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Gosh! Haven't heard of them for ages. I had a trading account with them several years ago when they still worked. No I see that they have closed and I'm not a little bit surprised as it was one of the most substandard brokers I had the chance to trade with during my life.

Maxx   3 March, 2016  

I'm a customer of Finex and have been very happy. FInex is not going bankrupt and not being shut down. They are being acquired by a bank in Germany.

Wald   13 October, 2007  

See this is the perfect example of a scam broker just like Admiral Markets and others offering the worthless metatrader system. Finex went bankrupt. Congrats Martin S and franco, you should have worked on your buisiness instead of messing around on forums and posting lies, thats what you get.

Perfect Example   11 October, 2007  

I am looking forward to the new bank partnership with Finex. I have been treated fairly by Finex in the past now I will get further security of a bank. Finex promises to continue managing the automated system dealing so that my execution will not change.

Jack   10 October, 2007  

Finex is temporarly shut down. The swiss banking authority (sfbc) is shutting down brokerage after brokerage (globex, tradex, finex,etc.) for no real reason. Although i have never traded at Finex i mostly heard good things about them so this gets me very concernd about swiss brokerages in general!

Dom   5 October, 2007  

I am not sure at all... )))

Flary   5 October, 2007  

Finex is partnering with Bank and they will offer more products, I am looking forward . They are oing to bit Saxo Ya------hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suisse trader   4 October, 2007  

Friday I was trading with Finex and guess what, they had great execution, no increasing margin level, like in Saxo, I closed my account at Saxo and moved to Finex. I will stay here a little bit. I am getting got live support service. They earn good reputation because of good job they are doing.

Reality Show   22 August, 2007  

I like their ultra fast execution, never had with other brokers. Also I like that they don't requote. Sometimes I will try to close my position and will get offqoute and next second I will try again and I will get even 1 or 2 pip on my favor. It does explain that they are running automatic

Wallter   7 August, 2007  

Finex is ok by most standards, but certainly not perfect. Once you get used to them you won't really mind their high spread.

Johnny   15 July, 2007  

I am 50 years old guy, and don't work in Finex. I have got 300 pip slipped from odl once and 80 from ifx and saxo removed my profitable trades. That is why I appreciate how finex works. u bucket will understand it later

J12   4 July, 2007  

Ok samuel, I was saying the market moved 6 pips and I was slipped 6 pips, perfect example of a market maker who was scared to lose some money....60 dollars, imagine how small the place is based on that, if they cant afford to make a tiny payout, I got my money out last week. Oh and J12 why dont you just put in your direct line at the sals desk so anyone who gets excited by your comment can open an account with you? lol

bucket   4 July, 2007  

I have been trading with them almost 3 month and must say they are great, keep it that way !!! Thumbs up!!!

J12   3 July, 2007  

I agree with samuel. you cant expect fills like a demo in real account if you do then I would suspect a true bucketshop. I cant comment on ACM or Duka. I only traded cbfx, gain capital, cms, interbankfx, ifx and finex. I dont trade mini, only standard account.

jack   22 June, 2007  

bucket, I've been trading there for several months now. It sounds like you placed a stop during a news annoucement. What do you expect? I have never gotten slipped on markets. So, you obviously sound like a novice. I traded with many other brokers and have gotten slipped alot worse then 6 pips. Finex is the only broker I would ever trade through, they aren't perfect, but definitely the best out of the rest.

samuel   21 June, 2007  

Finex is a small bucketshop broker scam, how are they second? Are the poeple voting for them acutally clients there or all demo traders? Because the first trade I entered there on a live account was slipped 6 pips! They started telling me yeah the market was moving fast... It moved 6 pips!!! Checking out ACM and Dukas now. bye finex scammers !!!!!!!!!

bucket   21 June, 2007  

I agree with Jack, why whould anybody wants to screw on demo? It does not make any sense to me

aleks   7 June, 2007  

you judge all brokers by demo? hum... good luck

jack   4 June, 2007  

I have notice that during the NFP new on the 1st June 2007, I just notice that the candlestick at 14:29 the ( Finex broker) high of the candlestick is 34 pips. When I measure the high with other broker plateform it was just around 9 pips the broker time is 15:29 FXMalaya broker, 1 hour difference from finex plateform time. I think this broker is trying to screw us I was luck I'm using the demo account

Manelectro   2 June, 2007  

I agree with stephan. I have been trading at finex for 3 month. So far the best I have used. Are the perfect? Of course not. But I feel safe because I know that they dont trade against me. One tip, its hard to get fill in our out if less that 1 lot. I found this to be true at other brokers too.

jack   23 May, 2007  

No, Kiana, I don't work there. I'm just telling you my experience with trading with them and I'm suprised you aren't as happy as I am with Finex. You are either one of their competitors and bad mouthing them or you are just sore at all the brokers because you lost money.

Stephan   23 May, 2007  

Yeah sure you work there so just dont talk plz. No stop ordre prices are EVERRRRR filed at the right price, stable or valatile market alike.. so dont try to sell me your bucket platform that I've already seen. My trade confirmation are faster at Finex that with anyone else... pffffffff

kiana   23 May, 2007  

Regarding Kiana's comment... of course they are market markers, but they don't have human dealers, they have a computerized risk management system that routes trades directly to their counterparties automatically. I have been trading with them for a few months now and I will never go to another broker again since I've been with Finex. Sure, I get slipped sometimes when I place stops during news. But, this is the risk when you place stops. My trade confirmations are faster at Finex then with anyone else I've ever traded with. Kiana, you sound like someone that just lost his money and trying to blame everyone else but yourself.

Stephan   21 May, 2007  

I used to trade with finex, not only are they clearly market makers who do trade against their clients because everytime I make money they slip me to loss. I wanted to complain and found out they are regulated by polyreg, the same who regulated gfx, gfx was closed down last week by the swiss authorities. Get out while you still can or all u money is gone.

kiana   21 May, 2007  

I agree that the spread is a little high, that is why I dont scalp. only uk session for me

jack   17 May, 2007  

Well, for intraday trading where there r many trades the spread 4 pips is very high indeed

a1eksei   11 May, 2007  

The spread is fine as long as I get a fill. Its not tha expensive. I remeber one I was paying the same spread and then also a fee at cbfx. I still made money. So far so good. I like finex. I probably would not trade news. Hard to get in a fast moving market.

jack   7 May, 2007  

i liked metatrader very much
but the spead for GBPUSD is too high

a1eksei   3 May, 2007  

I like the execution and the fact they are the only market making company who does not trade against his client, what else do we need?

mbforex   23 April, 2007  

I just started trading with them. Really good and fast execution. Recommended.

Josue   18 April, 2007  

It is difficult to overestimate the role of clients' reviews about brokerage companies and dealing desks. Such reviews are the most objective statement in favor of a certain forex company or against it. Once you are not sure if Finex is reliable, read reviews left by traders who have been trading in the forex market with this company before. Although just impressions and experience of other people are not enough to make a final decision about the forex broker, they are the evidence that will assist you in forming an objective opinion.

Opinions left by traders about Finex may serve well to both forex newbies willing to learn most about the company and to the experienced venturers who are up to testing a new forex broker. Whenever the traders are unhappy with any element of the broker's operations, or, on the contrary, if they wish to praise the company, they are able to leave their actual comments about Finex. These comments will help their less experienced fellow traders to make proper decisions.


Finex forex broker was established in 2006 to provide trading services mainly on The Financial Futures and Options Division of the New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE). Broker finex offers trading most FINEX contracts and some other trading assets including shares, futures, precious metals and CFDs. The...


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