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Having collaborated with Fibo Group as a trader for some time now, my sentiments lean considerably towards the positive. One of the significant attributes that instilled confidence in me is Fibo's longstanding and reputable track record spanning over two decades in the Forex Market. As someone who tends to be apprehensive about financial matters, their extensive history offers a reassuring touchstone, which played a pivotal role in my decision to partner with them. Furthermore, I deeply appreciate the comprehensive array of educational resources available on their platform. Not only does it highlight their commitment to empowering traders, but it also provides an invaluable opportunity for individuals like me to refine our trading strategies and acumen through their demo account. However, my journey with Fibo hasn't been without its bumps. The customer support, while knowledgeable, often leaves me feeling exasperated due to their slow response times. It's an area I genuinely hope they will prioritize and enhance, as prompt and efficient support is vital in the dynamic world of trading.
  19 Oct 2023  
From my initial foray into the realm of Forex trading, I have found a trustworthy ally in Fibo Group. It was upon the recommendation of a colleague, whose opinion I value highly, that I ventured into a partnership with this broker - a decision I look back on with gratitude. My journey with Fibo Group has been both educational and progressive. Their comprehensive training materials offered a foundational understanding, paving the way for me to test the waters with their demo account. As time went by, my confidence and expertise grew in tandem, and I transitioned into operating a full-scale trading account. While balancing the demands of a full-time job, I still manage to dedicate several hours daily to Forex trading. This commitment has only intensified in the wake of the pandemic; the imposed constraints have inadvertently gifted me additional hours, which I've gladly channeled into refining my trading skills. Throughout these changing tides, Fibo Group's unwavering support has been a constant. Their guidance and resources have been instrumental in my growth and have made my trading journey under these unique circumstances not only possible but also rewarding.
  4 Oct 2023  
In my journey within the Forex trading landscape, I have encountered a multitude of broker options, among which Fibo Group stands out as a particularly distinguished choice. However, it's worth noting that novices in the field might find the high entry prerequisites of Fibo Group somewhat intimidating, possibly making it less suitable for those just getting their feet wet in the trading world. Delving deeper into their platform, I've been consistently impressed by the plethora of analytical tools and educational resources that Fibo Group offers. This richness in content not only serves as a testament to their commitment to equipping traders with knowledge but also underscores their inclination towards catering to a more seasoned and professional clientele. Beyond the educational offerings, Fibo Group showcases a vast array of trading platforms, each meticulously designed to cater to diverse trading preferences, thereby making it a veritable playground for experienced traders. Another commendable aspect is their streamlined fund withdrawal process, coupled with intriguing affiliate programs, which adds an additional layer of attraction for users. Above all, what truly resonates with me is the swift execution of trading orders provided by Fibo Group. This efficiency, in tandem with the holistic trading environment they've fostered, ensures that all the prerequisites for a seamless and successful trading experience are met. My overall verdict? Fibo Group has positioned itself as a prime choice for seasoned traders, offering an environment where expertise and resources converge to facilitate effective trading.
  28 Sep 2023  
FIBO Group has consistently provided me with a robust trading environment. While their platforms are sophisticated enough for advanced traders, they still remain user-friendly for those new to the forex scene. I particularly appreciate the variety of tools at my disposal. One area where FIBO Group shines is the speed of fund withdrawals. In my experience, processing times have been quicker than some other brokers I've used in the past, although there have been occasional hitches during high-volume periods. The customer support at FIBO Group is generally responsive and knowledgeable. I've raised a few technical queries in the past and received comprehensive answers. However, I do feel they could benefit from extended support hours given the 24/7 nature of forex trading. The suite of tools available, especially on platforms like MetaTrader 4 and 5, is impressive. The Web Terminal MT4, in particular, is great for quick access. I feel, however, they could integrate more third-party tools for an enhanced experience.
  22 Aug 2023  
FIBO Group offers competitive commissions, but what's more appealing to me is their transparent fee structure. It's easy to understand where costs are incurred, which is vital for managing trading expenses." Over the years, I've found FIBO Group to be a reliable broker with minimal platform downtimes. Although, like all brokers, they're not immune to occasional technical glitches, their system recovery is commendably swift. It's reassuring to know that FIBO Group operates under multiple jurisdictions and adheres to stringent regulations. Their commitment to regulatory compliance builds trust, especially when navigating the complex world of forex trading.
  8 Aug 2023  
Order execution with FIBO Group has been a mixed bag for me. While most of my trades execute seamlessly, there have been moments of slippage during high volatility. But it's worth noting these incidents have been rare. I genuinely appreciate FIBO Group's transparency in their operations. Their analysis tools, combined with regular market updates, keep me informed and assist in making calculated trading decisions. However, expanding their daily analysis content could provide added value. The stability of FIBO's trading platforms, particularly on mobile, is commendable. I've executed trades from various locations without issues. Additionally, their diverse range of tradeable assets offers plenty of opportunities, though I'd love to see them expand their cryptocurrency offerings given the growing interest in that sector.
  27 Jul 2023  
My experience with Fibo Group has been outstanding. Their innovative platform, customer service, and transparency are top-notch. I feel secure and empowered trading with them. Excellent spreads offered, minimal slippage and good trading profit. I will surely keep them as my forex broker. Superb customer support and smart brokers. I am impressed with both signals and services, they are reliable. Responsible and professional brokers. They are transparent on all transactions. I am gaining good profit and is satisfied with the services.
  20 Jul 2023  
I've been using Fibo's mobile trading app, and it has been a seamless experience. The app is intuitive, and responsive, and allows me to monitor and manage my trades on the go.
  28 Jun 2023  
With FIBO Group I have already withdrawn more than 10k dollars, that's why I want to leave a review. There were a lot of nervous moments, and a few times I really wanted to quit. If it wasn't for the manager, I would never have thought to take trading to such a level. So for me it is still a double-edged sword. Of course, in a year and a half I have already made sure that they do not deceive, but even without this, sometimes everything turns out to be in the balance. Therefore, the company is normal, everything works for them as expected, but not everyone is mentally prepared for trading, as for me. Here, in order to earn a penny, you need to work hard no less than in any other job.
  15 Jun 2023  
I became a client of this broker because FIBO Group is one of the small cohort of companies that enable their clients to trade on international markets. The broker has a convenient personal account and I have never caught them on suspicious frauds with my account. And this is very good! Their rates are reasonable. I think everyone will find a suitable one for themselves. And those who turn millions, and those who are an ordinary average investor who is engaged in the stock market as a hobby and creates an airbag. I try not to take risks. I buy stocks for the long term. And I take them from the recommendations that FIBO gives. Quite convenient. No need to rack your brains with all sorts of analysts, charts and other nonsense.
  10 Apr 2023  
Very bad service. I was trading through Sidharth. He doesn't respond to msgs or call. I had almost 2 lakh as capital in my account and suddenly everything went zero. And noone is responding to any call or msg and not sure whats happening. Seems like a fraud.
  11 Sep 2021  
I don't know too much about FIBO group. But I started work with FIBO group through a Indian agent called Sidharth with Algo system from 10th of August. I got worst service from this guy. He even don't take calls or reply messages. Also he traded huge lots in my account. He charges huge commission & swap charge. Finally today he made 100% loss & account came in negative balance. So I strongly request all to keep away yourself from this person.
  6 Sep 2021  
Hi, I'm facing the same situation from same guy.
Sachin   11 Sep 2021
This is a fraudulent group operating in India currently. They call you and offer you forex account management and they promise you huge profits on your investments. They claim that they connect algorithm software to your trading account which does automatic trading and gives good returns. They tell you to open account only with FIBO as for sure someone from FIBO is also involved in this scam. They trade negatively on your account and finish all your balance. They are based in Jharkhand and UP and claim that they are operating from Bangalore. I have traced their location which is Jharkhand. So guys be careful and don't invest your money in FIBO.

Vishal   2 Oct 2021
Well, everything is fine it's pretty a straightforward broker, not, much of education resources if you're a beginner so if you're loocking for such I think you need to look elsewhere all that aside as a Forex and CFD broker, it does it's job, nothing unusual about it, also supports all platforms such as MT4 and 5. The only downside as Copper is Disabled in my MT4 for some reason, I, honestly don't know why is that but, other than that, it does it's job
  20 Feb 2021  
Hello Omid Navid! Thank you for the review. We're constantly improving our content so it helps our clients trade successfully. Apart from our social media pages, we have a Youtube channel (Forex Broker Fibo Group) with educational videos that you may find useful. Also if your issue with copper being disabled in MT4 has not been resolved, we ask you to contact the support service using any of the methods presented on the company's website. Best regards, FIBO Group.
FIBO Group   8 Apr 2021
be careful price deviations are happening, and automated trading are opening fake positions. scammer, shame on you fibo group.
  10 Apr 2020  
Thank you for your feedback. All actions of the Company, both directly related to the implementation of trading and non-trading operations, are performed in strict accordance with the regulatory documents published on the official website of the FIBO Group. Forex trading involves significant risk, including the risk of a complete loss of your invested funds. Therefore, we always remind that such trading is not suitable for all investors and traders. Also, if a technical error arises on the Company's side, we are always ready to consider the issue of compensation for losses incurred by the Client, if any. And, of course, the Client always has the opportunity to withdraw funds from his accounts. If your issue has not been resolved, we ask you to contact the support service using any of the methods presented on the company's website. Best regards, FIBO Group.
FIBO Group   2 Oct 2020
They very professionally lost my 30k investment in one of their PAMM in 5 months
  13 Mar 2020  
Hello, jc! Thank you for the review. When deciding to invest in a particular Managed Account (PAMM), the Client of the company is guided exclusively by his own choice. FIBO Group employees do not provide consulting services regarding the choice of a managed account. Best regards, FIBO Group.
FIBO Group   2 Oct 2020
Honestly, I did not think that someday I would be engaged in trading. I have a mindset far from analytical and I don't like anything related to charts at all, or rather I didn't like it exactly 5 years ago. I could not even imagine that I would not only trade in a brokerage company, but that I would also want to do it and it would be pleasant for me. It seems that with age, the tastes and preferences of people change by 180 degrees. But I'm only glad about that. As for the brokerage company FIBO Group, it seems to me that I made the right choice. Otherwise, how to explain that I have such a great desire to trade? This is due not only to the monetary side of this issue, but also to the fact that the company has very attentive and good specialists, real professionals.
  10 Oct 2019  
How can I join in Pamm Services?
Rizwan   13 Nov 2019
Hello, Karl! Thank you for the review. Glad to hear you're happy with our services. Best regards, FIBO Group.
FIBO Group   2 Oct 2020
The competition among brokers is just crazy. And this is bad, because it is very confusing when choosing a company. Some brokers offer better conditions than others. There is a lot of temptation from any bonus programs and gifts from the company that any trap can hide behind. I prefer to work with a trusted broker FIBO Group and will not be exchanged for all sorts of temptations from others. And I also want to warn those who read my review: never rush, and especially in trading. All the biggest mistakes were made because of the rush.
  25 Sep 2019  
Thank you for the positive review, Chr1$! Best regards, FIBO Group.
FIBO Group   2 Oct 2020
FIBO Group has been working in the market steadily for many years, so it is trustworthy. The interface of the site is quite simple, there are loyal conditions for beginners, and there are good conditions for portfolios. I personally could leave an application for opening an account in literally 3-5 minutes. The terminal really never freezes. I am grateful to FIBO for their training program. I also went through courses for beginners and many different seminars and master classes. And during this study I was convinced that this is a real broker who is interested in the success of customers, and not on the drain, which is typical for different "kitchens". Everything is very clear, accessible, and most importantly, effective. After each seminar, I put my knowledge into practice and earn more than before.
  18 Sep 2019  
Thank you for the feedback, Sam! We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. Best regards, FIBO Group.
FIBO Group   5 Oct 2020
I have been working with the FIBO Group since last year, the company has only positive impressions, although I have to agree with some people that the company needs to develop and improve some terms of trade.
  27 Aug 2019  
We are continually striving to provide high quality services, so your feedback is much appreciated, Jack! We value each of our clients and look forward to your successful trading with us. Best regards, FIBO Group.
FIBO Group   2 Oct 2020
I am an active trader, I have been trading in the FIBO Group for five years now. When I started, I had little money, so I counted on the leverage, which at FIBO was more convenient then and now than other brokers. FIBO analytics is one of the most powerful, and in previous years, and even more so now. In a way, the FIBOs are pioneers in the Forex, the rest follow them. I use MetaTrader 5 software for trading, no complaints. But once again I emphasize: I am an active trader and even when I started, I was in the subject, it has its own specifics, I don't know how things will go for those who are right from scratch and do not want to actively delve into it.
  13 Aug 2019  
Thanks for the review, Adrian! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we're happy to hear we hit the mark for you. Best regards, FIBO Group.
FIBO Group   5 Oct 2020
I have been trading with the FIBO Group for over a year. My acquaintances invited me to a broker. I do not regret anything at the moment. Trading is fast, deals are mostly intraday. The terminal completely satisfies me. The withdrawal take quite a long time, but not too much, all funds come eventually. I do not analyze too well, so I often use their signals. The main thing is not to wait until the highs and take what the market has given. From the time until the signal came, until you open a deal, there can be a lot of changes, so it's better to trade slower but safely.
  22 Jul 2019  
Thank you for sharing your experience trading with us, Zed! Best regards, FIBO Group.
FIBO Group   5 Oct 2020
I finally found a broker about which for the first time in 5 years I will write a positive review. The FIBO Group company really showed its good side. This is both reliability in the execution of orders, and professional consultants who will always come to the rescue if force majeure suddenly happened on the market, I have no complaints about the trading platform, it works perfectly and does not freeze. With the depositing and withdrawal of funds in general there are no problems, everything comes on time. And of course, webinars which are conducted very often, for beginner traders - I recommend, although for those with experience too. In general, for four months I have no complaints about the company.
  11 Jul 2019  
We appreciate you leaving the review, George! Best regards, FIBO Group.
FIBO Group   5 Oct 2020
I would like to share my experience with FIBO Group. I trade with them for a little over half a year and for myself I clearly defined the pros and cons of this company. Let's start with the minuses, and finish with the positive moments, and then you draw conclusions. And so, the disadvantages: Perhaps the biggest drawback is the delay in payments. I can not say what it is connected with, but payments have to wait from 3 to 5 days. And now the positive moments: 1. Convenient software. Nice to work. 2. Fast response and support. Sometimes writing to customer support speeds up withdrawals. 3. The terms of the partnership are clearly spelled out 4. And now I think the most important thing is the reliability of this forex broker. And I will add advice from myself, if you want to successfully conduct your transactions, etc., then first examine all the risks and mostly think with your head. According to statistics on the forex market, only 20% go in the plus, and the rest go bust, and this statistics concerns forex brokers in principle, and not exactly FIBO Group. And these 80 percent are burned out precisely because of their laziness and without first having studied all the nuances. So if you think that you have studied this market enough and are really familiar with the risks, you will like this broker.
  9 Jul 2019  
We're constantly working on improving the services we provide, so your review is much of use, Theodor! Best regards, FIBO Group.
FIBO Group   5 Oct 2020
Hey guys. I doubt much if I will ever be able to trade efficiently. I am currently reading about PAMM investment, does anyone care to give me guides on the best service broker to use.
  29 Jun 2019  
If you look at it sensibly, then FIBO Group is just a good broker. They have solid regulation, they withdraw money and let make profit. So pouring dirt of this kind makes no sense. Normal readers can see and check everything. If they did not fulfill their obligations, they would have been closed long ago. If someone does not withdraw, then there is a reason, and you just need to find out in customer support what the problem is. Or some violation of the rules of the contract, which by the way must be read. I have been trading with them for two years. Made six or seven profit withdrawals. For the first and second times there were slight delays, then everything went on smoothly. Again, the broker is far from ideal, and there are better offers as I trade not only here, but in general FIBO is really recommended.
  27 Jun 2019  
I did not expect that with a relatively small minimum deposit, there would be such a quality of Fibo group trading services. Transparent company, fast technical support, and, which was especially attractive to me, a large selection of various trading tools. This is very convenient for those who haven't determined with the trading strategy yet. A special bonus for me as a client of Fibo group is the opportunity to try and study on the spot. With the help of analyst's hints, I began to better predict the movement of the trend and increased the number of profitable trades.
  14 Jun 2019  
You know, I really like to trade with the FIBO Group. It's all about the care of the staff of the company to my person. No, do not think, my deposit is not large, only $ 3000. But I get help always when needed. Sometimes, however, you need to wait a little while the support answers, maybe up to an hour. But they always answer. They always help and often just call themselves to inquire about my affairs, wishes or objections. In general, everything is great with the broker. Always nice when they are interested in your trading affairs. Not that just you deposit and they forget about you. It is not so in the FIBO Group.
  31 May 2019  
Hi, Kindly, Fibo group is a really bad broker, i had a terrible exprince, its a Market maker so our loss is equal to thier profit. Its a grand theft broker . Do Not trade with Fibo. Regards
  22 Dec 2018  
It s nice how someone with zero knowledge blames brokerages for their losses. You knew they were market maker the moment you registered and chose your account type. Fibo has ECN accounts too. Get info before you state bullshits man to explain your losses.
Tom   9 Mar 2019
Fibo Group is a great broker, I've never had any problems with withdrawal, which is really important for me. Will try new strategies and will surely continue trading on this platform.
  28 Nov 2018  
I've been trading with Fibo for a few years now and can definitely say the conditions are well satisfying. I sometimes watch live streams on Facebook which are pretty useful. Overall great tools and support!
  15 Oct 2018  

Founded in 1998, the International Financial Holding FIBO Group (Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group) stands as a testament to experience and credibility in the realm of marginal internet trading. With over two decades in the industry, we are among the pioneers who laid the foundation for...

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