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  29 Jun 2023
For a long time I chose which broker to open an account with. And as a result, I decided to open it in ForexTB. They have good service. There are enough trading tools. With high volatility, I did not notice slippage. The personal manager responds quickly to requests. The support itself is also generally helpful. Your appeals are always considered and full answers are given. I chose a broker, taking into account that, firstly, he would allow scalping. And, secondly, so that the terms of trade are acceptable. I opened a standard account, it was then optimally suited for my trading. And when they opened ECN, it got even better, because this account is generally ideal for scalping. Broker is good. Suitable for both those who have just started to get acquainted with trading, and for super pros. I liked that they do not require a bunch of documents and check quickly. That is, it is easy to open an account here. I learned trading from a friend, but now I have plucked up the courage and now I will fill the bumps on my own. I will test myself so to speak. Demo and cent account is open, I deposited $100 while I learn from them. Came very quickly, no problems so far.
  14 Aug 2021
When I started looking for a broker, I saw many good ForexTB reviews on the Internet. This helped me make a decision. I decided that this is the company with which I could start my forex trading. It was important to me that everything here was honest. I was afraid that it would be a Forex scam, but I was convinced that it was not. It turned out that ForexTB is regulated by a serious financial institution. This is CySEC. This means that you are insured and you do not have to worry about your money. As for the financial conditions, there is enough of everything. For example, there is a large number of trading assets among which there are many currency pairs and even cryptocurrency. Of course, you can trade stocks and do not need to physically own these assets. This is called CFD trading. I still have a lot to study and I am sure that everything will work out because there is enough necessary information. In addition, I opened a ForexTB demo account and now I practice and study trading strategies. There is an excellent software for this, MetaTrader 4. I think that I did not get a bad ForexTB review and some of you learned something new for yourself.
Dear Jari
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience at Forextb. We take pride in knowing our customers are happy and satisfied with our services!
ForexTB (Official)   17 August 2021
  6 Aug 2021
ForexTB broker works in the legal field and honestly pays the money earned. I have already earned $2,000 in June. I withdraw profits to my e-wallet - requests are processed as quickly as possible, I have not had to get nervous so far. I have recently connected to Trading Central and now I am not only earning on my own trading but I am also studying trading signals.
Dear Naud, Thank you for your honest feedback and for taking the time to submit your review!
ForexTB   9 Sep 2021
  1 Aug 2021
I was offered to trade Forex by a friend who has been doing this for a long time. I opened a ForexTB account. He also has an account here. I liked everything and I realized that this is a really good chance to make money! What's especially great is that you can make money 24 hours a day. This is good because I still have a regular job. I need to know how can I do market analysis and predict the price of an asset?
Dear Tuukka,
Thank you for your positive comment and for choosing us as your trusted broker. Please do not hesitate to contact us at our support email support-forextb@forextb.com for any assistance you may need.
Thank you!
ForexTB (Official)   3 August 2021
Dear Tuukka, Thank you for your positive comment and for choosing us as your trusted broker. Please do not hesitate to contact us at our support email support-forextb@forextb.com for any help you may need. Thank you!
ForexTB (Official)   2 Aug 2021
  23 Jul 2021
I was not familiar with this broker until late last year, preferring to trade with a couple of promoted brands. By the beginning of this year, on the advice of friends, I opened an account here. What can I say? Basically, everything is fine. The broker is regulated by CySEC, this fact already speaks of reliability. It works with European countries. The only thing is that trading in Belgium and Switzerland is not allowed. The broker's website is available in many languages. At the moment I trade on the Basic account, but in time I plan to switch to the Gold one, as there are better conditions for spread and withdrawal of funds.
Dear Joaquin,
We are very happy to hear that you are satisfied with our Brand. Thank you for keeping us posted and for the 5 stars rating!
ForexTB (Official)   29 July 2021
Dear Joaquin, Thank you for your positive feedback and for keeping us posted! Please keep our support email support-forextb@forextb.com for future use and feel free to contact us for any queries or issues you may come across.

ForexTB (Official)   29 Jul 2021
  21 Jul 2021
A very interesting broker. I love that ForexTB provides good trading conditions and a wide range of assets to trade. I have traded with another broker before and there was no opportunity to trade CFDs. This is very good for me because I can become a more professio*nal trader. In Forex trading, you need to get better than you were yesterday. I have ambitions and goals and I am sure that everything will be fine for me.
Dear Niilo,
Thank you for your positive feedback and for keeping us posted!
ForexTB (Official)   29 July 2021
Dear Niilo, We are very excited to read that our services are useful for you! Thank you for choosing us as your trusted broker and for the positive review.

ForexTB (Official)   29 Jul 2021
  15 Jul 2021
Here at ForexTB I can find many hot stock CFDs for margin trading. additional analysis tools are useful in terms of defining trends and maximizing profits thanks to the technical analysis. Dozens of payment methods available.
Dear Dan,
We are very happy to read that you are satisfied with our services. Thank you for keeping us posted!

ForexTB (Official)   19 July 2021
Dear Dan Milich, Thank you for your positive review.
ForexTB   19 Jul 2021
  5 Jul 2021
The minimum deposit is modest, the leverage is maximum for some types of accounts. As for the performance - no special complaints. The main thing is to trade on more or less liquid pairs and then there will be no errors like "no price". There was such a problem with one currency pair, I could not close a profitable position for 280 usd, ""no price"" constantly got out, I contacted support via chat and they explained everything there. It managed to close in positive territory, although it lost almost 100 usd. If we talk about ForexTB reviews, then, in general, everything is good technically, requotes are rare, but they do not interfere with trading. I would like to especially appreciate the technical support: on withdrawal, trading, etc. They answer very quickly, I was surprised because earlier other companies had to wait for an answer at least 3-5 minutes. Polite and friendly, in Forex with a lot of nerves and problems, such support is just what you need. I am especially glad that there is an opportunity to trade my favorite cryptocurrency, not every broker provides such an opportunity. Not a bad broker, ForexTB is stable, well-regulated and time-tested.
Dear Frostshaper,
We are very happy to hear that our staff is next to you where it's needed. Thank you for sharing your positive trading experience with us!
ForexTB (Official)   5 July 2021
  3 Jul 2021
I have recently started trading here. From the very beginning I was under great impression of Webtrader. It's much better than many other platforms because it's rationally organized. It doesn't come with unnecessary functionality. It has all the necessary indicators and unlike Metatrader it allows to manage a/ssets much easier. In the left menu, I can instantly shift from cryptos to currencies or metals and I don't need to separately open charts - the thing I hate in Metatrader. I intend to withdraw money soon, so I have a question. What's the most optimal way to withdraw money here?
Dear Watson,
Thank you for your feedback and for keeping us posted. Please note that profits are sent separately, and can only be processed to a bank account or e-Wallet. If you need any assistance don't hesitate to send us an email to support-forextb@forextb.com
ForexTB (Official)   5 July 2021
Hello. I will share my experience. The broker works with many payment systems. However, if you withdraw profit, then the choice is narrowed down to a bank account or an electronic wallet. If we are talking about the amount within the deposit, you can use any of the available ones: PayPal, PayU, Skrill, Neteller, Euteller and many others. You can also use a bank account or card. The broker has a complete list of payment systems on the website. Personally, I withdraw using Neteller, this is the most convenient way for me. But if you submit tax reports on your investment activities, it is better to use payments to a bank account.
Tim Barbier   27 Jul 2021
Dear Tim,
Thank you for your positive feedback! Please keep our support email support-forextb@forextb.com for future use and feel free to contact us for any queries or issues you may come across.

ForexTB (Official)   29 Jul 2021
  25 Jun 2021
ForexTB offers many trending stock CFDs to trade with leverage. The trading platform is reliable and easy to understand, there are lots of technical indicators and other tools to ana/lyse the market conditions. The broker's extension for the market news and expert views is powerful in terms of the fundamental point of view. The support team is responsive, withdrawals come in time.
Dear Lorenzo,
Thank you for your positive feedback! We are very happy that our tools are helpful and we are always trying to improve our platforms and add more tools.
ForexTB (Official)   30 June 2021
  14 Jun 2021
Two things attracted me in this broker. The first is their Webtrader. It's very intuitive and comes with all the necessary functionality. I don't need more. I just require Awesome Oscillator, Alligator, and Ichimoky. Of course, it's available in Metatrader, but Webtrader is more user-friendly for me. Secondly, I appreciate the fact that it's a regulated broker.
Dear Mateus,
Thank you for your positive feedback! We are very happy that our tools are helpful and we are always trying to improve our platforms and add more tools.
ForexTB (Official)   16 June 2021
  2 Jun 2021
I know there are many different ForexTB reviews on the internet. I read them too. That is why I chose this broker for my trading. So I can tell you my ForexTB reviews too. I have been trading with this broker for 4 months. To be honest, these are my best 4 months in my life over the past few years. I love that I can sit at home and make money! This is a very interesting business if you can call it that. So, when I started, I didn't understand anything. I just knew I had to! Yes, I started looking for information. and a broker. To be honest, I immediately registered with ForexTB, because I liked it or rather, I liked its site. I realized that this is a serious company. The broker is controlled by the Securities Commission. This means that my money is insured and the broker is not a fraud. I was calm. I traded the demo for only 1 week and made a $ 250 deposit. This is not a lot, but there is a leverage of 1:30. This increases my deposit and allows me to make more money!
Dear Georgel,

We are very to happy to hear that your trading experience with us is positive. Thank you for keeping us posted!
ForexTB (Official)   2 August 2021
Georgel Bucur, We are very happy to read that you are satisfied with our services. Thank you for keeping us posted.
ForexTB   3 Jun 2021
  26 May 2021
Before I found Forextb I was trading with other brokers. And everywhere there were situations when on the news with a sharp increase in volatility, the terminals hung. As a result, I lost profit, I was at a loss. In forextb I have never come across such a thing. Whatever happens on the market, the terminal works stably. The withdrawal of money is also without comment. Therefore, I trade here now, and I am not going to change the broker yet.
Hi Nick, It is good that a positive experience came out of a negative one. We are thankful you chose us and we hope you can make back the profit lost from previous broker. Thank you.
ForexTB   31 May 2021
  22 May 2021
For five years of trading I have understood one thing. Forex trading is like hunting. All you need to do is to timely spot the price and open a trade. That's all. Unfortunately, there's a negative side here. You need to manually monitor the market. If you have such an opportunity, that's great. If not, that's a great pity. I don't think that pending orders can be a good solution, but maybe I'm wrong. As for this broker,it's good for me. At least, I haven't caught it cheating me yet.
Dear Jorge, We are glad that you are satisfied with our services and platform. Thank you for your review.
ForexTB   31 May 2021
  22 May 2021
I recently registered with this broker. And I would like to understand where to start in order to understand their terms and trading instruments. Where should a beginner start?
Dear Jules, All information about terms and trades can be found on our website after logging in. You can access this information by clicking onto "Account" on the top right corner and then clicking on "FAQs". Alternatively, our agents can give you an introductory call to the platform and answer any other related questions.
ForexTB   31 May 2021
In order to see all the trading instruments to try trading, you need to open a ForexTB demo account. You will trade as in real life, but only with virtual money.
Hose Zhang   13 Jul 2021
Dear Hose,
Thank you for your feedback!
ForexTB (Official)   15 Jul 2021
  14 May 2021
When choosing a broker, you actively study information. This includes information about the company from official sources and authoritative forums. I constantly see the calls for their advice on how to choose a broker for a novice. Therefore I decided to leave my review today. So my review is about the ForexTB company. This is a broker which is regulated by CySEC and gives comfortable conditions for trading to clients. Since the broker earns only on spreads and swaps, it is interested in making traders profit. Otherwise, they will not trade and bring profit to the broker. So do not think that the broker is trying to deceive you somewhere. I can tell you from my experience that I have withdrawn money from ForexTB many times. So I think the company is reliable.
Hello Aleix, We are glad that you chose us as your trading broker and had success with us. We thank you for the time you took to leave a review.
ForexTB   31 May 2021
  14 May 2021
Do you know what I like about ForexTB? This is education. On the site you can find a lot of things that you need. For example, an economic calendar, articles on fundamental and technical analysis. You can also read books about trading there. This is basic knowledge and you need it! In addition to the information, you will need a demo account to get started. This can also be found from a ForexTB broker. A good advantage is that you can trade on the website in a browser. You don't need to download anything to your computer. It's very convenient
Hi Gabriel, Just dropping a message to thank you for your nice and explanatory review. We appreciate it.
ForexTB   31 May 2021
  2 Apr 2021
I have recently opened a Webtrader account with this broker. This web platform absolutely meets my trading needs. As a rule, I can't stand excessive functionality such as you can see in Metatraders. On the contrary, Webtrader is light and intuitive, while its functionality is more than sufficient for me. Soon, I'm going to make my first withdrawal. So, I have a question. How can I learn the status of my withdrawal request? Don't wanna be stuck waiting with no chance to find out what's goping on.
Hello Dominique, When a withdrawal request is made, the client receives an email explaining the status of it. You can also contact your account manager or a member of customer support so they can check for you.
ForexTB   31 May 2021
  25 Mar 2021
Several things brought me to ForexTB (reviews are one of them). So the first is the huge amount of educational material. For example, Trading Central allows me to look at a cross-section of the market. That is, to quickly select those assets that have prospects for growth or decline soon. E-books allow to understand the market and not to trade at random. Because trading without a strategy and training most often leads to losses. And of course, I always use Technical and Fundamental Analysis in my work. Both of them are of good quality here. And I've read the same in many other ForexTB reviews. The second point that I like in ForexTB is the large number of assets. After all, this is a fundamental condition for any trader. Because if there are no assets you need, then there is nothing to trade. That is, there may be a situation when some stock rises sharply, and your broker just doesn't have it. What is happening at this moment? You simply lose the money that you could have earned on this asset. So it's a good thing I didn't encounter this at ForexTB. In the terminal of this company, there are American, Russian, and European stocks. So there is always something to make money on.
Dear Laurent Samson, Thank you for taking the time to leave us this positive review. We appreciate you sharing your experience with us and hope that you continue enjoying trading with ForexTB. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted broker!
ForexTB   3 Jun 2021
  8 Mar 2021
I have already tried your Webtrader and I like it very much. I find it one of the most convenient platforms I have ever tried. I also like the trading conditions here. My orders are executed in a hassle-free way, so I have no reasons to worry about. However, I want to open one more account with you and this time I'm going to trade on Metatrader. So, I have a question. Do you allow to use customized indicators on your Metatrader? I heard some brokers call it cheating.
Dear Leo Galindo, Thank you for sharing your positive trading experience with us!! You can not customize indicators on Metatrader but there are other platform options such as MT4 where you can.
ForexTB   3 Jun 2021
  4 Mar 2021
Do you think ForexTB broker will suit a newbie?
Greetings Joachim, ForexTB is very newbie-friendly. The trading platforms are easy to understand and use. We also provide agents to guide you through the process if required.
ForexTB   31 May 2021
You can register through his link www.forextb.com . Once you create an account, an account manager will contact you to introduce you to the market and our platform. Thank you.
ForexTB   1 Jun 2021
Yes, of course, this broker is great for beginners and there are reasons for that, for example, you can trade with WebTrader anytime, anywhere. It is convenient and understandable for beginners. Next, we need to open an account: registration is free and you can start with a demo account. For a beginner, this is important because it takes practice and you need to learn how to trade profitably. Next, you will open a real account. The minimum deposit is only $ 250! This is the optimal amount of money to start trading and be able to make money. Spreads for this broker are floating and start from 1.8 pips. These are good conditions for almost all brokers. From trading assets, you can trade Forex CFDs, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and indices. As you can see, there is a large sel*ection of trading instruments.
Joel Outinen   8 Jun 2021
Dear Joel,
We are very happy to hear that our services are useful for you. Thank you for keeping us posted and for the positive comment!

ForexTB (Official)   2 Aug 2021
  27 Feb 2021
Why do people love to talk about themselves that much? The same with ForexTB reviews. Instead of telling more about the company, customers tend to speak of their trading success or failures. As long as I've been trading with this broker long enough, I can fortunataly provide a detailed review on ForexTB including both pros and cons that I've noticed so far. First things first. Regulations! Yes, the broker is regulated, but IMHO this can be considered both a pro and a cons. Of course this si nice to know that the company is watched over by some third-party commission, funds are secure and the broker obies international regulations applied in this industry. Yet, the regulations are aimed at protecting retail customers, whcih means the CySEC limits the leverage that you can use witih the broker. Deposits. The minimal deposit is 250 euros. That's fine if you ask my opinion. Trading fees. Could be better. They always can. I've never seen a trader that wouldn't ask for lower trading fees. Assets variety. The broker specialized in stocks trading and forex. There are other CFDs, but there are many stocs and currency pairs. Last but not the least. Executions. Excellent. I've seen that other customers have noticed this advantage too. I trade frequently, so its very important parameter for me. Yes, executions are precise. What you ask for is what you get for the price of entry and exit.
Dear Robert Besson, Thank you for your very positive review and for choosing us as your trusted broker!
ForexTB   3 Jun 2021
  23 Feb 2021
I invested CHF 6000 and lost CHF1500, I decided to redraw the rest of my money back to my account, unfortunately it was refused to be refund and the "Senior Account Manager" Mr.C.A. called me and made a deal with me, I should believe and trust him to improve my invest skill which he told me to invest the shares he recommended. Pity I was too naive and trusted him. He helped me to loose CHF4380 in two days. I tried to reach him, no answer and no feedback. And now I am still waiting for the rest of my money. Good Luck to you all.
Dear Khor, We appreciate your comment and would like to elaborate on this. We are very sorry to read this review about your experience with our company. We will gladly look into anything for you, please email all the details to support-forextb@forextb.com and we can get this investigated immediately.
ForexTB   3 Jun 2021
  6 Feb 2021
Artificial intelligence, full news summary with analysis of current events, advanced technical analysis - this is an incomplete list of what you can find in ForexTB. This is more than enough for stable trading in the financial markets.
Dear Mirsad, Thank you for your review. We appreciate hearing from you.
ForexTB   3 Jun 2021
  2 Feb 2021
I've been using this particular company for a long time, or rather its services in order to adapt to the market and understand what's going on here. But all this is not easy for me and I cannot say that I am moving with great dynamism. But I try to use everything that the company provides - reviews, articles etc., and I can say that it really works. And this way I was able to understand a little bit about how to allocate capital and how to act in one situation or another. Only one more question - should I switch to gold account if I'm still such an insecure trader?
Dear Philippe,
Thank you for your feedback and for keeping us posted. If you need any assistance don't hesitate to send us an email to support-forextb@forextb.com and our professional team will assist you as soon as possible. Thank you!
ForexTB (Official)   9 June 2021
Of course, you can switch to the Gold account if $25,000 is an affordable deposit amount for you. But I advise you to keep trading on the Basic account until you gain enough experience.
Vygaudas Pocius   22 Feb 2021
Gold account has got better spreads. If you've got near zero results, it can shift your performance in a plus-zone. Yet, from the way it sounds, you'd better work on your strategy a little bit further before you increase the capital.
Julien Aubry   14 Mar 2021
  6 Jan 2021
Started trading with this brokerage a month ago. Of course I haven't explored all features of this brokerage, but my current opinion is very positive. Especially I like that there's MT4 available, I'm using EAs, so that was a required platform for me. However, if you don't like MT4, you still can trade with WebTrader, ForexTB offers an opportunity to choose.
Dear Lassi,
Thank you for your positive feedback! We are very happy that our tools are helpful and we are always trying to improve our platforms and add more tools.
ForexTB (Official)   9 June 2021
  6 Jan 2021
I'm trading with ForexTB for 3 months now. Innitially I switched to it, just because I was looking for regulated brokerage and ForexTB has CySEC license. My previous brokerage was unregulated and that's a kind of risk, as you never could be sure that your funds are safe. ForexTB is CySEC regulated, so there are no such problems at all. But as I remember, there's no iOS app (at least I've found such info in one of the reviews articles). Is that so or there is iOS FXTB app?
It feels like you are right and the broker really doesn't offer an iOS app. What's more, it doesn't provide an Android app as well.
Roland Fergus   30 Jan 2021
Hi Charles, we would like to inform you that we have an iOS FXTB app. Thank you for your feedback!
ForexTB   17 May 2021
  6 Dec 2020
Company provides a lot of insights about market for free and that was the point that made me trade with it. For example, there's Trading Central with daily market an alysis, an alysts opinions and insights covering economy situations. Of couse, its impossible to trade only using outdoor insights, but if you're solo trader, that would boost your performance. For example my ROI increased from 0.058 (5.8%) per month to 0.079 (7.9%) only because I'm using that insights now.
Dear Himanshu,
Thanks for your positive feedback. We are continuously working on adding more features to our app to make your experience better!
ForexTB (Official)   9 June 2021
  5 Dec 2020
If we speak about this brokerage, then the most important advantage for me is Web-trading. I'm switching devices extremely often, so that's great I can get access to trading only with my login and pas'sword directly from the browser. Of course, Web platform offers less features than MT4, but that's okey if you're news trader like me.
Dear Bjorn,
Thank you for your positive feedback! We are very happy that our tools are helpful for you. We are continuously working on adding more features to our platforms to make your experience better!
ForexTB (Official)   9 June 2021
  30 Oct 2020
I'm looking to try trading with ForexTB, as almost all my friends already switched to this brokerage. I can't say that my current brokerage is bad, but I'm not satified with it execution speed. As my friends told me, ForexTB is much better in this regard, but I want to check everything twice. So, what can you say about its executions speed (better with exact numbers)?
Dear M.Shneider,
Thank you for taking the time to write feedback about ForexTB, if you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us at support-forextb@forextb.com and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.
ForexTB (Official)   9 June 2021
I've been trading with this broker for three months. I can say that everything is Ok with executions. I can't say for sure whether it's the fastest execution speed I have ever seen but it's more than sufficient for comfortable trading.
Johannes Walter   28 Dec 2020
  26 Oct 2020
I don't understand traders that chase some short-term success trying to catch each and every market move. Upper timeframes make miracles with profitability. Investing instead of speculation doubles the miraculous effect.
Here I've got all the conditions to implement my strategy safely. There is a great variety of stocks and derivatives to choose from. Commissions are OK. Support can help with verification process (not that difficult). Most importantly the broker has got a CySEC certificate, so it's safe to trade here accroding to a third-party audit.
Dear Gustaaf,
We are very happy to hear that our staff is next to you where it's needed. Thank you for sharing with us your positive trading experience and we are very happy to have you as a stable client!
ForexTB (Official)   9 June 2021

ForexTB is operated by Forex TB Limited, a Cyprus Investment Firm, authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with CIF licence number 272/15 for CFD Trading across the European Economic Area and Switzerland, with the sole exception of Belgium. The broker offers more than 300 tradable financial assets from Forex Pairs, to Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Popular Global Stocks and Indices. There are 4 account options to choose from (including a Free Practice...

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