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In my opinion, this is the best brokerage company among others. I have invested over $5,000 in selling GBP after brexit event and now I can see how good investment I’ve made. Software & web applications are used only to monitor my current positions, however it's working very well in case of remote access. Fxsol has a number of trading tools for research solutions from well-known third party companies. Immediate access to all required information is a plus. What's more important is I can chat with support immediately. By using its features, I have learned to apply reversal approach for hedging long position with amazing accuracy. I am also able to manage trades from entry to exit just as I learned through broker's webinars. This is what all traders need by being involved in such a risky business as Forex. In addition, broker offers seminars where traders with all levels of experience can learn how to develop trading strategy with the most precise and complete trading plan for day trading.

Dailyscare   21 March, 2017  

Trying to contact FX Solutions can't get contact info that is viable does anyone have any or is this a scam?

Ronald Vincellette   19 May, 2017

Do you know how to get a hold of anyone in the customer service?

Christell Scott   27 June, 2017

Good platform, fixed spreads, but had a bit of a head ache with their application process. Their compliance is paranoid, but a great broker in general.

best trader   7 December, 2011  

They were good. The only concern I had with was that a couple of times I would set up a market trade, and while I was waiting for my entry point, FX sol would just open my trade. I didn't press any buttons, the trade just opened. I looked at different forums and found that a couple other traders were experiencing the same thing. Hopefully FX sol fixed that.

Brandon   19 January, 2011  

Good trading plataform, a solid broker, spreads are ALWAYS against you also during news times volatility is super HIGH, guys if you dont know how forex works, DO NOT TRADE, trading is risky!

Max Ramirez   29 January, 2009  

They dont requote and have avg spreads. They give you 10min charting option which mt4 charts dont. its nice to have there chart on my system to look at but trade with MT4. Stay away from IBFX and ODLS if using a robot (EA) they will freeze your acct if your profitable!

2year of fx sol   17 December, 2008  

At first I believe in them but after I hold my lot for an overnight, the interest very high if compared to other broker. Sometimes the overnight interest can easily up to 25% from your capital. becareful guys.

old trader   2 July, 2008  

fx solution got skyhigh overnight interest! But they never told me that before!

Lin JIA   5 November, 2013

We trade against you! Watch out!!!

Foxsol   4 November, 2007  

Beware of fxsol, their spreads are always against u. They are higher than industry average and can widen dramatically during news. They just want your money. I have been there. Beware! Beware!! Beware!!!

Lucky   17 September, 2007  

Excellent web site I will be visiting often

Leslie   10 September, 2007  

I have your site for its useful and funny content and simple design

Nadine   8 September, 2007  

I'm love this great website. Many thanks guy

Wendy   5 September, 2007  

I love Fx solution the platform is easy to use and at the same time gives u real time qoute and the. Never had problem with Fx sol

Gbenga Olaitan   21 August, 2007  

Has been the best I've been trading with, price feed prompt and accurate
you can even trade the news sometimes
stay there for more than a year, start two accounts already

hailong   1 May, 2007  

also pay attention to the spreads. it is ALWAYS OFF against you. CHOP SHOP!!!!!

the truth   19 March, 2007  

worst platform. childish charting. support has a very big attitude problem, thought i was about to get cursed out everytime i called with an issue.

the truth   19 March, 2007  

Good Platform and service but very high interest on over 300 leverage.

Choud2403   7 February, 2007  

I freaking love fx solution rock solid spreads no slippage and very professional. awesome rate feed as well.

Fx trader   28 November, 2006  

Clearly the best price feed around!

Jose Montenga   26 October, 2006  

I like FXSol trading platform. It's easy to use with great features. One can also hedge a same currency pair, which is great for those who hedge to increase profit or reduce loss. FXSol gives flexible trading contract size. Newbies with small account can make use of this feature to trade as low as a 1000 unit contract.

clemt   16 September, 2006  

The platform is good- but look
INFX or Oanda.

Arnold   5 August, 2006  

great platform

mike k   2 August, 2006  

Been there and done that, the platform is not as good as others. not for the person just starting out

Mr Forex   24 June, 2006  

It is difficult to overestimate the role of clients' reviews about brokerage companies and dealing desks. Such reviews are the most objective statement in favor of a certain forex company or against it. Once you are not sure if FX Solutions is reliable, read reviews left by traders who have been trading in the forex market with this company before. Although just impressions and experience of other people are not enough to make a final decision about the forex broker, they are the evidence that will assist you in forming an objective opinion.

Opinions left by traders about FX Solutions may serve well to both forex newbies willing to learn most about the company and to the experienced venturers who are up to testing a new forex broker. Whenever the traders are unhappy with any element of the broker's operations, or, on the contrary, if they wish to praise the company, they are able to leave their actual comments about FX Solutions. These comments will help their less experienced fellow traders to make proper decisions.

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FX Solutions was founded in 2001 by two foreign exchange business veterans who realized the Internet could provide the retail trader with the same instantaneous price and deal information that had previously been available only to bank traders via private networks. FX solutions forex company...

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