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I am extremely disappointed and upset with Pepperstone. Was introduce by this through a lady named Alta Brand. She goes to the gym where I go to. Told me it’s a reliable and trust worthy company. Told me what they offer and that I should try it. I never have done this trading thing before. I put R4000 down to start this thing. Then I was told that if I pay another R18 500 I will get R89 000 plus my R18 500 back the next day that I was promised I would be able to withdraw that money, only to know that "apparently" my account was making so much profit that I need to upgrade my account and pay an additional $2500 to withdraw my R89 000 plus my R18 500. I was told that I “made $10 400 with is equivalent to plus minus R200 000 in my currency. I am highly upset about this because I still haven’t seen any profit that was promised to me that will show in my account. All I had to do was pay pay pay and see no profit. This is a total scam where I won’t see my R22 500 that I have already put into this ever again. My next steps is to lay a complaint through my bank and then to go to the police for further investigation about this. I would appreciate if I could just get my money back and never trading with this company again. If my problem can be resolved before further actions are taken I will greatly appreciate it
  4 Oct 2023  

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Ricky, I have a similar issue now. Was your withdrawal issue resolved?
Nick   23 Oct 2023
I only trade major economic events on major pairs. Video reviews and daily analyst reviews help me a lot. Especially before the release of news or statements. In fact, a qualitative forecast of the price direction in the medium term (within a week) is obtained. You can also pay attention to the fundamental analysis for the week. Signals are good, analysts are experienced. Helps me a lot. I recommend. The company is reliable, does not engage in scams and scams. You can be 100% sure of this. Placed orders will be executed accurately (slippage is very small). They pay without problems.
  21 Jun 2023  

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Pepperstone is a reliable broker with CYSEC, BAFIN, CMA, SCB, DFSA, ASIC, FCA licenses. According to the trading conditions, the company is also as open as possible, always low spreads, high positive swaps, instant execution of orders, an excellent training program, in the form of free webinars daily. I recommend for work to those who prefer to trade for their own pleasure. When choosing a broker, I went through a lot, settled on Pepperstone, because it passes in all respects and is suitable for safe trading.
  9 May 2023  

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I am not pleased with Pepperstone. Did a trade and it did not take me out when it reached my target but continued goes past then dropping and leaving me with a loss. Rand customer support and absolutely no use. Unable to help or look into my claim. Told I had to wait for an investigation. For small traders its a kick in the teeth when this happens and puts me off trading with them again. If this is how they operate it is doubtful they will repay what I made. I'm put off by this as it happened again today. Not happy.

  19 May 2022  

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Hello Stephen, we apologize for the delay in response. We note that we have investigated the matter for you and we have provided you with a response via email, however should you still have concerns regarding the matter please contact our Support team at support@pepperstone.com so that we can further investigate.

The Pepperstone Team
Pepperstone (Official)   14 June 2022
Pepperstone not ending the trades. So disappointed in them as I had been given a good review of them, previous to joining. This is also not the first time it has happened, where the take profit had been reached and the price had continued but my trade was not closed. I had my partner ring them and he was given the runaround. Obviously customer service is not relevant. He is making a complaint for both of us. Let see what the outcome of that is, too be honest I am really not expecting much from them.
  19 May 2022  

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Hello Michelle, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We apologize for the delay in response. We would be more than happy to investigate any concerns that you have regarding previous trades. Could you please contact our support team at support@pepperstone.com so that we can further investigate the matter for you? Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

The Pepperstone team
Pepperstone (Official)   14 June 2022
Very bad experience. CSRs have no idea of what advice to give. Often causing even more confusion and more problems than solving them. My MT4 has not been stable and the standard response is download and reinstall. I've done this on 3 occasions and still nothing. My connection is to a data center and not a broker server etc etc etc. I have made several complaints to support who usually reply quite promptly almost always contradicting the advice given by the CSRs. I then made another complaint and was asked to make a video and send it to them so they see what I was doing wrong! And this is incredulous, but they say they need 45 days to investigate my complaint. They will try to do it sooner but it's 45 days.
  13 Aug 2021  

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Dear Rajen,

We are sorry to hear about your experience.

Please note that your enquiry is currently under review and our team has reached out to you for further information so that we can resolve your enquiry as soon as possible. Further, our investigation time frame generally takes 4 to 5 business days. However, we do aim to resolve any enquiries from our clients at earliest possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Pepperstone Support
Pepperstone (Official)   17 August 2021
I had horrible experience. I give zero stars. I still trying to get my money back. I will go to *** because they are more ethical.
  25 Jun 2021  

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Hi Ubele,

We are sorry to hear you haven’t had a good experience.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss it further, please feel free to contact us via support@pepperstone.com and we will be more than happy to assist.

Pepperstone (Official)   7 July 2021
I am back with feedback from pepperstone about my 22,000gbp. apparently they said their can't see my fund in my account if I check the statement their manipulate my removing all my trade that I trade in January 2021 their telling me I don't have funds in my account. I think this is inside job cause it started when I wanted to withdraw 300gbp their told about the margin level then I did continue trade then I tried 500gbp still their told me the something. I continued trading until I made profit of 22300gbp then I did my withdrawal, then pepperstone agent chat with me said that someone was trying to withdraw my account because people they been working from home they having some issues then they said am stop trading cause their need to look at my account they asked my withdrawal details then I gave it to them, next day all profit was gone so waited for cause they said I must not trade cause my account was on the investigation till now it been 6mnths. now I am taking my matter to FCA and I will create YouTube channel, am sure there are lot of victim's like me who would like to share their stories that you are scammers and you manipulate statement.
  24 Jun 2021  

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Hello Sandile,

Pepperstone is a compliant broker. All client money is kept in segregated client trust accounts which are separate from Pepperstone’s operational and hedging funds.

We are more than happy to further investigate this particular issue for you if you would like. Please kindly email us on support@pepperstone.com, so our team can address your concerns.

Kind regards,
Pepperstone (Official)   7 July 2021
I had the same problem. I am in Africa. They don't give my money back after they say I trade over the weekend.
Ubele   25 Jun 2021
Pepperstone sold my personal information to another broker. They called me and said that I had to transfer my money because Pepperstone was closing done. Be careful of scam broker.
  23 Feb 2021  

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Hello Phitsanukhom

We are a regulated broker with 7 different regulations, we can guarantee we do not share or sell data to third parties
Pepperstone (Official)   3 June 2021
Pepperstone stole my profit 22,000 GBP. I made a withdrawal they told me that there is a person who want to withdraw my money and they froze my account. they told me it an inside job coz everyone is working from home. they wiped my account I left 300gbp. they told me to wait, they doing investigation from January till now. and I want my profit.
Sandile   6 May 2021
Hello Sandile

I am not able to find you in our data base.

While some people are working from home, we provide full service and we do not have delays.

If you had a problem, please send an email to support@pepperstone.com and we will more than happy to check that for you

Kind regards
Pepperstone (Official)   3 Jun 2021
Pepperstone convinced me that opening a self managed super fund account with them was fine. I followed Chris Weston's trade signals and lost over $100,000 with this broker.
  23 Sep 2020  

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Hello George.

Chris Weston is our research analyst, as we are a regulated broker we do not provide signals or personal advice

So it is not possible to follow Pepperstone trade signals as we do not offer them.

Pepperstone (Official)   3 June 2021
Pepperstone is a scam broker. My withdrawal has been with them for over a month! I want my money/ Maybe Pepperstone has financial problems and can't send my money? So I will do a chargeback and report them to AFCA. Pepperstone is horrible broker. Was good but now Pepperstone is terrible.
  4 Sep 2020  

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Hi Paul,

I am sorry to hear you have had difficulties with your withdrawal.

Please do reach out to us at support@pepperstone.com if you have any questions about your withdrawal we are always here to assist.

Kind Regards.
Pepperstone (Official)   13 July 2021
Me too, I made deposit but it says no money even I funded. They don't want me to withdraw.
Mfanafuthi Shezi   2 Jun 2021
Hello Mfanafuthi

I am not able to find you in our database.

Please send an email to funding@pepperstone.com with the payment receipt and we will be more than happy to help you with your query

Pepperstone (Official)   3 Jun 2021
They were good, but now bad. I traded with them since 2014, but recently left for ***. Pepperstone has problem with filling trades over news events, huge price spike that aren't on other broker platforms, and their customer service has gotten so terrible. I can't stand dealing with them anymore.
  14 Jul 2020  

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Don't invest with Pepperstone. Not a good broker. Customer service sucks. They are not well trained or well informed.
  18 Jun 2020  

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Pepperstone is the worst broker. To start with, worst customer service, their customer reps are not well informed about their own regulations which in turn you loose your money. They take days to answer and forever to solve an issue and i suspect they share your personal info to third party. I had a very bad experience and i lost money without even trading money. I lost one month of time to create and deposit money. They lie about bank transfer/deposit time duration. It takes 1 month to deposit or withdrawals. And at the end they decline the transaction saying they don't accept money from certain countries, which you may end up loosing some bank fee and time after these guys and not to mention an headache in dealing with them.
  18 Jun 2020  

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It is worst company ever I see. before 2 weeks ago they close wti . and ? had already buy position they didnt even let me hadge my position and also spread are reall high sometimes always they have problem with xpd somedays the close 3-4 hours. and if you ask them on chat they just say everything normal?
  20 May 2020  

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I made a withdrawal in the last five days by I'm still waiting for my money. pepperstone, what's going on?
  7 Apr 2020  

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Thanks for feedback Ray, Can you please reach out to us at support@pepperstone.com and we will gladly respond to your query. Thanks again. Ian
Ian Wheller, Pepperstone   25 May 2020
My acc has been closed without notice this morning. This is very horrible. They have not explained the reason behind this. What shall I do? I have open trades going on. Need advise from someone please.
  29 Jan 2020  

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This company are very bad. I made a withdrawel request and still waiting for one week they keep teling me to make new and log in but i cant they have closed my account. Do not fall for this company they ok taking money but they do not like to give it out. One of the worst brokers i have ever used. Stay away from them.
  6 Dec 2019  

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Do not make the mistake I made by not confirming "maximum spread"! Ask pepperstone for their maximum spread for each pair you want to trade and make sure they email it to you in writing. Pepperstone spread can go as high as 50pips for GBP pairs etc but they don't tell you that on their website they just tell you the minimum and average spread (the average spread is even questionable). Most people stoploss are below 50 pips this means your stoploss can be activated by the spread alone and your take profit (for sell position) can be pushed 50pips away due to spread manipulation from the company. Hence, the reason majority of traders lose money. Spread is one of the major tool used by companies like Pepperstone to swindle their clients. If you complain they will say it's due to low liquidity. In my case they say it's due to low liquidity caused by bank holiday but then I responded "The spread has reduced back after my position closed but we are still in bank holiday" they didn't know what to respond but said "I agreed to their terms and condition." I have told the company I will let people know about their dishonesty and they should be transparent enough to publish their maximum spread for each pair on their website, so they can be held accountable when they deviate from it. My advice is "do not fund your account or trade if your not provided in writing the maximum applicable spread. note without maximum, it means the spread can be increased to infinity. Therefore you can be wiped out anytime no matter how good your entry position". Be wise!
  24 Dec 2018  

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I agree cent per cent as far as Spread is concerned. Having a SL on a trade is a magnet for their algorithm. I do not put SL after realizing this fact. There are other observations as well. I have not withdrawn any amount yet as well. So not my final review.
Abdul Qadir   9 Jan 2020
I believe you will find this broker quite useful, especially if you are trading via a platform such as Meta Trader. It's also useful if you are developing trading strategies in MT4 that backtests your expert advisers. This is why I trade through this broker. First of all, all aspects of trading are described. You can also learn various testing methodologies and discusses all issues in a community. There are many traders and experts to learn from. Broker offers toolbox where you can use statistical tools to analyze the performance of expert advisers. In my case, I got some robust EAs with stable track record based on moving averages, channel breakouts, momentum, etc. Most importantly, it's the honest company i work with for almost 3 years and very satisfied. Very easy for trading

  16 Jun 2017  

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This is Australian company with lots of features and instruments for trading. But I'm not satisfied regarding work of my expert advisors on pepperstone platform. I mean MT4 platform and automated strategies execution. The problem is not in a bad execution, but in mismatching their declared spreads and real spreads on main currencies. Right on the website, you can see that spreads are as low as zero pips. I've never seen such a low spread by trading on metatrader. You won’t regret if you miss this company. But if you don't care about $200 of deposit, you can try. Maybe in manual trading you'll have better spreads as they say.
  15 Aug 2016  

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The spreads on major currency pairs are unbelievable and what's more precious, their bonus offers sound simply amazing.
  18 Jul 2013  

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At Pepperstone, we know what it’s like to trade. With the scale of a global fintech and the agility of a start-up, we’re here to arm you with everything you need to take on the global markets with confidence. Pepperstone was founded in 2010 in Melbourne, Australia by a team of...

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