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I'm trading on a standard account here. Wanna say that the execution of deals is very good - almost no requotes and with minimal spreads. I'm planning to switch over to ECN, which is better to trade on. As for the cashing out, I haven't faced any problems - everything went according to their regulation.

juanjuan230184   23 December, 2015  

I haven't faced any problems with this broker as well. My earnings are cashed out in time, and the trading conditions are very good.

Gitroz   22 December, 2015  

I've been trading on a standard account with this broker for more than a year. Haven't faced any problems at all; spreads are minimal, and their support answers to all my questions without any delay. For those who doesn't believe me, I'm attaching a screenshot of my personal account...

millerfx8607   11 December, 2015  

The trading with MasterForex has become unbearable. The order execution is terrible. It takes several minutes to change an order. So I have ordered the account closure and waiting for the withdrawal of the depo remnants. Have been waiting for more than a week already.

Leo   7 October, 2015  

Also heard bad new about this broker from forex forums. But I do not know the truth.

kurnia   27 October, 2015

I have had real account for 6 moths and i can say that offer low market spread and fast execution. This broker doesn't get in your way and the service is professional.

baron743   20 September, 2015  

This broker doesn't get in your way and the service is professional. I'm considering getting a professional account there. For now i'm interested in small sums but at high leverage and i'm quite satisfied.

shogun-81   19 September, 2015  

Some brokers will scam you, MFX is fair and having a account there really pays off. In my opinion good forex broker. Recently I won $500 in their competition.

buffet1912   18 September, 2015  

Their mobile platform doesn't get stuck. Support is available at all times, and I learned a lot from their materials on the website. What's more they offer good conditions of trading.

tde.maj   21 September, 2015

I have short experience with that broker and I can't say anything bad. They offer low markets spreads, they have nice bonuses, until now i'am quite satisfied.

marek.lechowski   9 September, 2015  

I've made three deposits to my trading account last week. The first deposit has come fast, but the other two are still somewhere on the way. I've perosited because there was a threat of deposit draining. Looks like they are waiting me to get the negative balance on the account. I've sent them a message via the feedback form on their website but it was not clear whether the message was actually sent. They haven't answered either.

spacemen   7 September, 2015  

MFX Broker is STP so it is good model for traders

George   10 June, 2015  

I have few real accounts e.g. in XTB, Tickmill and HotForex. Since may I trade with MFX too and I see very good executions and low spreads. Especially comparing with XTB

Taddy   10 June, 2015  

comparing with fxpro, mfx broker looks great. very nice, market spreads.

gupsey   2 June, 2015  

Since March I trade on micro account. Low deposit to long term positions and everything is ok. I would recommend this broker.

Jordan   31 May, 2015  

Now, I have demo account because few of my friends trader live in MFX. I think this broker is good opportunity for other companies which have problems with their clients.

dany   25 May, 2015  

I have real account in MFX Broker (old MasterForex) and everything is ok. On ECN account on EUR/USD I have usually spreads around 0,3 so very good.

Daniel   19 May, 2015  

Hi! In my experience (not too long) I was trading on small account with 200 USD deposit. With small trades I didn't see any wide spreads. Fast executions - this is very good

Casy   15 May, 2015  

Faithful client for over 2 years by now, great quality of service and I am just happy that I chose them, thanks MasterForex!

Benjamin   8 October, 2013  

I chose Masterforex as they were one of the oldest and most popular Forex Broker in Russia, I must say that I am impressed with the quality of service and that I am very happy with my Scalping strategy, the execution is pretty fast and I appreciate that. Withdrawals are processed at max 2 business days which is just fine.

Chung   13 August, 2013  

Lately I was trading with their cTrader ECN platform, it is very handy and trading is very smooth! Great broker to work with, very good trading conditions and I always hear generous offers from them! Their customer service is just fine.

Benjamin   21 June, 2013  

MasterForex is great as always! After Liberty Reserve crash, I was worried about my deposited funds which was via Liberty Reserve. Today I was informed by MasterForex that my funds are safe! Just made my day, I had rather big deposit, Thanks big time!

Doris   12 June, 2013  

I have received 50 USD bonus twice now, from their new promotion "50 USD - 10 Lots". It feels so good such bonus when it is completely available for withdrawal. thank you MasterForex!

Mohammad   12 April, 2013  

Ive been with MasterForex from June 2012, can't complain about anything. fast ECN server, prompt withdrawals and great around the clock support service. I like that they recently launched MFX Academy for beginners to learn basic of trading forex. good job Masteforex

Smith   8 April, 2013  

This is my best broker, I tried to deposit with Liberty Reserve and withdrawal, deposit..., and withdrawal,,,,again and again...NO PROBLEM

sampoerna   12 March, 2013  

Support are available at all times, and I learned a lot from their materials on their website.

Aiden   26 July, 2012  

I've trade 2 years with this company. Masterforex are updating to a new cabinet room, it is to increase safety and easier to manage your account.
Good profit to all!
Well.. it is maybe not perfect yet. but we should wait and be more patient
wish u all good profit :)

dede   17 March, 2011  

try yourself they are good.

ANZAKU   27 August, 2010  

fast deposit and fast widrawl (less than 5 hour)...because i made a widrawl request everyday...hahahaha...little requotes its and support is friendly in my country...5 thumbs up...

Cahyo Adi   27 July, 2010  

Interestingly how much strongly you will love the broker which will give to you 2 pips? Or it is pleasant to you as fxpro ... you?

Sweet to SUNDAY   26 March, 2010  

i love them but let them change the spread of EUR/GBP is too much 10pips.aside that masterforex is one of the best broker i had traded with.

SUNDAY   26 March, 2010  

whatever comment are received, i want still to stay here,bravo masterforex

martin   17 November, 2009  

It is difficult to overestimate the role of clients' reviews about brokerage companies and dealing desks. Such reviews are the most objective statement in favor of a certain forex company or against it. Once you are not sure if MasterForex is reliable, read reviews left by traders who have been trading in the forex market with this company before. Although just impressions and experience of other people are not enough to make a final decision about the forex broker, they are the evidence that will assist you in forming an objective opinion.

Opinions left by traders about MasterForex may serve well to both forex newbies willing to learn most about the company and to the experienced venturers who are up to testing a new forex broker. Whenever the traders are unhappy with any element of the broker's operations, or, on the contrary, if they wish to praise the company, they are able to leave their actual comments about MasterForex . These comments will help their less experienced fellow traders to make proper decisions.

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MasterForex is global international investment company providing its’ services to the traders from all over the world. The broker was established in 2006 as a Malaysia forex broker. The brokers’ operation and services are regulated by IFSC. The Masterforex broker head office is located...

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