ETFinance Reviews and Comments 2021

I trade on ETFinance in perfect conditions for me. Broker offers reasonable spreads, descent choice of CFDs and truly dedicated managers. My friend, who is also a trader recommended me it, and a also recommend trying ETFinance platform.

Roger   28 December, 2020  

Good regulated Forex broker. I trust it because ETFinance has pointed its credibility multiple times. This platform could be very efficient for rookies, as for skilled traders. I found here many interesting tools, that help me a lot in reaching my goals on the market.

Nate   21 December, 2020  

As for me, ETFinance seems a brilliant platform for operating on Forex.Mobile app is a true finding, I can carry on transaction right from any part of my apartment and city, whenever I want. Tool for monitoring the market also impressive.

Norah   3 December, 2020  

Decent broker with low trading costs and tight spreads. Probably, one of the best financial services providers in the market. The company is also regulated, so trading with them is safe. I also appreciate the demo account option, which helped me a lot when choosing a broker.

Alex   2 December, 2020  

Etfinance is probably the best European broker I have worked with. Before the epidemic, I often traveled and was very comfortable using the mobile app. With Etfinance, I could trade from London, from Berlin, from Barcelona, etc. Moreover, the app has always worked quickly. Only a couple of times there were problems, but I could always get through to the support service, where I was always provided with the necessary help, whether it was a simple login or urgent withdrawal.

Patrick Crawley   18 May, 2020  

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ETFinance was established in order to help ambitious people from Europe  to trade in the ever-changing financial world. They offer investors a unique trading experience that focuses on providing you with all the tools and knowledge you need in order to go about building your trading...

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