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I deposited 1250 Usd and I lost all the money.1 trade with Tech 100 I make 260 Usd profit, from that profit invest markets took 235 Usd as a fee (for 4-hour trade). I complained but no action.Very bad experience.
  15 Sep 2022  
Be careful! Investmarkets is selling you contracts for differences (CFDs). Be aware they also are being the opposing party of the CFD. There is a conflict of interest when they give you advice that goes against you so that they can win in the CFD. Their advisors and their firm make money whenever you lose.
  4 May 2022  
The owner of Investmarkets is Mr. C*** Z*** of Cyprus. He is a local businessman who has been CEO and board member of several international businesses that have been publicly listed such as XAPT and Rafina Innovations. He is listed as owner of A*** C*** and F***T* according to registration documents in Belize and Cyprus. The help desk at Investmarkets acknowledged him when I asked for information to be forwarded to him. However, I am not certain whether they did so or whether he chose not to reply.
  15 Apr 2022  
If you are looking for a reliable partner with whom you could work well and you only have $250 to invest, then you have to like InvestMarkets broker. The reviews about this broker are predominantly good, I can't say anything bad about him either. The broker gives advice and with his help I get a very decent income, in this respect the guys are just great. I always feel good knowing that I am working with a partner in whom I am confident. I have no problems with withdrawal. I also have no problems with tools and everything is all right with a_nalytics. There are all the tools to work with and all the opportunities to develop. What are your impressions of Trading Central signals?
  6 Nov 2021  
I started trading with this broker because there is real NDD execution and the Metatrader 4 trading platform processes all orders very quickly. I can hope for market execution and low slippage. I think it's great. Quality and speed are very important for me and InvestMarkets has it. As for the withdrawal of money, everything is the same here. Speed and quality.
  29 Oct 2021  
I have been trading with broker for a while now. But I'm very happy with how my first month of trading went. Generally, I am a newbie and I didn't expect to make any money even in the first month. The broker provides full-fledged training. I was very helped by the training section of the company's website. All in all, for newbies Investous is just what you need!
  10 Oct 2021  
InvestMarkets is a good broker. I joined it several months ago as I was interested in the large list of stock CFDs that are available for trading here. These derivatives are good for speculating as I can use the short-selling during bearish rebounds, while the margin requirements are quite moderate thanks to the leverage that InvestMarkets provides. The MT4 desktop platform works well in the scope of market executions and a stable flow of quotes. Can someone tell me if I can get the same functionality in Webtrader?
  7 Oct 2021  
I joined this brokerage company because I wanted to practice long-term trading. Earlier I mostly scalped, but over time I realized that long-term trading is more beneficial. What’s more, I found it less stressful.
  3 Oct 2021  
Dear Cheam Tao Niao. Thank you for your review and for keeping us posted!
InvestMarkets   5 Oct 2021
When the pandemic began, I realized that I needed a way to make money on the Internet. I chose forex because I accidentally read some good reviews from InvestMarkets. This was the company that provided CFD trading. Of course I knew about Forex, but it was InvestMarkets that helped me get started. I opened a demo account and tried this. At one point, I realized that I wanted to do this all the time.
  29 Sep 2021  
Dear Alberto. We really appreciate the time you took to leave us a review. Thank you for the nice words and for keeping us posted!
InvestMarkets   5 Oct 2021
I would like to tell you about what really became a significant change in my work when I started working with this particular company. Yes, I mean the floating spreads, I haven't tried them before, probably because I was working with smaller money and was saving a lot. I decided to try it here and I haven't regretted it. For sure it is convenient because any change in the market influences spreads and as a rule it decreases. You can get up to 1:400 leverage here if you are a professional client. There are webinars, trading guides for beginners, tools for analysis.
  22 Sep 2021  
Dear Majed. We are glad to hear that you're satisfied with our services. Thank you for your nice words about our brand!
InvestMarkets   22 Sep 2021
I recently started earning with brokers. My first broker turned out to be a scammer, I found him through advertisements and my letters were answered with rudeness. But since I am smart I decided not to stop and found InvestMarkets broker. It is easy to work here, I can see the good moments and how things change. The broker's website has a good design. The money is transferred to me on time, as I wanted. When I started working with InvestMarkets brokerage company, I have read many reviews about the company and now I trade here. During the cooperation, there were no questions related to funds. I have never had any problem with withdrawal. I have never had any problems with quotes in the terminal too. Good ana*lytics allows to make correct conclusions about the future course of prices. In one word, the company is credible.
  13 Sep 2021  
Dear Juan. We are glad to receive such a positive review. It's great to hear that you're satisfied with our services. We appreciate the time you took to write this review. Thank you!
InvestMarkets   17 Sep 2021
That’s a regulated broker. That’s the main thing why I dared to register a real account here. I first wanted to trade on Webtrader, but it doesn’t support custom indicators, so I moved to Metatrader.
  6 Sep 2021  
I have been trading here for 2 months and I want to say that InvestMarkets quickly withdraws money to my Neteller e-wallet. Very quickly and it's good because there are situations when money is urgently needed. It's better than waiting for a paycheck at a regular job.
  1 Sep 2021  
Dear Valentinos. Thanks so much for giving us your take on how we are doing. We're glad that customers like you are having a great trading experience at InvestMarkets.
InvestMarkets   6 Sep 2021
I would like to tell you about the brokerage company InvestMarkets, where I have been working for about two years. I will start with the pros. Firstly, here you can buy not only currency, but also cryptocurrency. Secondly, here you can also buy shares, the choice of which I like very much. From the minuses, it can be noted not very small spreads to buy stocks or currencies. But it doesn't matter for me, the main thing is that the company is honest and I can not worry about the safety of my funds. The support service works promptly, the platform sometimes hangs, but I think it's my Internet problem. What do you like about InvestMarkets broker?
  31 Aug 2021  
Dear Karl Karlsson, We are very excited to read that our services are useful for you! Thank you for choosing us as your trusted broker!

InvestMarkets   1 Sep 2021
In InvestMarkets I am satisfied with the main quality of services, and I have been trading since last December and I already know something. In this company I like high leverage up to 1:500, a small initial deposit of 250 dollars, trading platforms MT4 and WebTrader, as well as fast and reliable deposit and withdrawal. My deposit is 1800 dollars, I started with 400, I have never deposited anything, I earned everything I have on my own. I am not an extreme, I just want to be confident in the company in which I invest, and to read reviews and hope that what is written is true - why, if I can check myself, find my approach and trade profitably, knowing all the nuances firsthand.
Juan Manuel   24 Sep 2021
It seems to me that InvestMarkets is still the optimal solution for experienced traders, because it is here that you can try different strategies and try different tools for ana*lysis, which is especially important for professionals who already have some clear preferences. The main thing is that you can freely dispose of finances here, because it is important to be able to replenish your account or withdraw profits at any time, and I am pleased that there are no problems with this.
  23 Aug 2021  
Dear Diego, We are very happy to read that you are satisfied with our Brand. Thank you for keeping us posted.

InvestMarkets   26 Aug 2021
Even at maximum workload, the terminal of InvestMarkets broker does not fail. The servers work perfectly! I follow the quotes in real - the lag is less than a second. The broker does not hesitate to close the orders. The protective orders are running like clockwork. The profit is great. I have not had any major losses. I currently withdraw via Perfect Money, it is fast and convenient. I also want to mention that the broker's website has a great variety of educational resources, including access to the trading center, webinars, educational programs for beginners, glossary, economic calendar. I am glad that I work with InvestMarkets.
  8 Aug 2021  
Dear Emil, Thank you for taking the time to leave us this positive review. We appreciate you sharing your experience with us and hope that you continue enjoying trading with InvestMarkets
InvestMarkets   9 Aug 2021
People often want to have a lot of money and do nothing. It happens. People are lazy. I wanted to do everything differently. I wanted to make a lot of money, but work from home and whenever I want. Forex trading and CFDs have this opportunity. I chose this broker because there are many good reviews. People here trade and withdraw money without any problems. I trusted this and now I'm wondering if it is possible to trade cryptocurrency here?
  4 Aug 2021  
Dear Dan Lukash, Thank you for your positive feedback! Please contact us at our support email support-investmarkets@investmarkets.com and our support team can help you.
InvestMarkets   5 Aug 2021
Yeah, you can trade CFDs for cryptos here at InvestMarkets. These are derivatives that do not require you to get the physical supply of the underlying asset. Besides, you can use short-selling cryptos without owning them. The broker offers leverage, so you can take advantage of comparatively low margin requirements and benefit from the smallest fluctuation of the exchange rates of crypto assets.
Henrich Turchok   25 Aug 2021
I've been working as a promoter for the last two years. I am not an office worker and sitting for 8 hours is boring for me. I was looking for an alternative to apply my creativity and I found it. It's forex trading. There's risk, drive and money here. I registered at InvestMarkets and made my first deposit. Pretty sure everything will go great for me. And there are patterns here, which means I have a much better chance of winning. I haven't figured out all the nuances yet. For example, I still can't understand what leverage is and how it works. All in good time.
  23 Jul 2021  
Dear Nicola, Thank you for choosing us as your trusted broker! Please keep our support email for any help you may need.
InvestMarkets   29 Jul 2021
Over the past six years, I have traded with various well-known brokers. About nine months ago I opened my first account with InvestMarkets, because it has no restrictions on my trading. This broker has an excellent order execution system and an excellent line of trading instruments. There is a good selection of different transaction methods and many other benefits. There are a lot of pleasant moments, technical support, analytical materials regarding trading - all the way, spreads are small, I have not observed problems with liquidity. I really liked the friendly attitude towards me. As soon as I started, I was helped and a_ssisted in every possible way, which I did not expect.
  15 Jul 2021  
Dear Petteri, We are very excited to read that our services are useful for you and that our support team is next to you! Thank you for choosing us as your trusted broker and for the positive review. If you need any help don't hesitate to send us an email to support. Thank you!
InvestMarkets   20 Jul 2021
Not the first broker I've traded with. But it deserves to be rated as the best of what I have tried. I would especially note the fast terminal and my beloved MT4, and not some home-grown miracle. Requotes are rare for them, you may never come across them. The broker makes me happy the further the more. I trade with major currency pairs on the 1-minute and 5-minute intervals, but I'm tired of risky trading. Interested in the answer of experienced traders, on which timeframe do you prefer to trade?
  11 Jul 2021  
Dear Tobias, Thank you for taking the time to leave us this positive review. We appreciate you sharing your experience with us and hope that you continue enjoying trading with InvestMarkets. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted broker!

InvestMarkets   14 Jul 2021
I trade intraday on an 1h timeframe or on a 4-hour timeframe. Sometimes I trade on a daily timeframe. This my strategy.
Rui Ramos   14 Aug 2021
InvestMarkets opens the road of online trading in the financial markets. The MetaTrader4 platform is intuitive and easy to understand. Expert Advisors deliver accurate signals based on technical an*alysis, while the Buzz app is focused on market news, updates and an*alysis to identify most profitable opportunities. It is also possible to download and install third-party plugins for algorithmic trading.
  21 Jun 2021  
Thank you Siim for taking the time to leave us this positive review. We appreciate you sharing your experience with us and hope that you continue enjoying trading with InvestMarkets!
InvestMarkets   28 Jun 2021
Platforms have over 340 underlying assets that consist of commodities, stocks, indices, forex, ETFs, and even cryptocurrencies. Broker offers floating spreads and the higher the account type, the tighter the spread you will get. For a newbie to the forex and CFD trading industry, their spreads are very competitive even for the most popular currency pairs on the market like EUR / USD. For VIP account holders, they can reach as little as 0.9 points. On basic, gold and platinum accounts, EUR / USD spreads are 2.5 pips, 2 pips and 1.6 pips, respectively.
  12 Jun 2021  
Yes, the broker offers really very good spreads. Can you tell me what types of cryptocurrencies are available for trading?
Anker Skriver   5 Jul 2021
Oh, this broker has so many options for trading cryptocurrency CFDs. For example, there is not only a BTCUSD pair, but also a bitcoin pair with a pound, euro, as well as mini quotes of these pairs, which differ in lot sizes. There are Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, Ripple, Monero, Dogecoin, and even BinanceCoin. More than 25 pairs in total.
Timoteo Cacho   28 Jul 2021
I lost $ 3000 in investmarket, so high swap charges, they will convince to start with $200 but everyday they will ask to invest more, increase margin and wrong suggestions once you realize its too late, they cheater.
  6 Jun 2021  
Dear Irfan, We are very sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our services. Could you please provide us with more details of your inquiry by sending us an email to support-investmarkets@investmarkets.com so that we could check if there is something we can do to help you. Thank you in advance.
InvestMarkets   10 Jun 2021
@Irfan. Sad to say that the exact same thing happened to me, where i lost all my hard earned money i saved to start with trading. I was doing fine and made small profits, untill my “trading manager”, an Antin, phoned me one morning to give me the worst advice ever, and within an hour, made me lose all the money in my account, including the profits i made. I was furious! Then he had the nerve to laugh it off in an email and tell me, that all i must do now is to just deposit another $200 to keep the account. Do these people think we, the struggling ones, just have money that is laying around? I doubt i can trust Investmarkets again after i suffered losses twice within 6months. Now they’re phoning me to deposit money again to “try and help me recover the losses”. Not falljng for their lies again.
Hilary   28 Aug 2021

Despite the fairly new entry of InvestMarkets in the Financial Services Industry, this broker is here to stay and has already established its place in the competitive online CFD trading industry. InvestMarkets offer a wide range of products through their platforms, allowing their clients to trade...

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