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I like FX Club for having a wide network of branches in many countries. There is a branch in my city also. And this is a very important factor. Employees of the representative office are less inclined to cheat than employees of a broker who is abroad, which you can hear only via IP-telephony or via Skype. In my city, I can go to their office without any problems, talk with employees and other traders, consult with them, go to a seminar, talk with the branch director. And it already causes some confidence. Accordingly, the quality of service does not have any complaints. The only negative is the frequent staff turnover in the representative office. But I hope that each time the level of staff skills will improve. In any case, now I have no complaints about analytics: the quality of the trading signals of the new team is very good! I wish FC to continue to maintain a high level of service!
  23 May 2019  
This broker is not good enough for beginners, very broadly provides many features of trading so you may want to explore other companies after it. I found some pitfalls in trading large amounts of money with high leverage and my personal trading experience notes some hidden risks, however there are several unacceptable issues with this broker - delays in order execution, no access to book orders through platform and conditions for trading 10 lots and more are not good. I mean there are huge commissions for managing 100K accounts. The broker will help you to start your journey as beginner but if you have decent experience in day trading you won’t be satisfied here.
  10 Mar 2017  
Since 2011, I've been actively involved in currency trading and no doubt, I had ups and downs. And believe me there is no such important thing as reliable broker. I had few of them but fxclub is my favorite choice probably. This broker covers the complete trading needs, from start to finish. It provides information on every aspect of trading in thorough detail. But if you don't know anything about forex, technical analysis or risk management, this company won't get you to lose money as unexperienced novice. Moreover, they don't took down their responsibilities when they started losing pips because they don't trade against you. The last point is that customer support answers emails immediately. Try contacting them to check it out.
  30 Dec 2016  
I like so much Forex club, this broker is very good! I choose it and advice to all. It help me to study something in trading and not make big mistakes! I like that they try to make your knowledge better and have sisten of bonuses for beginner! I saw review about they on ... and on their site!
  4 Dec 2016  
The broker has terrible trading conditions. Their swaps are not the most bad thing, though they are worse than with other reliable brokers. The conditions are perfect for new trades to lose their depos with the probability 99%. I traded with Forex Club during 10 years, but for tha last 2 years it has been getting worse and worse.
  20 Jul 2015  
very very bad experience
Forex Club or Fx Club are scammer, they just rob your money, take a look on Forex Peace Army: Thread: GUILTY Case# 2012-004
In page 1 you have the video. They are CFTC and NFA members but this is a joke when you are not US citizen. And in page 4 you have the profile of the president and principal of the company. Pretty INTERESTING!! Lot of cases with CFTC and NFA

  21 Jul 2012  
I happy with Forex Club, still I don't have any issues. Again I got new one forexmarket.ae
  26 Mar 2012  
Forex Club - very good.
  27 Dec 2011  
I do not understand can only deceive me one? There are many traders dokozatelstva in Russia to whom the money in the account are not sent. These traders are honest and law-abiding citizens of Russia.
Money Forex Club receives an account with ease. But the withdrawal of money in customer accounts are not exercising. I live in Russia, trying to get money to the card account I cheated for the second week, do not give my money. Only negative comments I am interested in input and output serviceable money from accounts. If it does not mean. There is no trust forex club 100% of personal experience and feedback from traders in Russia.

  24 Oct 2011  
Thank you for sharing about this.I am really happy to see here about this article on forex business.Can you please share something more over here.

  9 Sep 2011  
Heard nothing bad of Forex Club. Like their service, their programs and usefull information they provide.
  24 Jul 2011  
At first I had some difficults working with Forex Club, but lately I understood It was my own problem, because I didn't have enough money in my deposit. For a year I used to work with minimal (10$-150$) deposits until I learnt well. Now everything is OK. Thanks to Fxclub.org I opened a real account with 10$ and I learnt it not loosing so much money. If I were to begin it with 1000$ I would have lost it anyway and I would loose my belief. Programs Modern Forex, Rumus are very good programs to understand.
Forex Club is Number 1. I want to work and earn with Forex Club forever and I support them.
Don't bark and bite If you don't know Forex Club personally

  10 Feb 2011  
I turned &500 into &3000 in one month with ACT trader platform. I have no problem at all with Fxclub! money back in my local bank in 2 days. Great broker, great platform! thank Fxclub' staffs, thanks John Ieraci, hope to see you one day in the future.
  21 Oct 2010  
Where do I download their new platform?Does anyone know?
  23 Jun 2010  
Their new ActTrader trading platform is great - a lot better than the old ones.
  10 Jun 2010  
I turned $5,000 into $6,300 in one day at FXclub. It works for me, I am a plumber full time and do not work for Fxclub. The plateform is easy to use, I have never had a stop loss or take profit limit refused. Out of all the companies I have tried FXclub is the best. Zero spreads make it easy to know what it costs you and what you will make in profit. 40 cents per 1000 traded averages out nice when you have 11 currency pairs to choose from. And the Charts the give you from year, month, week, day and hour make it easier to see the direction of the market. New highs and new lows is where I make my $$$.
  12 Jan 2010  
Howzit guys Jeepers I&#39;ve never read such conflicting views! I&#39;ve been trading for a couple of months now and have tried several brokers.<br />
Generally the comments seem positive so I&#39;ll give these guys a go. I just hope all you other okes work for the co. Living in South Africa I&#39;m used to bad service and would really like a wake up call Cheers!

  30 Dec 2009  
tried many different brokers. It is easy to say "smels like scam, shit, e.t.c" and leave no evedidence of bad expirience. I have some, and I can strongly recommend their best education, their really advanced charting platform and lean margin requirements. At least try their demo before posting B.S reviews.
  20 Dec 2009  
I don&#39;t have any problems with FXClub.
  27 Nov 2009  
I trade with fxclub (russian) about 2 months. I haven&#39;t lost my money yet and i am a little bit in profit. <br />
Things that i don&#39;t like:<br />
1. Bad execution, sometimes you have to wait for the requested price up to 1,30 minute (if you are a scalper stay away), <br />
2. They don&#39;t allow to set limit orders near to the current price (must be more than 10 pips)<br />
3. The spreads in some currencies are insane (EUR/CAD 10 pips, GBP/CAD 15 pips)<br />
4. The SWAPs (for example if you have position in GBP/JPY and thinking to keep the position for 3 days you will pay the broker 3x8=24 pips so if you want not to loose money you must earn at least 24%)<br />
5. it is not an ECN broker <br />
Good things:<br />
1. The execution of the limit orders is perfect<br />
2. They always pay money if you request (i don&#39;t know about big amount of money)<br />
3. The platform is good but not perfect<br />
4. Plenty of educational material <br />
5. Deposits starts at 10$<br />
6. The service is good<br />
7. The bonus of 100$ (you can claim the bonus if the first time you charge the deposit at least with 100$ )<br />
Summary: FXclub is good among the "Dealing desktop" Brokers (bud they are all scamers) It is good for beginners (for small deposits and for educational purpose). If you can make money in FXclub you can make money everywhere. Yes you can make money in FXclub but not as many as you could in an ECN broker, but If you loose money constantly the better broker in the world will not help you.

  22 Oct 2009  
Albeit, their ExpressFX platform is a load of garbage: it&#39;s a gimmick to help complete newbies familiarize themselves with order making, etc. Their Rumus2 platform is a bit unorthodox in its presentation, and can be downright confusing. It is usually just better to watch prices and do your charting in MT4 and execute your trades from the platform.<br />
<br />
If you require fast execution, then this broker is NOT for you. Their dealing desk often takes quite a while to quote a price. Scalping is a fool&#39;s strategy anyways (no, seriously). If you think you can be successful at forex through scalping, you are just kidding yourself.<br />
<br />
A lot of negatives so far. So why do I rate it 3 stars? Well, if you can get past all of the inconveniences, take a look at the terms of trading. They are actually quite favorable to the trader compared to many other brokers.<br />
<br />
First of all, there are no margin calls (ie your positions are closed once equity is zero, not when available margin is zero). Many balk at this and say it encourages traders to risk their entire accounts. But let&#39;s be serious here: if your account size is $1000 or smaller, having a margin requirement is silly, since in the big scheme of things $1000 is pocket change. This actually ends up being an advantage to the trader because it gives him extra drawdown depth.<br />
<br />
My whole point regarding the margin call issue is that, unless you are doing 10 lot positions or larger, margin requirements are unnecessary because there is hardly any risk for the broker to absorb.<br />
<br />
The next advantage the terms offer is that each dollar in your account can buy 100 units of BASE currency, regardless of the exchange rate. So with 100 dollars you could buy 10000 GBP/USD even though this would be impossible otherwise, since 100 USD at 100:1 leverage should only buy you 6250 GBP/USD at the current exchange rate.<br />
<br />
To the keen eye, it becomes apparent that this broker is really trying to lessen your barriers to entry if you have a small account size.<br />
<br />
Their spreads are 1 pip larger than average on some pairs.<br />
<br />
I got a withdrawal through paper check no problem; it took about 2 weeks (if you think getting a check in 2 weeks is too slow, then I don&#39;t know what to say).<br />
<br />
I will probably be labeled a shill because I have submitted a detailed review and am not part of the army of crybaby losers that pervade these ratings boards.

  6 Oct 2009  
I think nobody can beat there spread with you take loss trade reverse commision. Great service trading with them for while no issue with service. very polite staff.I think dont listen to people try yourself with $10 dollar you will see the difference compare to other brokers.
  21 Sep 2009  
But also anything good I will not tell about FC. Russian cannot be trusted.
  17 Sep 2009  
Can&#39;t say anything bad about this broker. Execution, quotes, dow jones news, market signals - 4*
  14 Sep 2009  
Anything good. One guy from Russia spoke to me about them. The deceit from their party is very well latent. But it at once you understand, as soon as at them you will trade. The wrong prices and work against clients it is style FxClub.
  25 Aug 2009  
ALL BS. Good broker. Fair quotes. No hidden fees. 5*
  24 Aug 2009  
All other brokers already a lot of time execute orders instantly but only FC cannot do it. Thus FC has an awful trading platform which incorrectly shows the prices and indicators work not as for all others. Therefore their service very much poor quality.
  22 Aug 2009  
I can&#39;t say they too slow. It takes time to get a quote for market order but this quote is guarantees for 5 seconds which i very beneficial. I like their terms. Would recommend to try them.
  20 Aug 2009  
All fine day. I will disagree with those guys which encourage FxClub. When the broker cannot execute in time my orders on trade it the broker badly means works and for it bad service.
  18 Aug 2009  
I do not accept these deceivers.
  5 Aug 2009  

Forex Club is a top rated New York City based brokerage that is a registered Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). Forex Club forex services individual traders, money managers, white label...

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