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Hi, yes I've had the same bad experience 3 times! They sell you dreams, build up your account and then when it's time to withdraw your always getting denied and you have more than enough money to withdraw. Today is my last time I'll ever work with them. I deposited 1000$ last month on the 17 or 18th, after that I was being pressured to upgrade my account for 2500$ but I didn't. After profits I requested to withdraw some funds but i was denied. I spoke with my account manager and explained my situation as to why I need it so badly. he told me we need to open up a few more trades and once they close in profit we'll go head a make that withdrawal. Later today I went and check my account -0.00$ I emailed him to give me a call to see what is what, no answer. This is the 3rd and final time this has happened to me and I will never everrrr recommend this company to anyone. This is a bunch of people scamming you and taking all of your money! Do not, I repeat do not ever ever invest in everfx.

Brown   14 October, 2020  

Hi, I have the same experience. They just want you to invest. Lucky I just spent $750 on them. But still the money is gone so far. What ever you do, don't invest in everfx!

Manuel   28 September, 2020  

I saw an advert linked to TV explaining that I could make some easy money by investing only 250 euro, I registered with everFX and had an agent (Darina) call me and said everything will be OK, I have no trading experience so I put my trust in this so called broker, Darina got me to invest 10,000 euro within a couple of days, later she told me if I don't add another 5,000 euro I could lose the original 10,000 euro, she was so forceful, reluctantly I invested another $5,000, I managed to get her to forward me 1,000 euros which totaled 875.26 euro, even that took about five days to go into my account, after about a week I made about 5,000 euros, after about two weeks I requested and ask if I could take my money and my profit and go, she said no I cannot, she said I need to invest another 5,000 euro to be able to withdrew any money, I told her I don't have anymore, she insisted and told me that I do, I got quite angry and told her I do not have anymore, she reply well I'm sorry but you will lose your 15,000 euro plus the profit totaling about 20,000 euro and the initial 250 euro I started with, now all my money is gone, I have nothing.

Noel   20 August, 2020  

Good day Noel The same situation happened to me where I had to continue depositing funds to try and protect my capital. Lost everything.

Ian   24 August, 2020

Avoid at all cost. They are shameful bunch of scammers, stay well clear do not invest any money. Hopefully fraud police will be catching up with them soon and they will feel the force of the law. Disgusting bunch.

Sb   5 August, 2020  

These guys are mega fraud. Don't even go near to them and they will convince you to put money and give you the dreams like put 10k and you will earn 70k in one or two months. Especially one guys called Sam, he will call you if you are in UK and then he will give you all the dreams over the phone like hell and he will manage your account and make profits like PAMM account. Don't even believe them about PAMM. it's all rubbish and they burn your account in few days or weeks maximum. I had an experience and they cleared my account in few weeks. Sam said he has great guy who manages very big accounts in PAMM, but I think I was only guy and they made trial and error with my real money. please dont even belive these guys. if you want save your money stay aware with everfx guys. they charge you 3% for withdrawal of your money.

Venky   20 July, 2020  

Tried to withdraw $250 initial deposit. After they (EverFX) confirmed withdrawal acceptance still no money returned.

Kevin Morgan   9 June, 2020  

All the negative comments below seems all correct! Im personally a victim to this broker!! I just started a 250 USD deposit. After that they call me and guide how to trade, after see the results, he asking me to deposit 2500, luckily I declined, due to the comments below which is very scary. He ask me again to deposit even 1000 usd. I strongly decline due to suspecious motive on keep asking money to deposit. After that i did answer anymore their call for so many times. I requested to withdraw my money but as expected was declined. So to all who gonna wish to try to this broker? Dont ever try! You only waste your money and time.

Ariel   24 May, 2020  

Professional scammers. I would like to advice everyone about the bad practice taken in place by this broker, and i will share my experience. The 16 of April I opened different possitons in Usoil, My trades hitt the Take profit giving me a profit of of 1372.84. Sudenly hours later i had a "balance fixed" operation taking out of my account 1550.00. have been trying to get some info regarding the reasons for that "fixed balance" the only answer i got is basically that the contract futures was expiring on that same night. I was not given any information (emails, Pop ups, or anything) regarding that expiration. moreover, the amount that the balance fixed it overcomes the profits, and they still deny a full refund. Iaf anyone is on the same situation, please contact me i would love to gather some people in order to build up a collective sue.

Jose Hidalgo   25 April, 2020  

Everfx: Very aggressive manager. You gain nothing. You will waste all your time and money. Either way they take all your investment from you. Look for nothing with them. You would lose all of your stake.

Valero David   22 April, 2020  

Platform is fine, the managers are aggressive pushers of probably scammy products. One conversation with this type of managers was enough to tell wether this was legit or not such a pushover

Forexnewb   24 January, 2020  

Lost all my money. They open a bunch of positions for you via any desk. Also thinks they rig your account when you making very large profit. don't trust. Stay away

Twilb   13 January, 2020  

Platform is fine, the managers are aggressive pushers of probably scammy products. One conversation with this type of managers was enough to withdraw my funds. Stay away

Andrei Chashchev   18 December, 2019  

Bad account manager. Get your money inside and lose everything in one day. Why training? I do not yet know how to open a position. Account manager does everything via Anydesk and I can only press the ok button at the end. You lose everything the next day. And support, ho. Diverese emails sent and no response back. Mr. Karoullas addressed, and this one does not give home either. SCAM for the small investor

Els Peters   30 September, 2019  

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EverFX is a fully regulated broker of CFDs on Forex, Metals, Commodities, Cryptos and more. We’re determined to forge close partnerships between traders and broker, leading the way into a new era for online trading. One of our primary goals is to educate traders on how markets work in an...

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