time. I could not pick up the phone at the time they called me so they called me again the next day, a bit mad that I did not pick up the phone the day before and offered me around 8% of the money I lost due to their failling system and told me that their system was not failling and they only offered me the money because I was unsatisfied as a client of the company. Do not make the same mistake the mistake as i did, do not go into business with ETFinance. You will lose money!
  8 Jul 2021  
ETFinance is my favorite broker since 2019. It is definitely one of the most reliable brokers on the market to trade with since it has all the needed reulation.
  7 Jul 2021  
I'm very satisfied with my trading experience with ETFinance, as the company provides competitive trading conditions and tight spreads for almost all products
  5 Jul 2021  
In my opinion, ETFinance is one of the best brokers for trading from Europe. Spreads and leverage are very reasonable, customer support works professionally, everything works with no issues.
  1 Jul 2021  
Great broker. For six months of work, almost no problems arose. Once the site froze during the withdrawal, but technical support quickly resolved this problem. In addition, I really like that the site has a lot of useful information: courses, articles, tutorials. All this helps to keep abreast.
  29 Jun 2021  
I get very nice experience with trading forex on ETFinance platform. Leverage is powerful to increase my transaction volume.
  25 Jun 2021  
I like to work with responsible people. ETFinance is company which made of responsible managers, good trading conditions and opportunities to ger a decent profit.
  23 Jun 2021  
Not a bad broker with excellent spreads and reliable leverage. The license is also verified, everything is in order with it.
  23 Jun 2021  
ETFinance has a handy and intuitive interface. I'm as a rookie was impressed, that everything is simple. I also study a lot from webinars, which are presented on the platform.
  18 Jun 2021  
So far I haven't lost anything with this broker, as its fair trading conditions really allow me to get good results. I think it's due to good leverage and low spreads
  17 Jun 2021  
ETFinance is a good choice of broker, especially for people who are new to the industry. It has lots of interesting opportunities and a lot of useful educational content on the website.
  17 Jun 2021  
One of my favorite brokers to trade stocks and commodities, highly recommend!
  16 Jun 2021  
Decent company with great offers and highly reliable signals.
  15 Jun 2021  
ETFinance has been my favorite broker for almost a year and I didn't experience any issues with trading and withdrawals.
  15 Jun 2021  
ETFinance has lots of good offers for traders, especially the educational content is amazing.
  11 Jun 2021  
This financial services provider is really easy to work with, even for newbies. The educational content on their website is a great opportunity to know more about trading. Managers are always polite and helpful.
  9 Jun 2021  
Etfinance has very good conditions, great spreads, and fast withdrawals. I love it, the leverage is great as well.
  8 Jun 2021  
I like working with ETFinance, it offers lots of different opportunities, competitive trading conditions and good quality of customer service.
  8 Jun 2021  
ETFinance is a great tool to trade forex online. The choice of instruments, that the broker provides is large. CFD trading is obtainable here. I trade various financial tools.
  7 Jun 2021  

ETFinance was established in order to help ambitious people from Europe  to trade in the ever-changing financial world. They offer investors a unique trading experience that focuses on providing you with all the tools and knowledge you need in order to go about building your trading...

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