LegacyFX Reviews and Comments 2021

I joined them about a month ago and it's terrible. they are crooks. Joe *** use to call me initially to join and after that he doesn't even respond to calls or messages my mentor was Jason bergov who is the most ride person ever and they force you to deposit more money into the account.

Moe   19 February, 2021  

Yes i agree Joe calls to get you to sign up and once you sign up and start having problems he's not interested. my mentor was also Jason, He is extremely rude and doesn't care if you loose your money or not I lost almost all of my money until I had enough and withdrew the little that was left. they are all liars and there is no difference between the free channels and the private channels.

John   2 March, 2021

After joining and explaining that I'm new to trading, almost no help received, lost most of my investment and was told that I should contact the broker, oliver meyer once I'm serious about trading. That's the way they treat clients.

arno   16 February, 2021  

Lieing is the solution and after the deposit you get dumped. Steven, Michael, Anna, all these people are all bad. Legacy fx is full of scammers. I have been scammed. What do you call that!

John   28 January, 2021  

The problem with LegacyFx is that it is not trustworthy because there are people contacting you claiming that they can help you. They put you in a telegram group and claim to be giving you signals and mentor you. I think these are the guys scamming people. I blocked the guy and left the group. LegacyFx, I would like to know is this is the way you work.

Lu-Ashlin Maart   27 January, 2021  

I want my money back from legacy fx. They stole my money directly from my bank account. They are all very busy all the time to take a moment and help customers. I think since you cannot contact them via phone they will never return your emails. I want my money from this brokerage because they are kinda rouge. They will take your money like they did me.

John   27 January, 2021  

Is there any trading company out there that you can trust and not get scam?

asbrick   15 February, 2021

Legacy fx must not be trusted at all costs.vPlease stay away from these guys, they will steal your money and you will be left with nothing. someone stole my money directly from my bank account but they refuse to even listen. These people are bad, do not join I urge you, please. they will take your money.

John   27 January, 2021  

Do not trust this broker at all they take your money quick and fast and butter you up nicely once you make that deposit you become another account number. They say they offer all the support you need but then they don't respond to emails, texts, what's apps, calls, Telegram messages. The signals get sent to you and you take them thereafter they don't really care about you if you loose your money you get told that's how it goes? really! This is after begging if I should drop the trade or hold it after messaging and asking for advice but no they don't respond so you end up just loosing of you not a pro at this, I joined another broker and made my money back In 2 days after trading and loosing with Legacy for a month that should tell you everything you need to know do not make the same mistake I did.

Andrew   26 January, 2021  

I also registered at legacyfx now. Agter reading this I'm bit scared to deposit with them. What broker you using now?

Philip   9 February, 2021

Which broker did you go to?

Nana Kwame   11 February, 2021

This is a bad broker, they take more than three day to transfer funds from a trading account plus their support team doesn't respond to emails. And if you choose to use their signals just know your gambling and not trading.

Jose R   15 January, 2021  

Folks, read the reviews. They will take your money within a week if you are not willing to raise your capital. All of the stuff that they claim that you will recieve after joining them is absolute lie! This Santa Rally that they are advertising is for people like you and me to join so they can steal your money legally. They told me themselves "dont worry about bad review we are putting so many good ones that will offset the bad soon" their words and not mine. I had lost money to them and no one take any kind of responsibility ! Even after I told them my story they said OH no its not possible ! you are making a mistake ! then they saw the messages and they realized that I wasnt exaggerating or shifting an empty blame on them! Still did nothing! This is only to stop others to join them! As they legally steal your money and one can't do anything about it.

Naz   9 December, 2020  

Dear Naz,
Thank you for placing a review about LegacyFX.com. We are very sorry the market did not go in the direction you expected. The Forex market carries a high level of risk and can be very volatile at times. All trades are conducted in according with our Terms and Conditions, which you signed and agreed to. LegacyFX is an established and trusted broker, while a trader may not be satisfied with the results of his/her own trading, that does not mean they were not treated fairly by the service provider.
If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at compliance@legacyfx.com.
Best Regards,
The Compliance Team

LegacyFX   9 December, 2020

This is an untrusted broker.They lie and don't care about their customers. I urge all new participants to bale out before it's too late.

John   11 November, 2020  

Trading with Legacy for two months now and everything is going well. Very fast withdrawals, tried twice. AutoChartist they're providing is just great!

Neil Owens   5 November, 2020  

I happy with my results when Corona virus time.
Make good trades with signals for gold and oil.
Mt5 little dificult in begining but very good system

Boris Bermak   20 September, 2020  

A very good broker! i have no complaints and personally I did not have any problems. withdraw is fast and responsive customer support service

Dave Chady   26 July, 2020  

until now, i had no problems with withdrawals

Norah Verdy   4 March, 2020  

Hello, my name is Khaled Zidan and i have recently joined to Leagcyfx and my account manager is Mr. Hani who i would like to thank her for his support taking me from 0 knowledge till this level a the past 6 month so tanks a lot and happy to use the trading platform, market reviews and trading education.

khaled zedan   16 January, 2020  

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Multi-asset trading specialist, LegacyFX, is one of the industry’s most promising brokers. LegacyFX was originally founded in 2012. But, in 2017, the company rebranded and relaunched its services under new management, established itself as a leader in the industry. The MiFID and FCA-compliant...

Regulation: VFSC, CySEC, NBRB, BaFin, FCA, FSP

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