LegacyFX Reviews and Comments 2020

My name is Ema. I would say that legacyfx is a fraud. They pressured me to deposits and after that they gave me a wrong signal that never went on profits. That account closed up 12th December 2019 then my account manager was George. They then encouraged me again to make deposits to recover money with another manager Andrew, I was only able to withdraw the money I deposited that was 300$ after I did he became angry with me and deliberately gave me a wrong signal and the account closed Feb 13th 2020. Steven and Dan then told me that they can help me that they have seen all my mistakes so they encouraged me again to make deposits of 600$. The account manager was Dan. I deposited the money then he said I should just open anything I said I don't know what to do he then sent me a signal immediately I opened it the account went straight to losses. And at last I lost the whole money with no words from Dan Steve and Andrew. when I tried to reach out to them they blocked me on their watsapp. So I would encourage everyone to never consider legacyfx as a good tradedge for trading because they leave you to your faith after you make deposits.

Ema Hertz   5 June, 2020  

Good to hear about this. just now one of the manager named aaron contact me ann persuaded me to join legacyfx. thanks for your good info.

Jefry sulaiman   30 June, 2020

I nearly got roped in, but when I saw their webpage you know its a scam, with 3 different levels of account. Wow look what you get in platinum account. Oh you must have one with all those signals.

zbobz   31 May, 2020  

Don't use legacy fx. They are incompetent and they will give you inaccurate signals and try to get you to deposit more and more money.

JP   25 May, 2020  

This people are fraud. Taking money after asking too much document as if they are giving money to you in installment.

Niwin   20 May, 2020  

I can tell you firsthand this company is a scam and simply wants you to deposit money with them any way possible and they will make it disappear very quickly. They will pressure you to deposit more and more to cover the losses and then you'll eventually be left with $0. Stay away from LegacyFX!

Pat   14 May, 2020  

This is the note I sent to one Francesca who cajoled me to fund my account with Legacyfx: Hi Francesca, I hope you are well. I'm so disappointed that you marketed a white elephant platform to me. There are conditions of using your broker that was not explained to me until I funded the account. What you told me about tight spread was a farce. The spreads are so hard. You misrepresentated the autochartist to me and I found out when I spoke with Jason. How come you didn't tell me that the minimum lot size with you is .This very outrageous for a beginner. That's a set up for failure for inexperienced traders. Finally, when I saw these I refused to place a trade decided to close the account and the next thing is $50 was deducted from my fund. Well, I m waiting to receive the money in my account and the $50 means nothing to me. But I must say you and your company lack integrity and transparency. I will go to add my review to the previously bad ones you have before. I regret not checking your reviews before hopping in. Good day

Ojo   5 May, 2020  

I have been chasing this company for almost three weeks with no results i have been getting this email everytime i have tried emailing them. "Dear Wael, Thank you for contacting us! As per your email, we have informed the relevant department to contact you as soon as possible regarding your inquiry. Thank you for your patience and cooperation."

Wael Y Salman   20 April, 2020  

The fact that they don't want you to join their VIP signals unless you deposit in their platform that's a redflag

Sam   11 April, 2020  

Stay away! Go invest with a reputable brokerage, not Legacy Fx. They will sell very nice and competent in the beginning but their goal is to bring your account to $0, and they will. They will take your hard earned money and run!

Scammed Investor   3 April, 2020  

Legacyfx will seem legit at first, but once you make a deposit you can say bye bye to your $ which will never be loaded into an actual segregated trading account! Fraud artists here!

Pat   14 May, 2020

Please be well advised about LegacyFX. This is 100% a scam. Stay clear away. They will drive your account to zero in no time and disappear. You will lose all of your money. These people should be behind bars for life.

guest   30 March, 2020  

i did invest 250 dollars. but afterwards i didnt get any signals, the broker named *** suddenly blocked me on whatsapp, i have made a withdraw, and struggling with them for months. don't invest in this platform. you will never see your money.

bradley   26 March, 2020  

I started with Legacyfx at the beginning of 2020, excited by the possibility of trading with someone else's seemingly successful signals. (I am an experienced trader but had been struggling and saw this as a good option, yes I know, if it's too good to be true). I am not claiming that they are a scam or fraudulent because I simply do not know that and have no evidence for it. However, in spite of the obvious time and effort they commtted to me explaining how things work and presenting a very attractive trading plan (if I recall it would require just 6 weeks to double my account), I can tell you that by using their signals mostly exactly as they were provided my account lost 62% in about 6 weeks. That loss of 62% is entirely based on their signals; I have removed my own trades from that calculation. I also found that as soon as I started asking questions they seemed to get offended and I was given all sorts of reasons why I should continue because we can "repair the account easily". I was often encouraged to add to my capital to make up for the lost amounts in order to make the trading more viable. When I said that I wanted to contain my risk it was explained that I needed to trade larger lot sizes in order to be successful. Go pull the other one. There was, in fact, constant advice to be brave and not afraid and to trade bigger lot sizes. You can draw your own conclusions.

Alistair   24 February, 2020  

Did anyone have problem with withdrawals?

Otee   3 March, 2020

Hello, my name is Khaled Zidan and i have recently joined to Leagcyfx and my account manager is Mr. Hani who i would like to thank her for his support taking me from 0 knowledge till this level a the past 6 month so tanks a lot and happy to use the trading platform, market reviews and trading education.

khaled zedan   16 January, 2020  

Mario the super cheater, in the beginning he will make so much promises but as soon as you deposit the money he changes like a chameleons. They will convince you by telling so much lies. My account was closed two times before i joined them. Mario the cheater convinced me that my account will never closed by following their strategies. I started by depositing 200 dollars and had to deposit 300 dollars after a week to save my account. Its not over here, I had to deposit another 700 dollars and finally my account get closed. They claim their signal are 80% accurate and are profitable but its opposite and actually 20% signals are true. They are always late in sending you the signals. I am not the only one who is affected from their services there are so many but they dont know where to complaint against them.

Imran Riasat   25 December, 2019  

I agree with Henry, after my spouse deposited an amount of $500, they did a disappearing act on him. Deleted him from the watsapp group, not replying to his mails, no more signals and avoiding is phone calls. We now wants our money back after this act, and we will by any means recover those funds. we are still waiting on the response from the a consultant Mohammed in compliance dept.

Mrs upset   7 November, 2019  

Please don't! You will burn your money. They will start by sending you WhatsApp signals. then request you register on their website. Once you register and transfer money in trouble. The so called Account manager will care no less, asking for more funding. If you don't, then you in trouble. Your money stuck. So Please so not get yourself in troubles.

Henry   20 October, 2019  

Maybe you did not deposit up to the minimum amount to activate the account, otherwise its working well with me here and their instructor works well for me

Abdur-Rasheed   30 October, 2019

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LegacyFX Information

LegacyFX has been providing brokerage services since 2017. The MiFID-compliant broker is regulated by CySEC and the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Originally founded in 2012, LegacyFX rebranded and relaunched its services under new management in 2017. Presently, LegacyFX is owned and...

Regulation: CySEC, BaFin, FCA

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