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In my experience, FXCM has proven itself to be a reliable Forex broker, offering a user-friendly platform for navigating the complexities of the foreign exchange market. However, while it boasts several commendable aspects, there are areas where it falls short compared to other brokers. Here's a detailed assessment. Accessibility and User-Friendly Interface: One of FXCM's strengths lies in its accessible and intuitive trading platform. The interface is thoughtfully designed, making it easy for traders to swiftly establish and monitor positions. This user-friendliness is especially beneficial for those who are new to the world of Forex trading. Instrument Selection and Spread Considerations: However, it's worth noting that FXCM may lag behind some competitors in terms of its array of trading instruments. If you're looking for an extensive range of trading options, you might find that FXCM falls short in comparison. Additionally, it's essential to be aware that spreads on certain currency pairs can be on the higher side, potentially impacting your trading costs. Support Team Responsiveness: Another aspect to consider is the responsiveness of FXCM's support team. While they generally maintain a good reputation for customer service, there have been instances of delayed responses. This might pose an inconvenience, especially during critical trading situations when timely assistance is paramount. The Verdict: A Decent Broker, But Not Ideal for All: In conclusion, FXCM is a trustworthy broker with a respectable reputation in the Forex market. Its platform's ease of use makes it an attractive choice for beginners seeking a hassle-free trading experience. However, it's essential to be mindful of its limitations, including a somewhat limited selection of instruments and the potential for higher spreads. For experienced traders, particularly those who require a broader range of trading options and highly responsive support, there may be better-suited alternatives. FXCM caters to a specific niche of traders and might not be the optimal choice for everyone. Careful consideration of your trading needs and priorities is advised before making a decision.
  20 Sep 2023  
In my extensive experience with FXCM, I have found this brokerage to offer outstanding trading conditions, particularly when it comes to its trading platform. Let me delve deeper into what sets FXCM apart. Trading Platform Excellence: FXCM excels in providing a top-notch trading platform that enhances the trading experience. One of its standout features is the lightning-fast execution of trades. This ensures that you can open positions at precisely the desired price, a crucial aspect of successful trading. Efficient Trade Closures: Closing trades at predetermined take profit or stop loss levels is another area where FXCM shines. The minimal slippage during trade closure is a testament to the platform's reliability. While it's worth noting that slippage can occasionally occur during rapid market movements, it's relatively minor and doesn't significantly impact overall performance. A Strong Recommendation: Based on my extensive experience, I wholeheartedly recommend considering FXCM for your trading endeavors. It's undoubtedly worth exploring the possibilities that FXCM offers, and there aren't many companies in the industry that maintain such a consistently high rating. This reputation is not only backed by my personal experience but is also corroborated by numerous traders who have found success on this platform. Long-Term Reliability: My own journey with FXCM spans nearly five years, during which I've witnessed firsthand that it is indeed possible to generate substantial earnings and withdraw them seamlessly. This long-term reliability is a significant advantage for traders seeking a stable and reputable brokerage. In conclusion, FXCM stands out as an exceptional choice for traders looking to elevate their trading experience. With its superior trading platform, efficient trade execution, and a track record of reliability, FXCM has earned its place among the top-tier brokerages in the industry. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, FXCM offers a compelling proposition for achieving your financial goals.
  19 Sep 2023  
My experience with FXCM has been exemplary, rooted in its two-decade-long legacy in the forex trading domain. Their commitment to providing innovative trading tools and pertinent market news showcases their dedication to offering unparalleled trading service quality. One of FXCM's commendable attributes is the efficiency of their funds withdrawal system. Seamlessly integrating with a variety of payment systems, FXCM ensures prompt and hassle-free transactions, be it depositing funds or withdrawing profits. FXCM's multilingual support team stands out in its responsiveness and efficiency. Operating 24/7, the team has consistently addressed my queries, ensuring a smooth trading experience. The suite of tools that FXCM offers, combined with additional services like trading analytics and API trading, is comprehensive. This rich arsenal of resources enhances the trading experience, particularly when navigating the unpredictable waters of forex trading. FXCM's transparent structure with spreads on major currency pairs is competitive, typically ranging from 1.3 to 1.5. While the minimum deposit of £300 may seem steep for beginners, the quality of service offered justifies the investment. Being regulated by several globally recognized financial regulators such as FCA, ASIC, and SFC underscores FXCM's commitment to maintaining trading standards. This widespread regulation provides a sense of reliability and trust in their operations. With features like mobile trading and one-click order execution, FXCM stands tall in ensuring smooth transactions. Trading from real-time charts further boosts transparency, allowing traders to make informed decisions. Offering a multitude of platforms, including FXCM Trading Station (Desktop/Web/Mobile) and MetaTrader4, FXCM ensures stable trading experiences. Additionally, the plethora of analytical tools and apps furthers a trader's ability to navigate the markets strategically. While specific details about FXCM’s partnership programs aren't mentioned, their expansive network and suite of services suggest a comprehensive approach, ensuring mutual growth and benefits. FXCM’s versatility is evident in its offering of indices, commodities, treasuries, and forex. The integration of CFD products, coupled with the ability to trade commodities like oil and gold on a unified platform, further accentuates the broker's commitment to providing diverse trading opportunities.
  8 Sep 2023  
Trading with FXCM has been an enriching experience. Their longstanding presence in the market since 1999 speaks volumes about their commitment to traders. With a plethora of platforms and a focus on education, FXCM prioritizes both new and seasoned traders' needs. The diversity in payment methods, ranging from EFT & Bank Wire to Skrill, ensures efficient funds transfer. My withdrawals have been smooth, with transactions reflecting in a timely manner, fostering trust in their systems. With a dedicated 24-hour support system and a free phone service, FXCM has consistently addressed my issues promptly. Their multilingual support caters to a global clientele, facilitating effective communication. FXCM's arsenal of trading platforms, from their proprietary Trading Station to the renowned MetaTrader4, offers tools tailored for every trading style. Their emphasis on expert advisors and automated trading makes decision-making more streamlined. FXCM operates on a variable spread type, with competitive pip spreads on major currencies averaging between 1.3-1.5. The clarity in their fee structure ensures that traders are well-informed about potential costs. Regulated by multiple esteemed entities like the FCA and ASIC, FXCM’s operations exude reliability. Their dual focus on regulatory compliance and trader satisfaction has bolstered their standing in the forex community. FXCM's commitment to transparency is evident in their detailed trading information. The five-digit precision in quotes ensures accurate order executions, eliminating potential ambiguities. The stability of FXCM's platforms, combined with their comprehensive suite of analysis tools, empowers traders to make well-informed decisions. Whether using FXCM Active Trader or ZuluTrade, the experience remains consistent and glitch-free. While specifics about the partnership programs weren't detailed, the inclusion suggests potential collaborative opportunities for traders, fostering community growth and mutual benefits. FXCM offers a broad spectrum of tradeable assets, from commodities to treasuries. Their diverse asset portfolio, complemented by their multiple account currency options, makes them a versatile broker for traders with varied interests and strategies.
  4 Sep 2023  
Outstanding broker firm. There are many opportunities to make money and services are really pleasant. They've got responsive chat support, a grateful person answering my questions. I am please with their customer service. Good in all aspects. Services are always efficient, signals are profitable and withdrawal is fast. I am fully satisfied with this broker's service. There are so many good reasons to keep the services. One of which is getting a really profitable trading signal.
  24 Aug 2023  
As someone new to forex, FXCM's educational content has been a lifesaver. The platform is user-friendly, and their trading tools are quite intuitive. I did face a slight delay in my first withdrawal, but their support team was very helpful. I appreciate FXCM's commitment to regulatory standards, ensuring a safe trading environment. The platform stability is excellent, but I believe they can offer more advanced customization options in their analysis tools. FXCM offers tight spreads, and their order execution is impeccable. The platform's stability is commendable. I do hope they can expand their range of assets in the future.
  18 Aug 2023  
My experience with FXCM has been mostly positive. Their service quality is consistent, and I've rarely faced any downtime on their platform. The customer support, however, could be a bit more responsive. I've been trading with FXCM for years now. Their transparency in all dealings and rigorous adherence to regulations is very reassuring. Their analysis tools are comprehensive, but there's always room for innovation. FXCM's platform is reliable and offers a plethora of tools for analysis. The trading fees are transparent, and the order execution has rarely let me down. I've had minor issues, but their customer support is generally efficient.
  18 Aug 2023  
Trading with FXCM has been a generally seamless experience. The order execution is swift, and their platform is very stable. However, I hope they could improve their customer support response time during peak hours. FXCM offers an extensive range of analysis tools that align well with my trading style. Their transparency in commissions is commendable. But, the withdrawal process can be a tad more efficient, especially for larger amounts. I value the quality of service at FXCM. Their platform rarely glitches, even during high-volatility periods. The only hiccup I've faced is the occasional delay in funds withdrawal, but it's not a deal-breaker for me. With FXCM, order execution has been precise, ensuring my strategies work as planned. Their regulation and transparency give me peace of mind. I just wish their customer support was more proactive.
  18 Aug 2023  
FXCM offers an attractive trading experience with its diverse asset selection, competitive spreads, regulatory oversight, and variety of trading platforms. Traders should be mindful of the minimum deposit requirement and leverage considerations while leveraging the bonuses and promotions offered. Ultimately, FXCM's commitment to regulatory compliance and trader-friendly features makes it a strong contender in the forex market.
  11 Aug 2023  
Worst of the worts! Trying to get my document reviewed for ages! No service at all. The wosrt service I have received from any bank, service provider or business!. They pathetic, Useless, Unproffesional.
  8 Aug 2023  
This is a good trading company. They are professional and they never fail to pay profit on time. Good broker to trade forex. They are intensively experienced in the forex market. Signals are good are services are reliable. I have few trades with this broker and so far I had a good trading experience. Services are good and withdrawals are smooth and easy. Profitable deals, too.
  5 Aug 2023  
I am new to forex and think the reviews of this broker is good enough for me. Hope to open a live account with them.
  31 Mar 2021  
FXCM's Customer Service is atrocious. They don't have an Service Level Agreement so I would not recommend anyone to deposit funds with them. Once received you submit your documents and then the only answer you get is "Your documents have been received and being reviewed " When you ask them how long this will take you are told "Your documents have been received and will be reviewed " I asked them if they have any brokers they said "Your documents have been revieced and will be reviewed" How many weeks, months, years do I have a wait for my documents to be reviewed. I just wonder if I would ever be able to withdraw funds from them. Don't go near them.
  30 Jan 2021  
I have been trading with a FXCM broker for about 3 years. I haven't seen any problems with this broker all the time, but I trade in the medium term from a week to a month and hold a position. Then either I withdraw the profit or again I open new orders. I use the services of this broker, because of high-quality execution of orders and a good story for analytics.
  23 Jul 2019  
Predicting the market price movement is less difficult. Thanks to their staff, I can consider better when it comes to enter a trade. Even those are their prediction, but it is much helpful than just to trade by ourselves.
  28 Feb 2019  
Have been trading with FXCM for several months by now. All in all I'm quite satisfied. I don't get huge profits so far, but I'm still learning the industry.
  9 Oct 2018  
It's definitely that broker I want to stay with in a long run. Company survived after swiss franc super extreme volatility last year caused by unexpected policy of Swiss National Bank. The number of FX brokers reported huge losses and bankruptcies but not this one. FXCM survived and keep on working till now. So it is a very good sign of stable company. In case when you have profitable strategy and generate positive returns, this broker is number one I would recommend.
  6 Oct 2018  
I am trading in forex with FXCM. It offers the particular conditions for active trader. I enjoy this special account! Here I get help from a manager trained in a special way, who provides an individual support presenting the products and tools of the broker, recommending techniques. Moreover he promises to promote my withdrawals and all processing connected with it. Real-time feedback from experts is available here. I can count on privileges as to commissions, which make almost 55 % less compared to the standard amount. Satisfied!
  2 Oct 2018  
The FXCM demo account is one of the best things about this broker. I've had lots of fun using it. I didn't make any money of course but it's been a blast.
  12 Jul 2018  
It's well known company and has a huge amount of credibility. Don't read this bullshit about frauds and money withdrawal delays. Never ever within my experience I had problems with delays, off quotes or transferring money to my paypal or bank account. Just think how many people complain on bad service but lost money only because of their greed and fear? Broker works perfectly, trading platform is one of the best you can find among others and it is regulated
  15 Jun 2018  
Do your research! FXCM US and UK divisions have a long history of fines by multiple financial authorities and actions for fraud. They only survived the Swiss Franc margin call due to a massive hand out. Don't say you havn't been warned.
Mr Charisma   4 Feb 2019
FXCM has good trading conditions and always was a reliable broker. But now their reputation is more and more crushing down. A lot of problems with a platform and SL hunting made me change this broker to another one. Fortunately, I found really good ECN broker and now my trading are on the next level. If you are looking for a broker that you can trust with your money, I am ready to help.
  9 Jun 2018  
What Broker are you using and which one can we trust?
Alton   21 Jun 2019
Would you please let me know the next good broker, you mentioned. I have not traded with FXCM or anybody else but would love to know the best and fair one.
Abdul Qadir   26 Dec 2019
Very disappointed of FXCM after regulators revealed some sort of scam with liquidity providers made by broker. You can find information on internet about this fraud. Mostly all liquidity providers had no access to interbank liquidity. Thus, fxcm has provided fake information. FXCM had a share and mutual interest using such a bad practice. No Tier-1 liquidity providers were found at all. Since that, all US customers were transferred to forex.com. I don't know if there is some way to work with new company... However, fxcm is not that good firm as it was for so many years. This is fact!
  20 Mar 2017  
I agree that this Forex trading platform is easy to understand and its customer support is helful. So, if you know how political and economic events in different countries affect the price of the currency and your trading opportunities, you can count on success within this broker. It offers the large leverage level so if there is no amount needed to trade I still can deal. This broker offers really good trading conditions. There are no stop and limit restrictions on popular indices here so I can take advantage of market volatility.
  3 Jun 2016  
I don't trust this broker. had many problems with them that's why I stopped trading with them.
  11 Dec 2014  
This broker bet against your trades
  8 Jul 2014  
i using fxcmplatform a year it's really a great platform to me i have had earn many money es dax futures my favor
  23 Jun 2013  
I have not had much problems with FXCM , customer support is quite good and helpful. Many traders are worried about the deposit withdrawal, I consider they are very fast with. Nevertheless, they have minor problems with entry set. Else, they some problems with slippage, once while trading with another broker I have noticed my SL hit on FXCM and hasn't with the other.
  14 Jun 2013  
FXCM is properly regulated forex broxer. I think they are the best. The reasons are evident. A trader has to pay a price for Forex in the United States in the restrictions placed for the regulations but FXCM is absolutely safe and trustworthy. Besides they are well known and stable. The have everithing a trader needs.
  3 Jun 2013  
This whole FX market is a magnificently tragic disaster if you are a US trader. Dodd Frank killed our ability to use competitive leading foreign brokers, for added misery they then killed our ability to trade precious metals...at home (I am not an ECP, and no one I know is either). Well at least the miserable choice of brokers we were left with included 1 or 2 seemingly reputable ones. Now we read that the biggest US broker has been screwing its own folk with slippage for god knows how long...and fined $2 million by the NFA for doing so. Thank you FXCM!
  16 Apr 2013  
I transferred funds from my U.S. account to another country. Almost three weeks later and they are still not there. Rang fxcm and the phone rang off the hook for minutes. Worried about my money. They say they have mistaken my account number. Think I will close the account.
  19 Mar 2013  

The FXCM group of companies (FXCM Group) is a leading provider of online foreign exchange (forex) trading, CFD trading, spread betting and related services workin since 1999. FXCM is regulated by FCA, ASIC, SFC, CONSOB, BaFin and ACP. The company offers trading Indices,...

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