HQBroker Reviews and Comments 2020

HQ-Broker remains for me the best broker in this market. They always have everything seriously, the manager professionally communicates with clients and acts as an investment specialyst. The company has a high level of service and it is noticeable instantly.

guest   23 October, 2020  

One year pasased in hqbroker, and during this time I had one bad month, when I tried to change the rules of trading, tried to trade differently, it turned out worse. Then I understood in which direction it would be logical for me to go further. This is how you learn from mistakes. Now I always try to remember that everything doesn't always work for the first time.

White Lion   10 September, 2020  

Hq broker has everything that can characterize it as a reliable company, I have been trading here for 4 months, and have personally checked everything, and I am satisfied with the company. The platform is good, flexible trading conditions, withdrawals are also sent in time. It only remains for me to get a good account, so that the profit here will suit me and not just the work of a broker

No. 2   23 August, 2020  

I trade stocks, they have good support for all kinds of accounts. It's good that there are experts there. Firstly I didn't think that they were good, but I wasn't right. At the moment, for me the company is characterized by their high-quality support, it would be good if that wasn't its only positive side.

rembrandt   3 August, 2020  

In my opinion HQ is almost a perfect broker. I use them as my broker for a while now, and their withdrawals are fast, and support is really nice and always helpful.

DI   10 July, 2020  

The broker is normal, I traded here for months, and I no longer see any reason to sit in the shade. I replenished to $ 5000, for me this is big amount, but once I decided to have something with forex, I have nothing to count for $ 250, I set myself the goal of earning every day, one percent of the deposit, this is quite a possible goal, and I've already earned it during the month. There are, of course, unsuccessful days, but the TS is the TS. In general, I ike to trade with the broker

Matt   21 June, 2020  

I believe that HQ Broker can be trusted, since this broker allows you to withdraw the money you earned, the money comes exactly on time, which was refered on HQ Broker official website. And this was the most important factor for me during choosing a company.

Silvio   2 June, 2020  

3 months of futures and stocks trading, total earnings of $1,422. In early April, there was a withdrawal of $1000, the money came, everything is in order, I did not even expect such results from the hq broker manager

Natn   9 May, 2020  

Hqbroker has many advantages. For example, low spreads, no commissions and free analytics help. This is what I needed from a broker. I have been trading for a long time with hqbroker, I personally made sure that the conditions are convenient and favorable. And the most important is the reliability of this company. The broker has special accounts where customers' money is stored and they are stored separately from the broker's money. This is to ensure that your funds are inviolable to the company.

Mac   6 April, 2020  

My collaboration with HQ broker is going pretty well. I have been trading with this company for the last two years. I have never had any problems with execution, nor with the terminal, neither with withdrawal of money, everything is fine so far. I make good money on Forex thanks to this broker.

James   22 March, 2020  

hqbroker is not so bad.they have all the opportunities you need to trade and make a profit.but ofc you should be trading thoughtfully and seriously. I have a gold account and I think that this one (and also platinum) is the most interesting. these accounts have the most tight spreads and the lowest commissions. advantages of the broker are their execution and quick withdrawal.there are cons though - you can't withdraw money with paypall.

yarr   3 March, 2020  

I just cashed out my first profit. The withdrawal (700usd) went without further questions and I get my money in time. Now I can give a positive feedback about Hq Broker and recommend it to other people.

Alexandr   20 February, 2020  

I've been trading for a year and so far I haven't noticed anything suspicious. I saw both positive and negative feedback, but nothing too bad like no one writes really bad stuff, the broker has a good reputation. Servers never crash and their terminal works perfectly. Withdrawal is pretty fast.

Mike   13 February, 2020  

I have been trading with Hqbroker for two years now. The broker does not cause any problems and doesn't violate the agreement. My manager helps me and often offers me good deals, so I have a good income. I don't need more.

Marvin   4 February, 2020  

I've been trading with HQ for about two years. This is a very long period, I'm very glad that so far I've not had any reason to change the company. I'm completely satisfied with everything. The impression of the company is good. The conditions for trading are very favorable, and the withdrawal of funds occurs without problems.

R.B.   23 January, 2020  

Good broker. I can't say anything bad about him. The main thing is that he is honest with his customers.

Britt   16 January, 2020  

I started at HQ Broker with three hundred dollars in my escrow account.For me,the main task was to learn how to trade,and for this I needed to not lose the deposit and try to disperse it,since I did not have a lot of money,and I read that people do this.By the end of the year,summing up,I will tell everyone that I completed this task and,moreover,I prove that it is real!Yes,not as fast as I wanted,yes,sometimes my hands dropped when the results were so slow,but the longer I traded,the faster the pace increased and the deposit increased.Today I first came to the conclusion that the application has passed,and now I'm waiting for the next week to get what I have earned.All patience and profit!

Rusi   20 December, 2019  

Personally, I prefer to trade exclusively on stocks! I always follow the situation on the stock market, read news, forecasts, do analysis and now after all this I can safely open an order for a particular stock! The main thing is to set the desired volume, which would be disrupted by more profit.

Adam V   5 December, 2019  

In my opinion, the safest instrument is currencies, or rather majors.due to the high liquidity, such currency pairs are not subject to high spreads, and their slippage is better than that of other assets.it's easier to work with currency, because the hq broker gives a good leverage, and the volumes that you can choose are the smallest.so that the risks are minimal and the deposit can be opened as usual - this money is enough to trade with leverage and minilots.

Vladimir   28 November, 2019  

I use HqBroker quotes throughout my time on Forex. I have never experienced any difficulties with the trading platform. Here it is, the golden mean, how many years, and MT is still relevant.

Ben   21 November, 2019  

I hate these formalities such as registration and opening an account. Why we just can't enter a login and a password and without any banks to withdraw the earned amount to ourselves. I understand that this won't happen in the nearest future, but it would totally simplify my life, especially in hqbroker. There I don't have large deposits, so they need to start up a new program for people like me!

Alex Stone   9 November, 2019  

Immediately was struck by the low entrance deposit at HQbroker, well, agree 250 $ is a great deal for such money. Yes, I was a victim of their marketing strategy. Do I regret? No at all. Everything is fine? Much better than any demos. Now I'm planning to replenish for the Platinum account. Forex is not a place for the poor

Arman   7 November, 2019  

Before choosing a broker, like any smart person, I was looking for hqbroker reviews and doing an analysis of pros and cons in this company. Anyway, everybody has biases about forex brokers and only after becoming a broker's client, only then you realize what it is true and that it is not. I can only say thanks to everyone who left good reviews of them, as they helped me make the right choice.

Thai   3 November, 2019  

are there people who trade on ready strategies in hqbroker? I want to try, are they paid or not, and is it worth the time to use them? please advise something new. I would be very grateful

leo   31 October, 2019  

All the tools for trading have certain specifics, including fluactations and so on. I would trade on those that have increased liquidity. These are the most profitable currency pairs, as for me, besides, the spreads are small and they can be well predicted. The most popular currency pairs in hqbroker are GBP / USD, EUR / GBP and EUR / USD. Especially for beginners, they are just right. But after some time and gaining experience it will be possible to expand my investment portfolio

Eylima   29 October, 2019  

Who tried math trading systems? I haven't met comments from hqbroker customers on this issue yet. Usually currency pairs, futures, precious metals, but not a word about it. Is the deal about the complexity of thiese trading systems? Who knows?

Finarp   24 October, 2019  

I have a Gold Account at HQbroker, trading with precious metals, gold and oil, this is the main tools for me. At first, I did everything wrong, but corrected myself over time:) Still, having a big deposit somehow makes your trade easier, but this is my personal opinion, so I do not impose anyone. Yes, there is more responsibility at HQBroker, but it's worth it.

Giguel   22 October, 2019  

From the very beginning I keep up with Hqbroker and I hope that I will stay with it until the very end, since I feel comfortable here, I do not require more. My requests are confirmed by the company, there is always access to them. I have never noticed any platform malfunctions. Well, that's enough for now.

Sophus Alanis   16 October, 2019  

Well, finally found a normal broker. And here I can earn and withdraw money on time. What I just didnt try, I didnt choose the companys names, because they have such a lot of work that they just stop paying attention to you, and in hqbroker managers are much easier with this, so far there is such an opportunity - its time to act

Foster   14 October, 2019  

I have not opened the account yet, but I consider HQBroker as an option for trading, there were several questions to HQBroker's technical support, I decided to leave a request on its site and not to postpone. They took much time, didn't rumble in a hurry, communicated politely, answered clearly on my questions. In short, I liked the support, the last step has been taken, I will open the account here.

RamizXer   11 October, 2019  

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